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Chapter 40  There must be some secrets in her


She would never allow this kind of thing to happen.

Li Wenbo cheated on her during the marriage and brought his mistress to their home, which made Duoduo badly upset so that she ran out and suffered a heavy traffic accident.

And after that, Li Wenbo and his mother, Guo Fangfang, folded their hands and didn't pay the operation fee, causing the delay of the operation so that Duoduo had died of excessive blood loss.

All of this, she had remembered in her mind deeply. She would definitely not let them go!

But by her own identity, she had no power to fight against with Wanfu company!

While Tang Anran was lost in anxiety and fretfulness and had no idea what she should do, Xu Xiaorong came in from outside holding a salver in her hands.

"Miss, it's time to take the medicine." Xu Xiaorong put the salver down on the table in front of Tang Anran while speaking.

Due to the fever this time, Doctor said that she was so weak that she needed to nurse her body by taking the Chinese herb.

As soon as Xu Xiaorong put the salver down, she accidentally saw the phone on the floor. Then she stooped and picked up the phone at once, giving it back to Tang Anran, which interrupted the thinking of Tang Anran.

Looking at Xu Xiaorong who stood in front of her, Tang Anran suddenly came around.

Now, she wasn't Tang Anran but Xu Anran who was the daughter of Xu family and the heir of the Xu company. Besides, she was also the young mistress of the Gu family and the wife of the Senior Officer of the military area in Yang city.  

With the addition of all the identities, she was more powerful than a small Wanfu company.

Now that God let her reborn as Xu Anran, she should seize this chance to do what she should do by the identity of Xu Anran.

Thinking of this, she finally took a load off her mind.

After she drunk the Chinese herb, Tang Anran said to Xu Xiaorong, "Xiaorong, please call Jiang Hua and ask him if the company has any vacant position. I want to work there."

"Miss, you want to work in the company?" The moment she heard what Tang Anran said, Xu Xiaorong got surprised and kind of doubted if Tang Anran really said that .

In fact, it was not surprising that Xu Xiaorong had a reaction like this. Before, every time Xu Chensheng asked Xu Anran to work in the company, she showed reluctance. And as time passed, Xu Chensheng didn't mention it anymore.

But now, she asked to work there voluntarily without anyone's pushing.

"Any problem?" Seeing the surprised look of Xu Xiaorong, Tang Anran asked confusedly.

After Xu Xiaorong heard Tang Anran's words, she shook her head immediately, "No problem! I will go and call him right now." Then she walked out of the room quickly.

Soon later, Jiang Hua gave a response. But he just let Tang Anran go to the company tomorrow without telling her what her job was.

In the evening, Tang Anran searched some information about Xu's company on the internet. She had majored in Business Administration when she was in college and many companies gave her the offers when she graduated because of her good performance in school.  

However, she got blind by the hypocritical love of Li Wenbo at that time so that she refused all the company and married him as soon as she graduated. If she didn't meet Li Wenbo, she would absolutely live a different life.

Not until midnight did Tang Anran finally close the computer and go to bed after she took a shower.

Meanwhile, Gu Wuyang, who ended the whole day's training, went back to the dormitory wearing the vest which was soaked by sweat.

"This is the information that you need. We didn't find anything about Duoduo." After seeing Gu Wuyang come in, Bu Ao delivered the documents to him.  

Although Gu Wuyang didn't continue to ask Tang Anran about the "Duoduo" in front of her, he actually got doubtful in his mind. Therefore, he contacted Bu Ao the next day and asked him to inquire about all the people related to Xu Anran.

However, there was nobody called "Duoduo".

Sitting on the chair, Gu Wuyang quickly checked the documents in his hands which clearly recorded all the information about all the people in Xu Anran's social life.

Now thinking back, at that moment she not only mentioned the name "Duoduo", but also the word "Mom". So was there any relationship between "Duoduo" and Qi Lan?

"Since when have you cared about Xu Anran so much?" Bu Ao looked at Gu Wuyang and asked with his expressionless face.

He was not a gossip. Just he knew Gu Wuyang's attitude to Xu Anran before so he was curious about the reason why Gu Wuyang had changed a lot.

"There must be some secrets in her." Gu Wuyang closed the documents and looked at Bu Ao, and said, "People around me cannot have secrets."

The particularity of his identity made Gu Wuyang in danger every moment. As long as he let his guard down, he would probably lose his life at any time.

Xu Anran had such a big change, so it was impossible for him to give no care about it. He had to figure out what her secret was as soon as possible.

Having put down the documents on the table, Gu Wuyang walked to the bathroom and said, " The ticket she bought was to North city last time. Maybe you can go to inquire if there is anyone she knows in North city, and besides, inquire into Qi Lan."

"Okay." Bu Ao nodded and answered.

At 8 o'clock in the morning the next day, Tang Anran showed up at the door of Xu's company on time without Xu Xiaorong.

After all, it was her who was going to work here, so she couldn't go to work with a maid.

Before she took the elevator, Jiang Hua came in from the door with a young man following him.

"Miss." Jiang Hua gave her a greeting respectfully and was about to introduce her to the young man, but Tang Anran stopped him.

She just wanted to work here as an ordinary person and didn't want anyone else to know her real identity.

As a smart person like Jiang Hua, he got her meaning as soon as he noticed her hint, so he swallowed the words on the tip of his tongue back, pointed to the man near him, and said to Tang Anran, " This is the manager of the Design department, Wang Xudong."

"Hello." Tang Anran smiled at him politely, and Wang Xudong gave her a bright smile back.

Then they took the elevator together. Wang Xudong got off the elevator on the 8th floor, and Tang Anran went to the 18th floor with Jiang Hua.

After they arrived at the office of Jiang Hua, the assistance brought two cups of coffee for them and then left.

"Miss, Chairman Xu must be very happy that you work here." Sitting opposite to Tang Anran, Jiang Hua smiled to her, "I know that you want to work in a grass-roots unit at the beginning, but I don't think it's a good idea. In my opinion, since you have decided to work in the company, how about starting from the hardest work?"

"What's your meaning?" Her eyebrows drawn together slightly, Tang Anran didn't understand Jiang Hua's meaning at once.

Facing the confusion of Tang Anran, Jiang Hua smiled lightly and told her his suggestion.

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