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Truth to be told, luck was a kind of unseen and untouchable thing. Even if one really met with something unfortunate, often it would be after suffering a lot then one would notice. Hence, in the end, the conclusion that Xu Yong came up with was that, when one was in the Jianghu, one must be careful. To be extra careful at all times. Another thing was not to treat oneself as someone very important and one shouldn't think that one could be something just because one knew a bit of martial arts with a decent background.

There was always a person above another or a mountain higher than another. This world was too big; there was no one who could truly walk around without fear.

"Teacher, do you know how to refine and smelt a magic weapon?!"

Riding on the horse, Junior Leopard asked. He knew the real reason that Xu Yong came to Ningzhou City and he became curious. This teacher of his was indeed a master in smelting. However, this refinement of magic weapon was a completely different matter from smelting.

"I only know some method to forge a wizard weapon!" Xu Yong said. "There are many methods to forge a wizard weapon. I only know this kind which was passed down from the Wu's. It could be considered as a method however it was not the best. If there were suitable materials and Evil Qi, combining with this method, a decent wizard weapon could be forged. However, materials were hard to seek, so was Evil Qi. I only know the method but I don't have the chance to smelt it. Originally I thought that this time I would be able to fulfill my wish. Who would've thought that?"

Speaking till here, Xu Yong stopped, revealing a bitter smile.

"Teacher, you don't need to be discouraged. There will be chances!" Junior Leopard comforted. As for whether there would be other chances, only God knew.

Xu Yong obviously knew that Junior Leopard was comforting him and didn't want to get entangled in the topic. "Okay, let's not talk so much about it. Let's return to the Wu Family first. Your body hasn't completely healed and you need a certain period of time to rest!" Speaking of which, he seemed to have thought of something and suddenly asked, "Junior Leopard, what plans do you have when you return to your home?!"


Junior Leopard was stunned by the question. He didn't quite understand what he was saying.

"Now you can be considered to be a little wealthy. Even though it can't be considered having lots of riches, but you can buy some property within Qinlingjun City!" Xu Yong plainly said.

After hearing his saying, Junior Leopard instantly understood.

This time, Xu Yong didn't gain any benefit but Junior Leopard's rewards were not small.

Since he was hurt in the Wen Family when he was staying there, Wen Huayang felt very sorry about it. Therefore, when he recuperated in the Wen Family, not only did he receive large amounts of medicinal herbs to heal his injuries, but also given a bank note of 50,000 taels of silver before he left.

Junior Leopard originally didn't dare to accept it but Xu Yong would make the decision for him and accept it.

Even though he had doubts that couldn't be resolved in his heart, it wasn't appropriate to ask so much either. Now that Xu Yong suddenly asked with such a question, Junior Leopard didn't know how to answer.

Looking at Junior Leopard, Xu Yong smiled. "Junior Leopard, you are already 12 years old. Even though that is not considered very old, you need to make your own decisions. 50,000 taels are not much; however it is enough to set up a business in Qinlingjun City!"


Junior Leopard had never thought about these things.

In his past life, he was born and raised under the red flag. He was also a civil servant. The so-called business was only a block of a house and a car only. After entering into this world, he was born in the village, only hoping that his stomach could be filled in those few years. Later he learned martial arts and in his heart, he only thought about practicing the martial arts well. As for building his own business, it seemed to be a very far away phrase.

"You may be the Wu's Inner Core disciple. However, you will only get a monthly stipend. You will have to wait until when before you can marry a wife? Even if you take over the family's missions, with your age, it is not possible to gain any mission with large remuneration. Why not just set up a business outside, in the future, there will be a retreat route as well!"


Junior Leopard looked at Xu Yong with a wooden expression. He really didn't know how to respond to that. In the legend of Jianghu, didn't a man lead a wandering life, only living for gratitude or revenge?

How could he start to think of setting up a family business and leading his small own life just after obtaining 50,000 taels of little money?

Seeing Junior Leopard's confused expression, Xu Yong suddenly laughed. He pointed at Junior Leopard, half laughing and half scoldingly said, "Young boy, did you read too many books in the tea houses and lost your direction? Do you really think that those who come to the martial arts world and be in Jianghu would just be like what was said in the books, running through the whole world day and night and eating meat in large chunks and drinking wine in large gulps?"

Junior Leopard became somewhat embarrassed as he listened to what his master said.

"This world is just like a big sea of suffering. People like us are always stranded in this sea. The differences are that some people are on the boat while the others are floating in the sea. The boat is like power. As there are big powers and small powers, there are naturally big boats and small boats. Just like the Jin Royalty now, it is the biggest boat in the sea but there are still Tian Long Taoism, Mingyi School and those millennium families etc which are all smaller but still big boats. The Wu's is also a boat where we are on board. Although we temporarily get away from this sea of suffering, what if it sinks one day, or in other ways, you need to leave this big boat and do your own things?" At that moment, you will need a place to settle yourself down. If not, you will be just like those who are in the Jianghu, flowing with the tide, following where there is peace, which is not good and the risks are too big. Unless, your strength could reach the level of that black-cloak, the level of the Tendon-Changing Realm. Reaching that level, let's not talk about escaping the sea of suffering; at least you can swim freely in this sea of suffering. Just in this world, only a few can reach the stage of the Tendon-Changing Realm. So you'd better listen to me. As you are still young, build a boat for yourself with the capital that youth grants you. The boat need not be big, as long as it is sturdy and firm!"

