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Immortal Palace was the same as it was when Zhou Bao left the last time. It was lofty, majestic, and full of an air of rural life and mystery.

Now, he became stronger. His comprehension of space and formation advanced as well. Entering Immortal Palace once again, he benefited considerably as he comprehended the inhibition of the Space Division.

"The inhibition of Immortal Palace is really mysterious and unfathomable. If I can set up a complete Yin and Yang Dust Formation, maybe the same effect will appear!" He entered the palace in the waves of space.

"But it's a pity that I lack plenty of materials to complete and set up it. Otherwise, my home can be tightly-guarded. I can even occupy the entrance of the Azure Secret Area personally. Haha, it's not cool. I'm too greedy!" He thought secretly.

He came to Immortal Palace together with Wang She and Earth Bat of Girl. Oddly enough, after Earth Bat of Girl heard that Ye Qingtian possessed a Taiyuan Token, he behaved strangely. As if Ye Qingtian did not deserve a Taiyuan Token.

He did not talk about it anymore all the way to Immortal Palace as if he was dumb. Wang She and Zhou Bao were quite confounded. But Earth Bat of Girl was always paranoid. Thus, they kept silent too.

When they arrived there, Elder Qing was waiting for them in front of the palace door as if he had already received the news.

He smiled as the three people were in sight.

"It's time for you to come here now. Everytime Taiyuan Heaven appears, it will exert a considerable influence on the world. This time is no exception. After 1,000 years of waiting and preparation, we know more about Taiyuan Heaven. There must be a fierce struggle. Experts who haven't reached the Mysterious Realm in the Seven-deity Region are doomed to die. I'm wondering whether you're well-prepared!" Elder Qing sighed as he saw the flying figures and wore a wry smile.

"Pay my respect to Elder Qing!" The three bowed.

"Don't be over-courteous. I already knew what you guys came for. Taiyuan Heaven has shown up now. Zhou Bao, you're one of the people who possess great luck in 1,000 years. You're destined to be involved in this matter. But I haven't expected that Yan Yuntian acted so quickly and gave you his Taiyuan Token!"

"Elder Qing is truly intelligent!" Zhou Bao's expression changed and then he laughed. "It seems that you can solve my doubt too."

"You're too lazy and hot-tempered, so you don't understand the solution to your doubt. If you stayed here any longer the last time, you would have known everything now!" Elder Qing smiled. "You're a member of Immortal Palace, the Water Leopard of Winnowing Basket among the 28 constellations. You definitely will know things that others know as well."

"Good." Zhou Bao smiled and nodded his head. Since his cultivation had advanced greatly and he had a discerning eye now, he was more afraid of Elder Qing. At first, he thought that Elder Qing was very simple and ordinary earlier, but now he could sense the overwhelming Qi Power from him. His Qi Power and strength were above that of Level Nine experts.

The inner space of Immortal Palace was boundless and majestic.

Zhou Bao did have a good visit to Immortal Palace last time. But he did not enter the real core, the palace that was covered within the mountains. Elder Qing took them directly to the palace this time.

It was a shabby palace.

It was not glorious and dazzling anymore. Tilting angels and overhanging eaves were dilapidated. However, as the time went by, the unadorned and bleak air of the palace still existed. Time elapsed, but it endowed the palace with a new aesthetic perception.

"The real Immortal Palace is right in front of us. It's the place where we make decisions on big events. But we never use it over the last 1,000 years!" Elder Qing led them to walk through the old and broad meeting hall and stood in the center. He smiled and pointed at the 32 chairs that had made up a circle. Then he said, "You're one of the 28 constellations. You own a seat among these 32 chairs. If you're free, you can have a seat here. But the room is windy and the chair is a little cold!"

Zhou Bao had already noticed these chairs. They were high back chairs. Among them, 28 chairs were grey and were in the same pattern. However, four black high back chairs were in the east, south, west, and north respectively. They were very eye-catching.

He also noticed the circle that these chairs made of was like a roundtable for holding conferences. But no tables could be seen here. There was only a magic formation on the ancient limestone ground.

"It's a meeting hall. But as I've said, we haven't held any meeting for 1,000 years. The last time we held a meeting was when Taiyuan Heaven showed up. But you know, the 28 constellations have never come together. Last time, more than half of the people didn't come."

