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The green leaf was like a small boat, which emerged between the eyebrows of Taihai Sage. All of a sudden, azure light flourished. Then, the spherical region 500 miles around them became a green sphere. Gradually, the round object turned into a huge green crystal or an emerald.

Standing outside of the emerald-like region, Zhou Bao looked at that big, green precious stone in astonishment. Suddenly, four words came into his mind: mole crickets and ants!

Yes, before this powerful fairy weapon, Zhou Bao, Wang She, as well as other people present were just like mole crickets and ants.

While one fairy weapon fought with the other, they could only watch the sphere blankly and wait for the battle to end because they were in no position to intervene or take a closer look.

"What strong power this fairy weapon has. Compared to it, a Pure Yang Celestial Device is just a device barely worth mentioning!"

"That's for sure. A fairy weapon and a Pure Yang Celestial Device are objects at totally different levels. As a person reaches Level Seven, he can refine and motivate a Pure Yang Celestial Device. One who is beneath Individual Immortal is able to take advantage of its considerable power as well. In the Mysterious Realm, he can even kill people and remain invincible with the weapon. However, when the person reaches the Genuine Immortal, its power sharply decreases. After one Thunder Tribulation and an ablution of Divine Qi out of the Three Big Realms, the weapon will become less powerful and even useless to them, just like a person who wants to get you into trouble and comes at you just with a Celestial Device at the Mysterious Level or the Psychic Level!" Green Spirit secretly gave out his psywave to communicate with Zhou Bao. "As for a fairy weapon, it is completely different. Even if your cultivation breaks through the Genuine Immortal to reach the Human Immortal, or even the phase of the Three Flowers at the top and Five Kinds of Qi Gathering, a fairy weapon is still powerful!"

"So the gap between a fairy weapon and a Pure Yang Celestial Device is really enormous!"

"Yes, there is an enormous gap, but various Pure Yang Celestial Devices have various power. Take your Golden Flame Mirror as an example. This newly refined mirror, though it contains Innate Green Lotus Qi and Sun Colored Glaze Flame, is still much weaker than your Sky-measuring Star Ruler. The ruler had been practiced for tens of thousands of years and purified in the Constellation Sea for more than 10,000 years. That's the reason why you found it difficult to compete with it that day. You know, some powerful Pure Yang Celestial Devices are almost on par with fairy weapons!"

"Although the Sky-measuring Star Ruler is powerful, that Pure Yang Celestial Device is still not as strong as a fairy weapon!" said Zhou Bao.

That day, Ye Qingtian fought against him with the Sky-measuring Star Ruler. Ye Qingtiang's guidance of the Nine Heavens Star Force indeed put great stress on his mind, but Zhou Bao never felt as helpless as he did today.

"The Sky-measuring Star Ruler can at most be called a middle-ranked Pure Yang Celestial Device. It's no match for a fairy weapon!" Green Spirit said with a laugh.

"Magic weapons are numerous in the world and are divided into spiritual weapons, celestial devices, as well as fairy weapons. There is a large gap between spiritual weapons and celestial devices and we just skip them. Amid celestial devices, the only difference between the Psychic and Mysterious Levels is in power and quality. When it comes to the level of Pure Yang, it is extremely higher than the former two. You know clearly about that. Once a Pure Yang Celestial Device absorbs a bit of Pure Yang Vital Essence, it can link up to the essence of the world. Though neither Under Mysterious or Mysterious Realm really steps out of three realms, one is an Individual Immortal and the other is only a common person. The difference between a Pure Yang Celestial Device and a fairy weapon is similar to that. You can't imagine how enormous the gap is between an Individual Immortal and a Genuine Immortal who has experienced the Thunder Tribulation and completely jumped out of the three realms."

"This Taihai Sage is a Genuine Immortal?" Zhou Bao was a little shocked. "A Genuine Immortal is actually in Divine Wind Palace and even entered Taiyuan Heaven! It seems that your conjecture about their purpose is correct. They indeed want to control Taiyuan Heaven!"

