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"So, when will I be able to make use of this Fairy Weapon of the Way of Killing!"

"You can only make use of it after passing through the Thunder Tribulation test. Don't worry. Now, you should be able to handle anything with your Skull Elixir Furnace!" Green Spirit grinned, saying, "Put this gourd into your Dantian, yeah, the giant one, and preserve it carefully with your golden Dharma power. It will come it absolutely handy when the time comes to use it!"

"You're saying that I am not able to use it now!" Zhou Bao felt a tinge of regret. With a gentle wave of his hands, he withdrew the red gourd with an incantation.

Although it could not be used yet, he had made considerable progress compared to what he could do previously. He was not powerful enough then, thus, the gourd was stored in the Space of Segmented Realms. However, after refining his skills, the gourd could be easily concealed within his body.

"Your eyes have a magical quality. They must have absorbed so much Pure Yang Water. But it's a pity that it cannot be taken out of you. Otherwise, you can have a store in front of your house, selling only Pure Yang Celestial Devices!"

"I have magic weapons already. Why will I need so many Pure Yang Celestial Devices!" Zhou Bao laughed heartily. He had experienced the power of magic weapons, therefore, he was not that desperate for Pure Yang Celestial Devices.

"Fairy weapons are extremely rare. However, Pure Yang Celestial Devices are easy to refine and use. Besides, they're quite powerful. And, compared to magic weapons, they're much more affordable!" Green Spirit added on and said, "Furthermore, an equally strong power is required to make full use of these fairy weapons. You're really powerful, but you're can't use that red gourd. Even if it's the Skull Elixir Furnace that you've personally refined, it'll will use up considerable energy and Dharma power as well. You know that better than me!"

"That's right!" Zhou Bao nodded in agreement. A magic weapon could be extremely powerful, however, he feared that exhaustion would overcome him.

"I'd better refine my Air-frozen Bead first!" he said. With the exception of magic weapons, what impressed him most were the Fiery Eyes.

Relying on the power of his Fiery Eyes, the other opponent challenged him to a Genuine Immortal head-on match, but they were evenly matched.

It came as a great shock to him. Though he did not know who the person was, he was sure that the other guy had not attained the cultivation skills of Individual Immortals yet. Otherwise, he would have been listed in the Golden Book of Fate and unable to avoid being pursued of such a huge power like the Divine Wind Palace.

Needless to say, that guy's thoughts reflected Zhou Bao's thoughts. He'd like to accumulate his skills slowly and then find an opportunity to advance to be an Individual Immortal. He merely had a Level Nine cultivation skill in Taiyuan Heaven.

By relying on his Level Nine cultivation and the power of his Fiery Eyes, he was able to suppress a Genuine Immortal!

Zhou Bao was truly amazed. However, every time he thought about the pressure created by his Fiery Eyes, his heart would pound furiously.

Now that the guy had achieved it, there should be no reason why I am not able to make it as well.

He had obtained the projected image of the Golden Book of Fate, namely its copy. Thus, his name would not be listed in the Golden Book of Fate, even though he had achieved the rank of Individual Immortal Karmic Rank.That meant he would not be controlled by the Golden Book of Fate. Perhaps, I could use this method in future!

Narrowing his eyes in thought, he calculated, "It's extremely difficult for the people in Divine Wind Palace to utilize the copy of the Golden Book of Fate. Perhaps, they'll decide to use it only during the opening of Taiyuan Heaven. Taiyuan Heaven only opens once every 1,000 years. However, there's an Azure Secret Area in the world. If my plan goes well, I might have the opportunity to coax them to use the copy of the Golden Book of Fate."

Just thinking about the Azure Secret Area, made him excited. The Essential Qi Tide in the Azure Secret Area takes place 10 months in a year. Thus, only two months were peaceful months. During this period, every powerful sect would send their most distinguished disciples to the Azure Secret Area to seek their opportunities.

