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Green Spirit was burning with a frenzy of rage.

He did have reasons for getting so exasperated.

Having been detained for hundreds of thousands of years in the underground palace of Small Thunder Temple, he finally managed to get out of there. However, he had to take abode in the green lamp, and be restrained by Zhou Bao. Although Zhou Bao was good-tempered and nice to him, he disliked the feeling of being constrained by others. After all, as a member of Demon tribe, he advocated freedom. He finally found a chance to escape, and fortunately got a strong body with low cultivation but a good foundation. The most important thing was that this body itself was also listed as a fairy. What he valued most was that he would not be subject to Golden Book of Fate no matter how powerful its strength was.

But in the end, he came to Azure Secret Area and unexpectedly survived the Thunder Tribulation. Then Zhou Bao figured out the essence of the Taoism. Finally, he once again fell into Zhou Bao's hands.

Now, the most important thing was that his Original Spirit was under the control of Origin of the Great Ways. It was impossible for him to escape from the grey air masses in Zhou Bao's hands.

Therefore, after jiggling the fats on his body, he jumped to his feet and pointed angrily at Zhou Bao.

Zhou Bao was very innocent, indeed!

"In fact, I really didn't do it on purpose. Don't forget that you let me do this!" He said evasively with an innocent and apologetic look at Green Spirit.

"It was my idea. But I didn't let you hit me with thunder!" Green Spirit shouted. "The incomplete Azure Secret Area should be devoid of Thunder Tribulation, but why was there thunder today? Why are there so many guys undergoing Thunder Tribulation?"

Green Spirit was so depressed, so much so that he felt like he was about to cry. Why is this happening? How could he do this!

Zhou Bao's facial expressions seemed to be very helpless, as if he could feel the mood of Green Spirit.

"Well, Green Spirit, I didn't mean to do so, but now that it has happened, I have no idea either!"

This was true. He indeed had no idea.

The air mass in his hand was Origin of the Great Ways, the predecessor of Golden Book of Fate. It was indeed a good thing, but it had not evolved completely and Zhou Bao only incorporated one of his own divine thoughts into Origin of the Great Ways. It could be said that he got complete control of Origin of the Great Ways, but it did not mean he could manipulate it as he wished.

In fact, he could not manipulate it at all.

Just like in his previous life, if you became rich because you suddenly won a hundred million dollars with your good luck, would you be able to spend all the money in one day?

Of course, you could spend all the money by donating it, but you would need to do some paperwork. What's more, Zhou Bao now had no intention of donating.

He just got hold of it, but he had no idea how to use it.

Forget about using the power of Origin of the Great Ways to curb the 270,000 Original Spirit. Zhou Bao could not even deal with Green Spirit's Original Spirit. The only thing he could do was to kill Green Spirit by destroying his Original Spirit. Or, he could destroy the 270,000 Original Spirit, but he was not mentally ill and would not do so for no reason.

He has been jumping on his feet and yelling for an hour. Green Spirit only stopped when Zhou Bao's Gang Qi had was almost crushed completely by Essential Qi Tide.

With a slight smile, Zhou Bao once again activated Air-frozen Bead and caged Green Spirit in it.

"Green Spirit, I have no choice. Maybe it is destined. Hehe, you can be rest assured that even if your Original Spirit is placed in me, I will not move it, nor will I use it to restrain you. Anyway, we are not just nodding acquaintances, you know my character, don't you?"

Green Spirit looked angrily at innocent Zhou Bao. Although he could not wait to break his teeth with a punch, he also knew that nothing could be done.

"Forget it! Maybe it's just like what you have said, this is destiny!"

With a decadent expression, he sighed deeply. "I'm destined to be held by you all my life. Otherwise, why was it you who let me out? Give me that green lamp. Anyway, you don't need it now and I'm lacking a celestial device!"

Stretching out his hands, Green Spirit did not mention his own Original Spirit any more.

Hearing his pitiful words, Zhou Bao just smiled and released the green lamp from the space between the two boundaries. At the sight of the green light flying into the place between Green Spirit's eyebrows, Zhou Bao said with a slight smile, "You see, I have already got Origin of the Great Ways. What should I do next?"

"What should you do? You have already placed your divine thoughts in them and sent it back. From now on, you are the Celestial Emperor of Azure Secret Area. Once you grow powerful, all the creatures listed in the Immortal Rank in Azure Secret Area will belong to you. You don't have to worry about anything!"

"It's not true!" Zhou Bao laughed bitterly. Who knew whether he would grow powerful in the future? Previously, he still had some doubts about Golden Book of Fate. He did not understand why Divine Wind Palace shared with others such a treasure. Why was Divine Wind Palace unable to dominate the world although it had such an advantage?

