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The cliff stretched for thousands of feet as far as the eye could see. It appeared in front of Zhang Yunhao, projecting a razor-sharp image and its cyan surface was so clear that shadows were reflected on it.

"We're here, exactly where the spot is on the map!"

"Lord, what are we going to do now?" These cliffs were hardly a hindrance to the experts. However, it seemed like these three people were not simply waiting to fly over the cliffs. They stood there, staring solemnly.

"What else can we do? We need to lure him out first!" Zhang Yunhao beckoned to Emissary Chang. He understood what was required and took out an incense stick. Creating a spark using his fingertip, he lighted up the incense and put it on a rock. They rushed to hide behind a giant rock that was some distance away, and with bated breath, waiting for signs of any movement.

"The Tihu Incense?"

Inhaling the scent awakened a long-buried memory in Zhou Bao's mind. This was what Xue Wuya used to lure out the monster from the mud, the Furious Toad. Were they here for the evil beast?

Suddenly, the realization hit Zhou Bao. He had seen them frantically trying to find the road and they were not in the least interested in the treasures of heaven and earth buried in the ground. And now, they were lighting up the Tihu Incense. So evidently, the evil beast they were after was more precious than all of those treasures of heaven and earth.

But was that really the true gist of the matter?

It would take time to figure it out.

The Tihu Incense was burning steadily, and Zhou Bao could feel the air around him starting to change. It was Taiyuan Heaven, whose spiritual qi was thicker than that from antiquity times. This was a place where a stranger would appear only once in a thousand years, and there were all kinds of evil and weird beasts here that had evolved to an incredible level of skills after all the years. Did God even know how many evil beasts were living on this mountain full of spiritual qi?

And, who knows how many evil beasts would be lured out by the Tihu Incense?

There were faint rustling sounds coming from the hiding places around him. Some of the older evil beasts had come running out of the shrubs. Using the magic Snake-like Breath Holding Skill, Zhou Bao laid on the ground and looked so much like a statue, that the evil beasts did not pay any heed to him. But Zhou Bao was surprised to find that the Zhang Yunhao and his subordinates were also ignored by the beasts. These three hiding behind a rock, glittered with a goldlike aura and suddenly vanished without seeming to use any spiritual skills. It was as good as the Snake-like Breath Holding Skill, and what was more astonishing was that they became invisible.

"I don't know what kind of celestial device they are using, but it must be at least a Mysterious Level celestial device. Otherwise, it wouldn't have such magical effect!" Zhou Bao said to himself. There were several celestial devices and magical weapons in the world which served various purposes. Some were for attacking and others for defending. Some were good only after years of practice and could be used for several other functions.

Although most were used for attacking and defensive purposes, this particular celestial device, which could render a person invisible and conceal their spirit, was relatively more precious.

With the Tihu Incense still burning, more and more evil beasts and spiritual creatures gathered around. These beasts and creatures were certainly not here for a meeting. Every kind of evil beast and spiritual creatures had its own home turf, and they had a strong sense of territorial rights, so very soon they were pitting themselves against each other. Flashes and howling filled the air as the creatures went to war. Within a couple of minutes, half of the evil beasts and spiritual creatures were dead, and a large number of them had fled. Only a dozen stronger evil beasts were left still confronting each other.

"What do these guys want? Are they here merely to watch the show?"

Zhou Bao was perplexed and suddenly, something strange happened.

The smooth surface of the cliff quivered, giving forth a ripple effect and at the same time emitted a powerful suction force which sucked in all the evil beasts whose combat capability was from Level Eight to Level Nine.


Zhang Yunhao and the other two, who were in hiding, jumped out behind the rock, glowing in a swathe of red light.

"Let's go for it!" Zhang Yunhao shouted. The golden light which radiated from them beamed down on the cliff. The cliff had already settled back into place after it had sucked in all the evil beasts, yet when the golden light shone upon it, it started to quiver again.

Zhou Bao's eyes were saturated with the heat of the golden light. A sense of greed and desire filled his heart and he wanted to rush out to the site.

"What is happening? Why am I feeling this kind of impulse?" Zhou Bao said to himself, puzzled.

"It's the Golden Book of Fate. Sh*it! Why are these three guys bringing the Golden Book of Fate? Aren't they afraid it will be stolen by others?" Green Spirit's spirit jumped, "No, no. How can they control the Golden Book of Fate? With their cultivation, it's not even possible for them to get close to the Golden Book of Fate!"

"Hey, take a look at it! Is that really the Golden Book of Fate?"

Zhou Bao was initially surprised and then when he heard the words of Green Spirit, he felt puzzled, "How were they able to bring the Golden Book of Fate to Taiyuan Heaven?"

