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 Using one's life to practice swordsmanship, a Flying Sword was able to behead a person from thousands of miles away.

  This was the most appropriate description of a sword practicer!

  Junior Leopard didn't want to be a sword practicer. However, he changed his mind when he recognized from Yu Tianyang, a sword practicer's powerful attack force.

  The Extreme Yang Through Sky Sword was powerful, but he had not reached an Advanced Level in it yet, and it would bring him trouble if it came to light. Wang She could use the Yin and Yang Heavenly Sword, because he was a Level Nine expert and had the backing of Tian Long Taoism. Even if someone coveted it, he could do nothing to Wang She.

  However, Junior Leopard was different from him.

  If he were to use the Extreme Yang Through Sky Sword in public, it would be targeted by someone, just like his Demon Devil Needles.

  This time it was not a bad thing for him to expose the Demon Devil Needles while using Yu Tianyang's trouble making as an opportunity. In the past he was weak and could only hide it, however, now he had a certain position in Jianghu and had a good relationship with Wang She from Tian Long Taoism. No one would be willing to offend Tian Long Taoism and Wang She, a Level Nine expert, for the Demon Devil Needles. Besides, Junior Leopard was not a pushover.

  The revelation of the Demon Devil Needles solved the confusion of most people in Jianghu. It also barely explained why Junior Leopard's combat capability was so powerful and why he was able to kill a Level Eight expert.

  Since the Demon Devil Needles had been exposed. Although its power had not changed, when Junior Leopard fought with people in the future, the enemy would certainly be cautious. Thus it would be difficult for them to have the same impact as before.

  "Now that the Demon Devil Needles were revealed in broad daylight, it has taken a load off of my mind!"

  Junior Leopard thought privately. Then his fingers moved gently and a green light flew from his waist. It was the Emerald Pearl Sword he got from Li Xiu.

  "Unexpectedly, the grade of this sword isn't high, but the sword embryo is full of intelligence. It's a good material for forging a Flying Sword!"

  Materials used to forge Flying Swords were in high demand. It was different from the ordinary weapon forging. The materials needed to be filled with intelligence.

  Yes, the intelligence!

  It was the intelligence after Junior Leopard drank the water in the Golden Goose Cup.

  The Golden Goose Cup could add intelligence to your Internal Qi, while Flying Swords required the material to have intelligence.

  "What a pity, it's a weapon forged hundreds of times!" Looking at the Emerald Pearl Sword, Junior Leopard gently sighed. Then two golden sparks flew from his fingertips and circled around the Emerald Pearl Sword. The whole sword body melted into drops of molten iron and fell to the ground. In the end, there was only a half-foot long green sword body, suspended in mid-air.

  The green sword body glowed with azure light. Junior Leopard had inspired all its intelligence this time.

  The Dragon Chimera's skull in his ear also slowly floated up. Then it opened its gloomy small mouth and a green light sprayed over the green sword body.

  A streamer flashed and the green light of the sword body dimmed.

  This External Elixir practiced the Green Jade Qian Yuan Skill. Because of Junior Leopard's brilliant idea, it was able to practice day and night without stopping. For years, it had accumulated a tremendous amount of Internal Qi and its cultivation had reached Level Six.

  But it was only Level Six.

  There was a threshold between Level Six and Level Seven. Junior Leopard finally understood how big the threshold was. Over the past few years, the External Elixir not only refined the Green Jade Qian Yuan Skill, but also constantly used the Bright Moon Deifying Technique to purify its Internal Qi, which made the originally violent Green Jade Qian Yuan Internal Qi consummate. There was only a fine line before the Internal Qi would be smooth like water.

  There was only a fine line!

  Junior Leopard's current idea was simple. The so-called Flying Sword purpose, in essence, was to integrate his Internal Qi and divine thoughts with the Flying Sword's Sword Qi and sword intent.