"I have received your teachings!"

"Don't ever talk about receiving whatever teachings. I am your teacher and I should let you know things you ought to know!" Xu Yong smiled and said, "You are my disciple and people like me who have a bit of achievements in the martial arts world will always want to find a suitable successor for themselves to impart their teachings gained through their whole lives to the successor. This is just like people wanting to have a son to continue the inheritance of the family. The purpose is just for the sake of impartation and inheritance only!"

Speaking of which, he softly sighed, "Junior Leopard, your aptitude is extremely good and your personality is not bad, moreover you are extremely hardworking when practicing. That's why you have a great progress. However, I would like to ask you a question. Do you really think that you can break through the Bone Forging Realm and step into the Tendon-Changing Realm in this life?"

"Ah?!" Junior Leopard didn't know how to reply.

In his heart, he had never doubted this. What he learned from Xue Wuya was not only benefits, there was also absolute confidence.

Not to mention that he still had those few pieces of prescription of the elixir. In his opinion, reaching the Tendon-Changing Realm was a matter that was set in stone.

"Actually I also understand what you are thinking. All the people in the martial arts world at your age also had all sorts of fantasies. In their imaginations, Tendon-Changing Realm was just a springboard. If they are given the chance, they could even cultivate themselves to reach the Mysterious Realm. Hehe, thinking about the past, when I was just about your age, I also thought in that way. However, you may take a look at this world, there are so many men in Jianghu but rarely reached the Tendon-Changing Realm. For most of the men in Jianghu, apart from those with amazing and outstanding talent, their real reason for existing is only to impart!"


"Yes, impartation. To reach the Tendon-Changing Realm was really difficult. Regardless, the medicine that was used for the medicated bath while cultivating could not be obtained by ordinary people. Even if in the Wu Family, only those few direct descendants were granted to take the medicated bath to cultivate and strengthen their whole body once in a while. The vital Inner Core disciples like you can only get the amount of herb water when there is a chance. However, the herb water wouldn't work if it's only used for once or twice since it required persistence. Hence, if there's no special chance, among the batch of core disciples, only Second Young Master can reach the Tendon-Changing Realm!"

Second Young Master!

Junior Leopard thought that handsome and slightly skinny figure, the young man who was accepted by Wang She.

"Hence, I won't require much from you. As long as you can break through and reach the Bone-Forging Realm to obtain an Elder position, the vein of mine will not break in the Wu's. That is enough!"

Junior Leopard was speechless. After a second thought, he seemed to understand the possibility. There are thousands of people in Jianghu. How was it possible for everyone to reach the Tendon-Changing Realm?

Look at big influences like the Wu Family, there was only one Elder who reached Tendon-Changing Realm. One could become an Elder after cultivating oneself to reach the Bone-Forging Realm, which revealed how difficult it was to reach the Tendon-Changing Realm.

Of course, Xu Yong didn't know Junior Leopard's experience before. He didn't even know that he possessed a few eccentric prescription of the elixir. Otherwise, he definitely wouldn't say it this way.

Junior Leopard surely wouldn't tell him about the prescription of the elixir.

"Teacher, what about the External Elixir. If one can cultivate the External Elixir, the Internal Qi's cultivation could also increase even if the body did not meet the requirement of the Tendon-Changing Realm?!"

"External Elixir?!" Xu Yong said to Junior Leopard with an eccentric look, "Kid, don't tell me you are planning on the First Elder's Fiery Eye. You have to understand that it is harder to find the materials used to refine an External Elixir than the medicinal herbs used for washing the body. Besides, even if you have the right materials, it would be a waste without proper refinement methods. External Elixir is not like the human body. Refining the External Elixir requires a special cultivating method. This kind of method doesn't exist even in the Wu's. It only exists in the prestigious sects and schools like Tian Long Taoism. Hence, you'd better not to plan on that!"

"I am only asking, only asking!" Junior Leopard answered awkwardly but he started planning actually.

The Wu Family did not have it. That was fine. Tian Long Taoism had it.

Anyway now he had something to do with Tian Long Taoism. Not mentioning Wang She, there was another Leader Lei Xu. He seemed to have sufficient reason to go to Tian Long Taoism to look for him.

Similarly, this kind of thinking could only be buried deep in his heart. What was involved with Ma Linglong and Lei Xu were beyond his imagination? Hence, whether or not to go to Tian Long Taoism and send a message to Ma Linglong wasn't a decision that he could make.

A few days later, they returned to the headquarters of the Wu's in Qinlingjun City. Upon entering the house, Xu Yong got carried away by the Family Head and a few elders to discuss matters. As for Junior Leopard, he returned to that small courtyard and began ruminating on whatever Xu Yong had spoken to him during the trip.

"What my teacher said really makes sense. This is not like reading a novel. This is the real world. No matter who, to live a better life in this world, one will need money. Old Wen is a generous person. I suffered a bit of injury in his house, and he gave me 50,000 taels. Although he is generous, the 50,000 taels could be considered as nothing in families like that. The Wen Family is only a small clan reigning supreme in Ningzhou City. Then, what kind of power do those big families have?!"

"As the old saying goes, looking at the leopard through a tube could barely see the spots. The current me couldn't even see one spot clearly!"

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