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When Xue Wuya covered both of his eyes, the invisible big hand that was binding Junior Leopard disappeared. Junior Leopard fell on the ground panting heavily. He couldn't care less about the injuries on his body and quickly squirmed out of the valley. He subconsciously hid in the dark area, wiped his face, and suppressed the nauseating feelings he had. He then turned around and stealthily observed the situation within the valley.

Using the ability of his eyes to deal the last blow to Xue Wuya was something that he had long planned. Everything that happened today was part of his plan. The only unexpected thing that happened was the Shiyin Needle. However the energy from the Shiyin Needle that entered his tendons and vessels was only for a short a duration, hence it was okay. It did not settle down in time. He expelled it when he was accumulating his Internal Qi and expelling it through his eyes, molding it into his last attack. This made his last attack's fatal damage increase by several folds.

Xue Wuya was a Level Eight expert while Junior Leopard was only a Level One rookie. Killing him was easier said than done.

Even though he had the mysterious Drowsy Drug in his hand, he did not dare assume that it could knock Xue Wuya unconscious. In fact his conjecture was correct.

The Drowsy Drug would have quite an effect on Xue Wuya, however, Xue Wuya didn't fall unconscious.

Naturally it could not be assured that the Xue Wuya who was affected will definitely not be the Monster Toad's opponent. This was his most fatal weakness. As a Level One rookie, being born in the Jianghu's lowest strata meant that he had no way of knowing where a Level Eight expert's strength truly lies. What is a Level Eight expert? How strong is a Level Eight expert? He did not know the answers to these questions, he only knew that Xue Wuya was a Level Eight expert.

With so little resources behind his foundation, to kill off a Level Eight expert was not feasible at all.

No matter if it is the Drowsy Drug, or the Monster Toad, he could only use them, and not rely on them.

The final bet could only be held within his own hands.

That would be his eyes.

If it was not because he coincidentally ate the snake ball, allowing his own eyes to evolve, it could be said that he would have to wait for a while before making his move.

After the eyes went through a transformation, things became different. He had a killing ace. Maybe during ordinary times, this killing ace would not reveal his prowess as it would not create nor pose any threat to Xue Wuya. After all, Xue Wuya already was a Level Eight expert, having the bronze skin and metal bones said only in the legends. Even if he became drenched in fire, there would be nothing happening to him. Even if Junior Leopard exhausts all his Internal Qi from the Nine Dragons Heavenly Fire, it would not cause a dent of damage to him.

To hurt him, he could only use one blow to strike the fatal spot.

What was the fatal spot?

Eyes. Everyone knows that the eyes are weak. However to attack a Level Eight expert's eyes was easier said than done.

To accomplish this, it must be under the condition where he was totally defenseless.

How to make him defenseless?

Junior Leopard would not be serving him until he felt comfortable. To let Xue Wuya make him into a true disciple, even if Junior Leopard becomes his true disciple, Xue Wuya wouldn't be defenseless. Suspicion could be the Dark Sect's common trait. He would definitely not change just because there was some respect from you.

Only in one kind of situation would he be truly defenseless, and that was when Junior Leopard was completely under control.

A Level Eight strong expert will have a Level Eight expert's pride and confidence. Deep within the recesses of their hearts, they will definitely not believe that a Level One rookie, after being controlled by them, would still have measures to retaliate!

This is absolutely impossible. The world will definitely not have such a thing happening. A Level One rookie wanting to kill a Level Eight expert could only rely on assassination or using the most despicable means, or strike from behind. Just like Junior Leopard using the Drowsy Drug on Xue Wuya, at the same time, heaven-defying luck is needed. When both parties face off, a Level One rookie will definitely have no chance. This is an expert's confidence. It is also the principle that the world recognizes.

Junior Leopard precisely used this point and created a chance to directly face off with Xue Wuya.

And when they were facing off against each other, he drugged and assassinated Xue Wuya, doing exactly what a Level One rookie should do. So when he was being controlled, Xue Wuya completely relaxed and dropped his guard, creating a chance for him to face Xue Wuya eye to eye.

Returning a tooth for a tooth, an eye for an eye!

Xue Wuya would never think that Junior Leopard had such a pair of strange eyes, and definitely won't believe that under his control and with the Shiyin Needle within his body, Junior Leopard could still have any form of retaliation.

