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Xue Wuya though that even though Junior Leopard was smart, he was just a 10 years old child. Xue Wuya could keep Junior Leopard in his palm by getting him some benefits and behaving like a good teacher. However, it was Xue Wuya's greatest miscalculation that he never thought there was a cunning and sophisticated adult soul residing in this child's body.

When Junior Leopard stepped out of the valley, he was very hungry and smiled bitterly. He went to the stream where he wanted to roast the little deer that he hunted before. Once he came to the stream, he found that the deer had been eaten by some unknown beasts, leaving only a mass of flesh and pale white bones. The scene was terrifying.

"Shit!" Junior Leopard cursed in a low voice. Instead of eating the rations like he did the day before, he went straight into the jungle to catch beasts that had come out to search for food at night. A couple moments later, he came out of the jungle with a wild boar in his hand. He went to the stream, then washed and skinned the boar in preparation for roasting on the fire he made. There was no one to bother him as he ate. After enjoying the delicious meat beside the stream, Junior Leopard then went into the half cliff cave for a short rest. He was quite refreshed and thus wasn't really tired. Thinking of Xue Wuya's attitude toward him today, he did not want to procrastinate any further. So he began to study the swordsmanship movement that Xue Wuya had passed on to him.

Since this sword skill was very mysterious, not to mention he had never learned any sword skill before, Junior Leopard wasn't paying much attention when Xue Wuya showed it to him the day before. He just memorized the sword skill like an elementary school student who simplified a physics question to better understand it. It was actually quite impressive. He had given up on learning every step of the process and its meaning because he knew it was impossible for him to understand.

However, today Xue Wuya seemed adamant on forcing him to understand the technique in its entirety, even starting from the foundation. Though that was easier said than done.

Usually, it would take more than 10 years for ordinary people to master the knowledge of the extremely difficult high-energy physics problems when they only knew the multiplication table before. Of course, prodigies were the only exception. But Junior Leopard was by no means a genius, which was painfully clear to both him and Xue Wuya. Despite knowing this, Xue Wuya still passed the sword skill on to him, which either meant he was crazy or he had other aims.

But it wasn't important at that time whether Xue Wuya was crazy or had other aims. The only thing Junior Leopard could do was to try to grasp the sword skill movement in accordance with how Xue Wuya was teaching him. Of course, first he needed to master the basics. Otherwise, getting an insight into the sword skill would just be a joke.

Facts also proved that Zhou Bao was not good at sword skill. When Xue Wuya taught him sword skill, he recorded down a lot of things that Xue Wuya had explained clearly. However, when he practiced himself, he found that he could not really master it. He needed to think about and practice every step of the movement, each basic method of directing the strength, again and again. Even then he barely understood some parts. Two or three hours later, a wave of exhaustion finally hit him. So he simply put the dagger down and fell down where he stood and slept, without thinking about anything else.

When he woke up, the sun was shining. He walked to the entrance to the cave and his brow slightly wrinkled because the number of beasts that came to drink was much fewer than usual. He looked up and saw a large group of animals and birds gathering about three or four miles away down the stream. Seeing this, he didn't need any time at all to understand what was wrong. These beasts and birds at Misty Mountain were not fools. Since some animals were killed nearby by him a couple days ago, they all then went to the far side of the stream to drink water in an effort for self-preservation.

However, it was not so far for Junior Leopard, because he could simply walk over there. But he couldn't do too much for being feared of scaring away the beasts. If the beasts decided to hunt for food in the jungle, it would make things more dangerous for him.

Thinking of this, he was not in a hurry to hunt. Anyway, after a couple days, he found out it was no challenge for him at all to hunt ordinary wild beasts. As such, it was no real worry for him. Instead, his mind was once again caught up by the special technique in the jungle.

Of course, his mind was caught by not only the special technique but also the piece of yellow cloth that the little monster was sitting on.

The magic weapon was quite intriguing!

You don't say. With this thought in mind, Junior Leopard rubbed the small porcelain bottle in his hands, and the corners of his mouth flashed a strange smile.

Today, his purposes were not only the piece of yellow cloth and Three Realms Division but also the little monster.

The small porcelain bottle in his arms was filled with Drowsy Drug that he refined before.

Junior Leopard began to pay attention to this thing after realizing its amazing power. During the half year he had spent at the Wu Family, he bought some medicines to boil Anesthetic Pills from time to time. He would ground them into powders, which became the Drowsy Drug. He refined a dozen bottles of the powders. When he went back home, he brought all the bottles with him just in case they were found by the Wu Family. He didn't expect that he would be arrested by Xue Wuya.

