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"Normal sword wound!" the magnificently dressed man looked at the grey-clothed old man, "What do you mean by there's no area worthing being suspicious about?"

"The biggest possibility is that the neighboring bandits discovered them, hence it's the dog-eat-dog!" The grey-clothed old man smiled bitterly, "If not, under these circumstances, nobody has the strength to move these ten carriages of medicinal herbs. It could only be the bandits themselves dragging it to hide in their nests!"

"Could it be..." The magnificently dressed man stilled for a while, "Will this be made by the guys of the Wu Family?"

"I've checked those guys from the Wu Family. The one with the highest cultivation is called Jin Nanqing whose cultivation is only at the peak of Level Two. The few of them added together, would only be as strong as the guards. Even if they could win, they must suffer a lot. It's impossible for them to be so neat. Furthermore, they do not have the ability to transport those medicinal herbs away!" The grey-clothed old man said, "Besides, they thought that this matter is done by the bandits at Black Shakou. They even had skirmishes with them, and killed a group of bandits, helping the Flying Tiger Escort Agency reclaim their lost goods. They gained some reputation within Zhonghe City. However, they also lost one man!"

"Those bandits were all a ragtag group, not worth being mentioned!" The magnificently dressed man waved his hand, and said, "In your opinion, could it be Liu Si keeping these goods to himself?"

"This is less likely. As Liu Si is a Level Five master, that batch of medicinal herbs is of little use to him. He is under Liu Qi Taoist whose rules are very strict, so he dared not to do that!"

"Could it be..." The magnificently dressed man seemed to have thought of something but then felt that it was somewhat impossible, "Forget it, be it so. He is a Level Five master, so no matter how much the medicinal herbs were, it won't be of much use to him. Oh right, has he finished his work?"

"Apart from the guys from the Wu Family, all the other things have been dealt with!"

"Good, forget those medicinal herbs first. Anyway, those medicinal herbs aren't in our plan. Let the bandits rob it. When this matter is done, we'll investigate it then!"


"When can we move out?!"

"Half a month later!"

"Alright, then we set off in half a month's time!" The man in gallant garment's face revealed a strand of anticipation, "Then let me see, to what extent they can do this on earth!"

Half a month, passed in an instant!

A lot of things happened in this half a month in the Wu Family in Zhonghe City.

The Wu's robbery case was getting bigger and bigger. A few guys from the Wu's headquarter who came to investigate began to target a few groups of bandits from Black Shakou. The one who bore the brunt was Beard Ma. His right hand man Jin Yubao was killed, and he even lost a team. If it was normal times, he naturally wouldn't endure it. However, now the news was tight, Beard Ma could only endure it, and not come out. This caused the few 'chivalrous heroes' from the Wu's to unable to target him.

However, these 'chivalrous heroes' who had schemes in their hearts originally did not want to explore the goods. They only wanted to mess up the matter. Adding on to the fact that they realized Wu Yuntian's secret, they acted without too many misgivings. Apart from Beard Ma, as long as they were making a living in the vicinity of Black Shakou, like Black Three Lady and Golden Old Saber etc, they became this group of 'chivalrous heroes' suspicious targets. The originally tense atmosphere on the road had worsened. On the other hand, the Wu's branch suffered. Many people at this time came over to ask for their debts to be returned. Even though these were all done in secret, many people came. Things naturally couldn't be hidden. Up till this moment, people then realized that Wu Yuntian owed so much debt outside. And these debts were far over what he could bear. In fact, it was even over what some mid-sized well-known families could bear.

Once this piece of news was released, instantly it attracted all sorts of guesses. Within a moment, gossips spread, there were even some people who said that this batch of Wu's goods that was stolen was stolen by Wu Yuntian.

Guarding the theft!


In the Wu's branch study room, there were sounds of "ping ping, pang pang". Outside the room there were a few servants, looking at each other. Their faces were full of bitterness, yet no one dared to enter.

"Bastard, bastard, bastard, they were all bastards. They didn't think that, these few decades, but for me, how could their business be run till it was so big. They didn't think that, but for me, but for me—!"

Wu Yuntian was pale. He was much skinnier than half a month ago. Originally black hair had become a little gray.

The room inside was a mess!

The cabinet fell on the floor and all sorts of books were scattered on the floor. Precious pottery and items were scattered everywhere. Wu Yuntian was somewhat angry, viciously smashing everything that could be smashed into the room.

"I suspect that he has already gone crazy!" Jin Nanqing and the rest looked at the study room from afar and mocked Wu Yuntian. They could hear the roaring sound from inside.

"That is, this fella is too bold. He borrowed so much money to procure these medicinal herbs. However, he didn't expect that this batch of goods would be robbed!"

