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In front of the wooden house, the several Ten Thousand Arts Sect people were stunned upon hearing the wanton frolicking sound from inside the house.

After a long time, Zhan Ziye finally turned his head. "Junior Brother, since you're an old friend of Wang Lu, then please pass my words to him. Three days later, he better wash his neck clean 'cause I'm going to slay him!"

Zhao Jiangyuan coldly humphed. "Count me in on that."

Lu Qiancai said, "Me too."

Three livid-looking people left one after another. After hesitating a bit, Ye Feifei soon followed them. Hai Yunfan was left frozen on the spot for a long time before he sighed and knocked on the door.

A moment later, the door was opened from inside by an invisible force. Suddenly, a gush of alcohol-stench air assaulted Hai Yunfan's face. Inside, he saw Wang Lu and several women sitting around a table. With drunken faces, each of them held several cards that they used to play a game.

Some of them had probably already been heavily intoxicated by the liquor. When Hai Yunfan walked in, they just cast him a glance and ignored him. Even Wang Lu just waved at him. "Little Hai, come on in, let's have some fun!"

Have fun your sister!

Hai Yunfan was pissed. He strode forward, grabbed Wang Lu's hand and pulled him out of the house.

As soon as they went out, Hai Yunfan immediately applied the clear heart and focus spirit method on Wang Lu, to no avail. After he was stunned for a moment, he was about to apply it again when he heard Wang Lu sigh, "Little Hai, we haven't seen each other for several years. so I can understand your excitement, but I still have to say, I like women, so you better give up."

Hai Yunfan was silent for a moment, "Brother Wang, what are you doing?"

Wang Lu rhetorically asked, "What is it?"

Hai Yunfan pointed at the charming scene inside the wooden house. "...To tell you the truth, I felt like my three views have been ruined."

Wang Lu was silent for a moment before asking, "Because I don't engage in homosexual practice, you feel like you have been disappointed?"

Hai Yunfan immediately stomped his foot, "Can we not talk about homosexual matters!? I mean I never thought of you as someone who would indulge himself in the pleasure of women! I…"

"Who says I am indulging myself in the pleasure of women? I'm just playing a strip card game."

Hai Yunfan was dumbfounded, "Damn! This is even worse! It has already entered in the pervert category!"

Wang Lu was puzzled, "Please explain what's so bad about it."

For this self-evident problem, Hai Yunfan suddenly felt as if he had food stuck in his throat. "Do I need to explain? Moreover, they actually take"

"Of course, it's not that easy. That's why I invited them with the excuse of celebrating the defeat of Ten Thousand Arts Sect, and then spared no expense to buy the immortal spirit wine to get them drunk. Finally, I asked them to play the strip card game — I told them it was a special custom of the Eastern Border Region, and they really believed it."

Hai Yunfan couldn't believe it, "And they boldly show themselves in front of you…"

Wang Lu scolded, "Damn, how could it be? What do you think this is? A pervert game? Of course, they didn't show it in front of my face, the one who saw them was my Master… As a woman, this is her only use."

"...Your Master, Fifth Elder?" Hai Yunfan tried to recall, and he indeed seemed to see a woman in white figure inside the house.

"Yes, it's me who plays the card, but she's the one who collects the benefit. Moreover, this game does not necessarily involve undergarment; they can just wager on their coats, handkerchieves and so on. They also have replacement clothing provided by my Master. So, this is not so much as a strip card game, but rather changing clothes card game; that's why those few fools didn't suspect too much."

Being shocked by how low the moral integrity of these pair of Master and disciple of the Non-Phase Peak, Hai Yunfan stiffly said, "Why do you want their clothes?"

Wang Lu excitedly replied, "Of course it's to sell them!"

"Sell them!? To whom!?"

"Of course, to your several nerds Senior Brothers. When I first saw them, they seem unable to hold their hunger and thirst for women. Therefore, I knew that this kind of personal clothing must be their favorite. Ah, a handkerchief of Liu Li, I think it would be worth it for your several Senior Brothers to trade it with several top-rated methods, right? And what about her coat, skirt, and other things? Furthermore, with my and my Master's craft, I can definitely make use of existing materials to forge their underwear. I think I can even cheat them to sign a contract as indentured servants! Little Hai, how about we cooperate, we can cheat those idiots and turn them into our slaves."

