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Zhou Bao revealed a grim face when he left the Immortal Palace. After knowing the whole thing, Zhou Bao found that the road ahead would be hard for him. As for his Fiery Eyes especially, Wang She had said that when his strength broke through the Mysterious Realm and had a rank in the Immortal Book, his secret would be disclosed. Once he was found to possess the Fiery Eyes, what would be the attitude of the Six Influences? He didn't even need to infer the Divine Wind Palace's attitude, let alone the other palaces, they would manage to kill him as they had done with the whole Fiery Eyes clan.

Although he was already a member of the Immortal Palace, he wasn't really sure whether the Immortal Palace would protect himself from being killed or not by then.

"Hum. Easier said than done. I have to try to weaken their strength before cultivating to the Mysterious Realm. Weaken? How could I do it?" On their way back, Zhou Bao glared at Wang She. He was very anxious to kick Wang She to death. If he had known the case earlier, he would not have increased his strength so quickly. On the contrary, he would attempt to suppress his strength and would've stopped his cultivation at the Mysterious Realm instead of breaking through it.

"It's not late now. My own cultivation is only at Level Eight. I must overcome a level if I want to reach Level Nine. Moreover, it's more difficult to enter the Mysterious Realm than it is to pass into Level Nine. Damn it! Why the hell should I search for the medicinal herbs!" Zhou Bao helplessly thought in his heart. "No, the medicinal herbs need to be searched for. Can't I delay breaking through to the Mysterious Realm my whole life? However, before that, I should prepare well and improve my strength. Oh yes, that gourd, the Fairy Weapon of the Way of Killing, f**k. Unless I could wield this Fairy Weapon of the Way of Killing, I won't break through the Mysterious Realm!"  Zhou Bao said in his heart.

If Yan Yuntian knew his thoughts now, he would be very much regretful. If he had not given Zhou Bao the Taiyuan Token and let Zhou Bao go to the Immortal Palace again to figure out the whole thing, perhaps several years later, provided that he was so lucky to break through the Mysterious Realm, Zhou Bao would still not trouble him. However, the Taiyuan Token was counteractive now.

Wang She was seemingly aware of the reason why Zhou Bao showed such an expression and just smiled helplessly. Because the Earth Bat of Girl was together with them, he had no idea how to ask Zhou Bao. In this way, they sullenly returned northwest.

Obviously, before this farewell, the Elder Qing had said something to the Earth Bat of Girl. As soon as they arrived in the northwest, the Earth Bat of Girl then hurried to the yard. Subsequently, there was finally an opportunity for Zhou Bao and Wang She to talk with each other.

"It seems that Elder Qing has told you everything. What do you think of it? Any idea?"

"Bullsh*t idea. I'm totally at the mercy of others'. What a damn the Divine Wind Palace is! I have no idea!"

"Even though the Divine Wind Palace is strong, there's some way to cope with it!"

"To cope with it? How? Could you?" Zhou Bao sneered. "Hum, have you ever thought about how many experts in the Immortal Book cannot die after their names go to the Immortal Book, even if they want. See, many years have passed. How many people who have broken through the Mysterious Realm are controlled by the Golden Book of Fate? That means they're controlled by the damn Divine Wind Palace. Those people are unparalleled experts and any of them could destroy the Jin dynasty. We just act in a tyrannous manner, but due to the restraint of the Law of Heaven, we can't deal with you at will!"

"That's our advantage!" Wang She said grimly. "The enemy is in the open while we're under cover. We've already known their plan, but they don't know us. That's the biggest advantage. The best opportunity!"

Zhou Bao slightly shivered. Looking at Wang She, he said with a strange face, "Why should I believe in you? It is I who has the Fiery Eyes. You'are one of the 28 constellations, one of the three Chiefs of Tian Long Taoism. Why would you enter this muddy water and oppose the Divine Wind Palace? I really don't understand. Why would you get into this trouble?"

"Why?" Hearing this question from Zhou Bao, Wang She asked with a self-mockery, "Why? You asked me the reason?"

"Yes. I asked you the reason because I don't know," said Zhou Bao ruthlessly.

"Now that you're itching to know, I'll tell you the reason!" Wang She's face slimly twitched and viciousness flashed over his eyes. "My purpose is to destroy the so-called orthodox influence and justice. I will let the beliefs in his heart turn into nothing. I will let him watch everything that he believes suffers from a destruction by me. I will let him experience the regretful result because of the seeds that he sowed. I will let him live with remorse. I will let him feel that he'd rather die!"

Finally, Wang She's face began to twist and his eyes sparkled with malicious light. However, his expression was a smile, which made Zhou Bao feel horrible.

