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Were they play-fighting?


They were sounding out each other's intentions!

"What on earth do these two guys take Qinlingjun City for?!" Ma Tianchang asked. He was the Governor of Yunzhou who stood on the top of the high City Arrow Tower in Qinlingjun City and watched the two men fighting below, with the corner of his mouth twitching.

"This official route was only repaired last year. If it goes on like this, two or three hundred thousand taels of silver won't be enough to repair it. Lu Shaoyou's sword qi is so sharp it could divide the iron gate in one move. This gate is worth a million taels of silver. It was permeated and smelted with Taiyi adamantine from the seabed of the Farthest North Sea." Ma Tianchang counted with his fingers, murmuring and thinking. A bent old man stood nearby, watching the fighting of two Level Eight experts below with interest. His eyes shone with awe and appreciation. Unexpectedly, on hearing Ma Tianchang mumble and grumble, he was so appalled that his face suddenly changed. He could feel cool and he broke out into a cold sweat on his back, which hadn't happened in several years.

The official route in front of the city gate really had been repaired last year, but they had only added a layer of sand, costing them less than 2000 taels of silver. Now Ma Tianchang was saying it was worth two to three thousand tales of silver. The gate of Qinlingjun City was just a wooden gate wrapped with iron with no such Taiyi adamantine. However, he had said it was worth one million tales of silver!

"What a damn bloodsucking night hunt! Are you a crook? Even if your daughter is sold out, she isn't worth that much money. Not to mention Wang She. Lu Shaoyou sincerely propose a marriage to your daughter. How can you ask for so much?!"

"Old brother Gui, what do you think of two people below?"

"I have no idea. I'm too old and I've just entered the Level Eight. I can't compare with them. They're so talented. Young as they are, they've achieved so much." Old brother Gui sighed lightly, with a sense of self-mockery. "These two may have already stepped into the state of Level Nine. How can I see through these two people?"

"Yeah, Wang She and Lu Shaoyou are both rare and unique!" Ma Tianchang gave an odd laughed. "Even if they're peerless geniuses, they should compensate for my destroyed route and gate."

"Yeah, yeah, that's for sure. A Debt Paid in Full is regarded as God's truth!" Old brother Gui wiped the cold sweat on his head, turning away from the topic. "Governor, how long do you think the fight will last?"

"It won't be long. After the competition of Gang Qi, they're almost worn out. Now it's just a contest on movements!"

"Their movements really are wonderful. But they're just sounding each other out. What a pity! If they were to really slug it out, it would be even more incredible than it is now!"

"In the competition of Gang Qi, it seemed Lu Shaoyou's sword power had a competitive edge over Wang She. Lu cracked Wang She's Jade Original Power Gang, but he was more worn out than Wang She. Now they have sound movements. The Wang She has gained the upper hand. Hey, though they are challenging each other, this guy just used the Asura Destroyer Pole technique. He could easily change tentative movements into killing ones at the earliest opportunity!"

"They might not go that far." Old brother Gui said, with an expression of hesitation. "After all both of them come from famous factions!"

"Lu Shaoyou will not, but Wang She might. Well, do you think the old ghosts of Tian Long Taoism can control him? Don't you wonder where the Asura Destroyer Pole he uses comes from?"

"You mean... "

It seemed that something came to old brother Gui's mind. He was rather amazed. He seemed to say something, but then he bit his lip.

"Well, I'm too old. Now the young men are bolder and bolder. Governor, when this thing is settled, let me return to my native town!"

Ma Tianchang looked at old brother Gui nodding and laughed. "Old brother Gui, how about my advise I told you before? "

"This world is no longer belong to us old people." Old brother Gui said, shaking his hand. "Drop it! Drop it!"

Upon hearing his words, Ma Tianchang laughed lightly but didn't persuade him any further. Both of them turned to the combat in front of the gate. As the contention between the two became more fierce, the area of destruction expanded as well. Ma Tianchang was very delighted and started to count on his fingers in order to calculate how much money he would get.

DING! DING! DING! A sound that was as clear as dropping pearls fell into the jade plate rang out. A beam of glaring silver sword light suddenly appeared. The cold sword qi was overflowing. At this moment, the destructive sword qi seemed to hang between heaven and earth. All the men below Level Eight felt extremely despair.

Of course, the sense of despair existed only for a moment.

A silver light burst out; after that, a stifled and miserable groan. The tangled people in green and white suddenly separated.

Wang She was like a piece of green foliage, drifting about hundreds of feet and then swirling lightly with blood spurting from his mouth. With Lu Shaoyou's sword, the previously mottled ground became clean and fair just like a mirror. It was as cold as ice. He dropped to the ground and stopped a moment. His body shook and leaned forward; then he stood steadily, but his face was pale and dispirited.

