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"What do you want to say?" Junior Leopard didn't have the heart to kill him. He originally didn't intend to kill him and only wanted to present him to Jin Nanqing.

However, Jin Yubao's techniques were more of a joke to Junior Leopard. He tied twin hammers to his waist and twisted his body before floating into the air as if he was a leaf. His Yanfu Inner Strength was functioning to the utmost. It took the time for a jump and to land to catch up on Jin Yubao. Now he was right above him.

"Still have the intention to flee? Heh heh, you really think that you can run away from me?!"

Junior Leopard giggled coldly looking down at Jin Yubao fleeing like a mouse on the ground. He didn't give him any more time and pounced on him fiercely.

"Please don't kill me!" As Junior Leopard was already in front of him, Jin Yubao cried desperately. He used all of his strength to shout. He kneeled before Junior Leopard and had given up running away and said, "I have something to tell you, something to tell you!"

"What do you want to say?" Junior Leopard didn't have the heart to kill him. He originally didn't intend to kill him and only wanted to present him to Jin Nanhei.

"I have something to tell you, something to tell you!" Jin Yubao was disorderly as he spoke as if he was freaked out by Junior Leopard.

"Tell me what you want to say immediately! Else I will beat you to death with my hammer!" Junior Leopard shouted impatiently.

"Okay okay okay!" Jin Yubao nodded his head continuously, "I have a treasure, a treasure for you!"

"A treasure?!" Junior Leopard was stunned for a second before 10 black lights flew out of Jin Yubao's head right towards Junior Leopard.

"Hell!" Junior Leopard was greatly surprised by Jin Yubao. He was too close and the black lights were so fast that they were right in front of his face in a glimpse. But Junior Leopard disappeared with a glimmer of silver light.

Three Realms Division!


The dozens of black lights missed their target and were pinned on several pine trees behind Junior Leopard. And they didn't stop there, they continued on through more than 10 more trees until finally they were stopped by an ancient pine tree.

"That was close!"

Junior Leopard appeared again behind Jin Yubao as he escaped from the black lights. He didn't dare to talk with him anymore and punched Jin Yubao's heart. This destroyed Jin Yubao's heart and vessels. When he looked up again, the scenery was chilling. It only took a second for the black lights to kill dozens of pine trees. The dead pine needles were yellow and dry, all falling down to the earth like rain.

"Look at how sinister the concealed weapon is! I would have been dead if not for my Three Realms Division!"

Junior Leopard calmed his heart but felt a lingering fear. He waited until all pine needles had fallen down and then walked over to the crime scene. Forty-nine black needles were scattered all over the old pine tree's trunk.

The needles were tiny like cow hair, all of which were dark black from front to end. As he approached, he could sense the coldness given out from them.

"Evil Qi?!" Junior Leopard raised his eyebrows as he discovered the unusual Qi upon the needles, " It's surprising that these needles have been refined by Evil Qi. That explains why they are so insidious. But this guy is only a bandit; his level is no more than Level Two. How come he has such things? Even if he knows places for Evil Qi, he doesn't have the ability to refine them!"

Thinking of this, Junior Leopard returned to Jin Yubao's corpse and started to search it.

There weren't many things on Jin Yubao's body. Apart from a few silver coins, there was only a black bag. It was an ordinary money bag. Within it, Junior Leopard found a small yellow parchment. He looked at the parchment for a moment before storing it in his chest.

"Demon Devil Needles. This guy is so lucky that he has found a place that has Mysterious Yin Evil Qi stratum to cultivate needles. Pity that I killed him too early. It would be even better if I could know where the earth vein is. But I suppose that this guy is not so useful. As I did, he probably got it. An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. It's your destiny, don't blame me!"

It turned out that the parchment recorded the refining method and method to use a magic weapon called the Demon Devil Needles. Just as what Demon Devil Needles inferred, the needles were robbed from the warehouse of a rich family by Jin Yubao. It wasn't practiced by him.

The needles were so powerful but his cultivation was too shallow. Jin Yubao couldn't fully utilize these needles. He couldn't even make use of its most basic function and had to use them as concealed weapons stored in his hair. It was a waste of such a good celestial device.

Yes, celestial device.

Demon Devil Needles were made of black gold from deep down in the earth. The black gold could only be found underground in Mysterious Yin Evil Qi. It was a ramification from the earth vein. Mysterious Yin Evil Qi was already scarce. Black gold was reasonably even scarcer, which was seldom seen in more than ten millions of years.

Since black gold was born with Mysterious Yin Evil Qi, it naturally had inherited the ability to transform, cultivate and store Mysterious Yin Evil Qi. Black gold could perfectly absorb yin Evil Qi. Hence it was the ideal material to cultivate a celestial device.

