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In the battle with Zhao Fei, Shi Jing had always been at a disadvantage. He was dissatisfied about that and always looked for a chance for revenge. However, Zhao Fei's cultivation and martial skills were far above his. In addition, Zhao Fei was also a disciple of the First Elder Lyu Yiyue and his position was not any lower than Shi Jing's. Seeking revenge was not an easy matter.

A child was a child, after all. Shi Jing understood that he was unable to resist Zhao Fei in a head-on collision. He then began to insidiously think of doing something in the dark to teach Zhao Fei a good lesson. Furthermore, in his heart, he had this faint thought of whether he could grab Zhao Fei's weaknesses in the dark to deal him a blow. Therefore, during the daily routines, he became very attentive to Zhao Fei's actions.

A few days before, a few people from the Zhao Family in Suzhou came to the Wu Family to meet up with Zhao Fei. This was taken note of by Shi Jing.

Zhao Fei was born in the Suzhou Zhao Family, and the family had a lot of power in Suzhou. It could barely be considered a well-known family, but its power and influence were far from being comparable to the colossal Wu Family. It was just that the Zhao Family had good relations with the Wu Family for generations. Many of their family members and disciples went through the doors of the Wu Family. There were Outer Core disciples and Inner Core disciples. This looked like nothing to the Wu Family, but to Junior Leopard and Shi Jing, those Wu Family disciples could be considered as figures that had some degree of strength.

Zhao Fei was the Wu Family First Elder Lyu Yiyue's disciple. Therefore, those that became the Outer or Inner Core disciples of the Wu Family treated him as a leader and paragon to follow.

Being disciples in the Wu Family, especially like those who were Inner Core disciples, they naturally did not need to worry about money and grain, neither did they have to worry about food and lodging. However, that was just a little money. Just like Zhao Fei's background, apart from a little money, the family would send over some materials every once in a while. That was for the purpose of building relationships. To speak plainly, that was to let them buy the hearts of the people within the Wu Family, to make some friends, and to build up their own power. It was also to pay respects to the Wu Family's influential figures and to prepare for future use.

This time around, because Lyu Yiyue's 70th birthday was coming soon, as a disciple, Zhao Fei naturally needed to do something.

In fact, for the sake of celebrating Lyu Yiyue's birthday, the Zhao Family had started preparing a long time ago. Due to the fact that the gift was extremely precious, the Zhao Family heavily emphasized on it. The people who came to Qinlingjun City a few days ago were all here to rally themselves. In the end, they were fixed upon by Shi Jing.

These people did not stay with the Wu Family, but they stayed at the city inn.

These few people, after discussing matters with Zhao Fei, had a relaxing time. After a few bottles of alcohol was down their stomachs, whatever ought to be said and what ought not to be said were all spoken out loud. From their view, this was just a room whereby those who knew the matters were discussed, yet they did not know that there were ears hearing them outside. So what they said was all heard by Lyu Sheng.

To speak of Lyu Sheng, he was just a normal local bully in Qinlingjun City. After Shi Jing knew where the Suzhou Zhao Family people stayed, he bribed the local bully Lyu Sheng to let him collect information. The contact person was Old Cang that appeared at the inn.

Shi Jing heard that they were here to send gifts to Lyu Yiyue. Thinking that Lyu Yiyue's fondness toward Zhao Fei was not less than toward himself, once the gifts were sent, Zhao Fei would be more favored by Lyu Yiyue. The following days would be difficult for him to live with. Even though his Shi Family also had some kind of reserves, it was, however, just a normal family that he came from. How would he prepare such a heavy gift like the Zhao Family had?

Therefore, he began to have thoughts to disrupt the Zhao Family's gifts. He then got to know from a few servants in the Zhao Family that in this batch of gifts from the Zhao Family, the most precious one was an item known as Fiery Eyes. However, what kind of thing this Fiery Eyes was, those Zhao Family servants had no idea as well. He also did not dare to inquire of anyone to ask about it.

Certainly, he was not foolish enough to rob this batch of gifts. The preciousness of these gifts would be considered extremely good stuff even if ranked in the Jianghu. A typical bandit couldn't even have the strength to possess the gift, let alone a ten-year-old kid?

His target was only the Fiery Eyes.

Even though he did not know what the Fiery Eyes was, however, he could confirm two points: firstly, this Fiery Eyes was the most precious gift among this batch of gifts; and secondly, this Fiery Eyes was much easier to obtain compared to other things. Because it was hiding in Zhao Fei's room.

Hidden in Zhao Fei's room?!

Not only the Fiery Eyes, but there were also a few precious items that were brought along with it by the people and handed directly to Zhao Fei. He was only waiting for Lyu Yiyue's birthday to come and he would present it and gain Lyu Yiyue's favor. As for the batch of gifts that followed, they were not that important anymore.

This Shi Jing was a small person but he was very gutsy. Or maybe because of his young age, he did not know the benefit and harm in the relationship. That Old Cang was merely an old servant in the Shi Family who had followed at Shi Jing's side for a long time. He could barely be considered a supervisor, with some martial skills at Level One. He didn't have many worldly views either, but just wholeheartedly considered his young master. He couldn't understand how deep the Wu Family was, therefore, he foolishly followed Shi Jing.