"The Destroyer of Heaven Three Wonder Sword is unmatched. It enjoys a well-deserved reputation. So does the White Blademaster. Heh heh!"

Wang She laughed and coughed intensely. He covered his mouth and the blood came from his fingers, causing panic among the onlookers.

Lu Shaoyou, however, stood leisurely after the fight. Aside from his pale face, he looked normal.

It seemed that the winner had been determined.

"The Asura Destroyer Pole!" Lu Shaoyou stared at Wang She. "I didn't expect that you would do such a thing!"

"None of... cough-cough-cough. None of your business!" Wang She removed the hand covering his mouth. The corners of his mouth were full of blood which was pretty ferocious.

Lu Shaoyou raised his eyebrows and seemed to say something, but he held back. He raised his chin and stared at Wang She coldly.

Wang She stood still in the middle of the road with his body bending.

The official route had been damaged beyond recognition by the two of them and there was nobody around. Now it was not a good thing for him to stand here.

"Wang She, you've failed. Retreat quickly. Don't you want to stay alive?!" "Moral Fighter" Ji Zhongtang shouted at Wang She. Then he used his legs to clamp his horse's abdomen and his horse leaped forward, keeping abreast of Lu Shaoyou.

Wang She disregarded him, he didn't even look at him. "Lu Shaoyou, why don't you spit blood? If you don't spit, I won't go!"


The people present looked different suddenly because they had thought that Lu Shaoyou had won. After all, the present states of Lu Shaoyou and Wang She were sharply different. Anyone could see that Wang She was suffering a serious injury. Yet he had suffered a serious injury, he stood still in the middle of the road to block the people of Mingyi School. Nobody understood that and even though that Wang She was shameless to acknowledge his failure. But when they heard what he said, all the people stared at Lu Shaoyou.

Lu Shaoyou's pale face flushed suddenly. He frowned and said nothing.

"Spit. Spit it out. You'll feel good after you spit it out. It's not easy to resolve the force of Asura Destroyer Pole. You may be hurt fundamentally if you don't spit the blood. It's not beneficial for you to practice afterwards otherwise. I don't think you want to become a pulp in one move after seeing me again in just one year!"

Wang She said this with persuasion and contrivance, smiling, like a weird uncle taking a little girl to see the goldfish.

"Pu--!" Lu Shaoyou spit blood from his mouth. The flush on his face faded and then his face became pale as white paper. Then he staggered and stumbled. If it wasn't for Ji Zhongtang holding him up right now, he would have fallen straight onto the ground.

"That's right. Do you think you're unrestrained?" Wang She said with satisfaction. "It looked like I really lost to you!" He unfolded the fan in his hand quickly, turned around and walked towards the gate of Qinlingjun City.

"OK, Lu Shaoyou, you've sought marriage successfully. As soon as you see your bride, we'll fight again. Well, I haven't enjoyed myself this much in a fight and it was more interesting than going to the whorehouse. How comfortable!" Wang She stretched himself, ignored the blood at the edge of his mouth, and entered Qinlingjun City with satisfaction. He acted as if he had just come out from a whorehouse!

"Pu--!" Lu Shaoyou finally relieved himself. After hearing this, he spit the blood out and almost passed out.

"Little Snake, a cracked bell can never sound well." Ma Tianchang who was on the Arrow Tower smashed the arrow mound in front of him; apparently, when he heard the words, he didn't know whether he should cry or laugh.

"As is known to all, Wang She is very mean. Governor, why do you bother yourself arguing with him? Since the Asura Destroyer Pole technique appeared in his hand, the mystery case with no clues obviously drops on him. This guy will have trouble soon!"

"Yes, he will. But who can guarantee this is not the outcome he wants?" Ma Tianchang said thoughtfully, touching his mustache.

"Maybe!" Old brother Gui just smiled and said nothing.

Junior Leopard silently watched as the people of the Mingyi School came into the city and all the people around scattered. He waited another four to six hours and then slowly climbed down from the tree.

"The Snake-like Breath Holding Skill is really marvelous. When using it, you'll be fused with the tree if you're on the tree. Nobody will discover you!" Junior Leopard was delighted and proud of himself after climbing down from the tree. He patted the rotten leaves and said, "I didn't expect that I would obtain and remember the pole and sword techniques. I just wanted to be a spectator. My eyes are really odd!"

Junior Leopard involuntarily touched his eyes and they returned to normal. "What a pity! I can just barely remember the movements but not the mental cultivation methods. But that's enough. Lu Shaoyou enjoys the title Blade Master. His achievements in swordsmanship are really divine. It's helpful to watch him perform with a sword. It looks like I should do some closed door training. I don't know if my teacher will promise!"

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