"Exactly. And what is most troublesome is that Ye Qingtian provided Divine Wind Palace the best excuse. I now suspect that Ye Qingtian got the Taiyuan Token and entered Taiyuan Heaven due to the palace's plot."

"You mean members of Divine Wind Palace have known about the existence of the Fiery Eyes since long ago and they have colluded with Ye Qingtian? They have plotted the whole thing to get a double advantage!"

"What do you expect? There are not so many coincidences in this world. Coincidently, it was again the time to open Taiyuan Heaven that only happens once every thousand years. Coincidently, members of Divine Wind Palace wanted to take this opportunity to control Taiyuan Heaven, so they entered the heaven with the shadow of the Golden Book of Fate. Again coincidently, Ye Qingtian got a Taiyuan Token and was in league with a guy who possesses the bloodline of the Fiery Eyes. And lastly, one of the members of Divine Wind Palace in heaven was coincidently an incarnation of a Genuine Immortal. There are so many coincidences in this whole event. Do you think that it's possible?"

"It seems that Ye Qingtian will get into great trouble this time. Wait, what did you say just now? An incarnation of a Genuine Immortal?"

"Exactly. Taihai Sage is the incarnation of a Genuine Immortal, but not the body, which is not in Taiyuan Heaven. If what I guess is correct, this guy has placed his incarnation in the fairy weapon!"


"So Ye Qingtian is bound to lose!"

As if to prove what Green Spirit said was correct, the huge green emerald-like sphere became smaller and smaller. In the twinkling of an eye, the whole sphere changed.

Wen "Taihai Sage" Yida just stood there with his hands crossed behind his back, looking forward coldly. At this time, the green leaf had turned into a ball of green light, which afterward wrapped up the pale blue light of the North Pole Frozen Wheel. Meanwhile, Ye Qingtian in mid-air had squatted on his heels, and was about to be completely covered by the green light as the pale blue light around him became paler and paler.

"Humph, won't you do him a favor?" Taihai Sage looked into the sky and said, "If you don't help him, I will actually kill him!"

Before his voice had died away, a strange red light appeared in the hollow and soon pervaded the entire sky.


A familiar force activated the bloodline of the Fiery Eyes in Zhou Bao's body once again.

"F*ck you! Can't you be f*cking quiet for a while?" Zhou Bao cursed in a low voice. Then he motivated the Demonic Fire of the Primitive Dragon Chimera in his body to fiercely attack the huge eyeballs in his mysterious space. At last, he calmed the eyeballs down.

"Kiddo, this is your instinct, one that flows in your bloodline. If you can't control your eyes, you can't control your instinct either. It seems that you should put some effort into familiarizing yourself with the bloodline!"

"I know that, but not now!" Zhou Bao replied coldly. As the red light flourished, the entire surrounding area of 500 miles was covered by the strange red light.

"Wen 'Taihai Sage' Yida, shame on you for bullying a junior who hasn't even reached the Mysterious Realm with your Body of True Immortality."

A strong voice fell from a place up in the ninth heaven, with each word like a thunderbolt coming to weaken the green light that had suppressed Ye Qingtian. As the final word was spoken, the light on the green leaf was totally surrounded by the red one. Thanks to it, Ye Qingtian found the opportunity to escape. With a quick movement and a loud shout, the green light around him deepened and turned into a blue streamer which directly dashed at Taihai Sage.

"What a cocky guy!" Taihai Sage smiled. Then, the green leaf's light suppressed by the red one became smaller and integrated into his body.

"Boom!" With a loud sound, Ye Qingtian again flew out upside down, but this time, he had already lost consciousness.

"Though the North Pole Frozen Wheel is powerful, you haven't refined it successfully, so you can't give full play to its power. How dare you fight against me! You..." As Taihai Sage said this, he quickly moved forward and was ready to kill Ye Qingtian.

However, he suddenly found that he could not move.

"Your fairy weapon is powerful indeed, but you forgot one thing. You are now just an incarnation. Though you possess power as strong as a Genuine Immortal's, a primordial spirit is still a primordial spirit and is different from a body. If you stay in the fairy weapon as meek as a lamb, then nothing will happen. However, you've now jumped out of it and make some trouble. Aren't you playing with fire?"