Do not say that he won't believe it, even the Junior Leopard from a few days ago wouldn't believe it either.

He definitely wouldn't think that Junior Leopard actually has such a weird attacking method, using the eyes to attack!

What's more, that the damaging power was so powerful, so fatal.

Xue Wuya is an expert, this is not false. Having a strong power is also not false. However if it is a normal person and the eyes suddenly suffer from a heavy attack, being burnt by fire and momentarily losing the light, this kind of attack is not endurable by anyone. Even if your mentality and psyche are very strong, it will require a long time to adapt to this kind of pain, an expert is no exception.

Xue Wuya under no guard, was viciously attacked by Junior Leopard. His eyes were momentarily burned. Furthermore, the power of the Shiyin Needle which he hit into Junior Leopard's body, was reflected in a moment's time. Both of his eyes were attacked and this is too sudden, too painful. This made him completely neglectful of the power of the Shiyin Needle. The power of the Shiyin Needle which he just hit out was already embedded within his own tendons and vessels, and settled inside.


Xue Wuya faced the sky and roared crazily, "Kid, I want you dead—!!!"

The voice had an incomparable viciousness and poison. Following the enormous explosion sound, the steep valley was wiped into flat ground in an instant.

"Oh my mama! This is much stronger than..." Junior Leopard who was long in hiding in the valley couldn't bear but shrink his head. He retreated a few steps, and hid behind an old rock as he watched the destruction of the steep valley. His tongue involuntarily rolled, yet at the same time he was extremely happy.

This is what's good about hurting the eyes. After the eyes got crippled, Xue Wuya couldn't see at all.

An expert's spiritual mind and keen sense of awareness? All of this is bullsh*t.

Given Xue Wuya's capabilities, his spiritual mind is indeed very powerful. However, to receive such a heavy attack, and with the inability to see, he will not be used to it. Even if he does get used to it, it doesn't matter. The interior of his body still has the Drowsy Drug, and there's a Monster Toad watching from one side. That move just now, was indeed incredible. However, to want to kill that Monster Toad, it is still insufficient. In the instance of the explosion, the Monster Toad has already squirmed into the crypt and evaded this fatal blow. Furthermore after the explosion, it squirmed out of the crypt. The Monster Toad's intelligence is not high, but it is a demon beast after all, naturally it could see that something serious happened to Xue Wuya. Making use of the opportunity when you are sick to take your life, this is a demon beast's natural instinct.

After the Bloodfire Gang exploded, the Monster Toad, which was stricken with scars and injuries, squirmed out of the crypt, and pounced towards Xue Wuya.

Xue Wuya was undoubtedly a Level Eight expert. When he felt that something was not right, he kept the Bloodfire Gang up and protected his whole body.

"Gua—!" after a furious roar, the humongous body of the Monster Toad collided with the Bloodfire Gang before each retreated backward. What is different is that the Bloodfire Gang surrounding Xue Wuya's body is now much fainter. Both of his hands were already removed from his eyes. Two blood holes on his face kept leaking out a purplish-black color blood fluid. The blood flowed on a colorless face and was looking extremely ferocious and terrifying.

Yet from his mouth, flesh was spit out in large chunks. His body swayed as wave after wave of torment tore at his body and soul accompanied by intense drowsy feeling. Previously, those old scars that seemed to be recovering returned to their original form while his spirit was also starting to enter a trance.

"Am I going to die? Impossible, how could I die? How could I Xue Wuya die? I am the seventh Dark Lord of the Dark Sect, I am the second expert of the Blood River Sect, how could I die in such a place by the hands of an eight year old kid? Impossible, I will not die, not in such a place, I won't die in such a manner—!"

Xue Wuya was shouting from the bottom of his heart as he forcefully mustered the Internal Qi within his body. He couldn't care at all about his own tendons and vessels being burnt by the Bloodfire Gang. He wanted to force out the weird medicinal strength within his body.

He had already calmed down enough to understand that now the biggest threat to him was not the Monster Toad or Junior Leopard, but that weird medicine within his body. If he doesn't force out the medicine in time, he would fall unconscious. In the recesses of Misty Mountain and with his whole body covered in blood, there would definitely be no chance of survival. As for the Monster Toad, Junior Leopard and the wounds on his body, as long as he didn't die, he would have the chance to deal with them.