"Is he insane?" Zhou Bao thought and as he wondered whether his wrong words had irritated him.

"If he knows that the faith and convictions that he believes are ruined due to his silly behavior, what will he think of? What will be his expression then? I'm really wondering. I'm expecting. Hahaha!"

The former part was gently and softly said while the latter part was filled with weird laughter like a crying owl. Zhou Bao's eyeballs rolled and he could not help stepping back a couple of steps, lest he should be affected because this Level Nine expert became crazy.

Apparently, he underestimated Chief Wang She's self-control. After laughing, he realized he just had forgot himself and sighed slightly. He restrained his impoliteness and was back to the original grin. "I'm sorry. I haven't shared my anger for a long time. Did I scare you?"

"Almost!" Zhou Bao was not courteous to him. He looked at him with a little bit of shock and wanted to ask who the person was in Wang She's mouth, but he feared to ask more and bit his tongue.

"Don't worry. I was not mad. I was just a little bit excited. You must be eager to know the person I mentioned?"

"Yeah. I'd like to know, but I suppose I've already guessed right!"

"Oh? You guessed?" Wang She was taken aback and then laughed. "Hehe. It's not difficult. You know all the troubles I've made in the past several years, so you can guess. I'm Ji Zhongtang's son, the poor fish who has been dead for long time in the story of Fighting For Justice. Unexpected? In the Mingyi School's graveyard, I saw my cenotaph. Hahaha... my cenotaph, my beloved son, Ji Renyi's grave. Ji Renyi. Hahaha!"

Seeing that Wang She was showing signs of being crazy, Zhou Bao had no idea of what to do. However, at this moment, he did not know how to console him and whether he should do that or not.

"Em... Well. It's already a bygone. You don't need to think too much on this sad thing!"

"Damn it. I'm not willing to think of it. It was you that asked me," said Wang She.

"Yeah, yes yes. It's my fault. Calm down. Calm down!"

"Calm down? Aren't I calm? If I'm not, I would have been to Mingyi School to kill Lu Shaoyou already!" Wang She shouted at the top of his voice as if he was stimulated.

Zhou Bao was speechless and stopped talking. Refusing to interfere with Wang She, who was like a defeated gasping cock.

After a while, Wang She gradually became quiet and his breath slowly returned to normal. He panted for a long time and fell heavily on the ground. This rare Level Nine expert seemed to have used up his energy and just collapsed on the ground.

"That guy wanted to replace me with Lu Shaoyou, but my mom refused. He then beat my mom to death with a palm and threw her off a cliff. I watched him hitting my mom until she spit blood, and the blood splashed over me. Then, he hid Lu Shaoyou and carried me to escape. As he escaped, the killers were running after us. We escaped to a place 300 miles away. Hehe. He hit me to the foot of the cliff with a palm in front of the killers, but he turned and ran away. Hehe, you say, is this bastard really Fighting For Justice? Shouldn't he die?" Wang She lost his expert dignity and sat on the ground, muttering. He was laughing while speaking, which sent a chill to Zhou Bao's heart.

"A bastard indeed!" Zhou Bao nodded in agreement.

"But I can't kill him. It's he that gave birth to me. He's my natural father. I'll be in trouble if I kill him. I shouldn't get into such a big cause and effect issue with the reason that I want to kill him. It's unworthy. It's undeserving to be angry at him!"

"Of course!" Zhou Bao knew that this world paid attention to cause and effect. Many things in the scope of morality in his previous life were inevitably regulated by a mysterious power in this world. For example, the son should not kill his father, otherwise, he would be struck to death by the lightning without an official death order.

"Yes, I can't kill him. Surely I shouldn't kill him. Killing him is letting him off a bit too easy. However, I can let him live an unpeaceful life, a perpetual torment. I'll destroy all the beautiful things in his heart. I'll destroy all his happy things. I'll destroy all the things he believes in. Is there anything that will make me more delighted than destroying his just cause and the orthodox strength in his faith?"

"Nope. No. Your idea is right. It's good. I'm with you!" Zhou Bao smiled. He stood up and slowly left. When leaving, he closed the door. "Your Excellency, you're in a bad mood, please have a rest here!"


Before Zhou Bao had hardly finished speaking, he heard a crash. The roof had been blown to the sky by a strong power.

"I don't need to take a rest!" A green figure flashed, and Wang She was already beside him. He emitted a cold spirit, Zhou Bao couldn't help but shivering. "Buddy, there are three months before the opening of Taiyuan Heaven. Make good preparations. You can just regard what I said as a story. Don't take it seriously!"

After that, the cold spirit totally disappeared. Wang She also vanished.