As he spoke, a huge palm emerged from the void and suddenly grabbed Taihai Sage.

"Captivating souls!"

Familiar strength, familiar feelings, and familiar fluctuations, but not familiar gestures.

This was the strength of the Fiery Eyes, with which Zhou bao grabbed the spirit of Green Spirit Scorpion and replaced its spirit with his thought, making the scorpion a complete puppet, and also got the creature's Divine Sense, the Poisonous Hitching Post.

However, his Fiery Eyes now were only able to captivate souls of creatures without any spiritual intelligence like a scorpion. It was still impossible for him to grab souls of human beings or evil beasts with spiritual intelligence.

He had once fought against Dark Lord Mie Chen with this movement. Though it was like extracting a tooth from a tiger's mouth, he still inflicted great harm on his rival. When he thought of the spirit of Dark Lord Mie Chen, as hard as ice, he could not help shivering. Now, in front of him were not experts in the Demi-Mysterious Realm like Dark Lord Mie Chen, but a Genuine Immortal out of the three realms, not in the five elements.

A Genuine Immortal who had placed his incarnation of primordial spirit in the fairy weapon.

How powerful was his spirit?

Zhou Bao could not imagine that because it was beyond his capability. Now this guy who possessed the Fiery Eyes wanted to captivate the incarnation of an immortal's primordial spirit with the eyes' strength!

How enormous was the strength that he needed?

When Taihai Sage saw the big sanguine hand that emerged from the void, his face changed. Then he shouted angrily, "How dare you!"

As he shook his body, a green light flashed and directly rushed toward the big hand.

"It's useless. Though your fairy weapon repelled the North Pole Frozen Wheel, a long narrow opening appeared. It's impossible for you to fix it now!"

The big hand reached out to destroy the green light, and precisely captured the incarnation of Taihai Sage.

"Oh..." The incarnation fiercely shivered. In that short period of time, it seemed to be about to vanish. However, the situation subsequently changed.

"Got you!"

A clear voice rang out. This complacent sound did not come from the place above the void, but from Taihai Sage.

As he spoke, the body of Taihai Sage spread apart and turned into countless green lights. He not only got rid of the sanguine hand, but also wrapped it up.

"The power of the Fiery Eyes is indeed miraculous and powerful. All of this is recorded in the books of Divine Wind Palace. For thousands of years, we have never given up exploring the power of the Fiery Eyes, especially the three most powerful ones like the Thorn Wheel Fiery Eyes, Fiery Eyes of Thousand Skills, and Emperor Wheel Fiery Eyes. I guess the power you have is from Emperor Wheel Fiery Eyes, am I right?"

Here was Taihai Sage's complacent sound. "Emperor Wheel Fiery Eyes coincides with the Way of the Emperors among 3,000 Great Ways. It was born with nine lives and was the birth destiny of the Ruling Heavenly Court. It's nothing special if you take the place of Jade Emperor with this power. However, you were not born at a good time and don't have the opportunity that your patriarch had 4,000 years ago!"

The bluish light formed a huge windmill that stirred the red light in the sky madly. In the end, the windmill turned into a bluish vortex, large and deep, which slowly stirred up the red light in the sky.

"My Green Spirit Leaf is condensed with some of the clear Qi at the time of Primordial Origin and can be riddled with evil. The most important thing is that it has more than seven apertures and 100,000 holes, which is more suitable for the primordial spirit to stay than the body itself. Therefore, my incarnation is more powerful. Although you have the special abilities of the Fiery Eyes, which are said to be a nemesis to all incarnations, they can't restrain my Green Spirit Leaf nor my incarnation!"

Taihai Sage shouted, "The Fiery Eyes are very powerful and enable you to pass ranks to challenge the incarnation of a Genuine Immortal with a cultivation of Level Nine, so you often neglect the actual strength of your body and its cultivation. This is also the reason why the Fiery Eyes tribe collapsed. Once a weapon with the ability to restrain your Fiery Eyes appears, you will definitely lose in only one attack!"


