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Strokes of silver gleam were seen in the graveyard of the Fringe. Waves upon waves of undefined skeletal undead creatures were hoarding towards the center of the graveyard where a shadow was hopping left and right while unleashing those silver strokes. One needed a sharp eye to notice that these were the movements of a warrior with great strength and flashy movements while the source of these silver flashes was the metallic gleam of a spear so powerful and domineering.

Isha and her spear were moving in oneness performing a dance of some flashy strikes taking down all the undead that were attacking from all directions. The wonders didn't end here, when Isha gets cornered, she would use her spear's enchantment and summon a large Storm Atronach that would devastate a few undead creatures before getting overrun by them.

Jon witnessed the scene from afar as he was landing on the gate of the graveyard. His eyes narrowed as he focused on the movements of the spear and confirmed its identity.

The [Spear of Bitter Mercy], one of the most terrifying artifacts in the world that is associated with the Daedric Prince Hircine.

The [Spear of Bitter Mercy] can Conjure a Storm Atronach to aid the wielder, can Reflect all the Damage it blocks, and can Hone the Spearmanship of its wielder to perfection.

[A/n: I always give the Daedric artifacts three enchantments to make them so the first two are cannon and the third isn't but it's within reason.]

Still, Jon couldn't say that the Daedra that gave Isha the Labour was Hircine, the spear was once given to the [Nerevarine] by Sheogorath. It is safe to say the Spear was Daedric in Origin but it is not a Weapon of a Daedric Princes. The weapons of the Daedric Princes function just like [Greed] with Jon, they are literal parts of the Daedric Princes just like their Realms and that doesn't apply on the [Spear of Bitter Mercy].

Still, none of that make the weapon terrifying. What makes it really deadly is its role in the [Wild Hunt] that was said to be able to kill literally anything other than the Daedric Princes but that doesn't mean it can put them to corner. The [Hero of Battlespire], also known as the Apprentice, defeated the Daedric Prince Mehrunes Dagon with that spear in the famed invasion of Battlespire Academy.

[A/n: Here is another thing. There are two terms called the 'Wild Hunt' in the lore, one is a racial trait of the 'Wood Elves' and the other is a ritual of Hircine.]

With this spear in the hands of an experienced spearmaiden, possibilities are limitless. Rather than helping, Jon continued to focus on Isha's movement and saw her Aura at work, a yellow Earthly Aura, it gave her both mobility and fortitude combined with the everlasting stamina of Redguards, Isha was a warrior that would make Jon's blood boil to have a match against her.

Still, that was enough watching for now. Warriors were limited to how much destruction they can cause unlike mages and there were Jon had to shine… literally.

He combined the magic on his hands and dual casted a strong Adept ranked Sun spell, [Sun Blast]. Much like [Fireball], the Sun spell landed between the Undead Shambles and exploded violently covering everything on the field. Jon didn't even bother about Isha who was in the way and the blast range of the explosions caught her but she was pretty much unharmed. The bombardment continued for almost a minute until Jon made sure that the range was clear for now.

"Hey there, fancy seeing you again."

"Krilon! Where were you, you bastard?" Isha was huffing while resting on the spear but she didn't seem angry.

"Got lost. Took me an hour to reach this place?"

"An hour?!" Isha was taken aback and gave Jon a strange look. "I have been here for a day."

"Come again!"

"I said I have been here for a damn day."

"A full day?"


"... How is that even… only an hour has passed."

Isha and Jon narrowed their eyes at the same time and felt bad about the situation.

"You know we are in the Shivering Isles, right?" She said.

"Yeah, this place is called the Fringe, the testing ground of the isles. We need to pass through the [Gates of Madness] to advance further."

"You can fly, can't you just go past all that?"

"Nope, there are binds around the ruined village that force me down. The Lord of the Realm wouldn't think it will be fun, you know."

"Tsk… we have to do it his way then." Isha clicked her tongue and cursed.

"You were after the bones of the previous Gatekeeper, right?"

"So you met the talking mudcrab? That swindler… if I see it again…"

"Easy, this is Oblivion and we should finish our business swiftly."

"You are right. There! I found the bones of the Gatekeeper before I got ambushed." Isha pointed towards a direction and led Jon to a large skeleton of a humanoid that doesn't look like any creature one would come across.

