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The smell of blood floated in the air and there were nearly 100 corpses on the official road in various positions. No suspense, the battle was over.

Under the attack of the 50 bandits, the whole merchant group and the Flying Tiger Escort were destroyed. Not a single one of them managed to escape. Of course, the bandits also suffered some losses. As a result of the fighting back of the armed-escorts of the Flying Tiger Escort before dying, many people were wounded and a dozen people were killed.

"Come on, come on, and let's get these corpses out of here. Don't leave any clues. Don't let someone grab the handle." The Green Hornet Jin Yubao was riding on the horse, shouting at the bandits, "Zhang Xiaomao, Wang Mazi, still take some brothers to move the merchandise away. Hurry, don't waste time!"

The group of bandits was well-trained. They began to work according to the instructions of Jin Yubao. In a short while, the corpses of the bandits were all thrown into the van, and the more seriously injured bandits were put in the carriage and driven away.

It only lasted the duration of a burning joss stick from the moment of the bandits' appearance to their departure. Now the weather was windy, and the sandy official road was deserted. About an hour later after everything had been finished, another group came and was greatly frightened to see the corpses on the official road. They turned their horses around and went to the city to report to the authorities.

After the bandits robbed the wagons, the gang of bandits went west for four to five miles, but they did not use the official road, and instead made a detour on a narrow path which was only enough to let a car pass.

When they reached the path and walked for miles, Jin Yubao who walked in front of the horse suddenly raised his right hand and motioned them to stop.

"Third Master, what's wrong?!"

"Something was wrong!" said Jin Yubao. Although his cultivation was not very high, he was born with agility, especially when it came to danger he had a special telepathic connection. Relying on this talent, he had been in Jianghu for so many years. There was more scared than hurt, so he lived well.

Just now, he had a sudden burst of emotion, and a great shock came over him. According to past experience, this was a very bad omen. When he braved death, he would not have been as excited as now. He dared not to be put off, stopped the horses and chariots and began to observe carefully.

The bandits behind him, who had been with him for many years, knew what he was capable of. Seeing he suddenly motioned for them to stop, they raised the weapons in their hands as if enemies were coming.

Jin Yubao controlled his mind and was preparing to carefully look around when the wind whistle in his ears. Then he saw a silver light from 100 feet heading towards him of. In a blink of an eye, it came to him. Fortunately, his Lightness Skill sublimed, and there was a fierce shot under the horse leveraging upward. Almost at the moment of his flight, the silver light smashed the back of the horse with a poof. The horse even did not make a whining noise as it smashed into two pieces. It was at this time that Jin Yubao saw clearly that the silver light was unexpectedly a silver hammer. It had not only smashed the horse's back but also it fell into earth without even a sound, which meant how strong the strength was.


At this moment, he finally had the chance to roar.

From the appearance of the silver light, to his rising, to the silver hammer to the ground, it took only one breath of time.

The bandits did not completely react, but they heard Jin Yubao's voice. Instinctively, they arrayed according to the way they familiar with. In a blink, there was a battle array appeared in the vicinity. Just landing on the ground, Jin Yubao was surrounded. The flash of the sword and the fierceness of the Sword Qi were daunting.

"These bandits were not bad in martial arts!"

On seeing the speed of the array and the momentum, Junior Leopard was a bit surprised, but he did not care. He had already appeared in front of the bandits.

"Who is it?" Jin Yubao asked in a stern voice when he saw a person emerging. Though it was a teen of about twelve or thirteen years, he did not dare to underestimate him. The teen had an air of danger around him, with a silver hammer in his hand, exactly like the one which had just struck him. Obviously, he was the one who had just struck him with the hammer.

Hearing Jin Yubao's asking, Junior Leopard only grinned. Without answer, he turned the silver hammer and dragged it towards the bandits.

Watching Junior Leopard coming towards him at a faster and faster rate. Jin Yubao felt that he would suddenly collapse. At the beginning, Junior Leopard was not fast, but each time he stepped forward his Qi Power became stronger. By the time he came down a dozen paces, his whole Qi Power had been extremely condensed like mountains and even the air around him was pushed forward. When the Qi Power was at its peak, Junior Leopard's speed began to rise and started to rush.


Before the person arrived, the Qi Power came first. The enormous Qi Power like a landslide came down.

What were the most exciting and the most powerful thing for the two armies that confronted each other on the battlefield?

It was the rushing!

In the face of thousands of troops, I alone, armed with a long spear and a sword, entered and came out many times during the war, to take the head of the general in millions of army. It was the highest.

And the most suitable weapon for rushing was a hammer, Wolf Teeth Club, and such heavy weapons. So, the legendary men of war were carrying such weapons and had never heard of carrying a long sword to fight.

