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"Yin and Yang Heavenly Sword, that's Yin and Yang Heavenly Sword!"

Junior Leopard almost yelled when he saw Wang She shoot a black stripe from his fingertip.

That was exactly the power of Yin and Yang Heavenly Sword!

Even though he had not completed it, nor had he practiced it successfully, Junior Leopard was sure the black stripe was exactly the Extreme Yin Sword Qi of Yin and Yang Heavenly Sword.

He was not surprised that Wang She was practicing Yin and Yang Heavenly Sword. Junior Leopard learned from Li Haoran's memory that Wang She had taken away the practicing guide of Yin and Yang Heavenly Sword from Li Haoran who was the unlucky elder of the Black Dragon Triad.

This also puzzled Junior Leopard. If Li Haoran had known everything about Yin and Yang Heavenly Sword, what was the point of keeping the practicing guide with him? He was getting himself into unnecessary trouble.

Junior Leopard could not find the answer from Li Haoran's memory.

Junior Leopard was actually envious about the power of Yin and Yang Heavenly Sword, and he had intended to practice it once. Unfortunately, he could not find a suitable Evil Qi. He did find something similar when he went home last time and got to West Mountain. But not all Yin Evil Qi was suitable for practicing Yin and Yang Heavenly Sword, and even a suitable Evil Qi did not mean one could practice Yin and Yang Heavenly Sword successfully.

The Evil Qi at the entrance of West Mountain was impossible for practicing. A person would be frozen by its coldness, let alone practicing there. More importantly, it seemed as if there was some kind of strange power in this Evil Qi, which could affect a human's spirit. Considering how Li Haoran's memory could get into his mind, Junior Leopard gave up trying to practice the weird Evil Qi at that time.

He also put the thought of practicing Yin and Yang Heavenly Sword all behind.

Unexpectedly, he saw someone demonstrating Yin and Yang Heavenly Sword outside the Qinlingjun City.

"Good, excellent, bravo! No wonder you're the White Blademaster!" Wang She's voice sounded again. The white robe on Lu Shaoyou began to dance in the air, as if it was blown by the wind.

His white robe swayed in the air, stirring the cyan Gang Qi around his body. It was as if the tranquility of a lake had been broken by the stirring of a stick, putting all cyan Gang Qi into chaos. Lu Shaoyou's white robe had become an invincible sharp sword, his Sword Qi brewing. Its power was devastating, breaking the 100-foot wide Gang Qi into pieces.

"Wang She, do you think you get an advantage by attacking me first? You're wrong. I've invincible Sword Qi!"

"Invincible? Nonsense!" Wang She replied as if he had heard a big joke. The damaged Gang Qi now shrank immediately. "Extreme Yin Heavenly Sword!"

A black stripe rose up from the cyan Gang Qi as Wang She exclaimed, lashing at Lu Shaoyou from all directions.

"Little slivers of light, setting off brilliant fireworks!" Lu Shaoyou laughed coldly, his hands forming a gesture backward. "Utter Sword Skill, Sword Qi matrix!"

Innumerous intangible Sword Qi radiated from his body, creating a dense cross strikes all around. The temperature also decreased sharply.

"The Utter Sword Skill from Golden Lights Cave is just so-so!" said Wang She, his cyan Gang Qi curling fiercely. "I'll show you how I break your Utter Sword Skill! Jade Original Power Gang, break!"

Within 100 feet, cyan ripples boiled and bubbled.

The bubbling and boiling generated a sound of spring, rolling towards Lu Shaoyou in waves. The intangible Gang Qi became tangible waves. It formed a cyan vortex around Lu Shaoyou at first, before devouring his Sword Qi and destroying it, turning it into nothing.

Waves and waves of power that could tear Lu Shaoyou apart attacked him, seeming to destroy him the same way his Sword Qi was destroyed.

Lu Shaoyou emitted surging Sword Qi from his body. His Sword Qi had condensed all around, forming three shadows of blades of 10-feet length. It looked just like real blades. The blades began circling around him, but its direction was the opposite of Wang She's cyan Gang Qi. A burst of ear-splitting noises followed and all the cyan vortex was consumed by the blades.