Hai Yunfan was about to go insane, "Don't pull me into this crazy plot of yours! They're my Senior Brothers!"

Wang Lu chuckled as he sized Hai Yunfan up. After a while, he said something that made Hai Yunfan's hair stood on end.

"Little Hai, just think about it. As long as you push Zhan Ziye to sign his life away as an indentured servant, you can sell the contract to Ye Feifei. At least, Ye Feifei should be interested in Zhan Ziye's contract, am I right? As long as you sell it to her, your degree of favorability on her may suddenly rise, to such an extent that she may allow you to sleep with her."

"Brother Wang, you…"

Wang Lu's smile turned even more enthusiastic, "A joke, I know you're an honest man...So I'll do it myself."

Hai Yunfan felt really helpless, "Brother Wang, I think you better drop it. Eldest Brother Zhan Ziye and the others...couldn't possibly fall for such a scam."

Later on, after Hai Yunfan put everything out including the tray, Wang Lu couldn't help but be stunned.

"Damn, sure enough, drinking will affect one's perception. I never thought about it from your point of view. What a pity, it's rare for me to win a few pieces of their clothes, and it's not far away from getting their underwear!"

Wang Lu paced back and forth, thinking about some countermeasures, "Little Hai, what about if I offer a discount?"

Hai Yunfan helplessly sighed, "Brother Wang, perhaps in your view, our Ten Thousand Arts Sect people are a bit unsophisticated, and you probably don't even put our academic ability in your eyes. However, we, at least, still have a backbone."

"Oh, then what about thirty percent discount?"

"...Brother Wang, I'm serious. Eldest Brother has put down his words. Three days later, he wants to fight with you in the competition, so he wants you to prepare."

Wang Lu smiled, "What kind of competition? Strip card game competition?"

Hai Yunfan said, "This time, Eldest Brother and the others are serious. I'm afraid you can't just casually deceive them to win it. Initially, the reason we came here is also for the competition, therefore… Brother Wang, you should be more serious. I know you're formidable, but Eldest Brother also can't be trifled with. He may not have your means, but he is, after all, the sect's lead representative in the Five Unique in the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals, so he naturally has his skill."

Speaking to this, Hai Yunfan was ready to leave, but then he heard Wang Lu curiously asked, "Lead representative? He is the sect's lead representative? Even though he's still in the Foundation Establishment?"

Hai Yunfan explained, "It's very normal. Appointing the sect's lead representative is not only based on cultivation stage or level, most importantly it's the potential. In just eight years, he already reached the middle-level Foundation Establishment; in thirty years, he is expected to reach the Jindan Stage. Therefore, his progress is second to none in the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals. Not to mention, his academic ability has already gone beyond the realm of cultivation. Thus, the other Xudan Stage and Jindan Stage disciples in the sect didn't object when he was put as the lead representative. This is not as easy as it sounds because the benefits of the lead representative are numerous."

Wang Lu nodded, and then asked, "What are the benefits of this lead representative?"

"A lot. Once you become the lead representative, it means that you become the sect's main object to train. Not only you can learn the sect's methods at will, you also have almost unrestricted access to the sect's resources. Moreover, the common rules of the sect do not apply to the lead representative — of course, the lead representative also has rules that the lead representative must follow. However, all in all, it's like the successor of the Sect Leader. All the major sects have mostly the same rules regarding this, with only minor differences, doesn't your Spirit Sword Sect also have it too? Who is the lead representative of your Spirit Sword Sect? The last time your Elders informed us about your sect's situation, they never mentioned who the candidate for this lead representative from your sect was, so we are all curious about it. We initially thought it would be Liu Li, but it doesn't seem like it, right?"

Wang Lu was silent for a moment, "Actually, I always thought it was me!"

After parting ways with Hai Yunfan, as well as the few drunken Martial Sisters, inside the room, there was only a pair of Master and disciple left, two people. Just now, after Wang Lu had conveyed his talk with Hai Yunfan, the Master had immediately swept away dozens of bottles of spirit wine and was now dead drunk. Seeing this, Wang Lu unceremoniously splashed a bucket of cold water on her. However, it was dissipated by the ray of light from the emerald green bamboo sword.

