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The Pure Yang Water was extremely thick. It was absorbed and turned into mist in that marvelous space. Zhou Bao hadn't understood it before, but he finally realized that The Pure Yang Water wasn't small, but the mysterious interspace was just too vast.

Zhou Bao sensed it was inconceivable.

Because of thinking the dark interspace was small, Zhou Bao hadn't sensed it before. However, he finally saw it clearly: The Pure Yang Waterball was huge, with a diameter of over ten thousand feet.

Ordinary people would say said that the water ball was incredibly huge. A man standing in front of it was just like nothing but a little ant. However, what if you put an over ten thousand diameter water ball in the universe?

It would be much smaller than a drop of water in the sea!

Well, that was now the case.

The water ball was only a layer of thin fog that scattered across the mysterious space. The mist couldn't be seen at all if it broke up. However, the condensation began when his Fiery Eyes absorbed more Pure Yang Water. Finally, when half of it was absorbed, a drop of liquid appeared, tinier than a needlepoint.

Was this the Pure Yang Waterball?

Looking at the water drop, Zhou Bao felt like weeping though he had no tears.

As more of it was taken in by Zhou Bao, more tiny drops started to condensate as well. However, no matter how much of the Waterball he had absorbed, they all were as small as the first one.

"Well, this is...!"

When he thought about how big the Pure Yang Water Drop could be in this mysterious space, he suddenly froze.

When he wanted to see how much Pure Yang Water was left, he saw something breathtaking. It wasn't that his vision had been impaired while absorbing the water with his Fiery Eyes, but he just had his eyes fixated on the mysterious space.

What he saw were the remains, and they were incredibly tiny!

Well, maybe not tiny, but rather different from his idea of an Innate Deity's remains.

In the description of Green Spirit, the Innate Deities and the Primordial Demons, the two kinds of formidable living creatures, which dominated the whole world from the Primordial Origin, were enormous in size. Even the smallest Innate Deity was about 1,000 feet in size, and the stronger ones were 10,000 feet at least.

No matter what Divine Sense these supernatural beings had and how they could transform, their bodies would return to their original size when they died. In other words, the remains of an Innate Deity or a Primordial Demon should be about 1,000 feet at least. However, now they were only the size of a human adult, and even with a very cute posture in the Pure Yang Water.

It looked like a baby sleeping in its mother's belly, but only if the baby had no flesh and only yellow jade-like bones.

"No, these aren't the complete remains!"

He was right. The remains were not complete. In fact, looking carefully, there was only a yellow jade-like skull; the rest of the body was virtual, composed of a strange golden energy.

Even though it looked like the complete remains when it was soaking in the Pure Yang Water, as it was being absorbed by Zhou Bao's Fiery Eyes, the lower part of the body turned into a golden mist and rushed towards Zhou Bao.

"No!" With a look, Zhou Bao wasn't sure if it was a blessing or a curse, so he subliminally tried to avoid it, but how could he avoid that?

These golden mists went straight into Zhou Bao's mouth and nose as if they were alive.

Zhou Bao only felt a cold breath into his body, along the path where the Pure Yang Water once flowed to his huge Dantian. Slowly, these golden mists melted into one strand and blended in with his golden Dantian without making the slightest sound, almost as if nothing was happening.

If it hadn't been for the yellow jade-like skull that was suspended in front of him, Zhou Bao would have thought it was an illusion.

Since the skull was a little dim and he was far away, even with Zhou Bao's eyes he could barely see it, and the finer details were cut off by a layer of yellow light. It was only now that he could appreciate the true face of the skull.

Even though it was no different than a common skull, it looked like it was made of yellow jade rather than bone.

Zhou Bao could not resist and he reached out to touch the warm yellow jade which looked almost like jade lipid. He felt a unique soft force coming that made him feel really comfortable. With a little effort, his strength was deflected by that force and vanished into the void.

"It must be something good, but how do I use it?" Zhou Bao secretly thought.

"Eh, a complete skull of an Innate Deity!"

By then, the Fiery Eyes had absorbed all the Pure Yang Water and Green Spirit came out again, feeling that there was not much danger.

He first looked at the skull suspended in front of Zhou Bao. Then, after an exclamation, he flew to its side.