"Often walking by the river, how can the shoes not be wet?" Jin Nanqing held his elbow and sneered. They had almost figured the matter out. Wu Yuntian, for the sake of procuring these ten carriages of medicinal herbs, borrowed a lot of money and wanted to earn a sum from it. However, he didn't expect that this batch of goods was robbed right under his eyes. Both men and fortune were lost. The debts incurred previously were not what he could bear either. Hence, in these few days, the people who came to the Wu's branch to ask for their money were incessant.

"Senior brother, what should we do now?"

"Don't do anything. This matter has already been exposed. The robbery is even more complicated than before. We know that Wu Yuntian will never embezzle. However, others don't know it, and so do the Family Head and the rest. So we have to pretend we don't know!"

"Then, do we still need to pretend that we are carrying out the investigation?"

"There's no need. Just wait for news. I believe that very quickly people in Yunzhou will send news to get us back!" Jin Nanqing said.

Things had come to this point and it was no longer a matter that these Wu's disciples could handle. Amongst Wu Yuntian's debts, there were several large sums. The creditors were from influential families. The news should have spread to Yunzhou. Because of this, the Wu's would at least send a few Elders to handle it. They would only need to watch the show from aside.

"Zhengming, go tell brothers to rest well these few days. Everybody is deadly tired these days. However, there is one point to make clear to them. No one is allowed to drink, lest there be errors after drinking. Coming to this stage, it's the same as that we bet our families and lives on it. There cannot be any carelessness!"

"Yes, senior brother Jin, I will get them to take note!" Zhou Zhengming nodded, "Oh right, Junior Leopard..."

"He is still practicing!" Upon mentioning Junior Leopard, Jin Nanqing's face revealed a strand of strange expression.

The fact that Junior Leopard advanced in his cultivation to Level Three, was all strictly kept a secret by them.

After all, he was only 12, not depending on any help from Magic Drugs and automatically entering into Level Three. This kind of thing, even in major sects, was something that was rarely seen. And in Wu's this kind of mid-sized renowned family, it was definitely an unprecedented thing. Once this matter was known by others, it would definitely attract a lot of attention. As for the details of Junior Leopard entering into Level Three, it would become the focal point of others. As for why Junior Leopard could enter Level Three, no one was clearer than them. This reason was a secret they couldn't speak about.

Even though Junior Leopard's cultivation was high, his aptitude was also extremely good, but after all, he was just a 12-year-old teen. He had no experience of life. In case there was anything wrong, and the news got leaked out. For these Wu's disciples, it would be a major disaster.

Hence, this matter which could let Junior Leopard achieve fame was carefully concealed by them.

About this, Junior Leopard was willing to instead of standing out. Now that there was somebody taking the initiative to cover for him, he naturally agreed.

"The headquarter should send an Elder now!"

Similar to Jin Nanqing's thinking, Junior Leopard also predicted that since this thing had came to this point, the Wu Family in Yunzhou should make clear their stance. On the other side, the goods which Guard Ding had ordered needed to be replenished as well. After all, he had paid for it, and the goods were lost in the Wu's hands.

This matter was originally controlled by Wu Yuntian. However, now it was impossible to ask him to take responsibility for it. Therefore, the rest was simple. Headquarter would send an Elder to take over the responsibility and clear up the mess.

"No matter who they send, quickly come over. In this way, I can leave this troubled water earlier!" Junior Leopard sat cross-legged on the bed, slightly closing both of his eyes. The 49 Demon Devil Needles were circling around him, following his intention and moving around.

"As expected, celestial devices are indeed different. With these 49 Demon Devil Needles, my safety has a big guarantee. Hehe, even if there's a Bone-Forging Realm master, I won't need to rely on my luck. As long as it is not an expert of the Tendon-Changing Realm, even if I cannot win, I will have the confidence to retreat in full. This Mysterious Yin Evil Qi is indeed very insidious!"

As soon as Junior Leopard's sleeves curled, the Demon Devil Needles flew into his sleeves and were hidden. After 15 days of practicing, he had already completely mastered the Demon Devil Needles. When he controlled them, there was no longer the obstructive feeling of half a month ago. When he displayed them, they were as easy as moving his fingers. Especially when he opened his Fiery Eyes, those 49 needles were as if a part of his body, obeying his instructions. This kind of feeling was extremely mysterious. Hence, it looked like an extremely boring practice in others' eyes, but in his own eyes, this was extremely interesting. In the process of practicing, he even made poses which he had seen before on TV. He really enjoyed himself.

After taking back the Demon Devil Needles, Junior Leopard got up from the bed and opened four windows. Looking out of the window at the falling sun, he took a deep breath. Just when he was going to wear his clothes and exit the door, he suddenly heard a disturbance outside.

"Help, it is on fire!"

Bursts of exclamations came from far and near. Junior Leopard was startled. As he looked at the rising smoke all around, his expression became bitter.

"Ultimately, we can't avoid it!"

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