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"Hiss!" Junior Leopard shot his divine thought, named Fu Yi, into the cave and was shocked by the scene in front of him.

There was a dense essence of the world which surged crazily that was sticky just like gelatin. Once Junior Leopard's thought went into it, it felt the unimaginable pneuma. The corner of his mouth on his body outside the cave twitched constantly and greed arose in his mind.

It was more than greed, he even wanted to live his whole life here.

In such an environment, it would be just a piece of cake for him to practice to Level Eight and Level Nine. He even had the confidence that he could break through to the Mysterious Realm in 10 years.

"The density of the pneuma here is thousands of times stronger than that in the Small Thunder Temple. There really is such a mysterious place like this in the world!" Junior Leopard exclaimed in his heart. He glanced at the world, which was totally surrounded by the blue glow of the pneuma, and thought, "Is this the Divine Energy of the Azure Clouds?"

One thing that was out of his expectation was that the world under the cave was not filled with immortal Qi as he had thought before, but instead, it was so gloomy.

Under the entrance to the cave was a fantastic space, which was not as boundless as the Azure Secret Area outside of it, but was also not small. The most peculiar thing was that its top was not soil, as Junior Leopard had thought, but a sky.

There was no sun in the blue sky, so the blue light looked extremely gloomy. It was like a blue mantle that covered the whole space. There were also blue clouds, but it was not like what Green Spirit had described before. It was not that beautiful, but sinister in deep green, which made people feel scared.

Under the sky was a gigantic lake. This was a world that consisted of a green-black sky and a green-black lake. Though the lake was large in area, it was far from being called a sea.

It was two or three times larger than Lake Tai. There was a glistening light of waves on the lake's surface. From time to time, weird fishes leaped out of the lake and there were several islands towering above it. Looking from the distance, the sky atop these islands was filled with ominous clouds and gusts of gloomy wind. Although it was just a small thought of Junior Leopard which had gone to this place, his body outside the cave still felt great pressure from the lake water and the eccentric coercion of these islands.

But obviously, those who emitted coercion did not interest Junior Leopard's thought. In fact, he even thought that they had no interest in anything. They just wanted to live in this small world ignorantly forever.

The entrance of the cave was located on an island that was very large. Rarely seen plants and creatures existed all over it. The exit of this cave was in a tree hole from which Junior Leopard's thought came out.

This was a giant tree, whose leaves and branches thrust into the blue clouds of the sky and whose roots were deeply rooted under the earth. No one could tell how high it was.

Near the tree hole were some bushes. Though here they were bushes, when they were taken to the outside world, they would be trees of great height.

In the bushes stood a monster that was like a lion. Its whole body was golden and its thick mane flickered with blue light. Under its mane and above its skin were dense golden scales that looked like snake scales. Besides that, it had three tails. Its tusks were pointing to the tree hole and it was exhaling hot breath. An overwhelming coercion was emitted from its body. The coercion that rushed out of the inhibition of the cave and spread for 10 miles was emitted exactly by it.

"Level Nine. At least this monster has a Level Nine cultivation. No wonder it could emit such powerful coercion!" feeling that powerful strength, Junior Leopard exclaimed in his heart.

Now what he worried about was not just the strength of this monster, but also its spiritual intelligence. No matter what monster it was, when its cultivation reached Level Nine, it definitely had possessed spiritual intelligence and could be called an evil beast, which was the most troublesome thing.

When Junior Leopard looked at the back of the evil beast again, he found that it was followed by three little monsters of a similar appearance. He knew that he was out of luck, and could roughly tell what happened.

Apparently, this was the so-called "if you hit the younger, then the revenge of the older will come".

These three little monsters were at a Level Five or Level Six cultivation, and wounds could be seen on their bodies. They must have been severely injured in the fight with Ji Yeyue, and therefore, they had brought a parent to fight back.

But it was a pity that the one who had fought with them had already gone. And, as an unlucky man, he remained here instead. The giant monster blocked the cave entrance, which pushed him into a plight. Naturally, he was agitated.

Ji Yeyue has a Level Seven cultivation and his combat capability is at Level Eight. He definitely possesses some good things. But still, he had exhausted a lot of energy and had undergone painstaking efforts when he fought with these three little monsters. In this way, these three little monsters' combat capability is at least at Level Seven or they have some special magic skills. Green Spirit had said that the Grand Demon of primitive times possessed some peculiar magic skills. If I go down abruptly, I'll cause trouble for myself.

When Junior Leopard thought of this, he was not hot-headed. After a second thought, he smiled and lifted his hand up. Blue light flashed through his fingertips, and the Blue Sword was shot out like a snake and then flew into the cave.