"Elder Qing, you've already known that?" Wang She asked respectfully. He was always bossy and domineering but was rarely so well-behaved.

"Of course I know!" Elder Qing smiled and patted him on the shoulder. He walked toward the black high back chair that was located in the east and sat down. "Have a seat, please. It's a meeting, we'd better discuss slowly."

The three people smiled and sat down in their chairs.

"Elder Qing, I'm afraid that there's one thing you don't know!" Earth Bat of Girl sat down and said, "Ye Qingtian possesses a Taiyuan Token. If so, one token is left!"

"Ye Qingtian? Is he the young man that White Tiger has mentioned?" Elder Qing was somewhat surprised. But he was not that shocked like Earth Bat of Girl, and he nodded his head gently. "Ye Qingtian has a great luck. It's normal for him to find a Taiyuan Token that hasn't shown up. It's no big deal for three more people entering Taiyuan Heaven!"

"Elder Qing, don't forget about the Thousand Year Promise!" Earth Bat of Girl reminded him of this matter.

"The Thousand Year Promise? It's just a joke! I've never treated it seriously!" Elder Qing snorted. "Those big sects believe that they've controlled the whole world. Do they think they can determine things 1,000 years later easily by a short discussion? They really impose themselves as Great Ancient Emperors!"

Even the deaf could hear the disdain from his words.

Earth Bat of Girl's expression slightly changed. He was somewhat awkward. "Elder Qing, though it's true, if they...!"

"Is Ye Qingtian our man?" Elder Qing interrupted him.

"No!" Earth Bat of Girl shook his head.

"That's it! Since he's not our man, it's none of our business!" Elder Qing smiled. "If they want, we'd better act according to rules. Though the Thousand Year Promise is ridiculous, it's hard to change after all. We'd better wait and see. We must get what belongs to us. If we can obtain more, we can't let them go. This matter is so simple. If others want to pursue more Taiyuan Tokens, we don't need to care about it. But we should fight once they damage our interest. It's right and unalterable!"

"It's the very point where I worry about. Ye Qingtian isn't our man, but he's in a good relationship with White Tiger. If he involves in it, Immortal Palace cannot get away from this matter!"

"White Tiger has a sense of property. He can handle the personal relationship and official business well. He won't muddle them together. Otherwise, he won't be the White Tiger!" Elder Qing dispelled Earth Bat of Girl's worry. He put his hands on the chair and stood up. "Bat and Wang She, you can go for a stroll. I have something to talk to Junior Leopard!"

"Yes!" They stood up and left directly, leaving Zhou Bao alone in the hall.

After that, Elder Qing pointed at the roof. "I guess perhaps you've noticed that?"

"Yeah. I noticed it as I came here." Zhou Bao smiled and looked up. The roof of the palace was a dome that was made of a whole giant stone. It was thick and heavy. However, observed carefully, it was somewhat inharmonious with the palace. In other words, it was not so perfect and tightly fitted.

What surprised him most was the picture on it. It was like a map that was easy to be understood. However, it was different from maps he had seen earlier.

There were seven regions on it. They were all about the same size. Outside these regions was the Sea Area. Islands of different sizes floated on it, but compared to the seven mainlands, they were much smaller.

Among them, he was interested in the region located at the east the most. Because the border of a certain place was similar to the coastline of the Jin Dynasty.

"Is this... a map?" Zhou Bao asked hesitantly.

"This is our world map!" Elder Qing nodded in agreement. He pointed at the map and smiled. "This region is the Jin Dynasty. It's the Central Plain, because it's located in the middle of the Seven-deity Regions, and it's also called the Central Mainland Region. The east is the Li Dynasty, also we call it the Penglai Region. The northeast of this section is the Yingzhou Region and the west is the Fangzhang Region. Generally speaking, these four regions are located at the east of the Seven-deity Regions. We call them the Four Eastern Regions. Between the other three regions and the Four Eastern Regions are billions of miles of Sea Area. These three regions are called the Three Western Regions. Thus, the Four Eastern Regions and the Three Western Regions are called the Seven-deity Regions. Except for these seven regions, the other is the Sea Area. Though it's broader than the Seven-deity Regions, it's underpopulated. The dominators of this boundless Sea Area are evil beasts rather than human beings."