  Now, Junior Leopard had two External Elixirs and two mental cultivation methods. However, there were too many mysteries in the Nine Dragons Heavenly Fire Technique. He only condensed one of the nine real dragons. If he used this cultivation method to practice a Flying Sword, it could harm his practice in the future. Therefore, he chose the External Elixir made of the Dragon Chimera's skull.

  For Junior Leopard, the External Elixir Dragon Chimera's skull had little value. He had the External Elixir made of a Fiery Eye. It refined the Nine Dragons Heavenly Fire Technique whose mysteries were not less than the Green Jade Qian Yuan Skill. Besides, its cultivation had reached Level Six as well and there was only a step required for it to ascend into Level Seven.

  The most important thing was that the Nine Dragons Heavenly Fire Technique was compatible with his body, which made it very easy to use. Then the Green Jade Qian Yuan Skill paled in comparison. If Junior Leopard couldn't defeat the enemy with the Nine Dragons Heavenly Fire Technique, then he couldn't defeat the enemy with the Green Jade Qian Yuan Skill.

  It could only be used when Junior Leopard appeared as Xiao.

  However, when he appeared as Xiao, his partner was Golden Rooster whose cultivation was Level Seven. Therefore, the Green Jade Qian Yuan Skill was still not very useful. It was better to merge it with the Flying Sword and turn the Dragon Chimera's skull into the weapon of a sword practicer.

  What was more, a sword practicer had one advantage, which was reining a sword to fly!

  For the practicers of this world, there was only one way to get the lost flying skill, and that was to improve their cultivation to Level Seven. Then, driven by the Gang Qi, you could condense your Gang Qi and fly just like a legendary immortal. In addition, although there were other methods, these methods were rare and demanding, only a few people could do it.

  For example, Junior Leopard's Dragon Flying Technique could help him rein the wind to fly. But it was not just anyone who could get martial arts skills with mysterious origins like the Dragon Flying Technique. In addition to the Dragon Flying Technique, his Nine Changes of Heavenly Birds could help him to fly like the ancient god birds when a certain level was achieved. Likewise, its origin was mysterious as well. It was just that Junior Leopard was a lucky dog. Other people would not get it even if they lived a few lifetimes.

  Moreover, to use the Nine Changes of Heavenly Birds, you would consume your Internal Qi, so it would not last a long time. As for the Dragon Flying Technique, to use it was cool as well as too ostentatious. This kind of body movement was unique. After he used it, he could not use it as Xiao, otherwise, he would be suspected.

  If Xiao became a sword practicer, no one would suspect that he was Junior Leopard. Thus, he decided to practice the Flying Sword with the External Elixir made of the Dragon Chimera's skull.

  The Dragon Chimera squirted over the green sword body and the green light from the sword body dimmed. A bright green fire light and a puff of sharp Sword Qi rose from the sword body and even Junior Leopard felt pain in his skin.

  "It seems that Xue Wuya fancied the practice method of Flying Swords in the Silver Moon Sword Technique, or he absolutely would not kill the entire He Family in Yangzhou just for the Silver Moon Sword Technique." Junior Leopard thought in his mind. Now he was grown up and his knowledge had been widened, he had his own opinion about what Xue Wuya had done.

  Xue Wuya, who was from the Dark Sect, never lacked powerful martial arts skill masterpieces. As a Level Eight expert, it was not difficult for him to find a rare sword skill. The Silver Moon Sword Technique was marvelous, but he would never have wanted it. He did not specialize in sword skills like Lu Shaoyou, so it was useless to him.

  Perhaps it was because of the complete Flying Swords practice method in this sword skill that Xue Wuya wanted to have it.

  With a gentle move of his fingertips, there was a soft groan from the bright green sword body. Then, Junior Leopard began to affect the Internal Qi in the whole External Elixir made of the Dragon Chimera's skull according to the mental cultivation methods of Silver Moon Sword Technique.

  The sword body slammed into the Dragon Chimera's Internal Qi emitting a hissing sound like the sound of a snake sticking out its tongue and the sound of hot metal in cold water.