"It's, it's really the skull of an Innate Deity! And it is complete! Boy, don't stand still, quick, quick refine it!"

"Refine it?" Zhou Bao said confounded before looking up and asking, "Can the skull be refined?"

"Sure!" Green Spirit cried, "This is the skull of an Innate Deity, more solid and more powerful than a common fairy weapon!"

It was more powerful than a fairy weapon!

Zhou Bao's eyes suddenly lit up because he truly coveted fairy weapons. Knowing that the skull was superior, he definitely would not miss it. Without thinking, he broke his fingertip and dropped a little bit of blood, just like when refining celestial devices, right between the eyebrows of the skull.

The skull was slightly shaken, and sending out a hazy yellow light, the blood seeped into it between the eyebrows. With his hands flying, Zhou Bao quickly made numerous handprints and began to refine the yellow jade-like skull there.

"This is..."

As the handprints kept flying, a thread of ingenious spirit from the yellow jade-like skull passed through Zhou Bao's handprints and entered his mind.

It was vast, primitive, desolate and huge!

After being exposed to that vast amount of information, his spirit could not bear it.

"Enough, if this continues, my spirit may be overwhelmed by the information!" Zhou Bao became abruptly anxious as he felt his spirit unsteady. The handprints turned slowly, ready to withdraw. He had benefited a lot already this time, and if all his previous efforts were wasted due to his greed, it was really not worth it.

But when he was ready to quit and refuse the information, his eyes flashed red, and the black lines rotated slightly. At that moment, he felt as if his spirit had grown countless times, and in the blink of an eye, he had absorbed all the information from the skull. After that, the red light in his eyes faded, and his spirit returned to normal.

"What's going on? Fiery Eyes have this weird function?" Zhou Bao blinked fiercely with confusion, but that wasn't the moment to figure it out. Thanks to his refining, Zhou Bao was spiritually connected with the skull, and he felt its tremendous power.

Endless layers of mysterious fluctuation attached to the skull galvanized him.

"Well, boy, don't be dazed. It's time to leave now!"

Finding Zhou Bao was staring blankly, Green Spirit reminded him, "You've refined the skull of this Innate Deity, and have taken away the core of this space-time gap, so it begins to collapse now!"


Hearing the word "collapse", Zhou Bao looked up with startled. Indeed, the spatial fluctuation around him had become abnormal, and the walls looked like they were just about to tear apart. If he did not leave soon, he would be shattered inside the space-time gap.

"How do we get out here?"

"When the space is about to collapse, an opening to the Taiyuan Heaven will appear. The opportunity is fleeting, and you must seize it. Otherwise, even if you don't die, you will only be floating in the endless hollow!" Green Spirit's psywave seemed a little nervous.

"Damn it, why didn't you say that earlier?" Zhou Bao muttered. Then he raised his hand, taking all the celestial devices, which were soaking in the Pure Yang Waterball, back to the ring on his finger.

Just as he was trying to put the yellow jade-like skull into the Space of Segmented Realms, it turned into a yellow light and went straight into his Dantian.


"Hey, boy, you're lucky. Put the Tusita Fire into it, too!" Seeing what happened, Green Spirit laughed happily, "The skull of an Innate Deity, a complete skull, it's the best material for an Elixir Furnace. And you have the Tusita Fire and the Pure Yang Water. Haha, boy, you're rising, you're really rising!"

There was a thrill in Zhou Bao's heart, but it was not the time to celebrate. The space around began to collapse, and one after another hollow black hole started to appear around them.

Zhou Bao, like a little ant, was shaken by the fierce void turbulence, but he clung to the ground where he stood, squinting his eyes, feeling the changes of the surrounding hollow with all his spirit.

"Now!" All of a sudden, Zhou Bao opened his eyes, a wisp of very fine bright light shooting out. With a move, he turned into a gold streamer and threw himself into a black hole deep in the hollow.

The surrounding black holes were getting bigger and bigger. A light spot suddenly appeared at the center of the black hole as the golden streamer was about to be sucked in by the black hole.

The light spot passed like a flash of starlight in the dark night sky. It only took half a snap of the fingers, and it was now that the golden streamer threw into that light spot and disappeared.