"No, this is not the Golden Book of Fate. It's just an image of it. I know what they are planning to do. Oh, I know. Divine Wind Palace has come up with a very good plan!" Green Spirit had figured it out and couldn't help heaping praises on it.

"What have you figured out? What on earth do they want to do?" asked Zhou Bao.

"They want to gain control of the whole Taiyuan Heaven. Hehe, what they have is only the image of the Golden Book of Fate, whose power is less than ten thousandth of the real Golden Book of Fate. But for using it against Taiyuan Heaven, it's enough!" Green Spirit giggled and said, "Kid, the best part of the show is yet to come. We'll see."

"What show?" Zhou Bao watched the golden light reflection shining on the cliffs and it looked like it had been transformed into a swirling pool of water. The three people who were standing in front of the cliff, together with the golden light radiating from their foreheads had summoned up an image of a book before them.

The book was illustrated with millions of illegible talismans sparkling from within it. Writings from antiquity times were glowing vividly as if they were showing the essence of the evolution of the world. Zhou Bao was obsessed by it, and the desire pervading his nerves.

If Green Spirit had not sounded out a warning, Zhou Bao's desire would have overcome his judgment.

"Kid, stay calm. Even if you go and grab it, it's of no use. Hehe, although the power of the projection is no match for the real Golden Book of Fate, it's still enough to defeat you!"

"Shut up, what do you think they are really up to?"

"I said that they wanted to gain control of the entire Taiyuan Heaven. This Golden Book of Fate will be used to evolve the trails of the Great Ways in Taiyuan Heaven. If I am not wrong, this cliff is the passageway leading toward the center of the entire Taiyuan Heaven!"

"What is that powerful force that sucked in all the beasts?"

"Of course it's the Primeval Beast!" Green Spirit giggled, "They really wanted to find out where the center of Taiyuan Heaven is. As long as they control Taiyuan Heaven and combine the Great Ways with it, then Taiyuan Heaven will become a complete world and the owner of this Golden Book of Fate will be the owner of Taiyuan Heaven too. Everything in it will be available to them and at their command. Thus Divine Wind Palace will be No. 1 in the world. There will be no one who can defeat them in the Seven-deity Regions!"

"Is it really that serious?"

"Just think about it!" Green Spirit said casually, "The great emperors of the antiquity times who possessed 33 Heavens also had thoughts about it. However, although the Golden Book of Fate had no particular owner, no one had the power to create a copy of it. Therefore, someone had come up with an astute way to create the Azure Secret Area to combine the primitive powers from before which gave birth to an entirely new world of tricks. But it is different now. Now that Divine Wind Palace has control of the Golden Book of Fate, it's no surprise that they have this idea. Yet it's extremely difficult to make it. They need to infuse the image of the Golden Book of fate into the center of the micro world. Even though each micro world is guarded by a giant beast, they are not similar to the evil beasts outside. They were bred and appeared at the same time within the 33 Heavens, just like the Primordial Divine Demons. Their power is stronger than Human Immortals who gather the Three Kinds of Flowers and the Five Kinds of Qi. It's impossible to defeat them!"

"If it's so strong, aren't they risking their lives going after it?"

"Risking their lives? It's hard to say!" Green Spirit thought for a while and said, "I don't know what is going on, but I can assure you that the Primeval Beast of Taiyuan Heaven must have been badly injured, and has lost most of his power. Otherwise, the projection of the Golden Book of Fate would not be able to defeat it."

"Only through the infusion of the Golden Book of Fate into the center of Taiyuan Heaven and taking control of this Primeval Beast will enable it to have control of the entire Taiyuan Heaven!" Zhou Bao had chilling thoughts about it, "Divine Wind Palace really has some excellent ideas!"

"The scariest part is that they are able to make those ideas come to life. This idea is by far the best since the antiquity times, and it's been proven true by those necromancers for countless times. If it were not for the inability to project the image of the Golden Book of Fate, someone would have succeeded a long time ago!"

"Then what should I do now?" Zhou Bao asked. Divine Wind Palace was his biggest threat, so there was no way he could just stand and watch their plan hatch successfully, nor would he allow it to become stronger and rule over the world.

"Don't worry. Haste makes waste!" Green Spirit whispered, "Though this plan has been exercised by the necromancers over and over again, no one had ever succeeded. It's not an easy task. Even if the Primeval Beast was injured, it is still difficult to deal with it. And even though they are relying on the power of the projection of the Golden Book of Fate, it's not sufficient for these three guys to create all this, and they need to have at least one fairy weapon with them!"

