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Oh Shit!

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The white robed woman’s definition of ‘many hands makes light work’ almost made Liu Xian vomit blood.

However, the woman continued to brag. “I’ve also added the feature of ‘many hands makes light work’ to the Frozen Wind Valley, the Red Ridge Mountains, and the Azure Cloud Canyon. The Immortal Path is no longer vulnerable to weaklings who team up. Aren’t you proud of me?”

Yeah, we’re so proud of you.

Liu Xian tried really hard to calm himself down. He quelled the urge to beat her up on the spot.

“Junior sister, I do not care anymore. If there’s any problem, tell Disciplinary Elder and Senior Brother Head Elder!”

After leaving, Liu Xian’s disciples looked at each other, and then turned to the Fifth Elder, who had been staring at the Cloud Array with fascination. Following the lead of several senior brothers, the disciples quickly left together, leaving the original two disciples to anxiously guard their post.

Normally, the disciples could only see vague figures moving within the changing clouds of the Cloud Array. But in the eyes of the elders, there was no doubt that there was more to it.

After a moment, the woman shook her head with disappointment.

“What a bunch of trash. Even after teaming up, their strength cannot overpower the monster.”

The two disciples shivered when they heard her words. They were glad that they were found by their master, Liu Xian, when he was out travelling, and did not need to suffer the inhumane Immortal Path.

The monster’s rank had only increased by six ranks, but in reality its strength had increased three to four times, while the number of the challengers had only increased by a factor of four. According to the Fifth Elder, unless they are pushed to the extreme limit, she won’t be satisfied.

She lost her interest after a brief observation. “This group is hopeless.”

She turned and left. The two disciples exchanged glances and laughed bitterly.

The junior brother said, “The Fifth Elder’s thoughts are difficult to understand, I think these people all have talents. If they are hopeless, then what are we doing here?”

The senior brother also agreed. “Yeah, the Fifth Elder even took part behind the scene. I’ve been in the sect for over 20 years, and this is the first time I’ve seen her putting all her efforts into one thing. But if no one passes the trials in the end, she will have no face.” [TLN: “face” is pretty much the same as one’s honour and dignity]

While the two were talking, they heard a voice coming from behind them.

“Oh, there’s no need to worry, there must be someone that can pass– Fuck, there’s a person no one can stop.”

“Fi-Fifth Elder!”

The woman did not bother to look at them, instead she had her focus on the boy who swaggered on with extreme confidence.

Seeing that she had no intent to punish them, the two disciples let out a sigh of relief. The senior brother dared to ask, “Fifth Elder, who is this person you speak of?”

“Who else could it be?” she replied. “You two have been here for quite some time, and you can’t even tell who is stronger?”

The strength of the individuals was pretty obvious. If Zhu Qin and his companions were strong, then Hai Yun Fan would be super strong. As for the person who just walked out of the Garden of Peaches and entered the Frozen Wind Valley, his strength could almost make him look like a cheater. But no matter how strong a person was, if they could not cultivate, they could not beat the mammoth. If it was some place like the Red Ridge Mountains or the Azure Cloud Canyon where the monsters have not yet been strengthened, they would have been a chance of passing.

Thinking of this, the Junior Brother suddenly had a thought. “Fifth Elder, are you referring to the prizes of the Garden of Peaches?”

“Rubbish, what else could it be? The key point of the whole Immortal Path lies at the Garden of Peaches. Those stubborn, ancient minds hundreds of years ago lost all their sanity and completely wrecked this sacred event. Speaking of those insane seniors, even the masters after them were totally crap, spouting bullshit that the Ancient laws can’t be altered. Who said that firing a Heavenly Sword Sect elder can only be done with words!?”

The Fifth Elder’s audacity in the extreme was well known in the sect, but the two disciples didn’t have her arrogance, and thus fell silent immediately.

After some time, the junior brother couldn’t hold it in anymore. “Are all those tools and treasures from your collection?”

From the junior brother’s viewpoint, those ordinary magical tools must have been easy to obtain for the white-robed woman. But he didn’t know what kind of tools they were, and what sort of a miracle would need to occur for an uncultivated swine to defeat that beast of a mammoth.

The Fifth Elder replied naturally. “My collection? How could they have come from my collection? I’m like, really poor. So poor I’d pillage them villages down at the mountain base. The tools were straight out of the sect’s storage because that retarded Head Elder cannot even pay me the elder’s subsidy.”

