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The Flying Tiger Escort Agency inspected the goods and made sure nothing was missing. They found that even the sealing strip was still on the goods. Everybody was excited because of the achievement.

The agency dispatched some people to investigate at the crime scene and deal with the corpses while the owner of the goods invited the whole party of the Wu Family back to the city to thank them.

All of their reactions were what the Wu Family disciples wanted.

The atmosphere was subdued when they heard that one of the Wu Family disciples had died at the hand of the bandits.

People cursed those bandits and tried to comfort the gloomy Wu Family disciples. The Chief Escort of Flying Tiger Escort Agency even promised to cover all of the expenses of Wang Ji's after his death. Jin Nanqing naturally refused their proposal. Wang Ji was a disciple of the Wu Family, his afterlife affairs would, of course, be dealt with by the Wu Family. There wasn't anything the Flying Tiger Escort Agency could do.

But it could be imagined that the Flying Tiger Escort Agency would no doubt spend a lot on this issue. No matter whether it was to thank them for escorting the goods or to exact revenge for their dead fellows, the agency's appreciation was incumbent.

When they returned to their regional city, the Flying Tiger Escort Agency dispatched some people to the Wu Family to invite Wu Yuntian. They booked the best room in the best restaurant, Red Phoenix Restaurant, aiming to entertain Jin Nanqing and his fellows.

Jin Nanqing and other guys all gratefully welcomed the agency's service. They had slept and eaten outdoors for days, all of them had been highly alert for a long time. It was the right time to have a good rest. On Jin Nanqing's side, everybody was happy to go to the Red Phoenix Restaurant. But on Wu Yuntian's side, things were not so satisfying.

"What? They slaughtered bandits, escorted the goods back to the Wu Family and then went to the Red Phoenix Restaurant?!"

Upon hearing the news, Wu Yuntian was furious and couldn't help but kick out the fellows from the Flying Tiger Escort Agency. He cursed in mind, "You are meant to investigate in stolen escorted goods, not be chivalrous men and rescue people!"

Angry as he was, he still had to give a face to the Flying Tiger Escort Agency. Although the agency's social status was not as high as the Wu Family in Yunzhou, as one of the three biggest escort agencies in Zhonghe prefecture, their power wasn't weaker than the Wu Family branch head.

Everybody was having a good time at the Red Phoenix Restaurant. The Flying Tiger Escort Agency had regained their lost goods and were obviously very happy. The disciples from the Wu Family had been treated as chivalrous young men for the first time; everybody was praising them at the table. They felt as if they had really become chivalrous men like Lu Shaoyou.

This was exactly what Jin Nanqing and his fellows wanted. They took advantage of the chance to explain Wang Ji's death. At the same time, they had unexpectedly met the Flying Tiger Escort Agency, which could help them gain infamy as well as spread the lie all around.

"That is to say, you have found at Black Shakou that the robbery of the Wu Family had something to do with Beard Ma. I also know about him, but does he really have so much courage?"

It was Qin Feibao from the Flying Tiger Escort Agency speaking. He was the younger brother of Qin Feihu, Chief Escort at the Flying Tiger Escort Agency. Word spread that he was good at martial arts and had a good relationship with many people in Jianghu. So he was also quite familiar with Beard Ma.

Therefore, after hearing what Jin Nanqing said, he was doubtful about the story. Beard Ma did have some ability; his fellows were all well trained too, with good martial arts. But even for them it was unreasonable to rob on the Wu Family. All bandits at Black Shakou gathered together wouldn't dare to rob the Wu Family, let alone Beard Ma alone.

"It is only our doubts!"

Jin Nanqing already had an idea of how to deal with these doubts, he raised his glass and smiled, "Actually, it wasn't only Beard Ma; there were a few more groups of bandits from Black Shakou. We all think that they are the biggest suspects. Who will have the ability to do such things at Black Shakou except for them after all?"

"That's true!" Chief Escort Sun Feihu from the Flying Tiger Escort Agency nodded his head nonstop, "Since it is an investigation, it is natural to look into the most suspected groups. Also it will be unreasonable not to look into them just because they shouldn't have the courage to undertake such actions. Maybe there will be more hidden information!"

"That's right, that's right!" A white-clothed Elder nodded his head stroking his beard. He was a famous expert named Liu Yihe in Zhonghe City, who was also well known in Jianghu. For what happened in Jianghu, he also had his own opinions, "The matter that happened this time was already weird. There are many bandits who have the nerve to rob the goods of the Wu Family. But bandits at the Black Shakou surely don't dare do it. However, people do some crazy things for money. They are bandits after all, always making a living with violence; their eyes might have been blinded by the fortune. Or this batch of goods from the Wu Family may be of great significance to them."

Wu Yuntian's hand trembled drastically; he put on a faint smile and commented, "Mr. Liu must be telling a joke. This batch of goods contained weapons and swords for Guard Ding. They are quite ordinary. As for these bandits, well, how to say it... I suppose, even though they don't have respect for me, they should have some respect for Guard Ding. It is surprising, surprising, alas..."