"Story? Interesting. I seem to have heard it before but a different version than today's. Unexpectedly, there's an extension to it. Perhaps I could play a walk-on role in the extended version. Nice! Nice!" Zhou Bao suddenly became joyful.

Wang She's story also gave him a hint, an idea.

"Indeed, the Divine Wind Palace is powerful. However, there are Six Influences in the Four Eastern Regions, plus the Sea Emperor and the Three Western Regions. It's a big world. Even if I cannot afford to provoke you, can't I avoid you? Besides, can you, the Divine Wind Palace, cover the sky with one hand? Wang She belongs to the Immortal Palace and is Tian Long Taoism's Chief, but his mind is set on how to destroy the orthodox strength which entitles him the right and strength. The Dark Sect is one of the members in the Six Influences. Now that you, the Divine Wind Palace, claim to be orthodox, you won't have a good relationship with the Dark Sect. According to Elder Qing's tone, the other five Influences have resentment to the Divine Wind Palace. If it has no stronger control over the Golden Book of Fate, I'm afraid that many skirmishes have occurred among them." Zhou Bao thought in his heart.

The Elder Qing also had said that internal strife among people never stopped. In other words, the current balance and stability were just relative. Once the unbalance occurred at some node, there would be a tremendous and world-shaking change to the situation.

"Jade Emperor. Heh heh. Jade Emperor. Not everybody wants a superior Emperor to him!"  Walking to the doorway leisurely, Zhou Bao mused with hands clasped behind his back. "If a Jade Emperor is established, what will be the position of the Divine Wind Palace? Those who practice the Way of the Emperor are loonies and supercilious. They pursue absolute control. The puppets who are supported to practice the Way of the Emperor don't act in accordance with the practice mind of the Way of the Emperor. Moreover, this Way can't be practiced to the Advanced Realm. There will be troubles then. However, there's a possibility that the so-called Jade Emperor is just a gimmick by the Divine Wind Palace. They want to create a justice reason in the name of this gimmick. In this way, they could legitimately and openly command the whole Seven-deity Regions. However, it's a big game. I'm too obscure to care for this thing."

"Anyway, I have to make a plan earlier. This time I need to change the plan of entering the Taiyuan Heaven. I still need to search for those medicinal herbs, but it should not be that urgent. I'll look for whether there are some materials in the Taiyuan Heaven for practicing the Air-frozen Bead, the real Air-frozen Bead. Then I can freely move in and out of the Azure Secret Area. I can enter the Azure Secret Area to practice during the Essential Qi Tide and familiarize myself with my Fiery Eyes. In the past, I always wanted to conceal my Fiery Eyes and avoid using them, but now, I have to change my idea. After all, the Fiery Eyes have effects on the Golden Book of Fate, so I'd better attach importance to them. That Divine Wind Palace is veiled in mystery. Since they have been chasing the descendants of the Fiery Eyes to kill them, they must have other ways to explore the trace of the Fiery Eyes."

"I have to know my Fiery Eyes very well, so I should practice the Air-frozen Bead. Isn't the Taiyuan Heaven famous for being the most immense and vast heaven among the 33 Heavens? At this time, my purpose is to look for all the materials for the Air-frozen Bead. Regarding the damn regions and appointments, I'll ignore all of them. Those in the Immortal Book can't enter anyway. Based on my strength and Wang She's, I don't believe somebody would dare to make carping comments! Hum!" Thinking of that, Zhou Bao showed a hideous face. The Elder Qing's words were like a 500-kilogram stone pressing on his heart, making him lose his breath. With the help of Wang She, his mind became clear, and he also realized that the Six Influences were not an iron plate. But for him, this fact was a glimmer of hope.

In this world, anything could be chosen except for one thing: parents! That was bloodline!

"I was too careless before. Now I know the truth and the consequences, so I shouldn't ignore it anymore. In this life, I have natural parents, natural brothers and sisters. My sister also has children. Sh*t! They're also practicing martial arts. If it's discovered that their bloodlines are open, troubles will come. I'm quite lucky. When I was opening the Fiery Eyes, I met Wang She who was entertaining rebellious schemes. Hence, I haven't let the cat out of the bag. Thanks to it, I have had opportunities. But others may not be so lucky!"

He became anxious when he remembered this. Without any arrangement, his figure flashed and turned into a green light, shooting toward the southeast. The destination was no other than the Qingyang Market.

Qingyang Market!

This small town centralization, located at the northern border in the Jin and being close to Misty Mountain, had already become a county and expanded in terms of area. Standing in midair and seeing the well-established Qingyang Market, Zhou Bao sighed with emotion. Looking back on the past years, how was this hell place when he first came here. How was it now?