  Junior Leopard frantically operated the Reining Sword method in the Silver Moon Sword Technique as if he did not hear the sound, integrating the bright green sword body with the Dragon Chimera's Internal Qi and transforming the Dragon Chimera's Internal Qi into the Sword Qi.

  Gradually, a whirring sound like gasps came out from the Dragon Chimera's skull. Some blue electric stripes began to flash, and an ultramarine light appeared between the External Elixir and the sword body, slowly enveloping Junior Leopard.

  Junior Leopard slightly opened his eyes and a smile appeared on his face. The Green Jade Qian Yuan Skill was an extremely manly way to practice that had the extremely rare thunder property.

  When cultivated to the extreme, your Internal Qi would have a powerful electric energy like the movement which Wang She used to defeat Dark Lord Mie Chen on the prairie.

  It was extremely manly and extremely advanced!

  But one bad thing about it was that its property, at Advanced Level, was rather soft. That was why there was "Green Jade" before "Qian Yuan" in the name.

  Jade was a mild natural thing, without a trace of fire. Only with jade to train thunder, would it be smooth in the process of practice. Otherwise, if the cultivation method was so violent at the beginning, the practicer would be torn apart by the violent force contained in the Internal Qi before he achieved the Basic level.

  Now, there was a sign of reaching Advanced Level for the Green Jade Qian Yuan Skill which had been accumulating cultivation in the Dragon Chimera. Under the purifying of the Bright Moon Deifying Technique and the drive of the sword technique, the violent Internal Qi of thunder property finally revealed its grim face!

  There was a slight crackle and Junior Leopard gently frowned. At some point, the Dragon Chimera's skull unknowingly bore a thin split.

  Where there was the first one, there were the second one, the third one and the fourth one!

  Within a very short time, the Inner Elixir made of the Dragon Chimera's skull was completely split.

  Junior Leopard was startled and then laughed, because he felt the wisps of Mysterious Fire that seeped out of those cracks.

  The Mysterious Fire was from the Dragon Chimera. After the Dragon Chimera's skull was infused with the Mysterious Fire, a wisp of fire property generated. Now the Dragon Chimera's skull was no longer able to withstand the double pressure from the Internal Qi and the Sword Qi, and it began to break. But for Junior Leopard, it was not a bad thing, because through the Mysterious Fire, the Dragon Chimera's Internal Qi was more closely related to his Internal Qi.

  Although their mental cultivation methods of Internal Qi were different, they were already homologous after being assimilated by the Mysterious Fire.


  Suddenly a dazzling ultramarine light appeared and the whole skull was shattered and suspended in mid-air like dust. At the same time, an ultramarine light ball which was as mellow as jade, was also suspended in front of Junior Leopard.

  A good idea occurred to Junior Leopard. With a change of his expression, the powder of the skull, floating in midair, suddenly flew to the ultramarine light ball.

  After absorbing the powder of the Dragon Chimera's skull, the ultramarine light ball became more and more transparent. Within the sphere which was like jade, there was a faint ray of lightning.

  With a gentle whistle, the light ball that was like green jade and the green sword body became one. Junior Leopard affected it with the sword technique in his hand and the ultramarine light flashed, intertwining and filling the entire room.

  After four full hours, Junior Leopard looked tired. The ultramarine light that flashed in the air was completely purified by the Silvermoon Swordplay and the Bright Moon Deifying Technique. It became a half-foot long green sword, quietly floating in the air.

  "I just wanted to have a try. Unexpectedly, it was so smooth!"

  With a wave, the small green sword fell into his hand. Its hilt was indigo. If you looked carefully, you could find that the Dragon Chimera's skull had appeared on the hilt and that the sword body was flashing a faint sword-light like lightning. This was the phenomenon that all Internal Qi of Green Jade Qian Yuan Skill was converted into Sword Qi.

  Junior Leopard opened his mouth and the green sword light flew into his mouth and disappeared. At the same time, there were two cyan lights in his eyes.