Simultaneously, the Taiyuan Heaven, after a month of noise, was gradually returning to calm. On the peak where Zhou Bao and other people had first stopped when they entered the Taiyuan Heaven, a dozen experts, with different expressions, watchfully looked at the surrounding people, including their own companions.

In addition to Ye Qingtian and his two companions, 60 experts had entered the Taiyuan Heaven, but a month later they were the only ones left.

Furthermore, all of these surviving experts were wounded, even the strongest.

Likewise, their gains were considerable; over the course of a month in the Taiyuan Heaven, the treasure of heaven and earth that they got were equivalent to or even far beyond the collection of thousands of years in the temporal world.

After going through all this, some of the strongest would go back and immediately have a closing-door train which concerned life and death, intending to break through to the Mysterious Realm, getting the Individual Immortal Karma Rank to become an immortal.

"It's almost the time. It seems that Zhou Bao did not survive this time!"

The surrounding spatial fluctuations became abnormal, and the Taiyuan Token of the people of each group began to glow slightly. Experts with some experience knew that this was the signal of the Taiyuan Heaven opening. A voice sounded with schadenfreude from these experts, "But Chief Wang and Brother Mo, don't worry. This time, far fewer people can go back. You two don't have to afraid that you can't get out, right?"

Due to Zhou Bao's arrival not happening, Wang She was in a bad mood. Now hearing this gloating voice, he became sullen and was about to flare up. However, with a light noise, the man who had just spoken was suddenly flying out, like a rag bag, hitting the mountain wall with a dead faint.

A green light emerged out of thin air, directly into the more and more chaotic space turbulence. Emissary Chang of the Divine Wind Palace appeared in front of the people with the gold-clothed man, and behind them was Taihai Sage who possessed the Genuine Immortal Karma Rank.

In front of a Genuine Immortal, all the experts who didn't even reach the Mysterious Realm, dared say nothing.

"Bloke, even if Zhou Bao is a bastard, it's not you to be gloating. Don't be arrogant just because of a little gain from the Taiyuan Heaven!"

Taihai Sage Wen Yida scowled, casting a glance at that man as if he was looking at a dead dog.

Everyone was speechless, and it occurred to them that this Taihai Sage seemed to owe Zhou Bao a favor. Even if he was dead, it would still exist. After all, life and death had nothing to do with a debt!

At the thought of this, they all slightly gasped and dared not to speak.

"Alas, it seems that the boy didn't make it. But even if you die, I remember the favor!"

The surrounding space turbulence was becoming more and more violent, just like surging sea, fiercely striking everything around. Meanwhile, the 20 Taiyuan Token were brighter and brighter, everyone being enveloped in the light. At this point, even Wang She began to despair.

"Boy, are you really that short-lived? I've spent so much time on you. Don't lose your life just because of a Taiyuan Gathering, or, how do I charge interest?" Wang She muttered to himself, clenching his fists more tightly. "It won't happen. You have Fiery Eyes. Even though you are blocked by Ye Qingtian, as long as you show your Fiery Eyes, I don't believe that the guy who has the same bloodline as you will ignore it and kill you!"


Just as Wang She secretly worried about Zhou Bao, a deafening cry suddenly came to the ears of these people. Like just the appearance of Taihai Sage Wen Yida, a point of starlight abruptly emerged in the space turbulence, and subsequently, the starlight increasingly grew bigger, forming a gateway of hollow, a strand of gold light spit out. And the loud scream was from this gold light.

"Catching up, I finally catch up. Hahaha, I finally catch up. The bane can survive for thousands of years. That's right! The bane can survive for thousands of years. I'm the bane!" With a gathering, Zhou Bao appeared in the space turbulence, enveloped in the light of his Taiyuan Token, and then left the Taiyuan Heaven with others.

"He is indeed a bane!" The sudden appearance of Zhou Bao surprised everyone. Although the space turbulence just now was very violent, they clearly heard what Zhou Bao said. His complacency and self-proclaimed bane made these experts smiled bitterly.

