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It was an influential orthodox strength that even the Immortal Palace chose not to run against?

What kind of powerful influence could it be?

After hearing Wang She's words, Zhou Bao was a little shocked and then said with a cold expression, "I can destroy Jin Emperor's Pure Yang Celestial Device without any help of the Fiery Eyes. Even though they might secretly have another one, I'm not afraid!"

Raising his eyebrows, he balled his hands into hollow fists, an enormous and strong spirit scattering from his body.

Wang She suddenly shrank his pupils. At the time Zhou Bao balled his fists, he could clearly feel the terrifying spirit released from Zhou Bao's unintentional movement.

This was an imposing feeling, which was dimly discernible but endlessly immense. It was a kind of infinitely subtle feeling, but it violently shook Wang She's state of mind.

Wang She, one of the strongest Level Nine experts in the world, had the confidence to defeat any other Level Nine expert, especially after he had refined the Pure Yang Celestial Device—the Invisible Dragon Rod.

Powerful as he was, and with such strength, Wang She couldn't help but feel a very strong sense of shock from the bottom of his heart as he was influenced by a huge spirit around him.

"Although he can't control the immature power or use it as he likes yet, he'll be able to exert its powerful and endless strength once he is able to master it!" Wang She thought.

He did not show his surprise, but he secretly contemplated about the properties of this power and attempted to simulate its attributes. However, he still failed to simulate the spirit that symbolized such a strong power. In fact, when simulating it, he felt as though his spirit seemed to be disordered, so he couldn't complete the whole process at all.

"Well, the stronger this kid is, the better it is for me. Hey, with his Fiery Eyes, he is definitely my fated ally, unless he removes his pair of eyes one day!" 

At the thought of that, Wang She looked at Zhou Bao in an increasingly benign fashion. "Boy, at present, there's no need to think about revenge. You can pretend nothing has happened, and see what benefits the emperor will give you. Then, wait for the appropriate time!"

"So, you're asking me to keep silent?" Zhou Bao coldly asked. He was not the kind of person with lots of patience.

"Step back to see a brighter future. Right now, you can only speculate, but you have no evidence to prove it was done by the emperor!"

"I'm not an official and do not need any fu*cking evidence!"

"At times, we need to some causes to account for the things we do, especially for these kinds of things. If you Immediately rush to Western Capital, grab the Jin Emperor from his chair, and even beat him to death, you will acrue nothing but serious trouble!"

"I know. I'm not that stupid, but I won't just keep silent!"

"What are you going to do?"

"Hey, you know what kind of person I am. Will I make trouble for him straightforwardly? I'll tell you, the answer is no. I'll do it in secret and spoil his plan. You mentioned that he was playing a game, didn't you? I'll f*ck ruin his game and drive him crazy," said Zhou Bao viciously.

"What will you do?"

"Firstly, wait for the heaven emissary from the imperial court," Zhou Bao said. Thinking of Nie Wushang, the heaven emissary who was empowered after the announcement of the imperial edict, a trace of coldness flitted his face.

Nie Wushang was poker-faced when he came. However, as he saw Zhou Bao, a slight hint of fear flickered in his eyes, which was caught by Zhou Bao's sharp eyesight.

Meanwhile, Zhou Bao also clearly heard that Nie Wushang's heartbeat and breath accelerated in a short period of time, though he rapidly covered this up.

"Nie Wushang pays respect to Your Excellency Zhou!" Suppressing the surprise in his heart, Nie Wushang bowed to Zhou Bao as if nothing had happened.

To his relief, Zhou Bao smiled and bowed to him as well.

"Sorry to say that, Your Excellency, I was busy yesterday. Please forgive me for any inconvenience!"

"Well, Your Excellency, I quite understand that you are busy showing your talents in the northwest region where many matters are yet to be dealt with!" Nie Wushang said with the intention to flatter Zhou Bao.

"Oh, yeah, I should be busy!" Next, they began talking about things of no importance. Later, Zhou Bao politely saw Nie Wushang off.

After that, Wang She jumped out and asked, "How is it? Have you seen anything wrong?"

"He can hide nothing from me. Although he tried to concentrate on the conversation and hide his panic and terror, he still got distracted from time to time. It seemed that he was very surprised to see me again!"

"He should be!" Wang She smiled. "This time they had prepared a magnificent plan to finish you, but they failed. Of course, he was shocked at this. However, he is not a real martial arts practitioners and only has low cultivation, so he doesn't know just what it means that you have managed to survive this time!"

"Lucky for me to survive this time!" Zhou Bao laughed. "Ten people at Level Eight, not to mention that they had a Pure Yang Celestial Device!"

