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Rankin looked at the approaching enemy outside the fortification, threw his cigarette butt to the ground, and stamped on it with his combat boots.

"Damn it, stop them!" Haven't you all eaten?

Through the wireless communication device on his Night God tactical suit, Rankin cursed.

What was going on now was an actual battle in the new barracks. This was an assessment. The new battalion shall select its opponent by drawing lots for the match in groups of units. The assessment was a promotion system, and after elimination, only one team won.

Rankin's team had been very smooth. In the turbulent times, among the many ability domains, the ability to fight was the most common. The rarest of them were the talents from the Elemental Region. In the new army camp, besides Rankin who had Earth Elemental Power, there was only one other person in the vanguard team who had Wind Elemental Power.

In some units of the new barracks, soldiers are free to form teams, so the number of troops in each group is not consistent with the capabilities of the soldiers. The group with the least number of people belonged to the four-man team with zero people. However, the group with the largest number of people was undoubtedly Rankin's team. With the support of an uncle who was a member of Parliament, Rankin had attracted nearly thirty soldiers to join him. This unrestricted formation didn't seem fair, but it wasn't fair at all in times of turmoil, so Carío didn't stop Rankin's team from being formed.

But during the new battalion's several examinations, Rankin's team had explained from another angle that the battle of the new era did not depend on the number of people, but on the quality of the people. Whether it was the vanguard team or Su's team, both teams had very few members. But each time, Rankin would never be a match for these two teams.

More recently, Sue had added a new member to her team. Rankin knew that the new soldier with the name Zero had been personally brought to the new barracks by one of the important figures in the Twelve Sovereigns. On the same day that the soldier reported, Rankin had set up a trap for Sue's unit. He had heard that several of the more skilled soldiers had been taken down by the man called Zero, and so Rankin had been impressed with the idea of Zero, although he had never met him.

Today, this impression had almost turned into fear.

Rankin would never have thought that even the team of pioneers with outstanding results would be defeated by Su's team after adding a zero. In the ascension confrontation, Sue's team and the vanguard met. However, this time, the vanguard team was unable to maintain their record as the first in the new battalion. In combat, the score of zero was the highest. He had "shot" three members of the vanguard team, including their leader.

The fast moving figure that he had used to shoot accurately on the battlefield was worthy of its title, 'Wind Sagittarius'. Rankin knew that Zero Gang had been successfully promoted to this profession two days ago. It only took him two days to fully display the advantages of this class. What a terrifying combat talent.

Now, Rankin was personally experiencing the horror of a four-man team with the Windwalker.

A roar sounded out from the simulation battlefield outside the fortifications. Lanken looked over and saw a huge rhinoceros, covered in steel armor, rushing out from behind the cover. Rankin recognized it. It was a black man named Mapes from the line. He was a mutated descent esper, able to switch to the genes of an armored rhinoceros. After transforming into a horseman, it was very hard to knock down even a shoulder-fired missile with its perverted defensive power.

In the previous battle of contact, only Ma pei had defeated four to five of Rankin's soldiers. Now, this armored rhinoceros had rushed out from behind the cover, immediately attracting the majority of the fire. But at the same time, two figures sprang out of each other's positions and, under the cover of the horse, plunged into Rankin's ranks like daggers.

Su Bai was wearing a tight tactical suit. He wasn't even equipped with a protective armor. Just like that, she dragged her heavy alloy sword behind her as she slid down the four hooves of the beast that had transformed into Ma pei like a wisp of black smoke. When he approached a few firepower users who were hiding behind the cover, he adjusted his position and swung out his sword horizontally.

The alloyed heavy sword brought a violent wind pressure with it as it violently smashed against the concrete structure of the cover. The cover immediately cracked into pieces, and a few firepower users were sent flying by the wind pressure from the blow. Just as they were about to land on the ground, the heavy sword was pulled back, and the left shoulder stuck out. He leaned forward and charged at a 45 degree angle with the ground.

Before the firepower user could touch her, the shockwave from her charge was sent flying. By the time they landed on the ground, they were all frothing at the mouth and losing the ability to fight.

After entering the Heroic Spirit Hall, she had upgraded her strength to Rank 4. Combined with her previous Rank 5 Cold Weapon Mastery, she had created a "Berserker" job advancement. Berserker was a class with high mobility and explosive power. Abandoning most of his defenses and focusing on strength and flexibility, Su had become a nightmare for the enemies on the battlefield.

For example, a "Berserk Slash" had shattered the opponent's defense, then followed with a "Brutal Charge", immediately knocking the opponent to the ground. This was a Berserker's Exclusive Skill. It reflected the full explosive power of this class.

The other figure was Feng, who had advanced to become a "Swordsman Attack." Although they were both Swordsmen, unlike Su Su's Berserkers, Swordsmen focused on destroying the defense of their opponents through continuous attacks, killing them in the end.

As such, Feng did not burst forward like a Pixel. He was more like an elegant noble swordsman. With a smile on his face, the left hand lightly held the "Frost" scabbard of Tang Dao as he leisurely strolled into his opponent's shooting position. The firepower user immediately turned his gun towards Feng Feng, but Feng nimbly dodged his shot. Swordsman were a combination of Dexterity and Sharp Weapon Mastery. In terms of speed, Feng Su was much faster than him.

The maple that appeared in the firepower user's eyes always moved in a flash. Each flash represented that the attack had missed. The next time he appeared, Tang Feng's blade would be out of the scabbard as fast as lightning. With a series of dazzling continuous attacks, he broke down the firepower user's firearm, and then used the hilt of the blade to strike their foreheads as the last note of the attack. In this way, Feng's speed was not much slower than before as he destroyed Rankin's team's defense line.

Rankin gritted his teeth, locked his eyes in the direction of Sue and Maple, and placed his hands on the fortified ground. Just as he was about to launch a "Earth Spike Strike" at his two opponents, a streak of fire shot through the window of the fortification.

However, Rankin was lying on his stomach, so the bullet did not hit him. Instead, it hit the wall. But if you slowed down the bullet, you would find that the bullet was not fired in a straight line at the wall. It was slightly tilted, so that when it hit the wall it changed direction, and shot out in a zigzag trajectory toward the ground in front of Rankin.

Rankin was distracted as he saw the fire flash again. He felt a sharp pain coming from his abdomen. It was a bullet that bounced up from the ground and strangely hit the tactical uniform on his lower abdomen. The bullet split open with a bang, leaving only a little white dust on Rankin's body.

However, this already meant that Rankin had "died in battle". Only now did Rankin notice that the other party seemed to be missing a zero.

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