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It was a fantastic event for the whole Northwest land that Zhou Bao opened a trade route to Blacktail Plain.

It meant that it would be unnecessary for people who wanted to enter the Northwest to detour for hundreds of kilometers after passing Dragon-pressing River. Instead, they could straightly head for their destination through Blacktail Plain with goods from Central Plains once passed Dragon-pressing River.

This news caused a sensation in the entire world, especially among influences who already had ideas about Northwest land, and again fixed their eyes on the Northwest. Meanwhile, Zhou Bao, the initiator of this issue was now looking furious at Wang She, at an open area of Azure Secret Area's mine vein.

"Isn't it a Pure Yang Celestial Device? Haven't you completely kept Ning Bo's spiritual brand down? Why is it so troublesome?"

Zhou Bao was confused, very confused. He thought, "I've seen Pure Yang Celestial Device such as Octupole Exquisite Pagoda, which is not weaker than Invisible Dragon Rod. However, I don't think it's hard to control it!"

"Isn't it just a Pure Yang Celestial Device? You know nothing because you've only seen a few Pure Yang Celestial Devices. Invisible Dragon Rod has been refined for over a hundred years, and it's not easy to remove Ning Bo's spiritual brand from it!"

"Since it's very difficult to remove, why don't you do some closed-door trainings instead of approaching me?"

"I need Innate Green Lotus Fire. I know that you have acquired an Innate Green Lotus Seed, which contains Innate Green Lotus Fire. I'm going to purify Invisible Dragon Rod and completely remove Ning Bo's spiritual brand!"

"Will it work?" Zhou Bao asked.

"Nonsense, of course it works. If not, then what do I came here for?"

"Alright, since the kindling has been blended with my Golden Flame Mirror, you'd better tell me what to do!"

"Simple!" Wang She raised his hand and shot a beam of cyan light from his fingertip. Then Invisible Dragon Rod covered by cyan airflow was suspended in front of Zhou Bao.

Until then, Zhou Bao was not able to see the whole picture of this Pure Yang Celestial Device. However, even it was covered by cyan airflow, it wasn't really the full view to be seen.

With a thought, a golden light flashed from behind his head which then covered with Invisible Dragon Rod.

Being covered by a celestial device at the same level, although it was tightly restricted, the instinct of Pure Yang Celestial Device led it to fight back.

However, being refined by Wang She's blood, restricted by Jade Original Power Gang Qi and only driven by itself, the power of this Pure Yang Celestial Device badly decreased. Therefore, the golden light on the surface of Invisible Dragon Rod fiercely flashed but failed to pass through the cyan light outside, only to be inhabited by Jade Original Power Gang.

Since Golden Flame Mirror was connected with Zhou Bao's Divine Awareness, the flash of Invisible Dragon Rod was also sensed by Zhou Bao, but he didn't care.

Without his owner, Invisible Dragon Rod couldn't give out the power of a Pure Yang Celestial Device. However, Zhou Bao's Golden Flame Mirror was a true Pure Yang Celestial Device made and refined by himself, and he was so familiar with it that he had no reason to be afraid of the paper tiger.

Fixing Invisible Dragon Rod with Golden Light Mask, Zhou Bao made an incantation with his fingers, and then a light cyan flame was flashed across the mirror, walking along the golden light like a gossamer. It reached Invisible Dragon Rod and rotated around Jade Original Power Gang which covered Invisible Dragon Rod. With a sudden blink, it squeezed into Jade Original Power Gang.

"Hurry! Remove the spiritual brand with your Green Lotus Fire!"

Wang She hastily cried out.

Zhou Bao attached one of his thoughts to Green Lotus Fire and entered Invisible Dragon Rod. At this time, he really got a complete and clear full view of this Invisible Dragon Rod.

"This is a dragon scale—!" Green Lotus Fire like a tiny snake, was moving in the upper part of Invisible Dragon Rod, and divine thoughts attached to it made Zhou Bao clearly felt the texture of Invisible Dragon Rod.

