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The sky was a deep blue with the full moon hanging in the middle, shining like pearl.

The steep valley was filled with smog and fog. Junior Leopard took a Detoxicating Pill in his mouth and then sat behind an enormous stone, he was stressed out now. He kept looking at the cave with his eyes wide open and the coal dagger tightly grasped in his hand.

"Don't panic, only one month has passed since I injured that monster, it hasn't recovered yet. In addition, the monster isn't very smart, and I have the Tihu Incense that can confuse it, it will be dealt with easily!"

Junior Leopard's face had a tic, but he managed to force a smile. Only god knew why he was so nervous. He had brought 5 living animals today. He had poured thirteen bottles of the Drowsy Drug in to the blood of a white deer. Speaking of the Drowsy Drug, it was a miracle. Not only could it melt in water but it could also melt in blood. He merely opened a tiny hole in the white deer's bottom and all of the Drowsy Drug melted in. Even Junior Leopard himself wouldn't believe it if he hadn't seen it in person.

No matter if he believed or not however, things already happened. His heart was in his mouth as he watched the wild beasts lying around Xue Wuya.

Xue Wuya didn't start to enjoy the beasts at once after Junior Leopard brought them here today, he lit the Tihu Incense little by little instead.

A mild dust rose up after the gray ashes were ignited. A short while later, a green fragrance spread out and took up the entire steep valley, then all of the bloody and fishy smells were covered up.

"The Tihu Incense is secretly extracted using Dark Sect techniques, it is highly effective. I bet the monster won't be able to hold back after 10 minutes!" Xue Wuya couldn't hold back his delight when he was taking about the Tihu Incense. He lifted his fingers, the necks of all the beasts were cut open at the same time. Then he sucked the blood greedily, the blood formed a dragon flying towards his mouth, and no doubt the white deer's blood which was mixed with the Drowsy Drug was also in there.


Junior Leopard stared at Xue Wuya seeing him sucking the blood dragon into his stomach and he swallowed nervously. When Xue Wuya finished it all and began to adjust his breath, Junior Leopard forced himself to stop staring at him, in case he was noticed.

Xue Wuya sat cross-legged on a moss-lined stone at the entrance of the cave, around his body there was a layer of bloody lights. The lights flickered like fire, a few lights jumped out of the layer from time to time and vanished in air. This was Xue Wuya's Bloodfire Gang.

All of a sudden, Xue Wuya woke up and opened his eyes, he looked at Junior Leopard furiously. Junior Leopard had been looking closely at Xue Wuya since he was adjusting his breath, when Junior Leopard noticed Xue Wuya's unusual behavior, he jumped like a leopard around 3 feet into the air. In the meantime, Xue Wuya stretched his hands and waved violently at Junior Leopard. Five bright flames were shot out from his fingertips, the flames went down through Junior Leopard's shoes and destroyed a wall of stones behind Junior Leopard's back.

"Pu, Pu, Pu, Pu, Pu!" five slams, five flames, five fist-size holes appeared. The holes were pitch-black, as if they were burnt by fire.

"You want to escape? It's not that easy!" Xue Wuya's face became even more furious after Junior Leopard escaped from his flames. He grabbed towards Junior Leopard before he fell on ground. As Xue Wuya grabbed, Junior Leopard felt a strong magnetism that pulled him closer to Xue Wuya.

"Be careful!" Junior Leopard spoke to himself as he grabbed the ground to prevent himself flying.

The magnetism appeared again the moment his feet touched the ground.

This time, no matter what he grabbed, it wouldn't make any difference, Junior Leopard's body was sucked towards Xue Wuya fiercely.

"I'm in trouble!" Junior Leopard became serious and kept grabbing at the ground using diliberate hard fall to slow down the effect of the magnetism. With his other hand, the coal dagger was grasped tightly. Xue Wuya was even more furious at him, the gesture was exactly the first technique of the incomparable dagger technique that he had taught to Junior Leopard a few days ago. Now Junior Leopard was using it against him, endless anger filled him and Xue Wuya itched to rip Junior Leopard, his betrayer into pieces.

But Xue Wuya was surprised that after feeling angry, he became extremely dizzy. All he wanted to do was to sleep.