Those forty-nine Demon Devil Needles were exactly a celestial device made of black gold that had absorbed Mysterious Yin Evil Qi.

Since it was a celestial device, how to use it would no doubt be different from ordinary concealed weapons. A celestial device with Evil Qi could be cultivated by one's essence and blood and thus be connected with one's mind. Demon Devil Needles was a kind of celestial device, tiny and insidious, but once successfully refined by blood, it would become a powerful weapon which would kill people unnoticed.

However, celestial devices were not easy to refine.

Refining with one's essence and blood didn't literally mean one should drip his blood on the weapon. The basic purpose was to get the celestial device familiar with your blood and identity. And its key process was to imprint your divine thoughts into the celestial device.

The brand of your divine thoughts was like a key. With it, the celestial device was alive. Without it, the device would be a dead subject.

Then what were divine thoughts?

To put it simply, divine thoughts were consciousness. But normally only when one's cultivation was higher than Level Six could his consciousness be regarded as divine thoughts. Because at that stage, they could sense the existence of consciousness and preliminarily control it.

Hence in this world, the people who had celestial devices could also use them as they wished. That's most experts between Level Six and Level Eight that had reached the Tendon-Changing realm.

As for those within the Skin Toughening realm, they still had a long way to go before they could use celestial devices.

A guy who was in the Skin Toughening realm couldn't control a celestial device at all, even if he had a celestial device and knew the way to cultivate it; he still couldn't as he couldn't feel his consciousness's existence yet.

Junior Leopard did not know all of this!

He didn't know about consciousness or divine thoughts.

And on the parchment, nothing was mentioned about divine thoughts. The only things recorded were how to refine the weapon.

Although Junior Leopard was still in the Skin Toughening realm, he already had his divine thoughts. After reading what was recorded on the parchment he was sure that he could do it. Since he knew that the process wouldn't be difficult for him, the benefit was obvious. For such an obvious benefit, the best method was sure to get it as quickly as possible.

Before refining the needles successfully, Junior Leopard dared not touch them as they were full of Mysterious Yin Evil Qi. He followed the instructions on parchment, bit open his finger, squeezed out some blood, flipped his blood in the air, and then blew them suddenly. All of the blood turned into a mist, encircling all of the Demon Devil Needles.

The first step was finished. He then branded his divine thoughts onto the needles following the parchment's instructions. This process was enchanting and wonderful. Now the Demon Devil Needles were more like a part of Junior Leopard's body. He could feel the horrifying Mysterious Yin Evil Qi without touching the needles. He tried to control the needles with his thoughts. All of the needles flew quickly to him from the old pine tree.

"Wow!" Junior Leopard screamed. He shrank his neck quickly and defended himself with his hands. The needles flew in front of his head and floated in air quietly. When he raised his head again, it seemed that the needles were flying per his thoughts.

"Don't move, don't move, and don't move!" Junior Leopard reached out his right hand protecting himself against the Demon Devil Needles in front of him worriedly, just like Neo in Matrix when he was stopping the bullets.

Although Junior Leopard had refined the needles with the method recorded in parchment, his divine thoughts were already imprinted on needles and he was still new to this. He couldn't control them fluently at all.

"Moving objects with mental power, isn't this mind control?" Junior Leopard was in wonder as he tried to let the floating needles to move a little. The effect was similar to what he saw in supernatural movies in his previous life, where men could move objects with mental power. The difference was that he could only move things that were branded with his divine thoughts.

"The current situation shows me that to use them fluently, I have to refine it a couple more times. If I ' m not successful, the needles will fly like flies without heads, in all directions. I may end up injuring myself before I can use it to hurt others!"

Thinking of this, Junior Leopard put all of his concentration on the needles and directed them to fly into his sleeves. It was another painful process. Like a child that had just started toddling, it took him quite a while to direct all of the needles to the right place.

All of the Demon Devil Needles were collected. Junior Leopard looked around and then beat all of the dead pine trees that were killed by the Demon Devil Needles down with his fists. He used his Nine Dragons Heavenly Fire Technique to burn all those dead trees to ashes. When all of the trees were burnt out, he rolled Jin Yubao's body into the ashes and brought the body out of the forest.

Outside of the forest, Jin Nanqing and other guys had cleared up the crime scene. They waited for Junior Leopard for a while and noticed that there was a fire in the forest. Feeling worried, Jin Nanqing went with Zhou Zhengming to check what was happening in the forest. On the way, they met Junior Leopard who told them that Jin Yubao was hiding in the forest and couldn't be found, causing him to light a fire to force him out and that was why the body was wrapped by ashes. Jin Nanqing and Zhou Zhengming didn't ask much, they took the bodies of the bandits and a few freight carts, never mentioning the issue again. 

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