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Teacher Wang Lu Teaches You How To Behave

Crackle… Rattle…

Just as Wang Lu was talking to Qiong Hua, the sound of gravels rolling down the pit came over. A tall, heavily armored woman slowly walked in.

Through the shimmering light from the entrance, her clothing could be vaguely seen. The texture of that armor showed her identity as the master of Grey Mountain, Lan.

However, when the woman approached them, they could see that she had red skin, her long hair seemed like blood, and from the middle of her two plump lips, two sharp teeth hung down prominently. And behind her, a long tail slowly shook.

No matter how one looked at her, she was not that firm, resolute, and quite dull human female anymore. She was clearly the natural disaster that in the legends, once wreaked havoc in the Nine Regions—a demon race member.

Rumor has it that they were naturally brutal, and they were enemies that could not live under the same sky as all the people in Nine Regions. During the great war of the Immortal and Demon, the people in Nine Regions were in a terrible situation. The rate of casualties for the cultivators who participated in the conflict reached an astonishing amount. And most of the sects who were able to restore some vigor just after the end of the Age of Chaos were extinguished in this period. After that, over the past few thousand years, although on the hole, the demon race was quiet, there was still some occasional slip across the space boundary to Nine Regions, which triggered various crises.

If there was any common enemy of the entire Nine Regions for thousands of years, that would be the demon race. Even the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals in the past was established for the purpose of resistance towards the demon race. For the cultivators of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals, regardless if there was any great enmity between them, if they saw a demon race, they must team up to fight against it. This was an iron clad rule.

However, when Lan approached them, Wang Lu simply turned around and gave her a smile, not revealing even a little bit of hostility.

Seeing this, Qiong Hua's countenance could not help but change. "Wang Lu, you…"

Wang Lu smiled sarcastically. "As the Senior Sister, you said that this is just an immortal dream land, so what if I married and have children here? If you can destroy this world, can't I also hook up with a girl?"

"This is not something that you can treat as a joke," Qiong Hua firmly said.

"I am not joking with you. So bear with me a bit, teacher Wang is about to teach you on how to behave!"


As his voice fell, Wang Lu's heavy punch also landed on Qiong Hua's face.

The flesh pain was not strong. Although it was unknown how Wang Lu broke free from the trouble of the Big Heart Demon Oath, the disadvantage of Non-Phase Method in being good at defense but bad at offense didn't seem to change. With his newly acquired golden core, his magical power was overflowing, but his strike only caused some flesh wound… However, the real harm was that, this was an unbridled humiliation.

In the quarrel between cultivators, most of the time, people would only collect some price from the opponent, unless it was an absolutely irreconcilable enmity where taking the life might happen. However, what Wang Lu did right now was even worse than a murder.

A scholar could be killed but could not be humiliated. This was not just an empty word. For the lead disciple of the Five Uniques of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals, every move and every action were no longer their own. Everything was related to the honor of their respective sect. In the battle against Wang Lu, Qiong Hua being defeated was fine. After all, she paid a heavy price to launch the Kill Immortal sword, and although she was defeated, it was a defeat with honor. Wang Lu simply had an unfair advantage in the battle.

However, this kind of face-beating humiliation could no longer be washed away by the previous argument. Qiong Hua had been cultivating for many years, but she had never been this humiliated!

If she wanted to wash this humiliation, the only way...

"Senior Sister Qiong Hua, I advise you not to do anything stupid. I'm not going to give you the chance to kill yourself."

Just as Qiong Hua was about to make this decision, her jade mansion suddenly trembled slightly. Wang Lu withdrew his hands and stepped over to get Lan behind him to come forward.

Seeing this demon race girl, Qiong Hua could not help but frown. Because there was something strange in the eyes of this heavily armored woman, as if there was a strong sense of violation, as if… the body belonged to someone else.

"Oh, what a sharp eye." Lan lightly opened her mouth. She looked as cold as ice. However, this indifference immediately let Qiong Hua recognize the person's identity.


Wang Lu said, "Correct, my gold medal teaching assistant, Faceless. With him here, don't ever think of skipping class."

With that, he sent another heavy blow to her face. Qiong Hua's white cheeks have become slightly swollen and bruised.

At the same time, the Faceless-possessed Lan stepped forward, fluttered the tail to the front, and pricked Qiong Hua's forehead with its sharp tip.

All of a sudden, a wave of numbness spread throughout her whole body, from the flesh to her jade mansion, primordial spirit… Qiong Hua felt that the golden core inside her jade mansion stopped still. Unexpectedly, it somewhat did not obey her order. Her primordial spirit was also blinded by the trace of demonic qi, becoming muddy and unclear. In this situation, even if she wanted to burn her jade mansion and kill herself, she couldn't… She could still somewhat endure, but unexpectedly, she could not endure this mere poison!

"This is not a mere poison." As if knowing Qiong Hua's thought, Faceless lightly explained, "This race's physical structure is very formidable. The tip of the tail can produce an amazingly toxic substance. Let alone in your weakened state, even if you're in your peak condition, if you are caught off guard and stung by it, you would still end up lying on the ground under the mercy of others."

In her heart, Qiong Hua was shocked. As the lead disciple of Shengjing Sect, she had spent quite some time outside in experiential learning, so how could she not have a protection against poison? In her body was a jasper jade which could purify countless of poisons. Plus, she also cultivated several body protection methods. No matter how powerful the poison was, it could not possibly penetrate deeply into her like this, unless...

She barely managed to operate her primordial spirit to scan her body and saw that the jasper jade had been broken… That's right, could it be that those punches a moment ago weren't just to humiliate me, but also to take aim at my jasper jade by way of Nameless Sword?