"You could survive, not just for luck, but for your unexpected strength. At present, I'm afraid that even I am no match for you!"

"Oh, Chief Wang, come on!" Zhou Bao quickly waved his hand and continued, "You are chief of Tian Long Taoism, while I'm just a disciple of its affiliated influence. I dare not be compared with you!"

"Well, stop fooling around. While I'm not clear about your strength now, it's a good thing!" Wang She shook his head and said, "This matter, you can handle it at your will. Whenever you need help, you can come to me. As for my trusted subordinates, order them as you like. I have made the issue clear to them and they will absolutely obey your orders."

"Well, Chief Wang, thank you. If you don't say that, I will be too embarrassed to command your subordinates!"

Wang She laughed and pointed his finger at Zhou Bao without saying a word. Eventually, he shook his head and walked away.

"What are you going to do?" After Wang She walked away, Green Spirit jumped out. "Now that you know who wants to deal with you, what will you do next?"

"Whatever. This time, they failed because they didn't understand me or have my number. They hurried to deal with me without any clue of my bluff. Similarly, I don't understand them either. Well, I had never thought that the royalty of Jin would ask ten experts at Level Eight with one fairy weapon to fight against me. If they can get one fairy weapon out, they can get two, three, four or even more. Nowadays, Jin is a rich dynasty among the four seas, and the power of its bluff is still a mystery. Those who had come after me are just two or three small potatoes, while there is a tiger standing behind their back, but it is an invisible tiger. I'm not such a stupid person to directly battle them!"

"What do you mean?"

"Just wait and see. I wonder what our majesty will do next. I now have a fairy weapon in my hand, which makes me itch for a fight!"

"You don't have the ability to use that weapon now. It's not a celestial device like Golden Flame Mirror or Invisible Dragon Rod, but a pure Fairy Weapon of the Way of Killing at Heavenly Level. If your body can't bear its killing intent, you will die in a nasty way. Of course, your body is not currently capable of tolerating its intent!"

"If even I can't bear it, how did that guy control it?"

"He adopted a wrong method, so he didn't have a real mastery of the fairy weapon. Otherwise, you would have been dead long before!" Green Spirit said coldly, "His method is not suitable for you, and it will be very troublesome if you refine the fairy weapon with that approach!"

"You mean I'd better not refine it right now?"

"Before you achieve the Individual Immortal Karma Rank, not refining it is better!"

"No refining, huh, but it's so tempting to have a try!" Zhou Bao laughed.

"Boy, be patient, you are still young, way too young. The road ahead of you is very long, along with plenty of good and rare things. A piece of Heavenly Fairy Weapon is indeed quite rare and important. For that reason, you should think twice before you act. Otherwise, you will lose more than you've gained!"

Hearing this, Zhou Bao sighed. "Well, I'll listen to you this time. By the way, do you know the so-called orthodox strength?"

"Oh, I don't know. In my era, the so-called right ways and evil ways are completely different from those of the present. Techniques are totally different as well. At that time, both right and evil ways were domineering and powerful. Not like now, all those ways take actions in secret and I don't know what they are afraid of!"

"What are they afraid of? They are afraid of being killed once they stand out!" Zhou Bao sneered. "In these years, it's not a good thing to stand out like me!"

"Now you have to be the first bird that stands out!" Green Spirit laughed.

"I have been in great trouble since I became that kind of bird. After that case, I have already turned into a master in coming forward. When the ten guys fought against me, I could vaguely feel a person's spirit. His ability to hide his tracks is very strong, which is almost above my Snake-like Breath Holding Skill. If it was not for his shock that prevented him from holding his spirit while I was killing those experts, I wouldn't have noticed his presence!"

"Now that you noticed his existence, why don't you detain him?"

"I said that I was sick of being a little bird that came forward and now I want to be a prestigious master who stands out. The man hidden in the dark didn't reveal any killing intent, so he shouldn't be in cohoots with those ten guys, but should belong to another influence. Perhaps the few surviving persons will keep their mouths zipped, but this guy won't and will at least leak this matter to the other influences. I believe I will live a peaceful life for some time!"

"That's exactly what you want. In these few days, you'd better get a hang of Nine Changes of Heavenly Birds from meditation. Boy, I don't know what kind of fate you have. It is inexplicable that you have learned so many eccentric things!"

"Nine Changes of Heavenly Birds is indeed powerful, but it is not suitable for my approach. Nor is the 72 Style Earthly Fiends Cudgel Techniques that you taught me. My approach is this!" As he spoke, he lifted up his fists and clenched them tightly, and then, horrible and enormous Qi was released from his body. "What I believe in most are my own fists."