At that moment, he made the most correct decision. Death's shadow enabled him to release his potential. While forcefully mustering his Internal Qi, the bottleneck which hadn't been broken through for a long time actually showed signs of being broken through.

However, at this time Xue Wuya couldn't care about all this.

"Come out for me!" Xue Wuya roared. The muscles and skin on his body instantly became painfully red. Even his ears and nose began to drip dark black blood. The Drowsy Drug's medicinal effect was slowly being purged from his body.

Outside the steep valley, Junior Leopard who saw everything had an ashamed expression, "Mother, even this can't kill you?!"

Xue Wuya had already calmed down. Without a doubt, this to him was not a piece of good news.

"No, I can't let him continue on like this. If even this can't kill him, my days ahead will not be good!" Junior Leopard knows in his heart that if he lets Xue Wuya evade this crisis, the one who will be dead will definitely be him.

However, at this moment, he dared not enter the valley. Previously Xue Wuya used his Bloodfire Gang to create an enormous explosion and the effect still hadn't subsided. The Bloodfire Gang surrounding his body had paled much in comparison, but heaven knows if he could unleash it again?

Of course, he at least could use it one more time. If he enters the valley, wouldn't he be dead meat?

Biting his teeth, Junior Leopard threw the coal dagger in his hands towards Xue Wuya. The coal dagger transformed into a stream of light, and shot towards Xue Wuya. At the same time, the Monster Toad had also started to move. The toad had retreated at the same time as Xue Wuya when they exchanged blows, however it was very obvious, when comparing with Xue Wuya, its injuries were not as heavy. It was as if one was in heaven and one on earth. Furthermore it hated this fella who barged into its territory and hurt itself. Naturally it wouldn't let go of him.

One man one beast, one front one back, attacked Xue Wuya at the same time.

"Gua—!" at the same time when they pounced over, there was a sound occurring again. Green slime glob was spit out of the Monster Toad's mouth once again.

"Zi—!" the slime ball firstly hit the Bloodfire Gang causing it to tremble. Following that, the whole body of the Monster Toad fell on Xue Wuya's body.

"Grug—!" Xue Wuya's body pounced forward. Blood was spit out of his mouth in large volumes. The Bloodfire Gang under the two heavy attacks finally couldn't sustain it any longer and disappeared into thin air.

"Pu—!" almost at the same time when the bloodfire Gang vanished, the coal dagger thrown by Junior Leopard arrived. The short sword pierced onto Xue Wuya's heart vessels until a chill occurred in his heart.

Time felt as if it almost stopped. At the same time that the short sword pierced Xue Wuya's heart, the Monster Toad had already pounced over, its sharp claws cleaving Xue Wuya's brain into two halves.

"Hong—!" a large sound occurred. Xue Wuya's body burst apart, blood light scattered in four directions.

This explosion's radius paled in comparison compared to when Xue Wuya used the Bloodfire Gang to ignite an explosion. However the power was much stronger. The Evil Toad which leapt forward had its stomach and mandibles blasted apart, leaving a gaping blood hole. The stomach and mandibles are the Evil Toad's weak points, with the lowest defense. How could it resist Xue Wuya's self-sacrificial explosion?

The most troublesome thing was that at the moment when the explosion occurred, Junior Leopard's keen senses felt a power he was afraid of coming towards him. This kind of power was not very strong, but it was very foreign. Its speed was incredibly fast. Almost at the moment when Xue Wuya exploded, a wave came rushing at Junior Leopard. Following that, his eyes blacked out as if he got hit by a pole. Both of his ears rang and his seven orifices also started to bleed.

"This is... a mental attack?!"

Even though he didn't understand what happened, Junior Leopard was very sure that his body didn't receive any actual damage. This kind of attack directly attacked the brain, the spirit and the soul. Hence there could only be such an explanation.

This was a one time mental attack.

Both of Junior Leopard's eyes opened. His eyes momentarily turned a fire red color. A faint ring of black surrounded his eyes and slowly rotated. Almost at the same time when both of his eyes were undergoing the change, all of the negative feelings completely vanished.

The world returned to normal again. No, it should be said that the world had become much clearer compared to before.