"Three blades though the sky, reverse the heaven and earth, break!"

Lu Shaoyou shouted in a low voice. The three blades fiercely combined into before exploding, crashing the Gang Qi 30 feet around him. That was not the end. Lu Shaoyou put his hand together and pointed to the sky. The Sword Qi condensed around his fingers again. He waved down his Sword Qi and said, "One blade, all heaven and earth to be destroyed!"


The cyan Gang Qi trembled. In a second, Wang She's Jade Original Power Gang was cut in half by Lu Shaoyou's invincible Sword Qi.

"Ah!" Wang She groaned in a low voice and his cyan figure jumping out of the Gang Qi. Gang Qi's ripples surrounded him, cling to his cyan cloth with silk-like moves.

Instead of retreating, Wang She jumped in the air and pointed his hand fan directly at Lu Shaoyou.

"Heng!" A cold light flickered from Lu Shaoyou's waist, followed by his long sword. It met head-to-head with Wang She's small fan.

The Sword Qi and cyan shadows were flying all around in a second. Nobody could tell where the cyan hand fan was and where the silver blade was. What could be seen was that both of them mixed together. The two figures had the briefest contact before parting with each other in a glimpse, clashing with each other on the official road outside the Qinlingjun City.

"Hong, hong, hong, dong, dong, dong!"

Ear-splitting noise and booms came from the place they were fighting. It was so loud that one could go deaf hearing it.

"Is this the actual strength of a Level Eight expert?"

The audience were all numb from seeing the two figures clashing and parting.

It was impossible not to get numb, right?

Actually, the Gang Qi was not entirely let out. Their Gang Qi were all kept within 100 feet when they were fighting. This made most people unable to understand the meaning of fighting with Gang Qi, as these people were not true experts in martial arts.

All they could understand was that Wang She was suffering a little from Lu Shaoyou's attacks, as his Gang Qi was destroyed by Lu Shaoyou's Sword Qi.

As for who would actually win, nobody could tell.

Now that the Gang Qi was destroyed. Their fight became melee attacks. What could not be seen before was clear now? The place where Lu Shaoyou's Sword Qi cracked Wang She's Jade Original Power Gang had become a hole of 30 square meters. With a depth of 100 feet, the hole had a freezing wind in it.

Lu Shaoyou's Sword Qi swiped across the ground when it devastated Wang She's Gang Qi, creating a 10-foot deep and two-foot wide dent. Just by merely looking at it, it was enough to make anybody freak out and break out in cold sweat.

An ordinary person would probably have disappeared from this world if he was attacked by such a strong Sword Qi.

What was more important was both of them had obviously not shown all their capabilities. Wang She's Gang Qi covered a width of 100 feet, but it only destroyed things within a 30-foot width of Lu Shaoyou. There were only two living creatures remaining in that area: Lu Shaoyou and his horse in the destroyed area. Of course, his horse had now disappeared.

That Ferghana horse had become a piece of minced meat in the deep hole under their Gang Qi fighting. Since it was freezingly cold in the hole, the horse meat was frozen up like frost, as if the horse did not exist.

Now their battle was even more difficult for an ordinary person to understand. Perhaps, it was more accurate to say that, most people only saw two figures clashing together from time to time, one cyan and one white. The exceptions were the few people who truly understood the nature of the fight.

Junior Leopard belonged to the minority who did. His eyes were like two shining red crystals, deep and beautiful. On his eyeballs, a faint black pattern flickered. He studied the battle outside the Qinlingjun City carefully, trying his best to carve everything in his mind.

"How exquisite these movements are! No wonder they're Level Eight experts. Both Lu Shaoyou's swordsmanship and Wang She's hand fan are moving so perfectly! They make a well-matched adversary!" Junior Leopard stared at their movements greedily. "However, why does it seem as if they're not fighting seriously?!"

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