A small and delicate scales were clung to the surface of Invisible Dragon Rod. Tiny as they were, they contained astonishing Spiritual Qi which could be sensed clearly by Zhou Bao. The Spiritual Qi was as deep as abyss and ocean, and as high as peak and mountain. The most important was that once he sensed the spirit of the scales, Zhou Bao's black flame in his Dantian moved and began to jump regularly. Then, Zhou Bao's Internal Qi also moved, with a light black flame uncontrollably jumping out from his body. Both Zhou Bao and Wang She felt frightened for they had no idea about what happened.

"Sh*t! Damn it, what's going on?" Zhou Bao inwardly snorted, and started Nine Dragons Heavenly Fire with attempt to suppress his own Internal Qi. But he was surprised to discover that at this moment, his Internal Qi seemed to show its own willpower, which could be sensed by Zhou Bao. It was tiny, but with great intelligence, and seemed confused.

It was at this moment that this confused spiritual intelligence completely took control of Zhou Bao's Internal Qi, and drove it out of his body.

In a very short period of time, Internal Qi in Zhou Bao's body totally disappeared. Zhou Bao was shocked and called Internal Qi in External Elixir of Fiery Eyes into play in a hurry. The great Qi rushed down like a fall, but once it got into the tendons and meridians, it was completely controlled by the spiritual intelligence that suddenly emerged rather than Zhou Bao. Once again, Internal Qi rushed out of Zhou Bao's body.

Then the light black Internal Qi was continuously gathering outside of his body. It was even impossible for Zhou Bao to stop Internal Qi in Fiery Eyes flowing out.

The Internal Qi was like smoke, or flame!

When it was over, there was no Internal Qi left inside his body, neither was in Fiery Eyes. All his Internal Qi was condensed into a ball of black flame, suspending in front of him.

Wang She and Zhou Bao were both stunned. Although Zhou Bao had already known that his Internal Qi owned considerable intelligence, he had never thought that it could gave birth to spiritual intelligence.

"Internal Qi gives birth to spiritual intelligence. Is it possible or rational?"

"It's just like a joke!"

Zhou Bao, who had never heard of this kind of thing, was very shocked, and a piece of thought came from the part between his eyebrows and rushed into the black flame consisting his own Internal Qi.


The thought was instantly burned up, or scattered by the surrounding Internal Qi.

However, it didn't mean that Zhou Bao's divine thought was also eliminated by his own Internal Qi. In fact, his divine thought was blended with the newborn spiritual intelligence of that ball of black flame.

A kind of unsophisticated feelings came from the ancient time attacked Zhou Bao and forced him to tremble fiercely. A consciousness that might come from primitive times was hitting his divine thought. The consciousness contained no specific meaning, nor a set of cultivation method when he got insights of the first form of Nine Forms of Real Dragon.

What the consciousness gave him was only an instinct, a powerful one, which was a desire came from within the heart.

It was hungry!

It wanted to eat something and the best food was in front of it, being covered by cyan Gang Qi, and was beside the cyan flame which transformed by another piece of divine thought.

"Damn! What the hell is going on? My Internal Qi wants to eat the Pure Yang Celestial Device!" Having figured out the reason why Internal Qi's changed, Zhou Bao didn't know whether to laugh or to cry.

With his divine thought moved, the ball of black flame wriggled all at once, and was transformed. Finally, it turned into a weird earthworm which was of one-foot long, completely made by black flame.

"This is Primordial Loach Monster! My Internal Qi was influenced by Primordial Loach Monster Fire, so it got out of control!" Zhou Bao laughed slowly and due to the immense loss of Internal Qi, he looked pale, but he now knew that he gained a lot of benefits. This time, he accidentally activated the intelligence of Internal Qi, and enabled it to bring forth spiritual intelligence. But the spiritual intelligence was engulfed by his divine thoughts before it became complete, which not only eliminated the potential hazard of Primordial Loach Monster Fire Seed existing in his Internal Qi, but also completely refined his Internal Qi, instead of remaining heterogeneous like before.


