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In the next two days, Junior Leopard almost slept in the smelling room.

Forging Kunai could not daunt Junior Leopard. At his current level of smelting and forging iron, he completed two Kunai just within half a day rather than two days.

The reason why he took two days to forge them was that he attempted to wield the Nine Dragons Heavenly Fire Technique to control fire while in the process of refining and forging.

Nine Dragons Heavenly Fire Technique was the Wu's treasure, which Junior Leopard did not fully learn. Both Old Xing and Qin Xuanlong appreciated Junior Leopard and thought that he would have a promising prospect, so they had taught him that Technique, but their position at the Wu's was not high, actually what they have learned was just the basics of the Nine Dragons Heavenly Fire Technique.

Nevertheless, craftsmen like Old Xing and Qin Xuanlong, although they only learned the basic technique, they understood how to use it in the process of Refining Weapon.

In fact, the reason why the Wu's were so famous in refining weapons, only using 500 years to carve out a great reputation, it was thanks to the added effect of Nine Dragons Heavenly Fire Technique on Refining Weapon.

What the Technique practiced was Internal Qi of the fire as well as what the technique absorbed was Spiritual Qi of the fire between the heaven and earth, the fire made by the ordinary coal was not comparable to it. Despite being one of the best coal in the world, the fire made by it was also heterogeneous and impure. How could it be better than Spiritual Qi of the fire absorbing from the heaven and earth?

Although it was easy to practice the Internal Qi of the fire, wielding it to refine weapon was an awesome yet insignificant method.

Why was it awesome? Because whatever weapons were refined by that way, their foreign matters were far less than the weapons made by ordinary fire and not only strength but also tenacity were far better than the weapons made by ordinary fire. Why was it insignificant? Because that way was magical, but the people who really practiced the advanced Internal Qi of the fire did not research it. People who practiced Internal Qi of martial arts skills must concentrate on it. Their desire to break their extremity and achieve more advanced cultivation, so they did not have time to research the knowledge of Refining Weapon. On the contrary, people who practiced common skills had enough time to research the way of Refining Weapon, but the Internal Qi they practiced was heterogeneous, impure and just a bit better than ordinary fire, so it was in vain though they had an insight into that way. But 500 years ago, the Wu's forefather was a genius. He not only reached Level Nine but had an insight into the way to remove foreign matters and improved the quality of weapons by Nine Dragons Heavenly Fire Technique. Hence, the Wu's existed until now.

However, the intricacy of that way was not inferior to advanced martial arts skills. It was not easy to comprehend that way. What Old Xing and Qin Xuanlong learned was very little, like what they taught Junior Leopard had just learned the superficial introduction to Nine Dragons Heavenly Fire Technique. So some time ago, Junior Leopard wore out some weapons, which was related to him applying such way to the smelting process. Although he failed a few times, the experience he gained was equal to the cost he paid.

"Ding— !" As the crisp sound made by the hammer burst out, Junior Leopard became exhausted as if he had used up all of his efforts. He inhaled deeply and clamped the forged Kunai over the fire of the hot stove. When he saw the surface of Kunai turning red, he drew it out. Then his another hand slowly stretched one inch away from Kunai and sensed the heat of the Kunai. Meanwhile, he operated the Internal Qi of Nine Dragons Heavenly Fire Technique to his left hand and attempted to blend it with the surrounding heat, in line with what he learned from the way of Refining Weapon. In contrast, the surrounding heat was far more than the Internal Qi of Nine Dragons Heavenly Fire Technique Junior Leopard practiced but far impurer than his Internal Qi of Nine Dragons Heavenly Fire Technique. After the Internal Qi and the surrounding heat communicated, the heat flow shook slightly. Later, his Internal Qi of Nine Dragons Heavenly Fire Technique was slowly led into the hot Kunai.


When he felt where the Internal Qi of Nine Dragons Heavenly Fire Technique had gone to, he was very delighted. He knew that his present skills could not send out the Internal Qi, though he used up all of his efforts, what he could do was just to emit hot air on the fist, which only increased strength and lethality. At least level four fighters would be able to send the Internal Qi out, that was the reason why he failed many times. Although he researched that way a lot, he still prepared to fail. But unexpectedly, he was smoothly successful at this time.

As Junior Leopard sent the Internal Qi into Kunai, the original flame gradually turned dim. At the same time, he received the endless heat power through the Internal Qi of Nine Dragons Heavenly Fire Technique within the Kunai.

"Hiss —— !" The precipitated heat power made Junior Leopard feel as if his left hand was torn by the hot soldering iron. He nearly pulled his hand back at that moment.

"Good lord, I was lucky that it was only a feeling, not a real heat power. Otherwise, my left hand will not work!" he said to himself. When he prepared to send his last Ignis Internal Qi into Kunai, only to find that whatever efforts he made was in vain.

"Is it full?!" Junior Leopard's heart moved, and he suddenly understood and withdrew his left hand. At that moment, the Kunai did not flash the gleaming rays but dark red with devilish light instead.

Without any hesitation, Junior Leopard directly inserted the Kunai into a barrel filled with cold water.

"Hiss —— !"

A huge rime fog surged out of the barrel, quickly permeating in the smelting room.

Amid the rime fog, a delighted smile flashed on the Junior Leopard's face.

Weapon forgery was a manual labor as well as a technical work.

Just as the saying from his last life went, it was the combination of strength and wisdom. It was not like Alchemy that just needed the technical one.

What was the basis for forging a set of weapons?

Previously, he did not know. But now, his confident answer to the question was four words, namely thousand hammering and hundred smelting!

No matter what sharp and magic weapons they were, they all were related to the four words. Its shorter one was two words: hammered and smelted.

The word "hammered" meant "knocked by the hammer"; the word "smelted" meant "putting weapons into the stove fire". Combining them, it was the basis of Refining Weapon.

If we took Refining Weapon as a tree, the two words were the stem.

Such were the ways of Refining Weapon as molding shape, forging edge, blood sacrifice, spirit speak and inhibition just were its branches and leaves.

Being the stem of Refining Weapon, "hammered and smelted" was also methodical.

"Hammered" did not mean you randomly hammered a material. If so, you would waste a good material. Of course, if you were lucky, you were likely to forge a wizard and sharp weapon though you randomly hammered it. However, such a luck generally only fell onto people like Hongjun Ancestry. It was impossible to fall onto ordinary people.

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