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The soaring black and red Sword Qi, like a sharp blade, pierced through the essence of the world that was binding him up. Then, Zhou Bao's Dragon Flying Technique got rolling again. The arm-wide Sword Qi instantly turned into numerous tiny versions of the black and red Sword Qi, pounding onto the ground like raindrops.

"Oh, no!"

"Retreat now!"


Wang Daohong's expression altered dramatically. Initially, the formation they set up was to gather together the essence of the world and transform the ubiquitous pneuma into sturdy ropes, which would bind the opponent with compelling force, thus enabling them to trample their opponents at their will.

After all, with the combined efforts of more than 20 experts led by a Level Nine expert amidst the guided and normalized essence of the world, it should be sufficient to hold an expert at the peak of Level Nine, or even a Demi-Mysterious Realm expert firmly in check.

That was why he released the Soul Cleansing Cloth. It was difficult for the mere dozens of experts below Level Nine to mobilize such an immense essence of the world. It was likely to spiral out of control. But when using the Soul Cleansing Cloth to replenish the pneuma they were absorbing ceaselessly, this should work. Assuming that this method could not completely suppress Zhou Bao, it would at least contain him for a while and provide some respite to the other Level Nine experts hiding in the Mingyi School.

To their great shock, this formation that had previously inspired such confidence in them failed totally to suppress Zhou Bao. Even though his Pure Yang Celestial Device was completely blocked by the formation of over 20 celestial devices, he had a powerful special technique which was the Yin and Yang Heavenly Sword!

As the stronghold of the Mingyi School, this formation was vanquished in the blink of an eye! This powerful formation was to the Yin and Yang Heavenly Sword what a piece of soft and delicate silk was to a sharp knife. It was no match for the Yin and Yang Heavenly Sword.

Above all, not only had Zhou Bao succeeded in practicing this awe-inspiring age-old special technique, but he had also mastered a formidable way to break up the strong Sword Qi and turn it into tiny versions of Sword Qi, which were capable of sweeping attacks.

After disintegrating into pieces, the power of the Sword Qi was reduced, but its lethality did not lessen. Additionally, when the Sword Qi disassembled, its components did not disperse all at once. Instead, they were still under Zhou Bao's control and started streaming toward all the experts who had set up the formation in assigned directions. Surprisingly, one of the strongest Sword Qis was dashing toward the Soul Cleansing Cloth from the top of that formation.

Since the Sword Qi had broken through the formation, the essence of the world could not stop falling and went completely out of control. Initially, it was due to the Soul Cleansing Cloth that those experts managed to get the enormous pneuma under control. But now, those experts were reeling about from the impact of the disorganized pneuma. As the Soul Cleansing Cloth came under attack, and all the essence and Qi started heading back to defend itself, was it any wonder that it had any energy left to support the experts?

Without the support of the Soul Cleansing Cloth, the overall condition of the experts worsened. The lower part of the bodies became wobbly and their feet started trembling. All of them deviated from their assigned positions, and cracks started appearing in the original formation. Moreover, together with Zhou Bao's aggressive Sword Qi, the double pressure could only result in a total collapse.

The consequence of this collapse was that the pneuma in the formation spiraled out of control and turned into numerous pneuma dragons that went on a rampage in all directions. Suddenly, just like the disintegration of the dike due to massive flood waters, the pneuma washed away numerous buildings and caused total chaos in Mingyi Lane. The disaster also affected the residents there, who had hurried back to their homes to seek shelter, only to discover that their homes were not safe either.

Sounds of grief reverberated through the small town that was initially a paradise but now became a living hell. All the events occurred in the spate of only two hours, and the stark contrast made the people sigh in sorrow.

"Zhou Bao, I swear that the Mingyi School won't co-exist with you under the same heaven!"

A large number of casualties in Mingyi Lane forced Wang Daohong to lose his cool. Scarlet with anger, he glared at Zhou Bao. He waved his hands and after withdrawing the Soul Cleansing Cloth, he leaped up in the air and hurtled toward Zhou Bao. "Zhou Bao, today, you will die!"

Roaring in anger, he pressed his hands together. His Internal Qi and Real Essence surged upward and his Qi and blood merged together and a beam of pearly light emanated from his body. Over his head, a cyan-colored palm-sized book appeared.

The cyan book was emitting rays of golden light. Once fully charged, its brilliant radiance shone all around. Even the splendor of Zhou Bao's Yin and Yang Heavenly Sword was eclipsed by its brilliance.

"This is the Innate Universal Golden Book!"

Seeing this cluster of light, Green Spirit squeaked with surprise.

"Innate Universal Golden Book!"

The connoisseurs in the crowd had a change in attitude.

"Wang Daohong should have acquired the skills from the Innate Universal Golden Book!"

Zhou Bao had no clue what the so-called Innate Universal Golden Book was about, but he could tell that it was a powerful weapon. When it appeared, the splendor of the Yin and Yang Heavenly Sword was outshone by it while heavenly like sutra chants were coming out of the book. When the chants were heard by others, they were all filled with waves of awe-inspiring righteousness. However, in Zhou Bao's ear, they felt like the Ring Tightening Mantra making him flustered, and almost causing him to blunder.

"Watch out! The Innate Universal Golden Book is the lost Confucian knowledge. It has boundless powers!" When Zhou Bao's mind was in disorder, Green Spirit's psywave came to him once more.

"Now I understand," Zhou Bao's heart gave a thump. Looking up, he saw that the Innate Universal Golden Book was already open, and myriads of lighted characters shot out from the book and engulfed him!