These people, chosen to go to the Taiyuan Heaven and live out of there, were all heroes who dominated an area expect for Zhou Bao. The youngest of them was the same age as Wang She; some even lived for 100 or 200 years and were all well experienced, but they had never met such a wanton person as Zhou Bao.,

Hearing Zhou Bao's words, even Taihai Sage Wen Yida shook his head with a wry smile. "He must have also benefited a lot in the Taiyuan Heaven, otherwise he wouldn't be so excited. But, the most troubling thing is that he's alive. If he was dead, I could just repay his favor casually. Whether I repay it to his family or to his friends, in my capacity, it will only be like a gift, and I wouldn't lose face. However, now that he is alive, it will definitely annoy me in the future!" Taihai Sage Wen Yida thought with helplessness.

In the temporal world, the storm that raged on the Blue Whale Island a month ago rose again. 20 light-spots of light flashed in the space turbulence. However, there was a much smaller number of people this time than the strong squad of 60 people from last time.

"Hump!" As soon as they appeared, and with the space turbulence not completely gone, Taihai Sage Wen Yida gave a snort and gently lifted his fingers, fiercely striking at a peak of the Blue Whale Island.


With a loud bang, the peak was smashed to pieces. Then a muffled sound came, a strand of red light flashed, and a figure flickered, breaking the hollow instantly and disappearing.

"This time you have revealed your whereabouts. Even if you can escape, you cannot resist the relentless pursuit of our Divine Wind Palace. From now on, there is no place for you!" Taihai Sage laughed grimly and gave Zhou Bao a glance. Then with a roll of the green light, he rolled Emissary Chang and the gold-clothed man up, and they turned into a gust of green wind and disappeared in front of the crowd.

"Zhou Bao, I owe you one. If you have trouble in the future, go to the Mingyi School and they will help you solve it. Your grievance with the Mingyi School has been written off. They will never get you in trouble by any means!"

Far away, the faint sound like that of a gnat reached the ears of Zhou Bao. Hearing this, Zhou Bao grinned, "The Mingyi School? Hehe, it's really a pleasant surprise!"

After Taihai Sage's departure, the experts all looked at Zhou Bao in a weird way. Zhou Bao felt uneasy and showed a displeased look, giving a cold snort.

This cold snort was infused with his Internal Qi, so it sounded like thunder.

"Uh!" Every one of the expert's expressions changed. With their cultivation and experience, they instinctively sensed Zhou Bao's huge Internal Qi and powerful strength just from his snort. However, in such circumstances, they dared not stare at him, so they left, including that expert of the Sea Area, Lei. In only a moment, only Li Xiu, Zhou Bao, Wang She and Mo Yinyang remained on the Blue Whale Island.

"Zhou Bao, you've attracted a lot of attention this time!" Li Xiu said, looking at Zhou Bao with a mixture of envy and jealousy, but also with a lot of joy. "I intended to take advantage of this Taiyuan Gathering to catch up with you, but now it seems you left me behind again!"

Zhou Bao smiled, "That depends on whether you benefited a lot or not!"

Li Xiu shook his head. "it doesn't matter, it can't be compared with a Genuine Immortal's favor. Besides, you've got a Pure Yang Celestial Device!"

"It's just a fluke!" At the thought of the process of grabbing the Lunar Shuttle, Zhou Bao was still feeling jumpy.

"Your Excellency Zhou, thank you very much. I benefited a lot!" At this point, Mo Yinyang began to talk, while cupping his fist before his chest, and he was more deferential than when he entered the Taiyuan Heaven. "It's over here. I'm leaving. If you need any help in the future, I'm at your service!"

"No, it was me who owed you first, so Mr. Mo, never mind!" Zhou Bao also cupped his fist before his chest in an indifferent manner. The mysterious background of Mo Yinyang gave Zhou Bao a feeling of distrust. Moreover, he had a lot of headaches right now, and he really didn't want to go into a deep conversation with this unknown guy.

Mo Yinyang understood Zhou Bao's intentions, so he smiled and turned into a could of grey smoke, disappearing on the spot.

"Well, he left. We must return!" As Mo Yinyang was gone, Zhou Bao glanced at Wang She and Li Xiu. He said, "Chief Wang, are you going back to Tian Long Taoism?"

"No, I'll go to your place first. This time the benefit is too much. I need to digest it well and consolidate my strength!" Wang She said shaking his head.

"Good, going back together will save us a lot of trouble!" Zhou Bao said as he nodded, "What about you, Li Xiu?"

"Okay, I've been to your territory before, but I have never visited it carefully. It's good to have a chance to do it this time!" Li Xiu said with a smile.

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