Elder Qing glanced at Zhou Bao and smiled. "But the Sea Area and the Seven-deity Regions live in harmony. Everyone minds their own business. Except encountering things concerning the whole world, influences within the Sea Area and the Seven-deity Regions just mind their own business. Moreover, evil beasts in the Sea Area aren't allowed to enter the coastline 10,000 miles away from every region. This part of the Sea Area belongs to the Seven-deity Regions!"

Elder Qing introduced him the outline of this world within a few sentences. Zhou Bao looked at the map thoughtfully, and Elder Qing did not talk anymore. No matter who knew the complete framework of the giant world, they would be at sea like Zhou Bao.

But what Zhou Bao was thinking was completely different from that of Elder Qing. He was not shocked by the giant world. Instead, he was thinking that since the world was so big, it would be quite hard to travel around the world.

After a while, he calmed down. Elder Qing asked him to have a seat and continued speaking. "I believe you've noticed that the Jin Dynasty is just a small part of the Central Mainland Region. It has defeated Northern Yuan. Including the territory of Northern Yuan, the whole territory of the Jin Dynasty is less than a quarter of that of the Central Mainland Region. But it's the largest country in the Central Mainland Region. However, countries that are broader than the Jin Dynasty are countless in other six regions. For example, the Li Dynasty in the Penglai Region is twice larger than Jin. However, it's just one of the biggest countries in the Penglai Region!"

"What does it have to do with me?" Zhou Bao sighed deeply and then smiled. "I don't have the ambition to rule the world. Neither do I have the noble aspiration to defeat all experts and become the number one expert. It's none of my business even the world is ten times larger than now!"

"You shouldn't say that, it's not that relevant to you earlier. But now, everything has changed!" Elder Qing shook his head and looked at Zhou Bao thoughtfully. "Nine Strips of Dragon Veins converges now. If you can open the dragon vein in your territory, at least you'll possess the great luck and fate to rule the Central Mainland Region!"

"That will be a troublesome thing!" Zhou Bao shook his head. "I only pursue immortality. It'll be better to leave this matter to guys like Yan Yuntian!"

"You don't have such an ambition. It's a good reason!" Elder Qing said. "You better understand that there are various kinds of practice. The Emperor's Great Way is one of the 3,000 Great Ways!"

"Then that has nothing to do with me too. Let alone I cannot find the Way of the Emperor, even if I find it, it's impossible for me to practice. It's the same as you let me practice the Great Way of Stars when I'm practicing Nine Dragons Heavenly Fire Technique."

"You're so young, less than 20 years old. Don't you have any ambition?"

"No, I do. My ambition is to practice. In fact, I'm afraid of death, and my ambition is to pursue immortality!"

"Hahaha...!" Elder Qing guffawed finally. "Pursuing immortality is an ambition, one that has gone beyond everything. Good! Since you've chosen this way, I must warn you. Since Primordial Time, no one has come to the end, because no one knows where the end is. You'd better be well-prepared!"

"Of course I am!" Zhou Bao blinked his eyes and smiled.

"That's fine. Since you aren't interested in being an emperor, let us talk about practice!" Elder Qing said. "The 3,000 Great Ways are most proposed among numerous practicing methods and every way is feasible These two sentences are passed down from antiquity times. But even if you find the real 3,000 Great Ways and want to pursue them, it's difficult as well. Otherwise, there won't be so many ways that have been lost!"

"I understand. Immortality is an unending way!" Zhou Bao nodded. "Everyone has his own limitations. I don't have the qualification to criticize others. Perhaps I'll die in Taiyuan Heaven!"

"Oh? Why do you have such an idea?"

"Although I'm Yan Yuntian's son-in-law, he eagerly hopes that I can die in front of him immediately. He must give me the Taiyuan Token with some evil intentions!" Zhou Bao said coldly.

"Taiyuan Heaven is one of the 33 Heavens. Entering Taiyuan Heaven is an opportunity, but it has risks as well. However, it's not that dangerous as you have thought. Immortals aren't allowed to enter it. It means you won't encounter experts of the Mysterious Realm. Those experts in Taiyuan Heaven cannot pose any threat to you!"