After hearing Shi Jing's explanation so carefully, Junior Leopard involuntarily felt some respect for this kid. His age was young, but he was a scheming person. Within a short time, he actually gained an accurate picture of Zhao Fei's hidden treasures. Even though this was partly due to Zhao Fei's negligence, he would not think that within the inner quarters of the Wu Family there would be someone with the balls to eye his goods.

"You want me to help you steal Zhao Fei's stuff?!"

Upon hearing Shi Jing's words, Junior Leopard had a sunken face. He revealed an uneasy expression. "I guess it's not a good way?!"

"What is there not good about it. That fella is really too arrogant. If he manages to win the big prize this time, our days ahead won't be good!" Shi Jing said loudly. His eyes unblinkingly looked at Junior Leopard. He wanted to know Junior Leopard's true intentions and thoughts by his face. "Besides, I won't treat you unfairly. There is more than one good thing in his room!"

Junior Leopard's gaze shifted, and his eyebrows frowned. However, his heavy breathing was obvious and it sold him out. "Oh, let me think about it!"

"Okay, but we don't have much time left. In half a month, my teacher's birthday will arrive!"

"Ah!" Junior Leopard nodded his head. "Let me add things up!"

"Okay, you can slowly do so. I will go first. By the way, you also know this matter...!"

"Relax, your secret is safe with me. There will definitely not be a third person knowing about this!"

Shi Jing nodded his head satisfactorily, then he left the courtyard. From Junior Leopard's reaction, he already had a general understanding about that. This lucky fella who came from a lowly background would not be able to withstand the temptation. As long as he agreed, he would be in the same boat as he was. Junior Leopard was a disciple of Xu Yong, who had an average standing among the Elders. However, his Refining Weapon skills were supreme and nobody dared to look down on that. Junior Leopard was his only disciple. He would have additional help pulling Junior Leopard over to his side. In the future, he would have an easier time in the Wu Family.

"Fu*k, how do kids grow up nowadays, why do they have so many schemes?!" After Shi Jing left, Junior Leopard changed from his worried expression, his face revealing an uncontrollable smile. Even though Shi Jing's thoughts were fine and he knew how to calculate, however, exactly what he was planning was unable to be hidden from Junior Leopard's eyes.

He had no intention to take the rap. Very obviously, during this period of time where he laid low and not competing for anything with others made Shi Jing think that he was a coward. Shi Jing actually ran over here to discuss this kind of matter with himself, Shi Jing obviously didn't know his stuff.

If it was during normal times, he would definitely tell these things first hand to Xu Yong, or even tell Zhao Fei directly, to step on the feet of that Inner Core disciple who entered at the same time as he did, making him unable to stand up again.

However, this matter concerned the Fiery Eyes, which meant that he needed to ruminate over it again.

Because, if he remembered correctly, his own eyes were also called Fiery Eyes. Could this eye also be treated as a gift?

Thinking about that night again and the words that Wang She had spoken to him, no matter what, he could not reveal the specialness of his eyes to other people. At that time, he had already thought that there were other words within his words. Considering the Fiery Eyes of the Zhao Family, which was to be presented as a gift to Lyu Yiyue, everything indicated the uniqueness of these Fiery Eyes.

Fiery Eyes, it was Fiery Eyes again!

If it was not Fiery Eyes but some other thing, he would have already told the matter to his teacher. However, because of these two words "Fiery Eyes", he had to carefully think again.

Using the Fiery Eyes as a present?

In his past life, when he read about a disaster that a clan experienced in the comics, coincidentally the clan's eyes were also called Fiery Eyes. No matter the title, or the shape of their eyes, it was not much different from his own eyes.

"The thing is there with Zhao Fei, and from Shi Jing's words, the hiding place shouldn't be heavily guarded. However, this is the Wu Family's headquarters and it is also a gift to the First Elder, so it doesn't need to be so heavily guarded!" Junior Leopard thought in his heart, "Should I get the stuff by tonight? This stuff is easy to get from Zhao Fei's hands, however, once it lands into the First Elder's hands, it will be extremely difficult to obtain! Eye of Eternity? What kind of secret does this eye of mine have?!" Junior Leopard fell into deep thought.

Even though his cultivation was only at Level One, Junior Leopard believed with his means now that he could rob that gift from Zhao Fei without anybody knowing, so it was not a problem. The problem was, this news was told to him by Shi Jing. If he acted first, even if other people did not know, Shi Jing would definitely know how he obtained it. At that time, even if they could not find any evidence, his own position within the Wu Family would also not be good. It would definitely attract the attention of others. Furthermore, he had too many bodily secrets. To be noticed by others would definitely not be a good thing, and it might even bring disaster.

He could not take this risk now.

Of course, the best solution now was to tell this piece of news to his own teacher, which would destroy his curiosity towards the Fiery Eyes. He should let Zhao Fei send the gift to the First Elder. As for the Fiery Eyes, he could make a plot for it in the future. This was the method that carried the least risk. However, to do this, he had to suppress his own desires and curiosity toward the Fiery Eyes!

It was difficult!

Extremely difficult!

Curiosity kills the cat!

Furthermore, this was not just a question of curiosity, but it was linked to the secret of his own eyes. For such a long time, he began to gradually discover that his own eyes carried an extremely big secret. Also, there were many functions that had yet to be unearthed. And this kind of matter could not be divulged to other people. He could only complete it by himself. And now, he was faced with an opportunity.

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