"It seems that my effort in those years was not in vain. As the saying goes, even the dog swaggers when its master wins favor. The Qingyang market is the best mirror. What will it be when I'm destroyed by the Divine Wind Palace in the future?" Zhou Bao asked with forced a smile. With his body wobbling a little, he pressed the Gang Qi and fell to the yard of their family estate.

Now the Zhou Family was a real big family and became related with the Emperor by marriage. Their attendants were numerous; more than ten people were sweeping in the yard. Suddenly a person emerged, which shocked all of them. Later, they found the person was Zhou Bao and became excited.

"The Fourth Master is back! The Fourth Master is back!"

Zhou Bao had already successfully transformed from the Little Shiba to the Fourth Master.

The Fourth Master, who brought endless riches to them, was respected by the Zhou's and even the whole Qingyang Market in the bottom of their hearts.

"Little Fourth, you're back!"

"My second brother, you are at home!"

Zhou Bao looked back. It was the Zhou's second son, his second elder brother, Houndie who was speaking. The Zhou Family was much different since Zhou Bao had developed. Houndie was Zhou Bao's natural brother. His position rose in Qingyang Market, however, he felt a little bit embarrassed every time he saw Zhou Bao. Their fourth younger brother created incomparable pressure for them while he also brought prosperity to the family.

Everything was better now, but several years ago, if they made the slightest mistake, Old Zhou would whine about how good the Fourth was, which made it unbearable for the others.

Moreover, with the improvement of Zhou Bao's strength and position, he gradually emanated an invisible majesty, hardly giving people a sense of intimacy.

"Yes, at home. Oh, where's our sister-in-law? She's not with you?"

"Nope!" Zhou Bao shook his head. "This time, I came back to deal with something and visit the teacher's tomb. Fei-er is weak, and a long trip is hard for her!"

"Aha!" Houndie nodded and did not say anything else. Actually, he had no right to say anything to Zhou Bao.

Zhou Bao's return was a big event to the Zhou Mansion, so the whole family got together in the evening and feasted. However, Zhou Bao did not focus on either drinking the wine or chatting with the family, but on the relatives who had a bloodline relationship with him.

Among them, the Old Zhou had both a Qi and blood deficiency. Despite a better life with the nutritious nourishment and the practice of some cultivation method which was good to Qi and primordial spirit, he had enough pneuma. Nevertheless, if he wanted to trigger the Fiery Eyes' bloodline, it would be impossible. Almost the whole older generation had this problem. Even though they owned the Fiery Eyes' bloodline, they could not trigger it. As for his generation, they all practiced martial art. Except for his third elder brother, Boxer, his brother-in-law, Wang Tianlei had the highest cultivation. Zhou Bao did not need to care for Wang Tianlei, who had a cultivation of Level Five. Even if his cultivation reached the Mysterious Realm, Zhou Bao was still indifferent because they two had no kinship. Boxer, who was only several years older than him, had practiced to Level Four. It seemed that he had good talent. Such a talent would be likely to trigger the Fiery Eyes. As for his first brother and second brother, their cultivation was too low and could be ignored. Anyway, their Qi and blood were not concentrated, which gave people a feeling that they had been addicted to booze and women for some time. Although they had the Fiery Eyes' bloodline, they would fail to trigger it.

In other words, in this generation, only Boxer, who had a Level Four cultivation, could possibly to trigger his bloodline as a Junior Master. Such a Junior Master had enough conditions to trigger his bloodline. Regarding the third generation in the Zhou's Family, there were many offspring. The first son had three sons and two daughters; the second one had two daughters and one son; even the third son had a girl while his wife and concubine were pregnant. This year he would meet two new nephews and nieces. Zhou Hua's son and daughter were also grown-ups. Those children had good talent. Some older children began to practice martial arts as well.

It seemed that the Zhou's Family became large and thriving in his generation, which was a good thing in other people's eyes. But it was a trouble as far as he could see. It was a real trouble!

"Do I have to visit them every time they give birth to a baby? Damn! Will I be tired to death? Moreover, reviving the bloodline of the Fiery Eyes doesn't depend on the cultivation. As for me, if I'm not dead, mine would be activated through serious stimulation."

"No. I must find some efficacious way to handle this for good!" Zhou Bao said in his heart.

"Efficacious way for good? I have it!" At this moment, Green Spirit, who was said to practice the Great Way of Stars in closed-door training, suddenly appeared.

"Oh my god. How do you know my idea?"

"Your thoughts are deeply rooted in your mind. It's as if they were crying in your head. How can't I hear them!" Green Spirit's psywave came with a faint wave which made Zhou Bao feel abstruse. That was the wave of the stars.

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