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Wang Tianlei jumped in front of Zhou Hua with a sharp knife coming out of nowhere, confronting the One-eyed Wolf.

At that time, all the guests, most of whom were muscular teens, just came to their sense and grabbed weapons to fight with the One-eyed Wolf. They were all hunters with years of experience and fantastic skills, the combination of which couldn't be ignored by the One-eyed Wolf.

The One-eyed Wolf slightly bent his two hind legs and bowed its body. Suddenly, with a mild growl, the monster shot straight towards Wang Tianlei like an arrow. Wang Tianlei showed no fear and swiftly defended against it with his blade.

Instantly, the wolf and the man were entangled with each other.

With a murderous look, Wang Tianlei heavily flung his blade towards the wolf. Little Shiba could even clearly see a crimson light circling around the thick blade.

What was this? Was it Dou Qi or Internal Strength?

The vicious tussle was quite a scene. Although more and more people were crowding around them, none of them could move forward to help Wang Tianlei because the fight was too fierce and intense.

Gradually, people could only hear growling coming from a black shadow (the One-eyed Wolf) and roaring from a red gown (Wang Tianlei in his wedding gown). Their speed and strength were so formidable that no one else could get in between them.

However, it offered people a chance to grab some weapons. When all the muscular teen hunters came back, they were all steadily pulling their strong bows, aiming at the wolf and waiting for the right moment.

The fight lasted for around 15 minutes. Suddenly, the two of them split up.

Wang Tianlei bounded back but still was in front of Zhou Hua for her protection. Though his red wedding gown had been torn apart and his bone could be seen from a nasty scratch, he remained in a defensive position, stubbornly holding the blade. It was hard to decipher the red gown from the red blood. Nobody could imagine how much blood he had lost.

Once they had split up, the muscular teen hunters took their chance and shot straight toward the One-eyed Wolf.

"Whoosh, whoosh!" A dozen of arrows came straight at the wild animal.

"Thunk, thunk, thunk!"

To everybody's surprise, dozens of arrows couldn't hurt the One-eyed Wolf at all. They just rebounded with a thunk noise.

Howling like a thunderstorm, the One-eyed Wolf stretched himself a little bit, scaring the crowd away. As the same size as a tiger, it fled into the mountain and just disappeared in a few blinks.

Wang Tianlei was pale and shockingly looking at the direction where the wolf ran into, murmuring, "It's rare to witness such a wild animal forging its bone and tendon as strong as iron and steel."

It was a while until the crowd finally came around to hurriedly check the injuries of the man. It was such chaos.

Of course, Little Shiba was pushed aside by the adults.

Was there something wrong with my eyes? No way, I saw it with my own eyes several times. There was no doubt that there was light flickering on his blade and he was jumping up several meters. There was no way that I saw it wrong. I wondered if it was a world of Martial arts.

After such a chaotic but thrilling scene, Little Shiba was more excited than nervous, because he found out the new world wasn't as boring as he had imagined. Maybe it could be a world where people practice martial arts, just like in the novel that he read before.

If it was true, there would be a great chance to be immortal.

If not immortal, it was said that those people with Internal Strength could live up to several hundred years old. "Maybe I could be one of them." Little Shiba thought.

However, right now, nobody cared about what was on a three-year-old kid's mind or how was he doing. People's attention had already been drawn to Wang Tianlei.

It was supposed to be a merry and happy wedding, instead of a chaotic and unfortunate one. But, fortunately, no one died.

The groom Wang Tianlei soon passed out from his great loss of blood. But due to his burly body, he soon woke up after drinking several bowls of herbal decoction.

What had happened was something inauspicious, but the mountain villagers now began to chuckle to themselves after the panic from before.

Especially Zhou Xing, the village chief, who stood beside Wang Tianlei all the time and looked at him gently. The way Zhou Xing looked at Wang Tianlei was like he was looking at a rare treasure.

Whereas, Little Shiba didn't pay attention to it. Even if he did, he wouldn't think it was strange.

The strength Zhou Wei just showed, though it wasn't a match for the One-eyed Wolf, was far stronger than the hunters. Even if he was only a chief of a small village, it was still a crown to wear. Just like a proverb from Little Shiba's past life: A village chief is still a chief.

He also saw the red light flickering around the robust blade of Wang Tianlei and he knew the meaning behind it.

The most important thing, and the foundation, to live in the village was to have a strong body and swift movements. All the time, there were ferocious and fierce beasts living on the mountain, including pythons, panthers, and tigers, etc. The One-eyed Wolf was one of the worst. What hunters could catch never went beyond some boar. Most of the time, hunters would run for their lives when they unluckily met with wild animals, because life was far more precious than a meal. There was no reason to trade a hunter for a beast.

Wang Tianlei made him believe that the villagers could hunt more meat than ever before. With Wang Tianlei's leadership and extraordinary skills, the village, in the long-term, could become one of the old forest's strongest groups, with more meat.

On so many occasions, only one hero, instead of a few, could bring a village to prosperity. So, it was no wonder that he looked at Wang Tianlei in such a gentle way.

After a month or so, the chaos of that wedding finally calmed down. As time passed, the worry that the One-eyed Wolf would come back for revenge also faded away.

People went back to their positions, including hunting, farming, etc.

The only difference was when there was spare time, the muscular teen hunters would gather together in the wild lands north of the village and train under Wang Tianlei's instructions, arranged in rows.

In Little Shiba's eyes, it was a lot similar to a scene in a Kungfu film. But the trainer was not Huang Feihong, a well-known Chinese Kungfu master, but his brother-in-law, Wang Tianlei.

All in all, his brother-in-law was great. There was a tradition that Chinese people tend to blame all the unfortunate things on women, but he didn't blame all the fuss or blood from the wedding on his wife. The world here, though, wasn't Little Shiba's past life in China, but the traditions didn't change too much. So, family members of Old Zhou were worried that others would turn on Zhou Hua and she would be considered a bane in her parents-in-law's house.

However, it turned out they worried too much. As careless as Wang Tianlei might appear, he was always caring for Zhou Hua. Their honeymoon was so sweet that there were few who wouldn't envy it. It was such a relief for the Zhou's.

Though severely injured, Wang Tianlei came back to life vigorously after a few days' rest. Soon he became the head of the hunters, under the support of Zhou Xing, the village chief.

He also suggested that the muscular teens should learn feats from Wang Tianlei, and improve themselves in the spare time of winter. Undoubtedly, it was accepted right away by all the hunters, especially the muscular teens, after knowing what Wang Tianlei was capable of. Therefore, there they were, standing in front of him, doing skill training.

Little Shiba was sitting on a small stool with open-crotch pants, looking carefully at and being excited by the movements that Wang Tianlei was teaching.

He took a month to make sure that there were martial arts, not just External Strength, but also Internal Strength.

However, he didn't know whether the martial arts here were the same as the ones in martial arts novels.

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