"Fists!" Green Spirit said with a faint smile, "Yes, your biggest advantage is your fists. I believe, in this battle, you also noticed the change in your fist intent after Real Dragon's Nine Acupoints was refined. Their power is at least 10 times stronger than before!"

"So I need to make my fists more powerful, rather than understand the so-called Nine Changes of Heavenly Birds," Zhou Bao said.

"You shouldn't say that!" Green Spirit continued with a smile, "I have noticed that your fist intent is too powerful, even more powerful than that of the great emperors in antiquity times, who already had the most unfathomable cultivation and was specialized in punching skills. For the same reason, it's impossible for you to reach such an Advanced Level in such a short time. However, Nine Changes of Heavenly Birds is different, which is an unfathomable skill. Though I don't know who created it, I can deduce that, if you can comprehend Nine Changes of Heavenly Birds, you will be able to figure out the natural Divine Sense of these nine divine birds, which is greatly beneficial to you, like the Great Fusion Technic of Evil Fire Kylin!"

"How could this happen? Why didn't I know of it before?"

"Of course you don't know. If I am not mistaken, the Great Fusion Technic should also originate from those necromancers. It's honestly much easier to study the Divine Sense of natural evil and divine beasts than skills of gods and devils in primitive times!"

"Necromancers again. These guys are annoying!" Zhou Bao said with a wry smile, "What is the Divine Sense?"

"I have no idea about that. These nine kinds of divine birds who owns various vagarious Divine Senses have been world-famous since antiquity times, but I believe what you finally comprehend should be the strongest Divine Sense in each bird, given the consistent style of those necromancers!"

"So I actually have to figure out the Nine Changes of Heavenly Birds!"

"This is only my advice!" Green Spirit smiled and then crept into the green lamp.

Great Jin, Western Capital!

In the ancient and stately Royal Capital, everyone was solemn and respectful. Eunuchs, maids and all the other servants were methodically completing the tasks that had remained unchanged for thousands of years. Like a machine that would never rust or stop running, they were always working precisely and punctually, because in this place, they and even their entire clan might be beheaded if they ever made a small mistake.

Therefore, everyone here was cautious and meticulous for fear that they and their family would be killed because their negligence and carelessness annoyed the lord of all the world who lived in the center of the Royal Capital.

Hence, the atmosphere and spirits in the Royal Capital always changed along with the mood of that lord of all the world.

Today, the whole Royal Capital was in an atmosphere of upset and oppression.

Because the lord of all the world felt depressed.

Little Button, a eunuch of Princes' Study, had some power in the palace, so he usually held his head high before other eunuchs and sometimes flirted with beautiful maids. However today, he trotted, and with a straight face, quickly passed by those good-looking maids without lifting his eyes.

His behavior shocked those eunuchs and maids who were familiar with him.


Little Button who had been hurriedly walking forward with a pot in hand, ran into something and then fell to the ground. The water in the pot spilled all over the place.

"Who is it? Don't you walk with your eyes open? Haven't you seen—"

The sound abruptly stopped, as if a duck who had been making strange shrieks was suddenly held by the throat.

What knocked him down was a man in black—black like iron—exuding a cold spirit. Little Button looked at the man, shocked, with his brain in a blank.

This man, whom he had never seen in the imperial palace, should neither be a palace guard nor a secret guard, that could be judged from his attire. Being a eunuch serving in the Princes' Study, he knew some secrets of the court. However, he never felt complacent for knowing those secrets. In many cases, he even felt scared because people of his status should not know these things.

Now, the man in front of him looked like a secret guard at whom he had once glimpsed, but he was a little different from those secret guards with cold spirit, because his bleak spirit spread everywhere as if he was an iceberg.

Just now, he was in a bad mood, too frightened to notice the coldness. Now he came to himself and realized that he had already shivered with cold.

This black-clothed man was tall, in a stark contrast to his thinness and smallness.

Hearing the abuse of Little Button, he looked down and said, "You are a eunuch of this palace?"

"Yes, yes!" Little Button said wryly, with his tooth roots slightly sour.

"So, do you know how to go to the Princes' Study?" The black-clothed man asked, his voice as unemotional as his expression.

"The-the Princes' Study?" Little Button froze for a while and then woke up to reality. Turning around, he shockingly found that in addition to him, other people were also here—eunuchs, maids and Palace Guards of the palace—but they were all lying on the floor, unconscious.

"Tell me, where is the Princes' Study?"

"In... assassin!"

Shortly after Little Button said the word "in", he shouted the word "assassin" at the top of his voice. The shout was perhaps the loudest sound that he had ever made in his life and could be heard in the distance. The black-clothed man froze for a while and looked at the thin eunuch in astonishment. He did not expect that this small guy could make such a loud sound.

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