The two disciples in black and white looked at each other, speechless.

The Fifth Elder was rarely seen in the sect, even by the senior brothers who had been there for over 20 years.

“So Fifth Elder, according to your design, what kind of magical tool could Wang Lu get? The magical tool that can equally rival with the mammoth has to be at least a second rank one, right? But how can he use it without having cultivated?”

“I’m not so sure myself, because that retarded Head Elder didn’t give me that much freedom in the storage. I derived a formula for the scores, and it will automatically provide them the tool from the storage according to their scores. Now the bunch of morons’ score are mostly distributed between three to five thousand. As for that boy, I didn’t watch all of his recent assignment, but he should have at least scored thirty to fifty thousand. Let alone a second rank magical tool, a ninth rank magical treasure would be highly possible. Some of the magical treasures do not require its user to have cultivated too. These tools are priceless among mortals, but is common in the Spirit Blade Sect’s stock. That boy’s fortune is not bad, getting one or two should not be a problem. And with some strategy, he should have a 70-80% chance to defeat the mammoth.”

The brothers inhaled a sharp breath.

70%-80% success rate didn’t sound like much, but during these hundreds of years, many of the world’s heroes and geniuses failed at this stage. With a success rate of 70-80%, this country boy had a great deal of affinity indeed.

And if he entered the sect, worked hard for another ten to twenty years, it would be very probable that he could become a Legacy Disciple! The two disciples in black and white couldn’t help but feel envious.

There were changes in the clouds, and the three stared at it intensely. Out from the clouds appeared Wang Lu!

While the previous challengers had to spend more than ten days with the aid of magical tools to reach the end point, Wang Lu caught up in no time! Skipping over the mountains and rivers, he came to Hai Yun Fan and others, who were holding an emergency meeting.

His surprise appearance not only scared them to death, but even made the brothers’ jaws drop, and Wang Lu himself shivered.

“What the hell is this shit!?”

The Fifth Elder who was on Ethereal Peak enjoying the scenery, changed her expression.

“Cloud Hiking Boots!?” [TLN: Can walk a long distance in less steps.]

The two disciples yelled out at the same time.

“Cloud Hiking Boots!?”

Even the junior brother who only joined the sect for five years had heard of the infamous Cloud Hiking Boots. It was a fifth rank spiritual treasure valued by Spirit Blade Sect!

Spiritual treasures were by far more powerful and valuable than magical treasures. Even Jindan Immortals of normal sects would die for such a possession. Let alone the fifth rank spiritual treasure personally hand crafted by the patriarch of the Spirit Blade Sect. No one could use it without reaching the peak of Jindan Cultivation.

However, there was no time for them to wonder how Wang Lu managed to operate this spiritual treasure without cultivation, for something even stranger happened.

At the first sight of this monster, Wang Lu freaked out and drew out a long sword in panic, trying to protect himself.

Then, the sword began to shine, blinding everyone’s eyes.

Above the clouds, the sounds of louder profanities were heard.

“The Sword of Black Hoarfrost!?”

Although it wasn’t the best spiritual treasure, the Sword of Black Hoarfrost was one of the most famous swords in the Spirit Blade Sect. Its power was determined by the location it was used in, and there was no better location to bring out its cool powers than the Frozen Wind Valley.

Who would have thought that Wang Lu could pull out such a spiritual treasure so casually!

“Fif-Fifth Elder, didn’t you say there were only ninth rank magical treasure at most? Why did a spiritual treasure come out!? And a third rank one on top of that!?”


Wang Lu held the one meter long sword and waved it around, but had no idea the sword could crack open a mountain.

A third rank spiritual treasure in a mortal’s hands should not show any spiritual power. It would likely suck up the uncultivated user’s life, leaving behind a dry corpse.

However, when Wang Lu swung the sword, blasts of wind violently swept the earth, a snow storm burst out of nowhere. In the midst of the howling of the snow and wind, the Sword of Black Hoarfrost grew brighter. The ground underneath the mammoth cracked into layers when the light of the sword touched it. The fragments of the layers shattered into particles, and the particles into dust, until nothing remained.

It was like the Age of Chaos again: the heavens and the earth divided.

When the storm calmed down after quite some time, the mammoth was gone. The frozen land around it was also gone.

Behind the land was a beautiful scene with mountains and waters, with the particles of mist dancing in the sunbeams. The Frozen Wind Valley was no more.

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