As a Level Eight expert, Xue Wuya captured Junior Leopard with other aims. Since Xue Wuya never thought of him owning an odd thing like Drowsy Drug, he, of course, wouldn't search his body. So the 13 bottles of Drowsy Drug were safe and sound on his body.

After finding the half-cliff cave, he settled down there for a while. He dug a hole in the cave, where he buried in the 13 bottles of Drowsy Drug in case of accidents. He had planned to hurt Xue Wuya in a trap with the Drowsy Drug in the next couple of days. Seeing the grotesqueness of little monster the day before, he wanted to conquer it. So he dug out a bottle to take with him. He intended to go to the open space where he led the little monster to, then he knocked it out with Drowsy Drug, killing two birds with one stone.

It wasn't an honorable way of dealing with the little chipmunk. But at this point, he didn't really care about the honorable way of doing it. He was not a famous master, and he was just a pitiful creature captured by a devil. So, he didn't care about whether he acted like a wretch or not.

Having made the decision, Junior Leopard went directly into the jungle without delay. Since he had just gone through there yesterday, he was already familiar with the area and the way of getting there. It wasn't that far away. After he walked for about ten miles, he then climbed over a slope to the open space.

Junior Leopard's trip there was a smooth one, since he encountered no insects or beasts on the way. When Junior Leopard came to the slope, he saw the piece of yellow cloth in the cave was still on the ground, but without the little chipmunk.

"Where is that little monster? Dose it go out to search for food?" Junior Leopard pondered, then he heard a slight "pop!" sound.

In his mind he knew this was not going to end well, so he acted quickly and held his breath as he went back down the slope for about 10 feet before stopping. Junior Leopard looked back in trepidation and saw little monster lying on a branch, making a face at him.

"You are not afraid of strangers, eh?" Junior Leopard thought, with a wry smile in his heart. Fussing about little monster's behavior, Junior Leopard rushed to the little monster with a leap. Lying motionlessly on the branch like yesterday, the little monster just waited for Junior Leopard to come and try to catch him. Once Junior Leopard came to little monster, it started Three Realms Division to escape, eyes seemingly filled with excitement. The little monster seemed to think of this as a sort of game.

However, the little monster didn't expect that this time Junior Leopard didn't want to catch him. Almost a foot away from the little monster, Junior Leopard released little colorless and odorless Drowsy Drug.

The Drowsy Drug was actually all white powders. Hiding a few powders in nails, Junior Leopard vibrated it with internal forces. Then the powders scattered automatically. That was why the Drowsy Drug had neither color nor odor.

Although the little monster was clever, it was so simple that it believed they were playing a kind of very interesting game. It had never encountered any wretched person like this guy who used the devious means. So, when he was a foot away from him, it was actually unprepared. It still didn't care when he scattered the sleeping serum to it. Because it only prepared for escaping when he was about to seize him.

However, he stopped at about half-foot away from the little monster after scattering the powder. Its eyes flashed with a trace of doubt. Suddenly, it felt dizzy and fell still on a branch before falling towards the floor with a "pa" sound.

There was a smile on his face as his plan had succeeded. He caught it before it hit the ground.

"Hey, you annoying little thing! You think you are so clever, why don't you drink my footbath water?" Looking at the fleshy little guy in his palm, he smiled more proudly.

Junior Leopard flashed into the hole under the rock after two ups and downs. He put the little monster down on the ground gently and retrieved the yellow cloth from the ground.

Without the little monster's obstruction, Junior Leopard picked up the yellow cloth easily, just like picking up an ordinary one.

"Good toughness!" Junior Leopard praised when he held up the yellow cloth and pulled it gently. Although he didn't pull the cloth very hard, he clearly felt the power from it. He wondered why he could tear it open even with his full strength.

The thing seemed to be made of cloth, but in fact, it wasn't. When he held the thing in his hand, he found it was made of a kind of strange and smooth animal skin. However, he had no idea about what kind of skin it belonged, the beast's skin, a bird's skin or some other unknown animals' skin.

The skin was the size of a handkerchief, which was triangular like a flag. There was a big pattern like a rune or more like a strange pattern engraving in the center of the triangular. Junior Leopard checked the skin over and over again for a long time but he didn't find anything unusual. He also tried to impart Internal Qi into the skin several times, but nothing special happened. It was still a piece of yellow skin. He had used several methods, and he even used the legendary method of "blood to claim a family connection", like the story he had read in the previous life. However, when he dropped his blood on the skin, the blood just slipped to the ground, like the skin was on a tarp. The yellow skin had no reaction.

After studying the skin for a long time without any progress, he had no choice but to simply put the skin on his arm. Looking at the little monster still sleeping at the bottom of the hole, he couldn't help but smile. He came to the cave wall and begun to study the Three Realms Division.

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