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The atmosphere was strange!

Ji Zhongtang suddenly had an impulse to kill Wang She.

The deal between the two schools was done privately. But who would have thought that Wang She would stand in front of so many people and call out loudly, seemingly afraid that other people would not know.

Or rather, he was not afraid of others knowing.

"Haha! What a big grudge ah. It looks like I said something that I shouldn't have said!" Wang She hid his lips and chuckled as his eyes gleamed with pride. "But I don't really have the idea to break you elders trading. If you want to go, then go. I won't stop you!"

"Pop!" With a bang, Wang She folded his fan and pointed the road on both his sides. "You see, the road is still wide enough for your chariots to pass. You only need to get your team back together!"

It was a very casual way of showing his inherent contempt. It was obvious to the discerning eye.

Ji Zhongtang's face flushed red and his body shook. He was ready to make the first move.

At this time, a gentle voice came from behind.

"Uncle. Hand it over to me!"

Ji Zhongtang controlled the pressure of pent up fury, sighed deeply and looked at Wang She ruthlessly. He did not speak anything but turned the horse around.

"You haven't gone crazy today?"

Lu Shaoyou patted his horse as it stopped just 10 feet from Wang She, as if he knew him well. "Do you really want to break off relations with the old guys in the mountain and defected from the sect?!"

"Food can be eaten indiscriminately as well as wives can be taken indiscriminately, but words can't be uttered indiscriminately!" Wang She said with a smile. "I, Wang She, was born a person of Tian Long Taosim. In death I'll become a ghost of Tian Long Taoism. How can I betray the sect?!"

"Alright, cut the crap. What the hell do you want?" Lu Shaoyou asked straightforwardly, "I don't have the time to hang around here with you!"

"I heard that you're messing around with Xue Wuya. Is it true?!" Wang She asked with great interest. "You even banished him to the Ten Thousand Huge Mountains where nobody knows whether he's alive or dead. Is it true?!"

"It's true!" Lu Shaoyou answered. "What, do you want to avenge for him?!"

"I won't go as far as to avenge for him. Well, I just want to know, where is he now?"

"Where he is?! Lu Shaoyou frowned. "I don't know that. I just drove him into the Misty Mountain, nothing more. As far as where he's hiding, I didn't have time to search for him, but my blade injured his artery. Without five to six years worth of effort, he'll not regain his pneuma. If you're really in a hurry to find him, you better go to the Misty Mountain and have a look, maybe you'll be rewarded!"

"I won't go up the Misty Mountain, and anyway I don't have any urgent matter up there. Xue Wuya is really strong. Amongst at the Level Eight, he was labeled as superior, it's not easy to hunt him down. I really want to see how powerful he is, the man who can hunt him down for thousands of miles and banish him is indeed a powerful man!"

"Is that so?!" Lu Shaoyou gently raised his chin. He narrowed his eyes and his pupils contracted to the size of a sharp needle as he fixed his eyes on Wang She's face. "If I understand you correctly, you're challenging me?"

"You could see it that way!" Wang She snapped shut the fan, and firmly pat it on his left palm as he sinisterly spoke. "Then, White Blademaster, Lu Shaoyou, do you dare to accept my challenge?"


At this moment, a cold loud shout came from behind Lu Shaoyou. It was the voice of "Moral Fighter" Ji Zhongtang. "Wang She, today is the big day of Shaoyou, how could you challenge him as you please? If you're really tired of living, I can give you a lift!"

"Give me a lift, just you?" Wang She roared with laughter. "'Moral Fighter' Ji Zhongtang. hahaha, will you also indulge me? 20 years ago you might have, but now your Mysterious Sky Nine has rusted. Can you really bring it out and put it to use now?"


To forgive was Ji Zhongtang's strength. However, upon hearing Wang She's sarcastic words, he could not help but get angry and he was about to flare up on the spot.

"Uncle, leave the matter to me, your nephew!"

Lu Shaoyou took a deep breath. He sat stiffly straight on the horse's back and his eyes that looked like they were from a painting suddenly lighting up.

As the essence of the Sword Qi headed straight towards Wang She, the nephew spoke. "Wang She, I don't know what you want to do, but you should not insult my uncle. Either apologize —"

"Or fight!"

Wang She interrupted Lu Shaoyou's speech. The fan in his hand shook out a fine whirlwind. The whirlwind had a substantial feeling to it. In a moment, Wang She's body was surrounded by it and it kept out the Sword Qi that had a substantial feeling. "If you want to fight, then fight. Why all the nonsense ah?"

"You have a point!" Lu Shaoyou put two fingers together and he lifted his hand and an invisible Sword Qi broke through the air pouncing towards Wang She's face.

"Invisible Sword Qi? Lu Shaoyou, you better not bring out the ugly stuff!" As he spoke, his two fingers were pinched together. A cold Sword Qi energy went straight out and collided with Shaoyou's invisible Sword Qi.