Now he came to realize that without sufficient strength, you could not manipulate it at all. Additionally, it was an Origin of the Great Ways that had yet to evolve completely. Like the Golden Book of Fate in the present life, it was a representative of the perfect world's Great Ways and the source of good fortune. How could it be controlled so easily?

Just like now, although he had merged one of his divine thoughts and Origin of the Great Ways into one, he had to put back Origin of the Great Ways obediently!

Currently, he had no intention of thinking too much about it, and he gently loosened his grip to let Origin of the Great Ways dissipate in the air.

"Next is to seek out the projection of Golden Book of Fate!" Green Spirit's tone was very harsh, but his words were sensible. "You must be clear that the most fundamental cores of a world are Core of the World, Primeval Beast and Origin of the Great Ways, one of which must be controlled if you want to control a world completely. Of the three things, the easiest one to control is Origin of the Great Ways. It is extremely broad like the outside world. However, Origin of the Great Ways was still turned into Golden Book of Fate and fell into the hands of world's living creatures!"

"How about Core of the World and Primeval Beast?" Zhou Bao asked curiously.

Green Spirit, however, burst into laughter. "Core of the World and Primeval Beast can't be controlled by an ordinary person and no one knows what they look like. From primitive times to now, the key to everyone's struggle was nothing more than Golden Book of Fate. Even Innate Deity, Primordial Demon and mighty people born in Primordial Origin were unlikely to think about grabbing Core of the World and Primeval Beast, not to mention those in this deteriorating world."

"If you don't talk about the outside world, how about Core of the World and Primeval Beast in Azure Secret Area?" Zhou Bao said with a slight squint of his eyes, "Divine Wind Palace is coveting Primeval Beast in Taiyuan Heaven!"

"That is because Taiyuan Heaven is a fragmented space that can't evolve Origin of the Great Ways. Therefore, it can only be called a space, or a micro world, instead of a real world. As the Primeval Beast is also in a weak state, so only they have the chance and the idea to control the Primeval Beast in Taiyuan Heaven with the projection power of Golden Book of Fate. The great emperors in antiquity times also controlled 33 Heavens using this method. Each space has its own Spatial Core and Primeval Beast. As long as you control one of them, you can basically occupy the space. As each space is different, the power of every Primeval Beast is also different. In the space you sensed last time, there is a Primeval Beast whose power is not too strong and can be defeated easily. Therefore, if you want to capture a space, you can start with Primeval Beast and Spatial Core. Right now, Azure Secret Area is evolving from space and a micro world into a real world, and it already has its own Origin of the Great Ways. Therefore, if Divine Wind Palace wants to control the Azure Heaven, the first thing that comes to its mind will be Origin of the Great Ways instead of Primeval Beast. However, it is equally difficult to get insights of Origin of the Great Ways. They don't have Fiery Eyes. Instead of being understood or snatched, the Golden Book of Fate in the outside world was passed down by mighty persons in antiquity times. Without those people or the power of Innate Deity and Primordial Demon, the only option was to use the spirit of Golden Book of Fate in the outside world to attract Origin of the Great Ways."

"Have you ever thought about them bringing the Golden Book of Fate directly?"

"Unless they are crazy!" Green Spirit shook his head after hearing what he said. "Golden Book of Fate is the outside world's Origin of the Great Ways. Once the body enters Azure Secret Area, it will inevitably be backfired by the entire world's power. There are two results. Firstly, two Origin of the Great Ways will be annihilated at the same time with all Original Spirit disappearing. Secondly, the two worlds will be integrated into one, including Primeval Beast and Core of the World. Don't think that it is just an ordinary fusion. Both worlds will witness dramatic changes and 99% of the living creatures will die eventually."

"Doesn't the projection of Golden Book of Fate come in with this problem," asked Zhou Baoqi curiously. "After all, it's also an integration from Golden Book of Fate!"

"No, the projection is different. It only has part of the functions of Golden Book of Fate. It is made by people. As long as the body of Golden Book of Fate does not appear, there will be no devastating consequences. You even have the opportunity to use the projection of this Golden Book of Fate to evolve a new one in Azure Secret Area, so that you can use some of the power of Origin of the Great Ways." At this point, he hesitated and cast a glance at Zhou Bao. "Well, you know, it's a pity that you are a bit too young and weak. If you have Cultivation of True Immortality now, I actually have a way to help you control the whole Azure Secret Area!"

"It's impossible for everything to be in accord with my wishes!" Zhou Bao smiled. He knew that he had got too many benefits and seemed to be greedy if he wanted more.

"I'm still worried. What if they come in and go straight to Primeval Beast!"

"It's impossible. If they are looking for Primeval Beast, they have to use the power of Golden Book of Fate's projection, which will react with Origin of the Great Ways as soon as it enters into the realm of Azure Secret Area. You will then have the opportunity to seize the projection of Golden Book of Fate. Even if they want to find the Primeval Beast, there will be no chance!"

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