With a "hiss" like a snake, Zhou Bao had breathed in the Internal Qi, which had already become a Primordial Loach Monster. Now that his divine thought was destroyed after it was mixed with Internal Qi, the connection between his Divine Awareness and Internal Qi became closer.

Inhale, exhale!

Countless thin black flames spurted out of every pore of Zhou Bao,and was impressive.

"He-he. My bad. I don't know that Invisible Dragon Rod was made by an Ancient Real Dragon, and the Demonic Qi in my Internal Qi was hungry. That's why things went messy. Forgive me, Chief."

Wang She looked at Zhou Bao with an eccentric look. "Internal Qi is hungry? Never heard of it! But I have nothing else to say since Zhou Bao has already controlled it."

Fully recovered at this time, Zhou Bao realized that the reason for current situation was Demonic Fire of Dragon Chimera being influenced by Dragon Chimera's nature quality. Now Zhou Bao had completely refined the wisp of Original Spirit of Dragon Chimera by his divine thought, so the sense of hungry disappeared.

On the other side, the Green Lotus Fire spotted the spiritual brand that Ning Bo left on Invisible Dragon Rod, and directly entwined around it. As what Wang She had said before, Innate Green Lotus Fire was operated to burn fiercely.

After about an hour, the last wisp of spiritual brand vanished due to the Green Lotus Fire. Blood was spurted out from the mouth of Ning Bo who was at distant Kunlun Mountain, and his spirits, was recovered for a while, and were drooping again.

"First Elder, what's the matter?!"

At the moment, the Elders of Kunlun Mountain were at a meeting and Ning Bo spurted. No wonder all people present were frightened and asked him in a hurry.

"I'm okay. It's spiritual brand in Invisible Dragon Rod was removed by Wang She. Can't imagine he moved so fast." He sighed softly, and his tone was full of helplessness and unwillingness!

After the Innate Green Lotus Fire was used to remove Ning Bo's spiritual brand, the Invisible Dragon Rod should have been withdrawn once the removal was finished. However, under the control of divine thought of Zhou Bao, one wisp of Green Lotus Fire revolved around Invisible Dragon Rod like a ghost, from outside to inside, up to bottom.

Wang She didn't get full control of Invisible Dragon Rod, so he didn't know what Zhao Bao was doing. Otherwise, Zhou Bao's Green Lotus Fire would be instantly kicked out.

Zhou Bao was feeling for acupoints!

Because of the given messages from Dragon Chimera Fire inside his body, Zhou Bao could be sure that this Invisible Dragon Rod was exactly made from the body of a real Ancient Celestial Dragon. Although the dragon had already died, Zhou Bao could still pinpoint Real Dragon's Nine Acupoints via feeling the dragon's body in the shortest time with the Dragon Flying Technique. Then he was able to refine acupoints in accordance with his physical condition.

For Zhou Bao, it was indeed a shortcut.

It saved him a lot of time.

Although his cultivation was fairly great, but the greater one's cultivation, the broader his horizon was. In addition, Zhou Bao was famous and many people kept an eye on him, and that he was eager to make his cultivation greater. It would rather take a long time to feel for acupoints little by little as suggested by Green Spirit, and there is such a good opportunity to have a corpse of real dragon right in front of him. So, how could he let the wonderful chance slip away?

Four hours later, Wang She outside, was losing his patience when the Green Lotus Fire came out quickly from his thick Jade Original Power Gang.

"How is it? It is done?!" Seeing Green Lotus Fire coming out of Green Lotus Fire, Wang She showed a happy face, rushed in front of Zhou Bao and asked him loudly.

"Nonesense, of course, it is done." Zhou Bao looked tired, but his tiredness wasn't able to cover his happiness. "I've already removed Ning Bo's spiritual brand from Invisible Dragon Rod. Like what you've just said, the Green Lotus Fire is so..."

Before Zhou Bao finished his words, Wang She shouted with glee and raised his hands to fetch his Jade Original Power Gang around Invisible Dragon Rod, showing the body of Invisible Dragon Rod. With his light command, Invisible Dragon Rod turned into a beam of golden light and entered the place between Wang She's eyebrows. "Great! Very Great! That's so great indeed!"

