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Outside the camp, Qiong Hua was slowly approaching them. It was just that, although her step was slow, each of them caused the mountain to shake and the ground to tremble as vigorous magical power continuously dispersed. It was as if heavy clouds hung over the camp, which made it hard for people to breathe.

At this time, Qiong Hua still had a long way to go to the army of Flaming Valley—she hadn't even really shown up. However, her imposing manner alone already scared the barbarian soldiers of Flaming Valley that they could not sit or stand still. The fearless soldiers have already shown fear in their eyes. Although the army had yet to be defeated, their fighting intent had already completely collapsed.

In this war, Qiong Hua did not need a single soldier. Alone, she was already able to push the Flaming Valley force into a difficult situation.

Wang Lu had to sigh with emotion at this. The strength of the lead disciple of Shengjing Sect had indeed far exceeded that of others in this world. And without pointing out that the difference between Xudan and Jindan was like a natural moat, even among the several lead disciples who were on the same Jindan Stage as her, Qiong Hua was still undoubtedly the strongest. As a matter of fact, the insufferably arrogant Tiger King Lei Zhen in Grand Cloud Mountain might not necessarily be able to withstand ten moves of the current low-level Jindan Stage Qiong Hua. Even if combined with his spirit beast, at best, he could barely fight to a tie.

And to fight directly against such a person, it was very difficult to boast about knowing the way to win every war. No matter how hard Wang Lu's Non-Phase Sword was, it still could not overcome the stage gap between them.

Therefore, he didn't intend to directly fight head-on with the other side.

After getting out of the camp, Wang Lu checked again the content of his mustard seed bag, and then maneuvered his magical power several times to adjust its state to the best. After confirming that it was correct, he suddenly revolved his Non-Phase Immortal Heart one time and on his face immediately appeared a brilliant-as-sunshine smile. The rapidness of the change caused the several barbarian soldiers outside the tent who shivered and trembled under Qiong Hua's coercion to involuntarily rub their eyes, as if they has just seen a ghost. However, after a moment, their heart suddenly felt warmth, and the invisible pressure in the air was gradually reduced. It felt as if spring breeze was blowing at them. And the source of that spring breeze was indeed the smile of Wang Lu.

If the few miles away Qiong Hua was like a cold winter world, then Wang Lu was like a stove in close proximity. He similarly walked slowly, facing the still far away Qiong Hua. When he walked out of the camp, the snow melted behind him.

This was not a deliberate aim, merely the complementary waves that happened when his Non-Phase Immortal Heart was fully operating.

Although he did not plan to fight head-on against Qiong Hua, since he would soon face this unprecedentedly powerful enemy, Wang Lu still came up with all of his skill. And as soon as his full power was revealed, Xiang Liang in the tent turned his head in surprise.

What a fierce Non-Phase Immortal Heart! He thought. Its realm has gone far beyond the level of Xudan. And with such an accumulation, Wang Lu could calmly break through Jindan Stage unlike the others!

Unfortunately, even a powerful Xudan was still a Xudan. Although cross level challenge with other Jindan was still possible, Qiong Hua was not an ordinary Jindan. She was a Jindan Stage as the lead disciple of Shengjing Sect. Without reaching Jindan, Wang Lu still did not have the chance. However, exactly because of his deep accumulation, he could change from Xudan to Jindan...

Thinking to this, a flash of insight suddenly passed through Xiang Liang's mind. Although he was less knowledgeable in the ways of the world—though one of the talented geniuses in immortal cultivation—he still immediately thought of this possibility, but then he quickly shook his head.

Breakthrough? This was Jindan Stage. Even if Wang Lu's accumulation was already deep enough, coupled with his amazing spirit root which allowed him to have a breakthrough without any bottleneck… But after the breakthrough, he still had to spend some time to suppress the golden core and stabilize his cultivation base. During which, he could not freely use his magical power, thus, it was impossible to have a fight. If Wang Lu wanted to have a breakthrough, he should've chosen an earlier time. Now he had no chance.

However, in doing things, Wang Lu had always been surprising… Thus, Xiang Liang thought that he would use this opportunity to observe how Wang Lu would try to block Qiong Hua.

While he was contemplating, Wang Lu and Qiong Hua finally met.

When each of them appeared in their own line of sight, Qiong Hua had just stepped on the peak of a hill. She disdainfully looked down but with a touch of curiosity. Wang Lu stood at the foothill, facing upward, still with that same smile.

In their first meeting in this immortal dream land, their imposing manner was actually vaguely equal!

"Long time no see, Senior Sister Qiong Hua."

Qiong Hua revealed a faint smile. "Indeed long time no see."

As the lead disciple of Shengjing Sect, regardless of the situation she was in, Qiong Hua was always unflustered and well-mannered. However, people knew that behind that polite smile, there would always be sharp means.

After this short greeting, Wang Lu immediately went straight to the point. "Senior Sister Qiong Hua, I want to make a deal with you."

Qiong Hua nodded. "I would like to hear the details."

"In this five spirits power struggle, the strength of Senior Sister Qiong Hua is far more than your peers, and now the victory is already within your grasp. Even if the several of us team up, it would still be difficult for us to stand against you."

Upon hearing this statement, Qiong Hua was quite surprised. Regardless of her sect's intelligence or her own understanding of Wang Lu, she knew that Wang Lu was the type of person that would stubbornly refuse to admit defeat. He would fight tooth and nail to the end, and grasp every last chance for a comeback. But now, how could he say such things?

Probably because it was to pave the way for the real statement...