Wang Lu's pointedness was too strong. The existence of her jasper jade as a life saver, even in Shengjing Sect, was only known by a few people… Oh, yeah, previously she had a fierce battle against Faceless One, so perhaps her card was exposed at that time.

However, after arriving at this thought, Qiong Hua suddenly realized a more serious problem. That red face, heavy armor, poisonous tail, this… seemed vaguely similar to the image that she once saw!

Thinking to this, Qiong Hua did not care about the humiliation anymore. She must speak out. However, the poison had spread so much that even her tongue had been paralyzed. And when she wanted to pass her thoughts through primordial spirit, she found out that Wang Lu had used his Non-Phase Sword Qi to erect a defensive shield around himself, which isolated all the external force intrusion.

… Even at this time, he was still this cautious!

Just as Qiong Hua gradually grew impatient, Wang Lu suddenly opened his mouth.

"Senior Sister Qiong Hua, in my understanding of you, in fact, you are not a cruel and bloodthirsty person. Whether it is in public so that you need to consider your sect's reputation, or in private, as far as I know, you are a generous lead disciple Senior Sister. However, you were actually able to kill hundreds of millions of lives in this world without even batting an eye, is it because this is just an immortal dream land?"

Wang Lu then smiled lightly. "That shouldn't be, right? You see, among the five lead disciples, except for you, each one of us has invested our true feelings in this world. Because even if everything here is just an illusion, what we did, and every action that we took is real. You have killed hundreds of millions of lives, are you not afraid that you'd be haunted by heart demon?"

Qiong Hua inwardly sneered, but the next moment, Wang Lu suddenly came closer and slowly said.

"Of course you're not afraid. In doing things, Qiong Hua has always been above board. Even if your sword committed serious killings, your heart is magnanimous, so any heart demon will not entangle you… because, what you have slain is the creatures of the demon world, which is the mortal enemy of human. The more you kill, the better your feeling is."

Qiong Hua closed her eyes and didn't say anything. Some things, even she herself disdained to explain.

Wang Lu said, "Moreover, you don't want to leave such a thing in the hands of others. When you first entered this immortal dream land, you learned about the truth by chance, but you didn't even tell your Junior Brothers and Sisters, nor did you contact the other four lead disciples. You are only going to do everything alone, because you think only you can afford this heavy burden. You are the lead disciple of Shengjing Sect, and Shengjing Sect is the head of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals."

"Right now, you are the number one person among your peers. Even me, if I have to compete against you under fair conditions, my odds are only up to thirty to forty percent. In dozens or hundreds of years later, you would become the youngest Supreme in Nine Regions and more likely to take over the position of Supreme He Tu, becoming the leader of the world. And as the leader, in addition to the supreme glory, it also means that it is difficult for you to reject responsibilities. Shengjing Sect is often accused as overbearing, but in the war of Immortal and Demon, Shengjing Sect is the sect with the most contribution… this is the way of the king, right?"

Upon hearing this, Qiong Hua gradually calmed down, but simultaneously, her doubt has gone even deeper.

What Wang Lu just said, she did not expect other people to understand it. Everyone had different positions and layouts. But Wang Lu… since he could understand this, why would he...

While thinking about this, Wang Lu's heavy punch suddenly fell on her once again.

This punch was especially painful.

"Senior Sister Qiong Hua, just now, your assured expression strengthened my determination to beat you." Wang Lu said, "If you are the type of person that only cares about interests while abandoning the benevolence and morality, then I'm too lazy to deal with you. But now…"

Bam! Another punch landed on her. Qiong Hua felt that she somewhat couldn't open her own eyes, but… even if they were completely opened, she would still not be able to see through Wang Lu's next move.

"The so-called the way of the king, perhaps your understanding about it is not wrong… even the most benevolent king will become cruel when dealing with enemies. But when you treat your sword strike to destroy this world as light as the cloud, you remind me of another kind of people."

Wang Lu said, "They bundled themselves with a large number of explosives and then rushed toward the enemy crowds to detonate them without the fear of death, causing heavy casualties. They are not afraid of death, but they also didn't care about those who died under their explosives. Newly married woman? Toothless children? Old people late in their lives? It doesn't matter one bit to them. Since they are the enemies, to hell with them. In order to kill them, they can pay any price… see, what's the difference between what you did and them?"

Qiong Hua just inwardly sneered. Her mind was firm, so how could mere rhetoric shake her conviction?

Wang Lu also said, "Moreover, Senior Sister Qiong Hua, have you ever considered what exactly does this immortal dream land want us to do? Those who built the entire group of immortal tombs were the earth immortals of the Nine Regions. But the background of this ring is actually located in the demon world. Moreover, everyone around seems real, with flesh and blood. That idiot Zhan Ziye even fell in love with a forest fairy… or perhaps a forest demon. Obviously, letting us deepen our contacts with the demon race is a deliberate design by the designer of this, but what does this design mean?"

"I don't know what Senior Sister is thinking, but in my opinion, the designer obviously wanted to tell us that, even if they are our mortal enemies, they are still made of flesh and blood, and both share similar emotions and feelings…"

When it came to this, Wang Lu suddenly felt that Qiong Hua's feet violently shook. Due to the paralysis from the poison, her angry voice came intermittently, "So, you can even disregard the difference between immortal and demon, and treat them as brothers and sisters?"

"Regard them as brothers and sisters?" Wang Lu smiled and shook his head. Then he punched Qiong Hua in the face and shut her up completely.

"Based on them? Do they even deserve it?"

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