"You, this rebellious disciple…" Wang Wu lazily sat up and rubbed her eyes, "Why are you looking for me?"

Wang Lu told her about the competition three days later and then asked, "Master, what do you think?"

Wang Wu yawned and said, "Yeah, three days later, there will be a competition between the two Sects. As the Sect's representative, you will be sent to the stage to beat him."

Wang Lu cursed, "Beat your sister into a sorry state! How could a high-level Qi Cultivating Stage beat a middle-level Foundation Establishment Stage! Quickly pass me your most consummate skill!"

Wang Wu said with a smile, "You're not afraid that you would explode and die from learning my consummate skill with your weak body? Moreover, with your virtue, are you afraid you won't beat him even if your cultivation stage is lower than him? I think not… how about this, in these several days, I'll teach you a type of sword art, in which if you manage to learn it, it will greatly increase your odds in successfully accomplishing the over-rank fight. This also can be considered as me performing my duty as a Master."

Wang Wu just randomly spouted some perfunctory words, but upon hearing it, Wang Lu just nodded and didn't push it further. Instead, he said, "Then... Master, tell me about our sect's lead representative?"

Wang Wu was startled, and then said with a smile, "Do you want to compete for the sect's lead representative? Unfortunately, our Spirit Sword Sect doesn't have the custom to select the lead representative."

Wang Lu asked, "Why not? Isn't it good?"

Wang Wu waved her hand and said, "Because it's not necessary. Moreover, there hasn't been any suitable candidate. Can't you see that there are only a few Successor Disciples? Although there are a lot of excellent inner court disciples, no one can afford the title of lead representative. Although Zhu Shiyao and Liu Li are powerful enough, each of them has a very serious flaw, so it's not suitable for them to shoulder this heavy burden."

With a puzzled face, Wang Lu pointed to himself and asked, "Then isn't it logical to appoint me as the lead representative?"

Wang Lu chuckled, "Hehehe, you, this weak chicken, really know how to joke."

"Damn, this weak chicken is being taught by you! How about this, why don't we take the opportunity of this competition to push for the implementation of lead representative, making its benefits as high and as much as possible. Then you and I can coordinate to land this position on my lap. Naturally, I won't forget to share the benefits with you."

Wang Wu coldly snorted. "That's a good idea. However, since you can think of it, do you think I can't? My proposal about this has already long ago been brushed aside by the other Elders."

Wang Lu said, "Because you're notorious, so your proposal automatically gets vetoed?"

"On the notoriety, how much better are you than me? In short, from the overall quality point of view, some people indeed favor you to be the future sect's lead representative. However, when we talk about cultivation stage, you are indeed much worse. Secondly, they aren't sure if they wanted to give too many privileges to the Non-Phase Peak. Thirdly, and also the most important, we have always been not in favor of this lead representative system. From the atmosphere of the sect's point of view, in the long term, specializing in one person would only bring more harm than good, and would be a blow to the morale of our sect, so this matter has been put to rest."

Wang Lu pondered for a moment and then said, "Since the main reason is the sect is worried about the morale, why don't we just improve the program, increase its fairness and accessibility? For example, the sect's lead representative is not a fixed appointment and without time limit, but rather using special points that can be redeemed often, just like the treatment of a special customer, which only happens in a limited time. Aren't this good?"

Wang Wu said, "Although your creativity is commendable, it is less convincing when it comes out of your mouth. As a Spirit Sword Sect's top student with the most sect points and credits, that position would be yours in no time."

"So we change the point system. Since the lead representative is mainly used to fight outsiders, then the point would be based on this; whenever you win against other sect's disciples, you would gain some points. And if you have enough points, you can redeem it for a time as the sect's lead representative. As it happens, the two sects are going to have a competition, thus, you can set a sky-high reward to whoever won their match, such as the title of lead representative for life as best award and so on. Then, as long as I find a way to be the first, I can win the title of lifetime lead representative."

Wang Wu mused, "This idea is actually somewhat feasible... Okay, I will intensify your cultivation training in these several days. Then I will propose this matter to the Sect Leader. Once it gets through, you can strive to get the most outstanding accomplishment for the Sect!"

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