"Howl!" The evil beast in the cave had waited for a long time and became agitated. Different from Junior Leopard's divine thought that was invisible, the Blue Sword was discovered once it appeared. The beast howled and its voice shocked the surroundings. Gigantic sound waves compressed the coercion into one place and struck toward the Blue Sword violently.

"Humph!" Outside the cave, Junior Leopard snorted coldly. The sword light of the Blue Sword suddenly arose. Carrying the sound of the wind and thunder, the sword broke the coercion of the evil beast in an instant and chopped toward its head.

Facing the surging sword light, the beast did not care about it at all. It casually lifted up its claws and patted on the sword light directly.

"Ding!" A clear sound emanated. Junior Leopard was astonished. The thunder-like attack was broken apart by the beast's claws. The sword light darkened and the shock force followed the thought on the Blue Sword to strike his divine thought. Although nothing serious had occurred, it shocked him after all.

Of course, the beast had suffered a lot as well. Although the sword light did disappear, the sharp Sword Qi struck its body and left a deep wound on its claws, where golden-blue blood flowed down from. If Junior Leopard's body was here, he would find that the blood was not fishy, but emitted a faint fragrance.

This was the benefit of living in such a place filled with Spiritual Qi—the creatures living here hardly ever touched the impure air of the mortal world. Thus, evil beasts living here were treasures. Even though their flesh, blood, and skeletons were not used to refine celestial devices and elixirs, they could temper muscles and bones and nourish pneuma when they were served as food directly.

Feeling its injury, the beast was furious. It was born on this island and had never met a strong opponent. Now, the inexplicable blue light before it not only injured its three babies, but also hurt it easily, therefore, it felt extremely embarrassed.

Though the three little monsters were not hurt by the Blue Sword, they were hurt near the tree hole, so it firmly believed that it was Blue Sword that had hurt its babies. Even though Junior Leopard wanted to explain, it was impossible.

The beast retreated a step and blood light flashed through its eyes. Suddenly, it fiercely jumped toward the Blue Sword. Its giant body moved fast like lightning and the three whip-like tails flogged toward the sword with the sound of wind and thunder.

Seeing how ferocious the beast was, Junior Leopard did not intend to fight with it recklessly. Through his thought, the sword light of the Blue Sword diffused into nine rays of sword light and evaded the violent attack of the beast. When the beast was exhausted, the sword light began to attack.

"Pa, Pa, Pa!" At the moment the Blue Sword was attacked, the pneuma around the beast suddenly exploded, which shocked Junior Leopard.

"What are these things?" Surging thunderbolts exploded and swept away the bushes within a 100-foot radius, leaving 10 more holes in the ground. When these thunderbolts hit the Blue Sword, they were absorbed instantly by the Jade Original Power Gang Spirit. The Blue Sword suddenly became bright and looked like an little emerald sun, as if it had been greatly nourished.

"It is the Green Flame and Dark Thunder, a kind of Evil Qi of the highest grade that can refine thunder-property Gang Qi. It is refined by the Blue Mysterious Evil Qi in the Azure Heaven. But if you haven used the Nine Heaven Thunder Qi to practice the Jade Original Power Gang, the Jade Original Power Gang refined by the Blue Mysterious Evil Qi could also be of great quality."

Green Spirit explained after he heard Junior Leopard's description.

"This creature knows how to refine somber thunder?" This time, Junior Leopard had a whole new level of respect for this beast. Compared to Junior Leopard, the beast was more astonished. It was a rare primitive creature and was pretty powerful. Adding to that, it had several inborn magic skills in which the Green Flame and Dark Thunder was one of them, so it had succeeded in all the fights with other creatures on the island before. If only it used the Green Flame and Dark Thunder, even if it met a stronger opponent, its opponent would be severely injured. But now, the blue light that was like a swaying snake had not been affected at all and its spirit even became more dangerous, which confused it a lot.

Whether it could figure it out or not, Junior Leopard did not want to lose this opportunity. With the sword light of the Blue Sword suddenly illuminating and the Jade Original Power Gang spreading, a blue ray went over to cover the beast.

The beast was stunned and dared not to fight head-on, so it retreated. However, the Blue Sword did not give up fighting with it. Meanwhile, together with the Jade Original Power Gang, the Silver Moon Sword Technique was also displayed and pursued the beast.

In an instant, the sword light and Gang Qi all went over there. The beast had nowhere to escape to and finally was covered helplessly in the sword light and Gang Qi.

"Howl!" The beast roared and a layer of blue light also emitted from its body to protect itself.