Having said "great" for three times, Wang She looked Zhou Bao with a warm smile. "Boy, this time you do me a great favor, and I won't forget about it!"

"Chief, no need to say that. It's easy for me!"

Zhou Bao obtained great benefits this time and pretended to be modest. "You can count on me when a similar situation happens from now on. The Green Lotus Fire is convenient to use after all."

"Alright! When I get one more piece of Pure Yang Celestial Device, I would surely come to you! Hahahahha!"

Wang She out of happiness, shouted and strongly patted Zhou Bao's shoulders several times. Under the power of a Level-Nine expert, Zhou Bao's bones were nearly broken. Wang She said, "I'm going to refine Invisible Dragon Rod now, and with my order, people following me are all yours now. You can command them as you like!"

Wang She that was led by him, was talking about the masters of martial arts in Tian Long Taoism. This time, he gathered all his power here.

Zhou Bao immediately grabbed Wang She, who was going to leave, and asked, "I'm just going to ask something about it. What's the meaning of your Tian Long Taoism? Do you really intend to develop a sub-sect in Northwest?"

"No. I bring people here to help you!" Wang She shook his head.

"You lie to me! Rumors are flying everywhere that Tian Long Taoism wants to keep a foothold in the Northwest by this event, and replace the position of Kunlun Mountain. They also say that you, Great Chief Wang, are the pioneer of it, and you are going to root here."

"Who? Who said that was such a nonsense!" Wang She was getting anxious when he heard about it, and he glanced at Zhou Bao. "I'm telling you, boy. Don't misunderstood people's good intention. I truly came to help you, and how can it become 'going to root here' in your view? What do you mean!?"

No wonder Wang She was pissed off.

"My action of gathering people here in the Northwest truly meant to assist Zhou Bao so as to pay back the favor that Zhou Bao did to me. However, in Zhou Bao's opinion, my paying back became another favor. How could it be! If I let it be, the favor that I owe Zhou Bao would be too many to be paid back clearly! I have to be anxious!"

Zhou Bao showed a bitter smile. "I didn't mean anything else. It is just because those rumors are too real, and most importantly, even though Wang She had no plan, it neither assure that other people had no plan!"

"I have no choice! If the rumor was true, I have to prepare for it. You know, I am an Outer Core disciples of Tian Long Taoism. Something needs to be prepared in advance. You knew that if Tian Long Taoism wants to develop itself in the Northwest, I can only benefit from it! At least I will have no worries about Kunlun Mountain, right?"

"You mean the old man does have this idea?"

Wang She was not stupid. He figured out the meaning of it just after thinking briefly. "Zhou Bao is not creating a chance to let me owe him a favor, but truly wants Tian Long Taoism to develop here, which would indeed help him a lot without a little harm."

"Since you are thinking about it, I will ask the old man on behalf of you and see what does he think. Anyway, developing the Uniform Dao of our Tian Long Taoism is the biggest wish of our great ancestors. Since the chance is here, they have no reason to reject it!"

"Yes! Exactly! It is a good chance that we should hold fast to Tian Long Taoism. This time, I opened the passageway to Blacktail Plain, it is only a straight tunnel to my territory, which was nothing important back then. But the opening of this passageway adds importance to the territory. He-he!"

"Yes, I see. However, this kind of thing should not be carried out in a hurry, and we are supposed to slow down and wait until I finished refining my Invisible Dragon Rod." said Wang She with a smile while patted on Zhou Bao's shoulder. Then he quickly rushed to the depth of the mine hole.

"Hump, that guy. It is just a Pure Yang Celestial Device. Not a big deal! I have Tusita Fire now, and I can produce many Pure Yang Celestial Devices, as long as I have enough materials!"

Zhou Bao thought exaltedly, but his spirits went down when he thought of those abnormal materials needed to produce Pure Yang Celestial Device.

"Come on. Just let it go. This time, I got to know clearly about Real Dragon's Acupoints and I need to do closed-door trainings for some time!"

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