Differing from Taiyuan Heaven, Azure Heaven had become a renowned area. It did not have as many opportunities as Taiyuan Heaven did. Most of the items there had been evolving long before, especially the Azure Spirit Sea. It divided the Azure Secret Area into countless small islands, each one quite a distance from the other. In the sea lived powerful, evil and strange creatures and beasts. Even a Genuine Immortal could not fly across the sea. Therefore, compared to Taiyuan Heaven, the value of the Azure Secret Area was lesser. However, hopefully in a thousand years or more , when Azure Heaven was done evolving, its value might surpass the Taiyuan Heaven.

But it was a pity that no one knew for sure how many years it would take for this to happen!

"Since people from the Divine Wind Palace suddenly attacked Taiyuan Heaven and sent a Genuine Immortal into it, this meant they were determined to have it under their control. However, things did not work out and their secrets were exposed. It'll be very difficult for them to continue with their plans. It is impossible for them to wait for another 1,000 years. Having said that, Azure Heaven will then be their best choice. However, Azure Heaven and Taiyuan Heaven are worlds apart. Strictly speaking, the latter has no owner. But Azure Heaven and the Azure Secret Area are controlled by several influences. If one wants to create trouble there, he surely will fall out with other influences. Haha, it's really a Heaven-sent chance. If I make use of the Azure Secret Area, perhaps I can make this closely knitted huge influence fall out with each other completely and all these will be done when they are fighting with each other, hum...!"

The more Zhou Bao thought about it , the more he felt it was possible. Finally, he could not help laughing in complacency.

Standing next to him and hearing his laughter, Green Spirit felt disgusted. His intention was to pry into his thoughts, but things were different now. After the purifying by Pure Yang Water, Zhou Bao's strength had increased by leaps and bounds. It was no longer easy for him to pry into his thoughts.

"Green Spirit, what're you up to now?" Sensing Green Spirit's strange psywave, Zhou Bao smiled and said, "Do not be too bothered by what's happening . Though Pure Yang Water hasn't given my spirit that many benefits, my current cultivation has already reached Level Nine. My spirit is now more condensed and stronger than before. You don't have any way now to pry into my secrets."

Green Spirit laughed awkwardly. His psywave had revealed some embarrassing thoughts. "Since you've gathered enough materials, you might as well work on refining an Air-frozen Bead. The Life Pearl of the Cloud-swallowing Beast has already absorbed adequate Pure Yang Qi. Moreover, you have the Skull Elixir Furnace with you. It'll be quite easy for you to refine the Air-frozen Bead into a Pure Yang Celestial Device!"

"Of course. I don't need you to remind me about this matter!" Zhou Bao replied.

He had gained a lot of knowledge and skills from Taiyuan Heaven this time, and his strength had skyrocketed. Furthermore, he had obtained a magic weapon for free. So, he felt very confident now. He took out the Life Pearl of the Cloud-swallowing Beast right away and began to work on its refinement.

The Cloud-swallowing Beast was a giant beast from olden times. Once it had undergone rigorous training for its skills, it was able to evolve into a Sky-swallowing Beast. This giant beast had stayed in Taiyuan Heaven for thousands of years. It led a very well cared for existence, it had plenty of food, was able to roam about freely and slept very well at night. With the ample Spiritual Qi available there, it had already accumulated a vast amount in its reserve. But due to Taiyuan Heaven's lack of thunderbolts, it had no way to pass through the Thunder Tribulation and had merely evolved into a Sky-swallowing Beast.

Therefore, its Life Pearl would surely be more valuable than other ordinary Wind Beads. In Taiyuan Heaven, events kept occurring successively. Thus, Zhou Bao had no time to keep a close watch. After returning, when he was free, he took out the bead. He felt a blast of wind sweeping across his face. Inhaling a mouthful of wind, his body became lighter and it felt like he was going to fly.

Compared with the previous cultivation exercise, this current cultivation was more intense. Besides, he had the Skull Elixir Furnace with him. His recovery was therefore much faster.