"When did these appear?" Zhou Bao focused his eyes on the gleaming characters that surrounded him. Each of them seemed to symbolize significant meanings, and they all came from the book. Even if you only glanced at them, your heart and mind would be in great turmoil.

Those characters were pounding ceaselessly upon Zhou Bao's heart and mind like incessant huge hammers.

After suffering a bout of hammering, Zhou Bao's face paled and a ray of red light shimmered between his eyebrows. Then, a crystal clear divine thought shot out from his palm with a bright gleam. With the splendor swirling around him, Zhou Bao felt his nerves easing, and the sutra chants that were reverberating in his mind a moment ago vanished in a flash. Also, the unceasing hammerings that were bombarding his mind had stopped.

"F*ck. I almost fell into the trap!" Zhou Bao cursed softly and turned to look at the characters that were still floating around him. He scowled, let out a low bark, and flexed his five fingers. Immediately, those thin traces of Sword Qi that had divided up converged into one again.

"The Innate Universal Golden Book! I shall see how powerful it is !" He bellowed. The converged black and red Sword Qi should have the unparalleled power as compared to when it was split apart. Although the thin traces of Sword Qi could not withstand the righteous Qi of the Innate Universal Golden Book, this all-powerful Yin and Yang Heavenly Sword did not give it any preferential treatment.

The sword roared and surged, churning like tidal waves. The black and red Sword Qi hacked away at the Innate Universal Golden Book.


The Sword Qi was as swift as lightning, which went beyond the imagination of Wang Daohong. With a mere flash of the black and red Sword Qi, that golden book was hit instantly.


Wang Daohong was ashen-faced and spat out mouthfuls of blood. When the golden book was hit by the Sword Qi, it had no chance to fight back but was hacked in two immediately. The damaged book fragmented into slivers of golden light and slipped in between Wang Daohong's eyebrows.

After splitting apart the gold book, the Sword Qi did not slow down but launched another strike at Wang Daohong.


A blast of cyan airflow blocked the Sword Qi. It came from the Soul Cleansing Cloth, that Pure Yang Celestial Device. Even though it was at the Extreme Yang Level, it was purely a decorative weapon, not designed for attack or defense. Now, even with the combination of the torrential Sword Qi of the Yin and Yang Heavenly Sword, it could only hold on for a second, and with a loud moan, it turned into a shaft of cyan light that retreated into the point between Wang Daohong's eyebrows.

"Zhou Bao, stop your insane actions!"

Before the black and red Sword Qi could reach Wang Daohong, a furious howl rang through the Mingyi School. Soon after, a long dragon-shaped streak of golden light appeared with a roar and flew straight toward the Sword Qi of the Yin and Yang Heavenly Sword.

"It's Golden Dragon Saber! Jin Mo has made his appearance!"

Jin Mo!

Not too long ago, the other Level Nine Elder of the Mingyi School was hiding in the dark and bidding his time to strike. But Zhou Bao's combat capability was so strong that he dispersed the formation and defeated Wang Daohong in seconds. If he had remained silent a little longer, Wang Daohong might die and the leadership of the Mingyi School will be handed over to someone else. Therefore, he had to make his move.

"Humph, a wizard weapon? I'd like to see how brilliant it is!" said Zhou Bao with a cold smile. The black and red Sword Qi followed his mental thoughts and aimed directly at the streak of dragon-shaped golden light.

Bang, bang!

The Sword Qi made contact with the Blade Qi. One was a special technique weapon that was peerlessly immensely strong, and the other was a wizard weapon that was peerlessly precious. These two weapons collided and an extreme force rippled forth, causing another earthquake in Mingyi Lane.

"Well done!"

Zhou Bao let out a loud shout, "Its reputation as a world-famous wizard weapon is well deserved. It even withstood a single attack from my sword!"

It was the renowned wizard weapon—Golden Dragon Saber!

But now, it could only ward off a single motion of his sword.

After the collision, both lights of the black and red Sword Qi and the golden blade went out simultaneously. Almost at the same time, the black and red Sword Qi rose again. But it became more powerful and forceful than it had been before.

The Yin and Yang Heavenly Sword was forged by two kinds of precious Evil Qi named Yin and Yang. They were mixed and refined with secret methods and had infinite powers. More importantly, it contained a wisp of a unique congenital killing intent, which even the Pure Yang Celestial Device did not possess. That was why the Soul Cleansing Cloth could only withstand one blow from it. Even the wizard weapon, Golden Dragon Saber, was able to withstand one strike only, and that was executed under the full launch made by Level Nine expert Jin Mo.

The Yin and Yang Heavenly Sword!

Ever since medieval times, it had claimed to have the special technique with the best killing capability. The main reason for this was that it stimulated the first wisp of killing intent that was produced at the Primordial Time through two kinds of Evil Qi of the Yin and Yang. The stronger the Evil Qi was, the stronger its killing intent was, and naturally the better its killing capability would be.

The Yin and Yang Heavenly Sword Qi was refined by Zhou Bao with the Blood Essence Evil Yuan and the Dark Jade Frost, two kinds of the most powerful Evil Qi of polarised nature in the world. It contained an unlimited killing intent which was similar to the killing intent in the Primordial Time. Although it was inferior to the latter, the difference was not that great. Thus, the killing intent Zhou Bao possessed was extremely powerful, so how could an ordinary Pure Yang Celestial Device and a wizard weapon hope to hold it off?

Hence, when the black and red Sword Qi reappeared, Jin Mo's expression changed tremendously. He had nowhere to hide. The only thing he could do was to leap into the air with the Golden Dragon Saber in hand. But when the golden light glistened again, his cause was already doomed.

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