After he spoke the last word, the entire space collapsed. The blue light shrouded the heavens and the earth with an enormous green leaf covering the earth. "Don't hide again, and don't try to play tricks. Come out! Without the protection of the Fiery Eyes, your family is nothing but a group of clowns!"

The sky was torn and space collapsed, but a figure was born out of the void that was shadowing in the sky.

"Is that all?" Seeing the might of Taihai Sage, Zhou Bao deeply sighed in his heart. Although he wanted to save this person who had the same bloodline as himself, it was clear that he did not have such an ability.

"Kiddo, don't be nervous, the best part is yet to come!"

"What?" Zhou Bao was suddenly shocked and felt something change. A thin black line was seen flying across the sky, silent and fast beyond imagination.


The black line seemed to flash through the sky in just a moment or a whole lifetime. It swept past and completely cut the body of Taihai Sage.

Bang! The blue whirlwind that had ripped everything quivered. Then, Taihai Sage's body was divided into two parts in the blink of an eye and later turned into a cloud of mist. The green leaves in the sky became cracked. And although the crack disappeared in an instant, the might of the leaves no longer remained, which disappeared and changed into a green leaf that fell from the sky.

"This time, Wen Yida, you demonstrate your flaws!" The voice coming from the void was loud and smiling. The red light began to rise again and envelop his body, leaving his eyes extremely bright and clear, prominent even in the red light.

"The Lunar Shuttle! It's the Lunar Shuttle! Kiddo, quickly go and steal it! It's a Celestial Device of the Way of Killing, the most powerful weapon among Pure Yang Celestial Devices, which you should steal to refine your fairy weapon of the Way of Killing and perfect the practice of the Yin and Yang Heavenly Sword!" The psywave of Green Spirit beat wildly.

"Are you crazy? How can I take that thing?" Zhou Bao shouted. Greedy as he was, he cherished his life. "It's proven to be a horrible thing, which can even destroy Genuine Immortals and fairy weapons, not to mention Level Nine experts like me!"

"You idiot! It's just a Pure Yang Celestial Device and can only attack a fairy weapon effectively once. Although it can shake the Green Spirit Leaf, it must be seriously injured and the same is true of the guy who manipulates it. Do you think that a fairy weapon combined with the power of immortal incarnation is so easy to defeat? Do you really think Taihai Sage is lost? Quickly, do it now! Otherwise, it will be too late if they react!"

Zhou Bao was persuaded by those words.

Human beings died in pursuit of wealth as birds died in pursuit of food. After seeing the power of the fairy weapon, Zhou Bao had long been agitated and considered the only fairy weapon in his collection. "Since I have such a good opportunity, why not give it a shot?"

At least he had the opportunity to retreat!

At the thought of this, he no longer hesitated to launch the Three Realms Division, flashing three or four times, and then he arrived beside that black streamer.

As Green Spirit said, the man in black who manipulated the Lunar Shuttle was badly injured. His eyes were closed and his mouth was full of blood. He was already in a semi-conscious state with a fist-sized spindle-like Celestial Device hovering beside him, which now looked bleak. However, its lingering killing power still frightened Zhou Bao.

As if he felt the sudden appearance of Zhou Bao, the man in black abruptly opened his eyes. "Who is that?"

"Humph. You are in an evil demonic way. Everyone has the right to kill you!" Zhou Bao shouted. As he raised his finger, a dark red Sword Qi emerged and quickly moved forward.

"Oh no!" The black-clothed man was badly hurt. When he saw the Sword Qi approach him again, he felt shocked and suddenly came up with an idea. Then, the Lunar Shuttle quickly flew forward and fought against the Yin and Yang Heavenly Sword.

"It's a good chance!" Zhou Bao did not want to hurt this guy, but he wanted to find the best opportunity to snatch the Lunar Shuttle. As he saw the Lunar Shuttle directly rush toward him, he smiled as if everything was under his control. And when his fingertip drew a line, the hollow split.

Space Division Skill!

The Lunar Shuttle had been badly hurt in the fight against the Green Spirit Leaf. This time, to protect its owner, it battled with the Yin and Yang Heavenly Sword. Though its attack spread the dark red Sword Qi apart, it still failed to stop the division of two realms by Zhou Bao.