After absorbing an adequate amount of Pure Yang Water, the bead started to change. It turned a dark cyan color. At first sight, it looked like a never-ending wind tunnel. Once you looked at it, you would be trapped.

Gusts of wind roared through the black hole. Standing outside, Zhou Bao could hear the mighty howling of the gusty wind, and it sounded like it could rip his spirit apart. What surprised him most was that the sense of a clear space power emanating from this Life Pearl.

The power and fragments of the space!

That reminded him of the amount of space debris that was found in the savage storm as he battled against the Cloud-swallowing Beast the other day.

"This Cloud-swallowing Beast is able to control wind and space at the same time !" Zhou Bao was shocked. "Green Spirit, the Life Pearl of this Cloud-swallowing Beast is a strange creature indeed!"

"What is so strange about it ? This Cloud-swallowing Beast's Life Pearl is mature. It has absorbed so much Pure Yang Water that it can easily tear the space apart. But even though it's so powerful, I will advise you not to use it as a substitute for the Wind Bead. I cannot confirm if you can refine it into a Pure Yang Air-frozen Bead!" Green Spirit said.

"You reminded me of something!" Zhou Bao said, "As soon as Taiyuan Heaven opened, I had a strange feeling when I stood outside. It felt like there was an endless space in that boundless vaccuum. It resembled the graveyard of that Innate Deity. However, it was quite odd because it was totally grey all around!"

"What? You could feel that there is a space inside the hollowness?!" Green Spirit was stunned. He asked, "Are you sure?"

"How would I know? I just sensed that there was a space which was similar to the graveyard of that Innate Deity!"

"Oh, it's no big deal. You know that in this infinite hollow, every space is in always in state of total chaos. Countless types of spaces constantly overlap each other. The one that is the most stable is located at the center, which is our world. While those have no complete Dharma has formed small spaces like the 33 Heavens, all adrift in the hollow. Others have even produced assorted types of strange living beings. However, the more complete these spaces are, the more similar their Dharma will be, and the harder it will be to find them. They're almost totally enclosed, especially some spaces that have living beings. However, some spaces with incomplete Dharma have many flaws and they're easily sensed and captured, even though they're gigantic. In olden time, many mighty beings like to capture these kind of spaces and inhabit them. They practiced their skills in these spaces and were able to evade all kinds of harassment together and avoid all types of tribulations. It was similar to the graveyard of that Innate Deity that we visited. I've told you that it was a space crack, but it was the remains of Primordial Origin. Perhaps, the grey space you sensed is a space crack as well."

It's a marvel that there are still such things existing in this world!

Zhou Bao was excited and greedy after hearing Green Spirit's words, "That is to say, I can capture one too?"


It was a space!

Even though the Spiritual Qi here was lacking, and the Dharma was incomplete, it was still a complete space after all. Just as what Green Spirit had said above, it could be used to evade tribulations, even if he did not use it to practice . When he was out of luck and pursued by others, he could hide in the space. No matter if they were Genuine or Human Immortals, no one would be able find him. It was an absolutely wonderful escape route!

"Lad, it's too early to rejoice. Capturing a space crack is not easy. In addition to locating the space, you also need to destroy different space barriers before reaching the main area. Furthermore, you need to build a connection with its passageway. You cannot achieve this at the moment!" He paused and then continued to say, "But it's still doable. You have a magic weapon with you. You can make use of the Skull Elixir Furnace to connect to that space crack, and then capture it. But you have to locate the space crack once more. You know, it's not that easy. The reason why you've were able to locate it last time was due to the fact that when Taiyuan Heaven was opening, all the spaces were in chaos, and you were skilled at several Divine Senses of space. You're quite lucky. But it'll be difficult for you to find it the next time!"

"Didn't you say that there are numerous space cracks in the hollow? Maybe I will be able to sense another one the next time!"