"I saw the Gatekeeper out there and the damn thing terrified me. Will it really work?" Isha asked.

Jon only nodded. The [Gatekeeper] is a monster that guards the Gates of Madness that leads to the realm of Sheogorath. It was created by the 'Flesh Magic', a sort of Unholy Magic that creates Flesh Atronachs and many other abominations, however, the [Gatekeeper] is officially the worst. Created by Relmyna Verenim, a crazy Dark Elf sorceress who is obsessed with Flesh, the [Gatekeeper] is a gigantic creature constructed from an unnerving collection of body parts and covered in metal with a weapon fused to one of its arms.

The Skeleton right in front of Jon right now resembled that ugly creature to a large degree. It had a scythe fused in the arm area and metal covering the torso and the neck like a collar.

Such an abomination would sure give anyone the creeps.

"The mudcrab said that we need the bones of the previous [Gatekeeper] to defeat the current one but these bones are pretty damn hard. Even my spear won't break them this fast." Isha said.

"Seriously?" Jon was taken aback but [Krilon] his expressions.

"Yeah, well, if it is a moving target then the enchantment will work against it."

"Hmmm, no need to waste time with breaking the bones. We even need to use the bone shards as blades and arrowheads which will take time crafting them, these are good bones too." Jon said.

"Good bones?!" Isha tilted her head.

"I have an idea that might not suit your taste but it will save us time." Jon said and cast [Telekinesis] on the bones of the Gatekeeper carrying it in the air and walking back the way they came from.

"Hey, what will you do? Will you toss this skeleton on the Gatekeeper?" Isha asked.

"… Now that you mention it, it is way simpler than what I thought of."

Jon reached the center of the graveyard where tons of bones were piling around after the fight of Isha against the Shambles. He put down the skeleton of the Gatekeeper and started working.

"What are you doing?" Isha asked.

"Something awesome… and bad."

Jon was focused on his work. He took off the scythe-like arm examined before nodding and putting it aside. He then started to examine the bones of the Shambles around and piled up the best bones he could find. After ten minutes of working as fast as he could, he took out a large Black Soul Gem.

Isha was threatened with the appearance of the Black Soul Gem and looked at Jon while narrowing her eyes. Mages were known to be mad sometimes and honestly, Jon was quite the figure. Isha noticed how he can Levitate and use Telepathy which are by no means some simple spells that even a warrior like her have at least heard about but the appearance of a Black Soul Gem meant that Necromancy is involved in the matter.

Jon didn't care much about Isha's opinion and took out the [Skull of Corruption]. The evil looking staff that had a horned skull on it was indeed something that made Isha feel the presence of a Daedric Artifact like the one she carries and her eyes widened. Jon didn't spare her a glance and started casting a powerful spell using the [Skull of Corruption] and the Black Soul Gem.

The bones around the giant skeleton of the Gatekeeper started to shake and move on their own, they all flew towards the giant skeleton and stuck themselves on it. More and more bones moved towards it in rapid succession and a foul aura started to swirl around the giant skeleton. Jon's smile grew wider as his success was finally starting to show its signs and the image in his mind started to take form piece by piece.

The spell that he cast was none other than [Necro Construct], a spell that originated from the Cult of Worms that worship the King of Worms, Mannimarco. The spell was obtained not too long ago by Jon but he didn't have any good bones to try it on, this time he found a good material.

During the forming of the Undead he had in mind, he slipped in a 'Magicka Reactor' in the skull of the Gatekeeper and also the old metal collar and chains that were part of its previous form.

Was a Bone Colossus? Was it a Bone Atronachs? Jon wasn't bothered with the term right now but he couldn't let go of the sudden inspiration he got and had to apply it right away.

The Undead creature took its final form and started to stand up. It was towering and large, almost 4 meters in height. It was a large humanoid wearing an armor of bones. As it stood up, it put the air of a fearsome beast that sends shivers to anyone who sees it especially when it extended its hand to hold the Scythe-like blade with the order of Jon.

Its final form was in the shape of an Akaviri Samurai holding a mighty blade. Isha stepped back and gulped on a dry throat. She was so shocked to the point that she forgot how to speak.

"I say… rather than carrying the bones of the previous Gatekeeper to the current one, let's just make it walk itself."

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