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"It is coming out!" Junior Leopard could feel the trembling beneath his feet and popped his head up quickly to look. Shrinking back behind the rock, he was again completely hidden.

The monstrous toad's enormous body rushed out from beneath the crypt, emitting a sharp and piercing sound.


In the past, Junior Leopard only considered the sound of a frog to be noisy; however, he had never thought a frog could emit a noise that would cause such terrifying damage.

When his body had shrunk back behind the rock, Junior Leopard immediately covered his ears with both of his hands. Even though he covered them tightly, the sound still leaked through and it felt like something was pulling at his heart, making him feel extremely uncomfortable.

"Hu— I can't think like this—!" Junior Leopard quickly activated his internal Qi. A wave of searing hot Qi flowed into to his tendons and vessels, rushing to the top of the head. This greatly dampened the irritating sound. "Such a powerful voice!"

Junior Leopard's heart was silently surprised. He shifted his gaze to the side of the crypt. At this moment, the monster toad and Xue Wuya began to battle.

Xue Wuya's body formed into a wave of blood light as he battled around the monster toad. His efficiency was extremely high and every time he displayed his skills, he would leave behind a very deep wound mark that sprayed fresh black-green blood. The monster toad, having suffered injuries, shouted wave after wave of roars. Its eyes were blood-shot, revealing an expression of intense insanity.

Junior Leopard knew this was because the Tihu Incense that had messed with its mind. If not for the incense the creature would have already dove back into the crypt to hide.

Xue Wuya's efficiency was very high and Junior Leopard could obviously see that. The power that Xue Wuya was displaying now couldn't be compared to his level when he had met the monster toad a month ago. If he had the power then that he has now, the monster would have been subdued by him then.

Surrounding his body, the blood red Gang Qi was emitting an extremely bright flame sun. In his hands, he held no weapon, and instead was fighting the monster toad with his bare fists.

Despite the monster toad's massive body, it was still extremely agile. Especially when it was under the influence of the Tihu Incense, it completely fell into a kind of insanity. Its battle prowess was 30% stronger than normal. The spots on its back were constantly spitting out venom. As the venom sprayed onto the earth, rocks, and rock walls, waves of heavy smoke plumed, releasing a smell that was extremely noxious.

While Xue Wuya's speed was fast, he was not faster than the blanket of venom that was falling from the sky. However, it didn't seem to bother him and any of the venom that fell on his Qi quickly evaporated without doing any damage to Xue Wuya.

As for the monster toad's attacks, he would always evade during the most critical point of its attack, leaving behind a new and deep wound on the monster toad's body.

The monster toad repeatedly roared furiously. Its body trembled and it continuously jumped up and down on the bare earth. This little steep valley was at the mercy of its mighty power and it shook like there was an earthquake happening. As the earth trembled, the rocks from the left and right started falling, instantly creating a huge dust cloud from all sides.

"You beast, that move is useless like this!" Xue Wuya's body agilely evaded the monster toad's attacks. The corner of his lips lifted letting out a strand of cold laughter, "You are a beast indeed. Did you think you could deal with me by using just your instincts? If you hadn't lured that kid over, I would have finished you off long ago."

When he thought of Junior Leopard, Xue Wuya's stomach would develop a ball of fire that he couldn't get to dissipate. All this time he was scheming against the other, while no one ever schemed against him. The unsuspecting geese he had been hitting all year finally pecked back making him blind. So, he had caught Junior Leopard and brought him to the Misty Mountain, with the intention of using him and then killing him. To his surprise, Junior Leopard had ambushed him instead and this was a situation he had never encountered before.

He was the seventh Dark Lord of the Dark Sect, Blood River Sect's second expert, yet he was slapped in the face by an eight or nine-year-old little brat. He couldn't take this no matter what.

A dizzy feeling once again attacked his heart and head. Xue Wuya's eyes flashed with a glint, and his body staggered.

"Pu—!" As he heard the sound, three long bloody lines appeared on his back where the Monster Toad's claws had penetrated his defense. The blood red Gang Qi that was surrounding his body trembled tremendously and looked as if it was going to disappear. Turning his body forcefully, in an unnatural position, he was able to slide to the right of the monster and out of its attack range.

"Gua—!" After landing a hit successfully, the Monster Toad roared loudly. Its huge mouth opened, and a glob the size of a disc of black-green colored slime shot out of its mouth, flying straight at Xue Wuya.

Xue Wuya flicked all ten of his fingers and ten balls of blood-red firelight shot out of his fingertips, aimed straight at the slime glob.

"Pu, pu, pu—!" after a few soft sounds, ten fingers of firelight clashed with the slime, creating wave after wave of white smoke. The steep valley's strange smell got even denser. That slime shrank a lot, however, its speed was not reducing, and it wholly rushed at Xue Wuya.