"Haha, I've mentioned that already. But the hollow is infinite too. Before you became a Human Immortal, you'll have no way to sense the worlds drifting in the hollow. You're so lucky to have sensed it once. Even though you encounter a space turbulence the next time, your chance of locating a space crack in the infinite hollow is very slim. You will be able to find that space again if you can still remember which direction it was in when you sensed it at that time and the way you applied your skills. I hope you can remember all that I've told you just now!"

"I see. It was just by pure chance then!" Zhou Bao said with a wry smile.

"You're way too lucky. It's may not be a good thing!" Green Spirit thought of something else and he continued, "Don't think about these impractical things anymore. You should focus on refining the Air-frozen Bead. The earlier we finish the refinement, the faster we'll be able to enter the Azure Secret Area. In that way, we can study your mysterious eyes thoroughly. It'll be good for both of us!"

"No. I have another thing to attend to!" Zhou Bao replied with a shake of his head. He thought of the incantations that had entered his mind when he was absorbing the mysterious energy of that Innate Deity. "I obtained some insights of Taiyuan Heaven and I need to digest it right now, otherwise, I cannot settle down to refine this Air-frozen Bead!"

"Alright!" Green Spirit kept quiet. Transforming into a silver light, he returned to Zhou Bao's Space of Segmented Realms.

After Green Spirit had left, Zhou Bao sat down slowly in a cross-legged position. He calmed down and began to recall the incantations he had absorbed.

They had seeped into his spirit. He would not forget them unless his spirit was destroyed.

The information he had received was so thorough that his skills sets were complete!

It was so weird that he could only make it out from the patterns that made up these incantations. It was a complete Divine Sense, but he could not figure out what kind of Divine Sense it was.

He could not understand what the incantations or patterns were. They were made up of characters from older and even more ancient times. These incantations had been lost for many years. Even if he knew their heritage, they were just a pile of strange patterns in his mind, nothing else!

"Oh no. How can I forget this matter? This Innate Deity lived in Primordial Time. Even if he wants to impart these incantations to me, I will not understand what they are. I've heard about these characters and incantations from ancient times. But I've never paid any attention to them. I should pay more attention to them the next time, otherwise, it will be like returning empty-handed from a house that was filled with treasures. That is not my style at all!

Zhou Bao felt regret for a short while, but there was nothing he could do about it. He decided to summon Green Spirit and ask him to explain what these characters meant. However, he decided to forgo this thought.

"He knows too many secrets from me. Anyhow, I should keep this to myself. Perhaps it'll be very useful in the future!" Zhou Bao secretly mused. "And anway, perhaps he cannot understand these characters either. I'll keep this a secret until I have a proper opportunity to tell him!"

He made up his mind to set aside this set of incantations. Instead, he took out the Life Pearl of that Cloud-swallowing Beast and began to refine an Air-frozen Bead.

The method to refine an Air-frozen Bead had been meticulously documented by the Immortal Palace. However, that record could only help him to refine a Mysterious Level Air-frozen Bead. Later on, Green Spirit added some additional procedures to it. Finally, Zhou Bao would have the opportunity to refine this Life Pearl into a Pure Yang Celestial Device.

He had found abundant materials to refine this Air-frozen Bead in Taiyuan Heaven. All of a sudden, an assortment of glittering materials came out from his Space of Segmented Realms. Soon after, Zhou Bao took out the Skull Elixir Furnace. A cyan flame shot out from the eyes of that skull and incinerated these materials directly, transforming them into liquid and gas. Then, these materials were all infused into the Life Pearl of the Cloud-swallowing Beast. Shortly after, its Life Pearl was drawn to the Elixir Furnace and was enveloped by the Tusita Fire completely. The refining process had began.

Zhou Bao slowly sat in front of the Skull Elixir Furnace. With a flash coming from his midbrows, he shot a thought into the furnace. Then, he began to forge the Air-frozen Bead with the raging fire, in accordance with the refining method.

It was quite a difficult task for anyone to refine a Pure Yang Celestial Device. Zhou Bao had the same problem too, even if his Skull Elixir Furnace was a magic weapon. After all, it was his first attempt in using it.