  Taking a deep breath, Junior Leopard focused again and began to incorporate the cyan sword into his Dantian, condensing it with the Mysterious Fire in order to merge it into himself.

  "Lucky me. The sword embryo of Emerald Pearl Sword that Li Xiu gave me has intelligence. Moreover, the Dragon Chimera's skull is homologous with the Mysterious Fire in my Dantian. Besides, its own cultivation has reached the peak of Level Six and it's consistent with Silvermoon Swordplay after years of purification by the Bright Moon Deifying Technique. That's why it worked out so well that I managed to practice the Flying Sword overnight. Compared to other sword practicers, I have attained the highest level in one step, but it isn't enough. Yu Tianyang practiced his sword at a young age. My sword technique is far behind his. I'll study the sword technique well in future in case I can rein a sword to fly. But my sword technique is worse than a beginner, that'll be a shame!"

  Thinking of reining a sword to fly, Junior Leopard really wanted to have a try, but he soon resisted the impulse to do that. Currently he was in the Wu Residence, not on his own turf. Although he was now very important here, god knew how many eyes were on him.

  Taking a deep breath, he resisted the impulse to try and began to take stock of the gains and losses of his trip to Northern Yuan.

  "The profit was beyond my expectations. To become a sword practicer is a surprise. The most important gains were from the Whitemoon tribe. Of course, I also got a lot of benefits from Mie Chen!"

  In the battle against Dark Lord Mie Chen, Junior Leopard bombarded the weakest point of Mie Chen's soul with the extraordinary talent of his Fiery Eyes. Thus, he had a chance of surviving. At the same time, he acquired a small part of Mie Chen's memories.

  These memories were very messy and very few. Only one thing was useful, Mie Chen's experience of ascending into the Mysterious Realm.

  It was only half a step before Mie Chen reached the Mysterious Realm. His insight of getting into the Mysterious Realm from Level Nine was still fresh and not very stable, so Junior Leopard found his weakness to attack. This part of the memories were not useful to Junior Leopard now, but it would save him years of groping time when his cultivation ascended into Level Nine.

  Therefore, in a sense, he got more benefits from Mie Chen than from the Whitemoon tribe this time.

  However, the gain from the Whitemoon tribe was more realistic.

  He got two rare books from the Whitemoon tribe. One was the Seven Spiral Cut practiced by their Number One Warrior. The Seven Spiral Cut was a superb saber technique. It was only limited to his aptitude. The Number One Warrior of the Whitemoon tribe did not reach the Advanced Level, so he didn't pose a threat to Junior Leopard, and just caused a little trouble. However, if he completely mastered this saber technique, at the very least, he could have played several rounds with Junior Leopard. The other was what Junior Leopard valued most. It was not a martial art book, but a formation map!

  It was the formation map of Yin and Yang Dust Formation!

  Formations flourished in the medieval period, but consumed more materials than Flying Swords. For example, there was an extremely strong killing formation with murderous intent all around, it was named the Grand Sumeru Formation of Positive and Negative Nine Houses. However, to place this formation, you needed 81 excellent Flying Swords, and the nine Flying Swords as the Formation Eye were more demanding.

  How did you get 81 Flying Swords in a world where a Flying Sword was hard to find?

  So did the Yin and Yang Dust Formation!

  The Yin and Yang Dust Formation was more powerful than the Grand Sumeru Formation of Positive and Negative Nine, known as the First Killing Formation in the medieval period. It had six entrances, namely life, death, obscurity, brightness, illusion and destruction. As long as one did not enter the illusion entrance and destroy entrance, the life and death were the result of his own thought. When the formation was completed, it could turn the minuscule place into the primitive universe. Therefore, people described it as such, lives would vanish like soap bubbles and both worlds were like dust.

  It would be a joke to have Junior Leopard place such a big formation. The detailed methods and principles of placing the formation listed on the map were very helpful to Junior Leopard, not only on his understanding of the formation, but also in his practice.

