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The fairy weapon!

Zhou Bao had seen the fairy weapons, and he actually had one—that Red Gourd. Green Spirit said it was a Fairy Weapon of the Way of Killing, which was a level higher than the general Taihao Fairy Weapon, so it was known as a Heavenly Fairy Weapon.

It was a pity that his cultivation was so low because there was no way for him to control a fairy weapon at that level. All he could do was put it in his Space of Segmented Realms.

Aside from the Red Gourd, he had also seen, or to be more precise, felt the fairy weapon of Ye Qingtian.

However, Ye Qingtian also did not have the cultivation required to activate that fairy weapon, but he was closer than Zhou Bao. When he was in danger, his fairy weapon would automatically protect its master, which explained how he had managed to escape from Zhou Bao's punch.

Those were the two fairy weapons that Zhou Bao had in mind. Due to multiple reasons, he failed to figure out where the real power of this fairy weapon lay. But now, he had seen it and he knew it well.

He realized how powerful fairy weapons could be.

And compared to them, Pure Yang Celestial Devices were nothing.

The raging power swept out of the precipice, smashing all the floating peaks within the vicinity of 100 miles.

Apparently, dozens of experts who were looking on from the side had not expected that. Every one of them was badly injured by this enormous power. Those with low cultivations were immediately evaporated into a fog of blood.

Their dreary cries and screams haunted this area of 100 miles. The floating peaks were immersed in abundant spiritual qi, for there were many evil beasts and spiritual creatures there. However, confronted with the fairy weapon, only a small portion of the evil beasts and spiritual creatures survived, including those who had strong power and whose combat capability and defensive power was equal to a Level Nine human's cultivation or had even reached the Mysterious Realm. The rest of them were all turned into a mist of blood.

Even Zhou Bao could hardly survive this tremendously destructive power.

He could barely activate his Gang Qi and Poison Cold Shield when the enormous power came to him, and then he was knocked into the air.

"Damn, this is crazy!" Zhou Bao suddenly felt himself being ripped by a huge force and was hanging upside down in mid-air with every part of his body seriously hurting. His Gang Qi was smashed and the Poison Cold Shield was severely damaged. Yet the main body, the Poison-absorbing Green Bead, had retreated back to his Dantian and never wanted to come out again.

At least half of his bones were shattered and the other half were starting to crack. He was struck and flying upside down just like a cloth sack.

Compared to the others, he had been lucky to not lose consciousness, which was because he was among the top experts here. Although the other people had one or two Celestial Devices, and some even possessed extremely precious defensive Celestial Devices, and all had mastered a strong Gang Qi to protect themselves, they had not been so lucky. All of them literally lost consciousness the moment that they had gotten hit by the fairy weapon. Even if they were not killed, they were passed out for a while.

And if not for the incredible healing ability of the Level Eight and Level Nine experts, they would have died after passing out even if they did not die immediately under that huge impact.

Even though the Snake-like Breath Holding Skill was quite marvelous, he could not hide any longer when everything in the vicinity was shattered to ashes.

In addition to him, Wang She and Mo Yinyang were also shaken out of their hiding places. They were apparently thinking the same thing as Zhou Bao. Just like Zhou Bao, they had wanted to get a real bargain, yet they never thought that they did not obtain any benefits, but rather, they suffered such losses.

Wang She was also not in a coma, but he did not look any better than Zhou Bao did. He looked creepy with a layer of demonic red glitter around him and his hair was disheveled. Yet, the Nine Yin Blackdragon Smoke Gang of Mo Yinyang had long vanished, so he was half-unconscious. The Heavenly Devil Real Body was half-hidden and half-scattered by the power.

Only the remaining half of it was holding Mo Yinyang up, preventing him from falling. What a nightmare!

What made them speechless was that this impact was just the beginning, and it was only the power emitted when the fairy weapon was first motivated.

That huge outbreak of power was nothing but the beginning. It was used to clean the battlefield in advance. Just one blow and everything there was gone, except for Ye Qingtian and the projection of the Golden Book of Fate that was suspended in mid-air. After getting rid of two red lights, the golden light of the Golden Book of Fate again shone on the precipice. The waves on its surface started to ripple again.

The only person who was not injured was Ye Qingtian. He was embraced by a layer of baby-blue light and had a sneer on his indifferent face as he kept his eyes fixed on that precipice.

"Zhang Yunhao, come out. Do you really think there is no one in the world can defeat you because of your fairy weapon? It's not only you who has a fairy weapon!"

"Brat, you are a dead man!"

A cold rebuke came from the wall. Then a giant jade hand flew out from the precipice and attacked straight at Ye Qingtian's head.