At the moment when he opened his eyes, a streak of faint blood light shot over from the place where Xue Wuya's body exploded. Almost at the same time, the firelight of Junior Leopard's eyes blinked. A huge ball of flame instantly surrounded that blood light.

"Si—!" the blood light emitted a sorrowful sound, as if it was saying that it doesn't want to be normal. After half a ring, it got instantly refined and dissolved by that ball of flame.

Junior Leopard's mood relaxed. A huge wave of weariness filled his whole body. He lay limped on the earth and fainted.

Junior Leopard didn't stay unconscious for long before he woke up. At most it was not more than an hour.

He struggled to open his eyes and looking at the starry filled sky, Junior Leopard's body completely relaxed.

"Is it over already?"

Everything had ended!

Junior Leopard panted heavily. He used his strength to prop himself up from the ground. His whole body felt as if he had just gone through an intense fight. It felt as though, if he moved, the bones in his body would scatter.

The scene in front of his eyes was somewhat blurry. His eyeballs burned as if it is set aflame by scorching fire. Wave after wave of hot feeling excited Junior Leopard's nervous system.

"Damn it, my eyes couldn't be like the skill-copy eyes,, could they? The more I use them, the more my vision will deteriorate?!"

Feeling the intense heat transmitting from both of his eyes, Junior Leopard's face instantly became ugly. The last attack was not within his plan.

At the moment when Xue Wuya's body suddenly exploded, that streak of red light flew out and Junior Leopard's instinct felt that it definitely couldn't let that red light escape. At that time this kind of will was very strong, resulting in him involuntarily activating the strange power with his own eyes, destroying the streak of red light that flew out.

After thinking finely, that last attack was really too strange.

That was not within his plans.

After his eyes turned abnormal, he could gather the Internal Qi within his body, at the place where his gaze gathered, he was able to produce a fireball. This fireball could be said to have gathered his body's entire fire-based Internal Qi. Hence the power was extremely huge. However, at the same time, the exhaustion was also great. After releasing it, the power and Internal Qi within his body would be sucked dry and there definitely would not be a second chance.

"The Internal Qi that I had at that time was already depleted. Even if the eye could gather the remaining strength, it couldn't possibly create such a big fireball?" Junior Leopard touched his forehead and tried to feel that feeling at the last moment. At that moment, even his own spirit was in a trance. He only saw that streak of red light flying away and got anxious in his heart. After that, after that, after that...

At that moment, he seemed to have thought of something, his head felt a wave of sharp pain.

"That last moment, what it drew out was not completely my Internal Qi. There is still my Spiritual Strength. Yes, it must be Spiritual Strength, no wonder it is so illusionary!"

At that last moment, his feeling was indeed different. Compared to when his whole body's Internal Qi was completely depleted and his body felt lethargic, this feeling was more of a headache, an intense headache.

Lifting his eyes to look at the front, in the steep valley, peace has completely returned. Xue Wuya's body was exploded into a lump of flesh, there was no more hope of living. The blood red color clothing on his body was scattered on in four directions, becoming small pieces of fabric, scattering in the midst of the valley.

The Monster Toad was also dead. Even though this thing was a demon beast, a Level Eight expert's self-explosion was not something it could endure. The mandibles and stomach were completely exploded, the internal organs were everywhere. It was dead until it could not be dead anymore.

Junior Leopard covered his nose and forcefully endured the intense migraine. Step by step, he made his way towards the crypt. Over there was the Evil Toad's corpse along with a black bag with golden line patterns on it.

This black bag should be the thing that Xue Wuya carried by his side. After the self-explosion, it didn't have the slightest damage on it. Just based on this point, he was able to see the extraordinariness of this bag.

Junior Leopard walked over and picked up the bag. He put it on his hands. It was quite heavy. He was just about to open it when he incidentally saw that in the heart of the exploded Monster Toad, there was a green light moving.

"Inner Elixir?!" Junior Leopard was stunned. He lowered his body, and carefully observed, "Not right, demon beast's Inner Elixir will not emit light!"

He lightly flipped over a pile of rotten flesh and revealed what was underneath.

It was a piece of green pearl as big as a pigeon's egg. Under the moonlight, it emitted green light. At first, it seemed like a green rock pearl, but after careful observation, it was actually like a green jade pearl, crystal clear.

"Is this... a mysterious object?!"

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