Over a period of 10 days, Zhou Bao sat in the cave to refine the Air-frozen Bead. The fire in the Elixir Furnace blazed continuously. In addition, he was more familiar with the application of the Skull Elixir Furnace. He would benefit considerably from the total understanding of the functions and application of both magic weapons and Elixir Furnaces by refining a celestial device with so much care.

Zhou Bao was using both his spiritual mind and divinity thoughts to assess the condition of the Elixir Furnace. Suddenly, his eyebrows gave twitched slightly. His eyes which had been tightly closed, opened and he smiled.

Here it comes!

Yeah, it did.

A gust of cold wind blew across the clear sky. Soon afterwards, dark clouds began to gather in the sky and indistinct thunderclaps could be heard. The air became colder and colder.

It was a bitterly cold place located at the northwest. A sudden snowfall was quite normal during this season.

However, the wind became much more chillier. Within a few moments of breathing space, the surrounding temperature dropped abruptly by more than 10 degrees. The water on the road turned into ice, which was visible to naked eyes. This scene stunned many people.

"May I know who are you? Since you've arrived at the Wuyang Region, I must apologize for not welcoming you in person. Please forgive me for being rude!"

Wang Cheng, Jiang Xiao, and Zhu Ba were the current principal leaders in the Wuyang Region. After watching this scene, they knew that the new comer must be a powerhouse of skills. However, Zhou Bao was doing his training behind closed doors in the Jilei Mountain and no one knew when he would return. Worst of all, Yan Yunfei was now in the Lord Mansion, if something went wrong with her, that would be a problem for all.

Sensing the danger, Jiang Xiao immediately let Zhu Ba greet the newcomer in order to buy more time. They knew that in the Wuyang Region, there was a horde of mysterious powerhouses, who were on good terms with Zhou Bao and lived in other mansions. Apart from them, Wang She, the Chief of Tian Long Taoism, was here as well. Although he had been doing closed-door training, most of his followers were powerhouses too. Because of this, Zhu Ba and Jiang Xiao always thought that the Wuyang Region was an impregnable place. Little did they think that there would be someone encountering them face to face. Moreover, from what they had witnessed, they sensed that the troublemaker was the last person they should offend.

Zhu Ba received no reply from the newcomer. By then dense dark clouds had already covered the sky. With the howling wind, came the first snowflake. Then, the second, third...

The snowflakes swirled around like a myriad of goose feathers in the strong wind... A powerful force was pressing down from the sky directly.

"Where is Zhou Bao? Ask him to come out quickly! I, Ye Qingtian, am here to seek my revenge against him!"

His resonant voice boomed from the sky, shocking both heaven and earth.

"Hum. Ye Qingtian, you really are courageous. Don't you know that powerhouses around the world are searching for you since you've joined forces with the descendants of the Fiery Eyes tribe? How dare you act brashly in the Wuyang Region? You'll end up dead!"

Suddenly a figure flashed across the sky. Soon after, a golden light surged towards the looming dark clouds.


With a loud crash, the figure fell to the ground. He rebounded a few times and struggled to get up. He looked to be about 30 or 40 years old. He was dressed in a white robe and held a fan made up of feathers in his hand and was graceful in his movements. If not for the fact that he was wet and muddy, he would have looked very sage-like . However, at the moment, he was extremely embarrassed. He had severe injuries, his face was covered in blood and he was staring ominously at at the dark clouds.

"Xieyuezi, your cultivation skills are higher than mine. You're an Individual Immortal. But it's a pity that you have no fairy weapons. Under the onslaught of fairy weapons, you're destined to die, even if you're a Genuine Immortal!"

"Ye Qingtian, do you think I am the only one waiting for you?" Xieyuezi spat a mouthful of blood out forcefully , and said in a cold voice, "I know you have magic weapons with you, and Zhou Bao had ruined your affairs. You will definitely seek revenge against him. Therefore, do you think there's only one Individual Immortal here?"

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