He sighed, drank up the liquor in hand, and then shook his head without any more words.

"Yes, you're right. They are only bandits after all. How can you expect them to have wisdom? Maybe it occurred to them that they wanted to rob the goods so they did it!" Qin Feihu noticed Wu Yuntian's gloomy face, doubting that there might really be something of the Wu Family or Wu Yuntian had some secrets. He didn't intend to get involved, so decided to raise his bottle quickly, "For today, the Flying Tiger Escort Agency has to thank the chivalrous young men from the Wu Family. If not for you guys our goods would have been long lost and nobody would be able avenge our fellows of the escort agency!"

"Not at all. It is our duty to defend the weak against the strong. How can we ask for gratitude?" In high spirits, Jin Nanqing raised his glass too. In a minute, the atmosphere was enlighted again.

Sitting right beside Jin Nanqing, Junior Leopard observed them coldly and sneered in mind.

They had reached their purpose. After tonight, all in Jianghu would know a few disciples from the Wu Family had conflict with the bandits of Beard Ma when they were investigating the Wu Family lost goods. Disciples from the Wu Family defeated Beard Ma, gaining back the Flying Tiger Escort Agency's escorted goods incidentally. During their conflict, the Green Hornet Jin Yubao, bandit of Black Shakou and member of Beard Ma's group was killed. And that one of disciple from the Wu Family also died. The dog-eat-dog issue was settled. So they squirreled away ten carts of medicinal herbs successfully.

But was this matter really that simple?

"The robbers must be from a very powerful organization. They can easily dispatch a bone-forging expert. Even the Wu Family can't do that so randomly. Moreover, it is doubtful as to why they had taken weapons away and left all the medicinal herbs behind. These herbs are much more expensive than the goods. Most importantly, how had they transported 30 carts of weapons away? All of the weapons were gone, but the carts were still there. Could it be they know Five Ghost Transporting Magic, or..."

Suddenly an idea struck Junior Leopard's mind. He trembled violently and was nearly scared by his thoughts.

"No way, no way. I can't use my imagination, I can't use my imagination!"

He reminded himself secretly, but the idea lingered in his mind, "Hell, now we will get in trouble, real trouble!"

He poured the whole glass of liquor down his throat and coughed fiercely.

"Junior Zhou, are you all alright?"

"I choked on liquor as I drank too much just now!" Junior Leopard replied, and then started to cough again.

"You don't look good. Anything wrong when you practice?!" Jin Nanqing asked with concern. Now that they were in the same boat, he also knew Junior Leopard's ability and potential. Especially as he had seen Junior Leopard using the crushing vacuum that had crushed Bone-Forging experts. This made him more respectful towards Junior Leopard, thus he became more concerned about him.

"It's not a big deal. Only that I have just improved one level and will need time to consolidate my new phase!" Junior Leopard's answer was right for Jin Nanqing, he added, "It probably will take quite a while, so..."

"That's not a big deal. The upcoming affairs are all sorts of casual things. You may stay in the regional city!" Jin Nanqing comforted understandingly.

Junior Leopard nodded his head; he didn't say any more words. In fact, he didn't need time to consolidate his phase at all. He was sparing time to refine the 49 Demon Devil Needles. For him, the needles were extraordinarily powerful and inconspicuous. Especially when at night, nobody could see those black lights, which made it the best weapon to protect himself. For every day they were left unrefined, Junior Leopard's heart would be unsettled.

After the banquet, Qin Feihu cordially invited Jin Nanqing and his fellows to visit the Flying Tiger Escort Agency, but the offer was declined by Jin Nanqing. It was only when Jin Nanqing explained they had an important assignment to do and that they would visit the agency after things were settled that Qin Feihu stopped asking them.

But thank you gifts were indispensable. All of the chivalrous young men including Wang Ji who had already been killed had gotten valuable gifts from the agency. Of course, the most important thing was that they had earned some reputation in Zhonghe City. Now each one of them could also be called a "chivalrous heroes"!

"Chivalrous heroes, aha, anybody in this Jianghu who looks young is a damn chivalrous hero!" Back to the Wu Family branch at Zhonghe City, Junior Leopard went directly to his room, closed the door, and began to circulate the Nine Dragons Heavenly Fire Internal Qi in his body. A puff of alcoholic smell emitted out his body. He didn't drink much at the banquet since he was very young. But his seniors were toasting him one after another; it was only out of their kindness, fearing that he would feel neglected by the agency. Junior Leopard couldn't decline them and blow their face off; therefore he had drunk a lot.

After dispelling the alcohol out his body, Junior Leopard sat on his bed. He took out the 49 Demon Devil Needles and started to practice them.

"What? Liu Si is missing?!" It was still the room quiet and elegant, within were two guys, the man in the gallant garments frowned, " Is it really that there is no news?"

"Yes, Master. No news at all!" The grey-clothed old man's face was also bitter, "There's another issue, that batch of medicinal herbs was also lost. The bodyguard has been found. The wounds on the body were all ordinary sword wounds. There's nothing worthy of suspects!"

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