However, this action was barely enough to block the green jade-like Gang Qi outside the blue light. Junior Leopard executed the Silver Moon Sword Technique this time and turned the Jade Original Power Gang Spirit into sharp Sword Qi, which directly slashed at the body of the beast.

The beast tried to avoid the Sword Qi, but the blue light on its body gradually became faint. Though it occasionally lashed its three tails, how could they hit the Blue Sword?

"Alas, another poor little thing with only strength!"

The performance of this beast reminded Junior Leopard of the Evil Fire Kylin in the geocentric fire vein, which had overwhelming power that had reached the Mysterious Realm. With no fighting experience and only some primitive skills, it was severely injured by Junior Leopard, who gained great benefit from it. The fighting experience of this beast was richer than that of the Evil Fire Kylin because it may have experienced some fights on the island. But its experience was limited as well. When it came up against the sword movement of the Silver Moon Sword Technique that had been tempered and refined by many talented sword practitioners, it had no means to withstand it. Within a few rounds, it was riddled with scars and had no strength to fight back.

Blue thunderbolts around it exploded chaotically. Its three tails that were like iron whips were wielded so fast that no one could see them clearly, but they could not hurt the Blue Sword at all. And the constantly exploding Green Flame and Dark Thunder incessantly powered the Jade Original Power Gang of the Blue Sword.

In this way, Junior Leopard felt it much easier to hit the beast. Finally, after giving out a clear sound, the Blue Sword broke the protective blue light of the beast and slashed ferociously on its body.

Though it had tough skin that was like steel, it would greatly suffer if it was cut by the Blue Sword just once, let alone if it was slashed by the sword over a dozen of times in a short period of time.

Wounds that were deep enough to reveal bones appeared on its body. Its blood incessantly flowed down. And at the same time, the Jade Original Power Gang Spirit also rushed toward it. The Jade Original Power Gang of the Blue Sword was refined by the Nine Heaven Thunder Qi, which made it the highest grade thunder-property Gang Qi in the world. It was hundreds of times stronger than ordinary thunder-property Gang Qi. This green jade-like Gang Qi was all-pervasive. When it touched the blood of that beast, it exploded and fierce thunder Evil Qi invaded into the beast's body through its wounds, which caused it to wail constantly.

Cyan Gang Qi illuminated and rolls of thunder were faint. Blue sword light was like lightning, moving extremely fast. The beast was totally controlled and had no way to rebel against Junior Leopard.

"Weak, too weak. It only has cultivation but doesn't know how to display it. So boring!" Outside the cave, Junior Leopard sighed with little interest or enthusiasm.

Facing the bored sigh of Junior Leopard and his crocodile tears, Green Spirit heaved a deep sigh in his heart. If he had a body, he would be knitting his brows tightly right now.

Sorrow, this was the sorrow of evil beast!

"These evil beasts in the Azure Secret Area are indigenous. Though they possess infinite pneuma, which helps them possess a powerful cultivation, no one teaches them how to practice. They can only rely on their instinct to practice and absorb pneuma, let alone have fighting experience and methods. Hence, they're the best prey for human practitioners. Their furs, Inner Elixirs, flesh, blood, skeletons, and demonic spirits are all in the human practitioners' back pocket!" Green Spirit said with a tone of tense sarcasm, which made Junior Leopard feel somewhat fearful.

"Hey, this isn't my fault. It's the evil beast who took the initiative to attack me first!"

"I know, I know!" Green Spirit said, "Maybe the era has really changed and maybe it's the main purpose of the guy who created this place. Besides these treasures of heaven and earth, there are boundless evil beasts. And these evil beasts in the Azure Secret Area are almost like the reappearance of the existence of the Demon tribe from the early era!"

"What is the existence of Demon tribe in the early era?" Junior Leopard suddenly had an interest in this topic.

"Humph. What can we do? Different from human beings, the Demon tribe is born with no spiritual intelligence and has to deal with everything by using our instinct. If we're lucky enough to have the spiritual sense, we still don't know how to practice. We can only rely on our instinct to inhale and exhale the Sun and Moon Essence. Through daily accumulation, we possess gigantic strength. But we are the same as the evil beast in the cave and allow ourselves to be trampled upon by human practitioners just like what you did just now. Your cultivation isn't so good, but relying on a good weapon, sophisticated skills, and sufficient patience, you can fight with an evil beast whose strength is far greater than yours and get everything from it. This is why human beings are obsessed with killing evil beasts!"

Junior Leopard did not continue to speak because he did not know how to reply. There was nothing worth arguing. This could be explained by a saying in his previous life, which was "people in different positions have different perspectives".