Sure enough, after that statement, Wang Lu's tone immediately changed. "However, ultimately this is just a game. Even if you achieve victory, so what? Shengjing Sect is the number one in Nine Regions, and there're many chances to consolidate the prestige. However, this one has a special significance for me. Therefore, I want to make a deal with Senior Sister."

With that, Wang Lu took a shining golden seal from his mustard seed bag.

Qiong Hua's wonderful eyes stared at that item in Wang Lu's hand somewhat in disbelief. "Mysterious Sky's Golden Seal?"

Wang Lu smiled. "Yes, investment assets in Mysterious Sky Mansion that is worth ten million spirit stones can be exchanged for the Mysterious Sky Golden Seal. This could also be exchanged for a very large credit to enjoy all sorts of high-level guests treatments, along with all the benefits. This is second only to Mysterious Sky Black Seal. At present, the quantity of this distributed in all over Nine Regions is no more than three thousand. As long as Senior Sister Qiong Hua is willing to let me win this, then I would hand over this Mysterious Sky Golden Seal to you."

Qiong Hua was even more surprised by this. "Junior Brother Wang Lu, are you…?" Qiong Hua paused as if she was trying to find the appropriate word. After a moment, she softly asked, "Are you trying to bribe me?"

Wang Lu laughed. "Senior Sister Qiong Hua doesn't know, but this is not a bribe. This is, in fact, a political contribution! This is in compliance with the law, all above board, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with it."

"..." Qiong Hua felt that she somewhat didn't understand.

"Ah, I know that as the lead disciple of Shengjing Sect, Senior Sister Qiong Hua never has to worry about resources. As long as it is necessary for your cultivation, not to mention Mysterious Sky's Golden Seal, even a more precious resource will be provided by your sect. But, in my opinion, the resource given by the sect is just dead money. Because no matter how precious it is, it would still be put under the sunlight and it needs to be approved first to use. Every action and every movement are out in the open. Moreover, it's also affected by the budget constraint of the sect. I know that Senior Sister Qiong Hua's conduct is always above board, obvious to everyone. However, anyone needs privacy, and in the path of immortal cultivation, there would always be expenses that other people need not know. And this Mysterious Sky's Golden Seal has ten million spirit stones in value, moreover, it is a living money, so you can do whatever it is with it. Now that Senior Sister Qiong Hua is a Daoist Master of Jindan Stage, you must gradually separate from the fetters of your sect. And I think, this ten million spirit stone can certainly help you in the next step."

Was this worth it? This was worth ten million spirit stones. Many Elders in the Five Uniques might not have such a net worth! For Wang Lu to have such a great amount of money, it was also thanks to his fortune that he got from his first few gamblings, which he wisely invested to be developed in a religious sect. Over the years, the industrial scale of his sect grew by leaps and bounds, so his dividends increased year by year. In terms of wealth alone, Wang Lu was already far richer than most of the Elders! Although Qiong Hua was a lead disciple, the money that she could freely use at will was nothing more than a million spirit stones.

"..." Looking at the glittering golden seal in Wang Lu's hand… since her debut, she had always been accustomed to be fully in control of the situation, but now, she finally felt as if she somewhat could not grasp the situation.

Wang Lu… what exactly did he want to do?

Striking while the iron was still hot, Wang Lu said, "Moreover, only you and I know about this matter, so there's absolutely no risk in it. Even if later your sect hold you responsible, you can easily shirk it. After all, I already have some reputation in the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals, accustomed to miracle-like victories. So, there's nothing unusual if Senior Sister Qiong Hua were to be defeated in my hand once. In the Western Continent, I managed to finish off two Holy Ones!"

"Oh, I know that a single golden seal is not enough to show my sincerity, so I'll just add another one. If Senior Sister is willing to help me in this, then I promise that I owe you one. This is a permanent promise. A promise from me, Wang Lu, is seriously worth higher than this Mysterious Sky's Golden Seal. Because even though now it just seems like a promise from a Xudan Stage cultivator, but in the future, when I reach Yuanying and Deity Stage, my promise is really difficult to estimate."

"That's enough."

Qiong Hua lightly interrupted.

"Enough, no need to say anymore. Junior Brother Wang Lu, I have already seen your unexpected skill, and your joke is also interesting. But I'm not here to listen to your joke. Take out your true skill."

Wang Lu sighed while his hand was playing with the golden seal. "I am very serious, but Senior Sister thinks it's a joke, that's really regrettable. Do you really not want to think about it?"

Qiong Hua helplessly shook her head, then a blue colored sword came out of its sheath.

"If you say that again, it would only make me despise you."

Wang Lu was silent for a moment. He quietly stowed away the Mysterious Sky's Golden Seal as his smile sank a bit.

"Very well, Senior Sister Qiong Hua, since you don't want to accept my sincere business proposal, then we can only resort to arms. However, before we start the fight, I want to ask you one thing."

Qiong Hua's patience was indeed amazing. She didn't mind that Wang Lu was still talking to him. She merely nodded and said, "Please speak."

"Does Senior Sister mind if I use the tactic of many to take advantage of the few?"

Qiong Hua smiled but didn't speak. Only the slight move of her blue colored immortal sword was her answer.

"No matter how many you bring with you, I alone with my sword am enough."

Wang Lu smiled. "Good, since Senior Sister is such a heroic person, then I will not be polite… I will introduce you to a friend of mine that I met in my expedition in the Western Continent, which because of some reason came together with me to Nine Regions…"

With that, Wang Lu fished out a gray sphere from his mustard seed bag and then violently shook it until it cracked. Then, a wisp of gray smoke rose to the sky.

"His name... is Faceless One."

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