Xue Wuya's was extremely fast and after evading just now, he stuck close to the right side of the rock wall. At this time, if the ten fingers of firelight didn't erode and finish off the slime, he was trapped. That is when his expression greatly changed. He couldn't retreat, so he forcefully gathered his Gang Qi and the fire-light around his body enlarged as he faced off against the slime ball.

"Hong—!" a strange sound occurred when the slime ball made contact with the blood red Gang Qi. The slime ball and the firelight eroded away at each other, creating a stalemate. It was hard to tell who was going to win.

"Gua—!" The Monster Toad shouted once again. Its big mouth opened and it spit another giant ball of slim which was aiming straight for Xue Wuya.

Facing off with the second slime ball, Xue Wuya could no longer avoid it, and could only confront it head on.

The blood light surfaced once again and the surrounding fire light became much brighter when compared to before. It was as if the fire had a bucket of oil poured into it. "Hua—", after a moment, it had absorbed both of the slime balls.

"Cough—!" With a cough that couldn't be heard, Xue Wuya's mouth had a trace of blood in its corner. In front of him, the blood fire real Gang and the slime ball were knitted together and wave after wave of green fog spread. An incomparably malodorous smell permeated the whole steep valley.

Xue Wuya's body staggered and he shook one of his fists. The firelight around his body all condensed onto his hand, turning it into a blood-red colored fireball. His body slid to the side, intentionally or unintentionally sliding over to Junior Leopard's hiding spot. His hand that controlled the blood fireball, was aimed to fight with the slime ball. His other hand was continuously flickering and five pillars of brightly colored fire light shot off towards the Monster Toad. His back was exposed as he was rushing over in Junior Leopard's direction.

"Here's my chance—!" Junior Leopard's eyebrows twitched.

Xue Wuya was coming closer and closer, his attention wholly concentrated on the Monster Toad in front, not thinking about what was behind him.

"It must be difficult for him!" Junior Leopard rose up without thinking. The coal dagger in his hand flashed across the gap with a cold light, aiming straight for Xue Wuya's back.

At the moment when the sword light was moving, five streaks of firelight had already hit onto the Monster Toad, burning five holes into the monster's body. The Monster Toad shrieked loudly, desperately rolling its body on the earth, in an attempt to relieve the pain from the burns.

"Have you come? I am waiting for you—!" a wave of heavy weariness attacked his heart and head. Xue Wuya inhaled deeply taking in a breath of air. He could sense the dagger coming at him from behind and the corner of his lips lifted into a cold smile.

He sensed his body rising up, releasing the sword, forming into one with the Qi, this was exactly what Xue Wuya had taught him, a mysterious sword technique. This was also his greatest killing move now.

This brat's heart is vicious and meticulous. However, he is still too young, and too soft!

Feeling the extremely familiar sword technique, Xue Wuya's body which was falling backward, jerked suddenly. Following that, a wave of invincible Qi was released from his body.

The sword technique was halted in its tracks and Junior Leopard's body, which was rising, up was forcefully stopped mid-leap.

"What is this strength?!" An unseen force was holding Junior Leopard suspended in the sky, forcing him to release the sword.

"Hand, this seems like a hand?!" He felt a force binding him and it felt as if an invisible hand was holding him. It was just a big, enormous hand, that he couldn't see, clamping down on him. He felt like the grandson monkey in the Buddha's hand and no matter which way he flipped there would be no wave.

A Qi, that was like a mountain, splitting his head and covering his face, bore down on him. An incomparably dense blood smell choked Junior Leopard till his head was in a trance. Xue Wuya's fierce face appeared in front of him, followed by a big slap.

"Pa—!" This slap landed on Junior Leopard and he though his head had been sent flying by Xue Wuya's blow. Blood sprayed from his face and it looked like a condiment shop had been trashed, salty, sour, and hot liquid everywhere. Not giving him a chance to recover another slap came. It sounded like a water parade where chimes and cymbals clanged together. The two slaps rained down on him, knocking him nearly unconscious.

"You will not die so easily!" Xue Wuya now hated Junior Leopard to an extreme. His hands trembled, as a strand of sharp wind shot out and hit Junior Leopard between his eyebrows. This strand of sharp wind entered his body and it was like a fine needle, following his Qi through his blood, entering his tendons and vessels.

"You shall first have a taste of this Shiyin Needle. Wait till I have settled this Monster Toad, then I will come back for you!" Xue Wuya viciously stared at Junior Leopard. At this moment Junior Leopard suddenly opened his eyes and a red light shot of them. Xue Wuya blinked once and he felt shocked in his heart. Before he could respond Xue Wuya's eyes blacked out and Junior Leopard transmitted a wave of intense pain.

"Ahhh—!!!" Xue Wuya roared and covered both of his eyes. A strand of black air rose up from between them, carrying with it a burning stench.

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