Everybody acknowledged the problem faced by the Demon tribe. Since ancient times, the Demon tribe was divided into two categories: one for evil beasts, and the other for monsters. The former was just like the beast in the cave, which possessed spiritual intelligence and strong power. The latter was also called a Grand Demon, a kind of monster that had practiced to a certain degree and had a human shape.

Compared to evil beasts, the monsters had strength and intelligence that was no weaker than human beings. In fact, in antiquity times or an even earlier period, countless talents also appeared in the Demon tribe. Because of congenital advantages, powerful members of the Demon tribe could be seen everywhere. Various kinds of cultivation methods were also very exquisite even when they were compared to those of human beings.

However, this was the glory of antiquity times. Since the tribulation of antiquity times, the whole Demon tribe declined at a strange speed. It was said that in only 100 years, famous Grand Demons all mysteriously disappeared along with all kinds of cultivation methods of the Demon tribe. Since then, no Grand Demon had ever shown up. Losing the support of the Grand Demons and monsters, evil beasts became the prey of human practitioners and also their targets for practicing killing skills and experience.

Now, the evil beast in the cave knew that it had no hope to win. It would lose the lives of its whole family here if it continued fighting. Thus, it stopped fighting.

It already had spiritual intelligence. Compared to ordinary people, it was just duller, and that was all. Now, it had seen through the whole matter. Instinctively, it roared and a blood-like color filled its eyes all of a sudden.


The roar shocked the surroundings, and the body of this evil beast began to shiver. It opened its big mouth and then a dark green bead was spat out of it. Once the bead appeared, it exploded immediately and became clouds of green-black fire. This tangible green-black fire cloud blocked away all the Gang Qi and sword light of the Blue Sword. The beast rolled its three whip-like tails to take its children away. Under the shield of the fire cloud, it leaped up and disappeared into the dense and boundless forest, running hundreds of times faster than a rabbit.

"Good. Though it's just an evil beast, it knows what is more important. It must have exploded its Inner Elixir. In that way, even it escapes successfully, its strength will decline to 30-40% of its former strength and it might not have much time left to live."

Seeing that the evil beast was escaping, Junior Leopard did not let the Blue Sword pursue it. His fingertips moved and then nine rays of sword light combined as one, which looked like a green jade-like snake, and then came back to his fingers. After he took back the Blue Sword and thought, Junior Leopard jumped into the cave. It seemed that this film of earth-property pneuma would only act on the essence of the world and have little restriction on the creatures entering and leaving.

"Oh, my!"

The moment Junior Leopard entered the cave, Green Spirit could not help sighing deeply. He discarded his entire gloomy mood and said, "The Spiritual Qi here is so dense that can be kneaded into steamed buns to eat directly."

"Yeah, indeed!" Junior Leopard sighed too. It was totally different for him to be personally on the scene rather than letting the divine thought come down. Although he only inhaled slightly, he had the feeling of doing heroin. He felt extremely comfortable and ethereal. Every pore and cell was filled with Spiritual Qi. He even believed that, even if he farted here, the Spiritual Qi contained in it would be 10 times greater than in the outside world.

"What a good place this is!"

"Yeah, it's a good place. Though the effect is a little worse than what Great Necromancer Konghai has described, the essence of this world is 10 times denser than it was in those years. It's pretty much like a scene from ancient times."

"Just like ancient times?" Junior Leopard was a little surprised. Originally, he had thought that the density of Spiritual Qi here at least should be equal to that of primitive times. But unexpectedly, it was only the same as ancient times.

"Yes, it's a little worse than ancient times!" Green Spirit said this and shook his head at the same time.

Junior Leopard did not talk anymore. He fixed his eyes on the Spirit Sea. The sea water consisted of dense pneuma and it was deep green. It was very turbid and bad-looking, which looked like Lake Tai, which had been infested with cyanobacteria. If it were not for the deep green water containing the dense Spiritual Qi, he would have left directly.

"Lad, take care!" While Junior Leopard was thinking, he heard the yell of Green Spirit in his head. Junior Leopard suddenly quivered and then a gust of wind rose up from the sea, rushing toward him suddenly.


Junior Leopard slightly leaned his body only to see that a pair of sharp white teeth closed above his shoulder, making a sound.

It was a strange, palm-sized silver fish that jumped up from the water and bit toward his face. It failed to bite him the first time, so its fat body turned around in the air in a strange way and jumped into the sea.

"Wanna leave now?" Junior Leopard was furious. He stretched out his hands to catch the fish and successfully got it. Unfortunately, it was too slick, and he failed to grasp it tightly. The fish sneaked out of his hands, jumped into the sea, and then quickly disappeared.

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