"Damn, what has Junior Leopard done, it's so weird!" Xue Wuya shut his mouth fiercely and he bit through his tongue so that the overwhelming pain could wake him up. In the meantime, his Internal Qi circulated quickly through his body trying to drive the thing which made him sick out.

But no matter how he circled his Internal Qi, there was no other way that he could expel the thing. The only thing that could keep him alert was the heat generated from his body's bloody fire. He was close to finding the root cause of what made him sleepy, his Internal Qi was only one step away from finding out where the troubling thing was and expelling it. He was only one step away.

"I wouldn't give Junior Leopard any chance to beat me if I weren't deeply injured and my Internal Qi was scattered!" Xue Wuya's face was blue, he knew Junior Leopard had run out of his control the moment he felt dizzy. "Run, I will give you time to run, I shall see how far you can get!" cursed Xue Wuya.

He had a feeling that told him what was in his body wasn't poison but a kind of strong sleeping drug. It only made him dizzy, but wouldn't affect his health. He would choose to sleep if it was a normal time. But he couldn't now as the Evil Toad was approaching and Junior Leopard intended to kill him. He was afraid that he would never wake up again if he slept.

"Hum, Junior Leopard, I'll take down the Evil Toad first, then it's time to punish you!"

Xue Wuya was also a man with many provisions. Although he was furious with Junior Leopard, he knew that he already lost the best chance to kill Junior Leopard when he disappeared behind the cliffs. Xue Wuya didn't indulge himself in anger. He closed his eyes slowly, kept himself calm and focused. And Internal Qi was running though his body like underground magma, eroding his sleepiness to keep himself awake.

"It's about time the Evil Toad shows up!" eyes closed, Xue Wuya frowned softly as he noticed the approaching eccentric spirit coming from a cave.  "I have to end the battle quickly. Although running my Internal Qi like this can keep me alert, it will do a great damage to my body's tendons and vessels. And Junior Leopard hasn't gone far yet, he is still somewhere around staring at me. I have to figure out a way to entice him out, otherwise I won't last long after the Evil Toad is dead!"

"Xue Wuya must be thinking of a way to lure me out!" Hidden at the entrance of the valley 100 foot away, was Junior Leopard. He was behind a stone secretly watching what was happening within. He panicked when he found that Xue Wuya wasn't asleep and had resisted the Anesthetic Pilll's effects. He also knew there was no way that he could hide from Xue Wuya.

But... He had died once and was reborn, so his mind was much stronger than an ordinary person's.

He calmed down after the panic and then started to think of solutions.

Junior Leopard could infer Xue Wuya's thoughts on the whole as if he was standing in his shoes. For starters, the Anesthetic Pill must have had some effect on Xue Wuya. If there wasn't any effect, Xue Wuya wouldn't suddenly attack him. Secondly, Xue Wuya hadn't eliminated the Anesthetic Pill out of his body, which was the reason why he hadn't followed him. Deeply injured as Xue Wuya was, he was still a Level Eight master, and there was no doubt he could crush Junior Leopard the Level One freshman to ashes with his Internal Qi, even if it was his last gasp.

Now that the Anesthetic Pill was effective, it was obvious that Xue Wuya was resisting against its effects. He even tried to expel it out of his body, but it wasn't successful.

Since he wasn't successful, there would be troubles.

He had to deal with the Evil Toad very soon, and he was still injured. At the same time, he was drugged. When the Evil Toad came, he would be in big trouble. He couldn't fight with the Evil Toad and the Anesthetic Pill at the same time. The Evil Toad wasn't easy to fight against, although it couldn't reach Level Eight, it still had the ability of a Level Five or Level Six. Therefore the only way was to kill the toad quickly. But what about after the toad was dead?

Once Xue Wuya made a big movement and much Internal Qi was consumed, whether he could still resist the Anesthetic Pill or not was a question. What would Junior Leopard do if he was Xue Wuya?

Junior Leopard came to the conclusion, "He must lure me out when he's at his best condition, and kill me and the Evil Toad at the same time. Maybe that will be my chance too!"

There were always two sides for opportunities.

At the same moment, Junior Leopard noticed a faint earthquake on the ground. A giant figure dashed out of the cave with ear-piercing noises. Dirty mud was scattered all around, it was like mud rain.

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