All of a sudden, a silver light cover appeared and directly covered the Lunar Shuttle. Then the shuttle disappeared.

It happened in a short time. No one had expected this, just like no one had expected that the Lunar Shuttle and the black-clothed man would show up and that one would intervene in the fight at such a high level. As the old saying went: "The brave one dies from eating too much, while the timid one starves to death".

Both Wang She and Mo Yinyang were surprised at Zhou Bao's behavior. They could not help opening their mouths. When they saw that Zhou Bao had successfully stolen the Lunar Shuttle and left the man in black without any further method of attack, they both sighed in their hearts and cursed, "What a f*cking lucky guy!"

Yes, what a f*cking lucky guy.

Almost at the time that Zhou Bao disappeared, from the space where he just was, there came a flash of red light and it unexpectedly collapsed into pieces, as if it was ruined by some mysterious strength.

"Damn, how powerful the strength is!" As the space collapsed, Zhou Bao quickly came out of the hollow and appeared right behind the shadow of human figures wrapped in the red light. And as the Golden Flame Mirror rose from his head, golden light was released and shot directly at the man while Zhou Bao shouted, "You evil demon, go to hell! I'll punish you on behalf of the moon!"


The golden light fiercely hit the red light, forcing the guy to stagger.

The man got angry. He snarled and turned to kill Zhou Bao with his skill. To his surprise, Zhou Bao had vanished a hundred miles away after several quick movements. Then he launched the Snake-like Breath Holding Skill and hid at the top of a hill a hundred miles away. Even though the guy had the skill to connect to heaven, he could not find a slice of Zhou Bao's spirit in such a short time.

All this happened in the twinkling of an eye. When the other people became clear-headed, Zhou Bao had already seized the Lunar Shuttle and disappeared. The man in black angrily snarled as red light was released from his eyes, which completely destroyed the surrounding 10 miles of space. But all that he had done was in vain.

Because of Zhou Bao's disturbance, he had lost the best time to defeat Taihai Sage.

The bluish light flashed fiercely and seemed to recover from its previous serious injury.

"Go!" He was a resolute person. When he saw the resurrection of the azure light, he knew that it was impossible for him to kill Taihai Sage today. The red light fiercely flashed and engulfed the black-clothed man, Ye Qingtian, and the shadow of the Golden Book of Fate. Then, the hollow split and all of them vanished.

"Hahaha, Taihai Sage, though I didn't kill you today, your Divine Wind Palace also failed to seize Taiyuan Heaven. You planned this for a thousand years and gained nothing in the end. I am happy to see that, very happy! Hahaha!"

A burst of crazy laughter came from the void, as if he had not lost, but had gained a great victory.

In fact, it was a great victory.

Taihai Sage's countenance was gloomy for he had not expected the guy to take away the copy of the Golden Book of Fate as he left. However, everything was over. It was still not easy for him to find three hidden guys in the very big Taiyuan Heaven. Besides, the man with the Fiery Eyes also had a good command of Space Dharma. So he knew that it was impossible for him to find them in the heaven.

As he thought of that, he gently sighed. Pointing at the green leaf in front of him, the green light was scattered and turned into a green rain of light. The rain spread and covered the surrounding 300 miles. Zhou Bao was only 200 miles away, so he was also covered.

Zhou Bao felt shocked and was ready to run away with his Three Realms Division. However, Green Spirit's voice rang out in his head. "Kiddo, don't leave. He just wants to heal you."

Sure enough, as the rain of light fell on his body, Zhou Bao felt his body quickly recovering from the injury caused by the fairy weapon's wave. The healing effect was even better than Dragon Chimera's Demonic Fire. All his wounds were soon healed. Now he was energetic, even more energetic than he was when he had entered Taiyuan Heaven.

It was the same with the others. Even the ones who had stepped one foot in death's door were quickly healed by the green rain of light and regained their consciousness.

"You're Zhou Bao from Yunzhou, is that right? Come out. No need to hide. I won't do anything to you. This time, I owe you a favor!"

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