"Oh?" Seeing this giant hand, Ye Qingtian was obviously surprised. The spirit that was revealed from that hand definitely did not belong to Zhang Yunhao because Zhang Yunhao did not have such strength nor such magnificent power.


The jade hand snatched the blue light around Ye Qingtian, stopped for a moment, and broke the protective blue-light layer. Ye Qingtian was totally in shock. He groaned and transformed his body into sparkles of starlight and then escaped from the control of the giant jade hand.

"You're not Zhang Yunhao. Who the hell are you?" Ye Qingtian snapped. A sparkle of light darted out like electricity and stopped after flying dozens of miles.

"I'm Wen Yida!" The giant jade hand abruptly turned into a jade-robed elder. He had a clean face and was standing in front of the projection of the Golden Book of Fate with his hands crossed behind his back and a sneer on his face.

"Wen Yida, the Taihai Sage!"

"Yes, that's me!"

"Well, Divine Wind Palace! Taihai Sage! You, as a Genuine Immortal, should unexpectedly enter Taiyuan Heaven. Don't you people from Divine Wind Palace care about what the world thinks of you?"

"What does the world think of us?" Wen Yida said with a sneer, "You ganged up with the remnants of the Fiery Eyes and sneaked into Taiyuan Heaven with malicious intentions. We people from Divine Wind Palace found out your scheme in time, but we couldn't track you, so they sent me to Taiyuan Heaven and secretly protected everyone. Is this enough of a reason to shut the mouth of the people in the world?"

"You disgusting...!"

Ye Qingtian did not know whether that reason would button people's lips or not, but apparently, those words were enough to shut him up.

Indeed, that reason coupled with the strength of Divine Wind Palace could justify his actions. He emphasized the fact that Zhang Yunhao had left his territory arbitrarily and violated the millennial alliance treaty and could even distort the truth.

Seeing Ye Qingtian saying no words, Taihai Sage smiled and looked him up and down. "Ye Qingtian. I've heard about you. Your cultivation is outstanding at such a young age. You are a person of great luck. Why do you join the remnants of the Fiery Eyes? Do you really think that your great luck will always be able to protect you? I'll tell you what, even though you have such great luck, you can't use it at will. You think that because you possess a fairy weapon and inherit the power of Great Ancient Emperor that you can do whatever you want? You are such an ignorant fool!"

When speaking, he again transformed into a jade hand and crushed Ye Qingtian abruptly. "Today, I'm going to smash all your great luck!"

"Humph!" At this point, Ye Qingtian could not think twice. Determination flashed in his eyes. With a huge shake, a ray of a blue streamer darted out from his eyebrows and directly confronted that giant hand.

When the blue streamer emerged, the whole world seemed to be completely covered with ice and snow in a flash. The sky turned blue and the essence of the world was frozen to ice in a single moment.

All of a sudden, the streamer collided with the giant jade hand.

Silence prevailed. Then a light that was baby-blue mixed with jade radiated around.

"Damn, that's not good!"

Zhou Bao, Wang She, and the other fellows who were still sober had stabilized themselves. Before they had fully recovered, they saw the giant jade hand knocking into the blue streamer.

Although the crash was silent to the other people, Zhou Bao clearly felt that the space where the two lights hit together was scattered and had frozen before it could recover. Therefore, that place was still glittering with a creepy blue color. As for the jade ripples, they were more frightening. With the ability of this fairy weapon, its power could be sent out a thousand miles away, let alone a hundred miles. Although they had been knocked away, they were still just a dozen miles away from those two people. If they were to be hit by the remnant impact of that collision, Zhou Bao believed that they would definitely die. Thinking about that, he became worried and was ready to activate his Three Realms Division and run away. But before he could flee, the situation of the battlefield changed again.

He only saw that the speed of those baby-blue ripples had slowed down, yet the jade light in the ripples shone more and more abundantly. And finally, it overrode the blue light and formed a jade cover that shrouded an area of five or six miles, which included all the blue light.

"The North Pole Frozen Wheel! Ye Qingtian, you do have great luck. You even have the best fairy weapon of Big Dipper Emperor and can forcibly motivate it. However, you have underestimated this fairy weapon. Even if you manage to motivate it, you can't control it!"

The jade light then turned into a figure of Taihai Sage. It was just like the real Taihai Sage, with his hands crossed behind his back and a lofty expression on his face, looking at Ye Qingtian indifferently. Ye Qingtian flushed with anger and stared at Taihai Sage with a blue glimmer on the top of his head.

"I don't need to control this thing. I only need to motivate it!"

"Sure. All you need is to motivate it. But unfortunately, you've met me today!" Taihai Sage smiled as a jade radiance was glittering between his eyebrows. In the midst of the jade radiance, a shining green leaf fluttered out. "You are not the only one who has a fairy weapon!"

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