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“Come here my precious gem!”


Aoi vigorously leapt into her mother’s chest from the top of the stairs.

Tears were overflowing from her eyes and she was bursting with delight.

“Mother! I wanted to see you!”

“I’ve also wanted to see you! You’ve gotten big!”

Aoi’s mom had such a rich expression that she didn’t even seem like the person who disinterestedly knocked me down earlier.

Her smile was also beautiful, it was like she was expressing her delight with her whole body.

As for me, I couldn’t keep up with the sudden emotional parent and child reunion after that tense situation earlier.

After all, my entire body hurts!

“How come!? Why all of a sudden!?”

Aoi who was exhausted from crying looked up and questioned her mother.

Was it almost forty years since they last met?

“I was finishing up minor business in a place called the Grand Canyon in America, but I came because I was worried about the flurried flow of wind and the delighted spirits flying here.”

Aoi’s mother wiped her tears with her finger while speaking with a gentle expression.

That’s right.

When I think about who she’s similar to, isn’t she just like Aoi.

An Aoi that had various sizes increased.

“I actually wanted to come a little earlier but I had a lot of troublesome things to take care of. Sorry.”

“I’m just glad that you came!”

“Aaah! My daughter is so cute! The cutest in the world!”

Aoi nuzzled up against a chest that was the same size as hers.

That gesture was indeed lovely.

Aoi’s mother was knocked out by that gesture and she hugged Aoi even more tightly and rubbed their cheeks together.

“Well, well, Yule is the same as ever.”


Before anyone realized, a fluffy robed rat was standing on my right shoulder.

Alba Germain.

A dubious rat that was the doctor for dragons.

“She used to be a tomboy with a sharp tongue, but she’s been like this ever since giving birth to Aoi. We were all astonished.”

“I can hear you, old man!”

Aoi’s mother scowled at Alba Germain while she hugged Aoi.

That force was intense, I was overpowered and took a few steps back.

“Um, Yule?”

“Yes! My Mother, Yuriel Dragoline! Night Sky’s Yule! Dragon King of the Sky!”

Aoi proudly introduced her to me while still in her chest.

“If you call me that familiarly, I’ll kill you.”


Only the way she was looking at me hasn’t changed at all.

“By the way, Aoi?”


Aoi continued to behave like a spoiled child as she had her head caressed.

It was my first time seeing Aoi being so unreserved.

“I heard from old man Alba? It seems like your spawning season already came?”


“Was it tough? The first one must have hurt, right? When I had you it also hurt a lot. You did well.”

“Un… Hic… un!”

Aoi sobbed as she was overcome with emotion,

Yule-san affectionately caressed her head.

“I never thought it would come so soon… it’s my bad. I wasn’t next to you at such an important time.”

“It’s okay because you came.”

“I’ve come, my precious daughter.”

There was an atmosphere flowing through the downstairs hallway of my house where it made it hard to interject.

I couldn’t just say that I wanted her to take off her shoes at a time like this.

“I planned to return after everything settled down. It took a lot of time because the world was more chaotic than expected. The timing was bad, huh.”

“It’s fine, you’re the monarch of the sky. That’s right!”


Aoi separated from Yule-san’s chest and pulled her towards the stairs.

“My daughters! I’ll show them to you!”

“Aah, that’s right! I came to see my grandchildren!”

I saw the parent and child, who noisily rushed upstairs, off in a daze

“It’s a calamity for you, eh?”

The rat gently tapped my cheeks with the staff he was holding.

His seemingly delight irritated me.


“Since long ago, Yule has no interest for anything but stuff related to Aoi.”

Even so, I don’t understand why she sent me flying twice.

My back hurts…


Alba Germain jumped off my shoulder and landed on the floor silently.

“Dragons from her generation don’t particularly trust any tribe other than dragons. So it can’t be helped.”

“How old is she?”

Based on her human appearances she looks like she’s in her early 20s.

“Is she over 2000? A genius that became the Dragon King of the Sky at an early age. Even among all the generations, she’s one of the strongest.”

“Dragon King of the Sky, huh.”

I’ve heard it from Aoi several times, but I still don’t get it.

Shouldn’t a king have a country?

“Dragon King is a title given to those who are responsible for the world’s harmony.”


“That’s right. The Dragon King of the Sky corrects all disturbances in the sky. She also restrains rampaging spirits and correct abnormal weather.”

Are you mistaken about the size of that scale?

It has literally become the world scale.

“Are there others?”

“There must always be four dragon kings. Dragon King of the Sky, Dragon King of the Sea, Dragon King of the Earth, and Dragon Princess.”

“Hm? The last one isn’t a king.”

Isn’t it a princess.

“Even though they’re called kings, it’s just a title. The sky, sea, and earth are fixed, the dragon princess connects them. None of them can be missing. Even if the sea and sky are calm, if the earth isn’t, living things will die. If there is no dragon princess, the sky will bring disaster to the ground, the ground will erode the sea, and the sea will pollute the sky.”

“I don’t really understand…”

“It has been the dragon’s responsibility since ancient times. It is not something that people and beastmen need to worry about, and for dragons, they’re just doing what they need to do, not for the other tribes. It seems like it’s instinctual.”


As expected, even if you explain I won’t be able to understand because I’m an idiot.

If it was just by Yule-san’s appearance, she could be seen as a princess from any country, but unfortunately, the gap between that and her speech and conduct is too confusing.

Despite her innocent appearance, her rough way of speaking was close to fraud.

It was all too fast and my brain wasn’t able to process it.

All I know right now is that my back hurts.

“Shall we go up as well?”

“Ah, for now.”

I can’t do anything right now but watch what happens.

“I’ll come after closing the door.”

I also have to clean the floors later.

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