Although compared with the legendary rushing of the men, Junior Leopard's rushing was nothing on the scale. However, it was still a rushing, wasn't it?

I took a hammer and rushed towards the bandit's battle array. It was an act of enforcing justice on behalf of the Heavens. It was also an exercise that never enjoyed in the office before.

Therefore, Junior Leopard became more and more excited as he ran. His Qi Power became stronger and stronger as well.

Jin Yubao's face was suddenly pale, without a trace of blood. More than 40 bandits formed a battle array. The Qi Power created by the recent killing and stabbing in front of the boy was almost impossible to withstand, and was crushed and toppled to the ground.


Before Junior Leopard could get to the front of the battle array, the bandits could not be able to stand the Qi Power like mountains. They run back one after the other. In the blink of an eye, the battle array that had just formed had fallen apart and Junior Leopard had already rushed into the array.

These bandits, though not a ragtag group, were utterly overwhelmed by Junior Leopard. They began to disintegrate without any will to resist. Except for a few unfortunate slow runners who had been whisked away with the hammer by Junior Leopard, the rest had long since fled in all directions.

"Damn it, I shouldn't have let this guy rush to the middle of array!"

Jin Nanqing and the others hid and waited. Looking at the situation in the field, they looked extreme dissatisfaction. Originally they let him fight first to shock on the opponents because Junior Leopard was actually strong. But they never thought that Junior Leopard was so strong that he almost broke up the battle array. The bandits all scattered and fled. More than 40 bandits were all riding horses while Jin Nanqing only had six people. This made them rush out from the shadows to kill the bandits.

As he was busy killing, Jin Nanqing shouted, "Junior brother Zhou, don't let that bandit chief get away!"

"Got it!" Junior Leopard smiled, and with a few hammers he ran up to Jin Yubao. He forced Jin Yubao warded off the blows but did not fight back with the silver light dancing in his hands as if it were a silver lantern.

"Stop! Stop! Who are you?"

Poor Jin Yubao didn't know what was going on. He shouted, trying to stop him. He wanted Junior Leopard to let him go first. Even if Junior Leopard wanted to kill him, he'd have to tell him how exactly he had offended him. Who on earth were these people and why they wanted him to die?

However, Junior Leopard did not care what he said. The hammer in his hand was quite magnificent that he forced Jin Yubao to go near the corpse of the horse. The he took another hammer in his left hand. Now there were two silver hammers dealing with Jin Yubao. They hit him so hard that Jin Yubao suffered unspeakably. After another couple of rounds, Jin Yubao's Big Ring Sabre flew off.

"No!" When the Big Ring Sabre in his hand was struck by the two hammers held by Junior Leopard, Jin Yubao knew it was terrible.

But he was a nature cunning man. He knew what the outcome would be when he was cornered by Junior Leopard. When the Big Ring Sabre flew away, he rolled back more than 100 feet like a mouse with oil, slipped into the bush with his limbs.

The bush was connected with a pine forest, which covered a considerable area of several hundred fields.

Junior Leopard had not expected that this person would be so slippery. He had carelessly let him roll into the pine forest. The cooked duck suddenly flew away. Junior Leopard was furious. Without giving it much thought, he bumped the twin hammers and leaped into the pine forest.

"Junior brother, don't...!"

Jin Nanqing also noticed the situation on this side. On seeing that Junior Leopard chased into the forest, he feared that something would happen and he stopped loudly. Before he finished his last word, Junior Leopard had already disappeared in the pine forest. He only shook his head with a sigh.

"Senior brother Jin, shall we go in and have a look?" At this point, the fighting in the field had ended and the group of bandits was completely overwhelmed by Junior Leopard's Qi Power. When they found Junior Leopard had an ambush here, they had no balls to fight.

Although Jin Nanqing and other Wu' disciples were good hands, they still could stop these bandits from escaping. After killed dozens of them, they found there was no one left here. Zhou Zhengming only killed a bandit just now. When he saw Junior Leopard rush into the forest, he came over to inquire.

"No need. Junior brother Zhou is highly skilled and resourceful. Nothing will happen. Let's first take care of things here." While he spoke, he cast his eyes among the carts, and his eyes gleamed with interest.

Looking at Jin Nanqing, Zhou Zhengming's heart skipped a beat. He walked forward, "Senior brother, these —"!

"This batch of goods belongs to the Flying Tiger Escort. They were robbed while on the official road. We attacked and killed the bandits. We shall return the goods back to them." Jin Nanqing had to control the covetous thoughts in his heart. Although Zhou Zhengming did not want to give it back, he thought for a moment and understood what Jin Nanqing meant. Then he gave a secret nod.

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