"Fairy weapon?" Zhou Bao said coldly, "No way! Do they have the fairy weapon?"

"Of course, or how else are they able to conquer the Primeval Beast?" Green Spirit's voice had a trace of a sneer when he said, "These guys didn't even attain the Individual Immortal Karma Rank, and it's not possible for them to conquer the Primeval Beast even if it was injured. Without the fairy weapon, the Primeval Beast is able to make anyone who sets foot in Taiyuan Heaven disappear totally without any trace with only one blow, and that includes you!"

"That's really none of my business!" Zhou Bao was unhappy when he heard what Green Spirit said.

"You'd better have nothing to do with this matter. These fellows from Divine Wind Palace are really courageous. With the fairy weapon, these experts at Level Eight or Level Nine want to defeat the Primitive Beast, they must be kidding!" Green Spirit grinned, "Kid, we'll see!"

Green Spirit stalled him so he could see what was going to happen next, and not rush to attack first. He restrained himself, masking his desire and stared viciously at the three guys.

At this moment, the golden light on their foreheads disappeared. The golden book was floating about 30 or 40 feet away in the air and was emitting glorious rays of golden light, which were shining directly at the cliff. The cliff was undulating. Zhang Yunhao and his guys looked hesitantly at each other, and at last, he strode over to the cliff.

With one step, he vanished into the cliff wall, and Emissary Chang and the other guy were left behind, looking around vigilantly.

"They are setting up the formation!" Watching their movements, Zhou Bao raised his eyebrows in shock, "They mean it. They are really using the Pure Yang Celestial Device to set the Formation Eye!"

Two people pulled out some triangular flags, which were embroidered with clouds, dragons, tigers and all kinds of rare treasures, with a total of 49 flags. They were glowing, and people could tell that the flags were celestial devices at the Mysterious Level when they saw them. The little cyan flag in the middle, used as Formation Eye, was a Pure Yang Celestial Device.

"So I am letting you stay here and don't go walking around. This time, Divine Wind Palace has drawn up a big plan. These three people are not to be messed with. I advise you to stay here and see what will happen next!" The psywave of Green Spirit showed a sense of vigilance.

Looking at the small cyan flag in the middle of the formation, Zhou Bao was secretly glad that he had not rushed out. Otherwise, even this trivial cyan flag will be able to defeat him, let alone their fairy weapon.

However, just because he did not go did not mean that no one else did.

When the formation was about to be completed, a silvery light flashed suddenly toward Emissary Chang, who was setting the formation.

"Who dares to impede Divine Wind Palace?" Seeing this silvery light, the facial expression of Emissary Chang changed all of a sudden. His golden Gang Qi sparkled, as he tried to avoid that silvery light.

But as they were well-prepared prior to their arrival, how could he get away so easily?

The silvery light flashed before Emissary Chang, appearing as a giant silvery claw and violently capping him.

"The Star River Essential Qi? Is that Ye Qingtian?"

The freezing cold star force coagulated, and the force from the familiar waves made the corners of Zhou Bao's mouth tremble.

The person was Ye Qingtian, and when he started to attack, he would strike Emissary Chang to death.

Emissary Chang was an expert at Level Eight, one of the best among them, and his combat capability had already surpassed Level Nine. However, he was quite defenseless against Ye Qingtian, who was as close to being a Metaphysic Individual Immortal. Yet the golden-robed man merely raised his hand, pulled up the cyan flag on the ground and waved it.

A cyan cloud appeared and battled the giant silvery claw, enabling Emissary Chang to escape.

"The Star River Essential Qi, are you Ye Qingtian? How dare you rebel against Divine Wind Palace?"

Ye Qingtian was a well-known expert in the Penglai Region, so Divine Wind Palace, located in the Penglai Region, was quite familiar with his skills.

"I don't have time to talk!" Ye Qingtian sneered. He flew toward Emissary Chang, turned his claw into a sword that pulsed with the Sword Qi. "I want to see how long this small flag can protect you. The Star River Divine Way Sword!"

The silvery Sword Qi flew through the sky and sliced through the cyan cloud which had been transformed by the cyan flag.


The Sword Qi sliced through the cloud like slicing through cotton, and the sword light together with the cyan light of the cloud faded away. "Try another move!" Ye Qingtian cried and emitted another Sword Qi.

"Ye Qingtian, don't be too arrogant!" Emissary Chang yelled. Though he knew he was no match for Ye Qingtian, he had almost completed the formation, with only a trivial setting left. It was too soon to activate it, though, it was the best thing he could use to handle such an emergency.