"Was there such a rule?"

"Hum. All listed immortals should be restraint by the Law of Heaven. As long as his name is in the golden book, no matter how mighty he is, the restraint is unavoidable. The Law of Heaven will exercise less restraint on him unless he condenses the Three Flowers and Five Kinds of Qi."

"To be a listed Immortal? What does it mean?" Zhou Bao asked. He had inquired Green Spirit earlier, but he did not tell him in detail and concealed something on purpose. He said that he would tell him when he entered Level Nine. Therefore, Zhou Bao was pissed off.

Elder Qing did not conceal anything. "The so-called to be a listed Immortal means that your name appears in the Golden Book of Fate!"

"Golden Book of Fate?"

"It's a fairy weapon in antiquity times or ancient times. The legend went like this; it was an incarnation of Way of Heaven. No matter who had reached a certain phase, he would activate the Principle of Great Ways. Then the Golden Book of Fate would have the telepathic connection and wrote your name in it. After that, you would be an Immortal and you must obey the Law of Heaven. Otherwise, you would go through Divine Tribulation immediately!"

Zhou Bao blinked his eyes and was confounded. "Really? Will the Divine Tribulation arrives at once?"

"Many people said that the way of practice goes against heaven. But in fact, it's the opposite. Those who went against heaven have already died. A real practitioner pursues the Divine Design. When he enters a certain phase and comprehends something that is closely related to heaven and earth, he'll become a part of the heaven and earth. He's heaven and vice versa. His action is closely linked to the Great Way of Heaven and Earth. If he goes against the Law of Heaven, he goes against himself. For example, you're destined to eat with your mouth, and going against heaven means you're eating with your nose. The result can be easily seen!"

"The Way of Heaven is related to the Golden Book of Fate. When we reach a certain phase, we will be relevant to the Golden Book of Fate. In this way, we're closely linked with the Way of Heaven. Once we obey the Way of Heaven, we will slap ourselves."

"Not bad! You have a good aptitude." Elder Qing nodded.

"So, isn't it a good thing to be a listed Immortal?" Zhou Bao felt weird. According to Elder Qing's words, the essence of being a so-called listed Immortal was to manage those experts whose cultivation had surpassed the Mysterious Realm. It could only bring constraint rather than benefits.

"Of course it is!" Elder Qing laughed. "To be a listed Immortal has its own benefits. The Golden Book of Fate is the instantiation of Great Ways, and it's mysterious and wonderful. Once you become a listed Immortal, you'll have a telepathic connection with it. It will endow you a Divine Sense given your characteristics. Those with strong fate may be endowed with several kinds of Divine Senses. The so-called Law of Heaven is illusory with few restrictions, it's just an empty shell. Most important of all, once you become a listed Immortal, your Genuine Spirit will be protected by the Golden Book of Fate. Except few rare Fairy Weapons of the Way of Killing and Massacre of Heaven and Earth, nothing will kill your Genuine Spirit! In this way, you'll achieve immortality!"

"Are you kidding me?" Zhou Bao laughed. "If we can achieve immortality through being a listed Immortal, those mighty in antiquity times would have been alive now. Moreover, Taiyuan Heaven and Azure Heaven wouldn't become forsaken."

"How do you know they're dead?" Elder Qing wore a smile. "Even if they have died, they may die of Massacre of Heaven and Earth. Do you know the origin of the Seven-deity Regions? Originally, it was a whole land. During the Massacre of Heaven and Earth in antiquity times, Immortals had a fierce fight between each other. Therefore, the whole land was divided into seven pieces together with countless islands. Hence, it's very common for Immortals to die in Massacre of Heaven and Earth!"

"Massacre of Heaven and Earth?!" Zhou Bao was stunned by these words. The Demonic Fire in his Dantian flickered. Then, he felt a fear and was about to sweat.

"What's wrong with you?" Elder Qing asked as he saw Zhou Bao's strange expression.

"Oh. Nothing. I just comprehend something!" Zhou Bao shrugged and said insincerely.

"Really, haha!" Elder Qing looked at him thoughtfully and continued speaking.

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