  The Yin and Yang Dust, the Yin and Yang Dust, blind to the "Dust", and just care about "Yin and Yang".

  There was "Yin and Yang" in both the Yin and Yang Heavenly Sword and the Yin and Yang Dust Formation, so they must have a great connection. In interpreting the Yin and Yang Dust Formation, Junior Leopard got a great impression of the Yin and Yang Heavenly Sword. Most of all, he could not completely place the Yin and Yang Dust Formation, but with the help of the Sword Qi of Yin and Yang Heavenly Sword, it was possible for him to place a part of the formation.

  For example, now he could divide the Sword Qi of his Extreme Yang Through Sky Sword with the Dragon Flying Technique and placed two entrances of life and death around him to increase the power of the Yin and Yang Heavenly Sword tenfold.

  This was why Wang She repeatedly said it was worth it when he saw the formation map. He had mastered the Yin and Yang Heavenly Sword. If he carefully studied the Yin and Yang Dust Formation, his combat capability could easily increase dozens of times. Then even if he met an expert reaching the Mysterious Realm, he could have a fight with him.

  "The Mysterious Realm, the Mysterious Realm, alas, what's the use of reaching the Mysterious Realm? What if I were as unlucky as Living Buddha Ba Siba, who met a magic weapon from antiquity times and died before achieving his goal!"

  All of a sudden, thinking of the encounter of Ba Siba, Junior Leopard only felt discouraged. He did not know that the man who beat Living Buddha Ba Siba was also vexed now!

  "Tianchang, we can't go on like this! I almost can't suppress this bottle!"

  In the central camp of Jin in the prairie, Northern Yuan.

  A woman dressed in white looked solemn. The famous Clear Glass Jade Bottle, which was discussed animatedly in Jianghu, was emitting a white light while being suspended in front of her.

  The light was very soft. It was less than three inches long, but this whole three-inch space showed a very eerie crack!

  The light seemed to be a very thin needle, thrust into the space. The invisible space, in the presence of the light, like bean curd, was pierced. It was only at this moment that the hollow brought its mysterious face to the world.

  It was dark and deep!

  The pierced space which was connected to the hollow, emitted a faint suction that sucked in the smoke that was floating around in the air. It was just the beginning.

  As time went on, the space cracks that were pierced by the light grew larger and larger, and began to absorb more things. In the whole central camp, the airflow also began to accelerate, forming a gust of cold wind, making people thrilled.

  Behind his back, facing a huge map, Ma Tianchang was pondering. Hearing the woman's voice, he gave a bitter smile, "Now that you can't suppress it, don't suppress it any more. Such a magic weapon should not have appeared in this world. It's okay not to use it. Once you use it, its power will be stimulated. Then it'll be hard to suppress it!"

  "I don't care! If it's for you... otherwise I won't use it!" The woman in white was deaf to his advice. "Come on, help me suppress it! If it does run away, I can't explain it to Teacher, and you'll get involved," cried the woman in white, with a gentle trembling. "Tianchang, hurry up, or it'll be too late!"

  "Alas!" Giving a sigh, Ma Tianchang looked a little helpless. "Well, if it's because of me!" He turned and walked up to the woman in white as he spoke. A golden light flashed through his eyes and he stretched his wide sleeve and drew it in. The Clear Glass Jade Bottle was already in his sleeve. The space cracks that had been created by the bottle also disappeared. However, a faint glow crossed Ma Tianchang's face and his body shook slightly.

  "Tianchang, are you all alright?"

  "I'm fine. I'm just getting used to it since I haven't used it for a long time!"

  "The Heaven and Earth in Sleeves is equal to its reputation!" The woman in white praised in a low voice. "Next time when I use it again..."

  "There is no next time! The Heaven and Earth in Sleeves consumed too much of my pneuma. It seemed that it was easy, but without three years, my pneuma won't recover!" Ma Tianchang replied helplessly.

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