As he shouted and raised his hand, a golden light hit the surrounding flags, and a cyan mist appeared out of the blues, shrouding the surrounding area within a thousand feet. Emissary Chang and the gold-robed guy faded away into the fog, leaving no traces behind.

The fog was billowing away. The glimmering evil beasts rushed at Ye Qingtian with a gigantic momentum.

"The Hundred-spirit Banner Formation. What a cheap trick!" Facing the spirits of the evil beasts, Ye Qingtian showed no hint of fear. The galaxy of stars around him sparkled and the Star River Essential Qi was turned into a myriad of tiny star needles shooting at the spirits of the beasts and tore them apart.

"Do you think you can trap me with this little formation?" After scattering the spirits, Ye Qingtian twisted his body, and the Star River Essential Qi was transformed into a silvery stream similar to a silver dragon roaring in the fog. The special force field made of fog was gradually being torn asunder by the furious movements made by the silver stream.

"The Internal Qi of Ye Qingtian is very strong. He has merely opened up three acupoints. The last time you met him, he did not use all of his power at once!"

"Humph, he underestimated me last time!" Zhou Bao smiled, "But now, even if he doesn't underestimate me again, I won't bother too much about him!"

"Of course. Your muscles and bones, tendons and meridians, and Internal Qi have been strengthened by the Divine Qi, your power has increased, and you even grabbed his Sky-measuring Star Ruler. You don't have to be afraid of him. Not unless he uses the fairy weapon... "

"Oh, as you said, it is the fairy weapon. How will he be able to activate it?" Zhou Bao sniffed sarcastically with his eyes.

"Whether he is able to activate it or not, he is still your biggest enemy. See, he is about to break up the formation!"

"This formation is not complete yet, so it's not surprising that he is able to break it!" Though the Hundred-spirit Banner Formation was magical, Zhou Bao did not take it seriously, because he had already mastered the Yin and Yang Dust Formation. The power of this formation came from the souls of the beasts and demons which had been sealed on 49 flags and because it had not been set properly, it was not hard to break it up. Ye Qingtian had found the loopholes of the formation and was able to break up the Formation Eye with his powerful Internal Qi.


With a loud noise, except the cyan flag that was used as the Formation Eye and held by the gold-robed guy, the other 48 flags were knocked off by a huge force.

The fog dispersed and the formation was broken up. With the silvery stripe twining around him, Ye Qingtian looked like a god standing there.

"Oh, so this is Divine Wind Palace."

Ye Qingtian pointed at the two people, and the huge stripe rushed toward them.

The golden-robed man dared not defend himself, so he waved the cyan flag. A number of cyan clouds appeared and shielded them from powerful impact of the Star River Essential Qi.

Ye Qingtian did not seem to want to defeat them immediately. He sneered and looked at them. All of a sudden, he glanced at the golden book in the air, and scolded,"Do it now!"

Hearing his voice, two red lights suddenly flickered from nowhere, broke through the rays of the golden book and hit it directly.

"This is—"

As careful as he was, Zhou Bao went cold and started to tremble.

It was the Fiery Eyes. It was the power of the Fiery Eyes!

When the two red lights appeared, a blood light rushed before his eyes. In that mysterious space, a floating giant eyeball made its move. At that moment, the power of the Fiery Eyes was activated, and the black lines on the eyeball began to spin. Numerous streams of the magical force rushed out quickly and merged as if they were finally reuniting with their families.

"Sh*t, get back here!" Zhou Bao was astonished and shouted aloud in his mind. He suddenly bit his tongue, and his essence and blood spurted out. Acute pain penetrated his brain and he forcibly tried to stay awake. At the same time, he activated his Internal Qi, which was spinning crazily, and directed the power to his eyes using the Demonic Fire's tremendous power.

Although the power of the Fiery Eyes was magical, Zhou Bao had always been very careful all these years, and he purposely didn't explore or try to develop it further. That was why it was still weak. Yet the Demonic Fire of Zhou Bao was very strong, he also opened nine acupoints and had been strengthened by the power of the Divine Qi. It was obvious who would be the winner. The power of the Fiery Eyes was repressed by Zhou Bao, and the floating eyeball in the mysterious space flickered and then faded away with a whisper.

The red light below his eyes dissipated, and the black lines around the eyeball also faded away. The spilled power was forcibly sucked back into the Fiery Eyes. Zhou Bao's eyes cleared in the blink of an eye.

The power of the Fiery Eyes was completely suppressed.

"It's not time yet!" Zhou Bao sighed as if the message from the eyeball was meant for him as well.

Looking at the field, with the arrival of two red lights, the golden book started quivering. Meanwhile, a weird but familiar power surged through the area.

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