"Pow!" The sound of the two Swords Qi colliding. Lu Shaoyou's invisible Sword Qi immediately dispersed without a trace.

The cold Sword Qi's force had not diminished. It rushed straight to Lu Shaoyou.

Lu Shaoyou's face changed. He never thought that Wang She would be so strong, but he did not dare to slow down. Using his legs, he pranced from his horse and unsheathed his sword from under the white cloth. But just as he saw the flash and heard the swashing sound, the sword was struck by cold Sword Qi.

"Burst!" The coldness of the Sword Qi had a substance-like feeling. It was crushed by Lu Shaoyou's sword, flying in all directions.

And after the blow, Lu Shaoyou sat back on horse's back. He put the sword back into its sheath as if nothing had happened.

"Good sword!" Wang She's left hand grabbed the empty air. The Sword Qi that was scattered by Lu Shaoyou, converged together by an invisible force, concentrating on the fingertips of Wang She.

The cold Sword Qi converged in Wang She's fingertips. It condensed into an entity and sent out a dazzling cold light. At the same time, an incomparable cold Qi from the cluster that condensed into a mass of Sword Qi spread out.

The crowd of onlookers, the Mingyi School troops seeking a marriage alliance and the soldiers behind the wall all felt a chilly wind of Qi blowing towards them. With the exception of a few able-bodied men and warriors, everyone else could not help retreating. The Mingyi School troops were no exception. Their numbers were large, therefore, they appeared to be a bit disorderly.

Ji Zhongtang was dissatisfied with this situation. With a pale face, he wanted to reprimand them. Before he had spoken a word, he was stopped by Mrs. Zhen.

A cold grunt followed. He gave a sweeping glance at the troops behind him as if he was trying to keep in mind all the people who had just retreated.

At the sight of such state of affairs, Mrs. Zhen could not help but laugh bitterly. Ji Zhongtang did everything right, but his problem was that he took everything too seriously. To the extent that sometimes he didn't understand how to adapt. This was truly an unpleasant character that he had, but then again, but if his character of being serious, how then could he have become a "Moral Fighter"?

"What an odd sword!" Feeling the cold force emitted from the Sword Qi, Lu Shaoyou was also surprised. "You don't practice Sword Qi, this should be a special technique!"

"You have a good eye. You truly are the Blade Master. Could it be that you couldn't even handle a little bit of my Sword Qi?!" Wang She grinned, straightened his fingertip and the surge of Sword Qi poured out. It formed a black strip and then rushed towards Lu Shaoyou with it all the sharpness of the cutting edge of Qi.

"It's not bad, but it's a shame you only managed to form its shape!" Lu Shaoyou glanced at the Sword Qi that was rushing towards him. He pointed out his finger.

"Poof!" After the Sword Qi and the fingertip touched, the former was like a punctured balloon and it cracked little by little. Under the force of a finger, the black sword qi fell to the ground like powdered ice crystals and at the same time, the cold Qi around here was as if winter had suddenly descended.

"Good!" Wang She's eyes glowed. He didn't care that his movement had been blocked. A cyan body shape flickered and then turned into a virtual shadow before it disappeared.

"What a turning the real into the virtual!" Lu Shaoyou laughed while still on horse's back, firm and unmoved. His imposing manner nevertheless, changed.

The whole being of Lu Shaoyou was as if he transformed into an incomparably sharp sword, its sharpness revealing.

"Clank!" There was a soft sound. This exceptionally sharp sword seemed like hitting something. A blue shadow bounced rapidly from Lu Shaoyou's body. The horse that he was riding on disappeared, at the same time, he retreated a few paces.

"Haha, good! For the person and sword to merge as one. No wonder Xue Wuya suffered a lot from you!" Wang She burst into a fit of laughter and said, "But, I'm not that piece of trash Xue Wuya. Relying on your sword to fight me is far from enough!"

With Wang She's furious chatter, the cyan ripples were distributed around the center of his body. The ripples were very gentle, just like the thin ripples emanated by dropping a stone on a calm lake. However, they were as smooth as fine gauze. By only swinging once, they covered the circumference of a radius of 100 feet and stopped within 100 feet. After reaching 100 feet, the outermost circle of ripples seemed to have encountered some invisible resistance and they returned back, meeting the second ripples and diverging from each other.

"Gang Qi, damn it, Wang She, are you crazy?"

Seeing the cyan ripples spreading out, Lu Shaoyou's gentle face finally covered with frost. "What on earth do you want to do?"

"I'm going to fight you, huh, fool, you don't really think I'm just here to say hello, do you?!" When Wang She's triumphant laughter reached Lu Shaoyou's ears, he became one with the surrounding cyan Gang Qi. The whole area within 100 feet seemed to become one, trapping all the people in it.

"You're crazy!" Lu Shaoyou finally changed his expression, the white robe on his body was blown by a strong wind and puffed up. "Well, let me see what sort of power one of the three Chief of Tian Long Taoism has!"

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