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Yunzhou, Misty Mountain, the West Mountain Pass—

  Standing on the highest rock at the West Mountain Pass, he could clearly see the small village that he was born in. Compared to the time when he was just born, great changes had taken place in the small village.

  An extremely luxurious house was built up with the water in the front and a hill behind. The house covered an area of several fields, stretching from the east side of the village to the west side. That was the Zhou's house.

  In this small village, "the Zhou's" was already a word that created envy in the villagers. Looking at the house, the villagers now and then showed their jealous eyes and pointed their fingers at it.

  "Old Zhou was so lucky that he gave birth to such a good son!"

  "So? Old Xing, are you green-eyed? If you are jealous, you can also give birth to a second baby. I worry that you are less lucky than Old Zhou!"

  "Even if you let me give birth to a second one now, it's impossible for me!"

  The villagers made jokes about each other. Those simple and kind mountain people did not have so many tricks as the people outside the mountain had. For the Zhou's sudden boom, the villagers were a little bit envious in their hearts. However, most of their feeling was just common envy. After all, not only did the Zhou's develop, but also the whole village benefited from it. Old Zhou was born and raised here. He was just an ordinary hunter and farmer before. Even if he had great affection for this village, he had no way to change it. Since he himself was still in poverty, how could he help the others get rid of poverty?

  Now things were different. He gave birth to a good son, and the son now was an officer in another place. Meanwhile, the son became an Elder of the Wu Family!

  The Elders of the Wu Family!

  It was a role that even the Supervisor of the ironware shop of the Wu Family in Qingyang Market would worship on his bent knees. Those guys who had been like gods to him before in his heart were now very anxious to kneel down to lick his soles when seeing him, which just gave him the illusion that he was in a dream. He could not get accustomed to it for a while. Nevertheless, it did not prevent him from doing good things. With his help, the originally well-developed village had turned into the most prosperous village beside Misty Mountain.

  Even similar to Qingyang Market, small markets also sprang up here. On every 1st and 15th day of the Chinese lunar month, villagers on the mountain came here for trade. Gradually it became the central village in a radius of a hundred miles.

  For such changes, Old Zhou and the other villagers certainly smiled from ear to ear. After all, didn't everyone yearn for a good life?

  However, Junior Leopard, the initiator of the whole thing, was indifferent.

  It did not matter to him, of course. He still had the memory of his previous life, so he had an innate estrangement to the kinsfolk of this life, let alone the small village and the villagers who were neither kith nor kin to him.

  Standing on the rock at the West Mountain Pass and watching the small indistinct village 10 miles away, Junior Leopard sighed slightly. Since his birth over 10 years ago until now, the whole thing had been like a dream.

  If people watched him carefully, they would see that Junior Leopard seemed to stand on the rock tip. Actually, his feet did not step on the rock. Instead, he was suspended in midair. Wisps of gentle wind were around him, brushing slightly against his sleeves and making him look like an immortal.

  Two strips of light red Sword Qi that looked like a genius snake were twinning around the index fingertip of his right hand. That was the Sword Qi of the Extreme Yang Through Sky Sword. After cultivation for a period, he had integrated the Yin and Yang Heavenly Sword and the Dragon Flying Technique perfectly. The horrible Sword Qi did not need to be released out anymore as a laser by the External Elixir between his eyebrows.

  However, he regretfully failed to achieve the Yin and Yang Heavenly Sword till now.

  Although the Earth Vein Evil Qi here had the property of extreme cold, it did not integrate with his Extreme Yang Through Sky Sword.

  The way of Yin and Yang Heavenly Sword was mysterious. Junior Leopard seemed to understand it before, but actually, he understood nothing. Rashly, he used the Qi of the Blood Essence Evil Yuan to practice the Extreme Yang Through Sky Sword. However, he forgot that the practice of Yin and Yang Heavenly Sword required three steps. The first two steps were the practice of Extreme Yang Through Sky Sword and Extreme Yin Heavenly Sword respectively. After the successful practice of those two Sword Qi, they should be integrated into a whole via an exclusive recipe. Finally, a new and much more powerful Sword Qi could form—the Heavenly Sky Sword Qi!

  Precisely because the Extreme Yang Through Sky Sword and the Extreme Yin Heavenly Sword would integrate with each other, there should not be a big gap between them in terms of power.

  In the world, there was a variety of Evil Qi with different power. The two kinds of Evil Qi that the Yin and Yang Heavenly Sword required needed to possess the properties of Yin and Yang. There was no more requirement about nature. Only if people found a place with both Evil Qi, they could practice those two Heavenly Swords. However, if people wanted to integrate them into a whole, the power of their Sword Qi was required to be equal. Reaching such a slight balance could lead to a possibility of smelting. Junior Leopard's Extreme Yang Through Sky Sword was smelted by the exceedingly strong Blood Essence Evil Yuan which topped among the Evil Qi with Yang property under heaven. When Junior Leopard smelted, he uprooted its Evil Qi. Thus, even if the power of the Extreme Yang Through Sky Sword that he practiced was surprising, there was a high requirement to the practice of the Extreme Yin Through Sky Sword in order to smelt the real Heavenly Sword Qi. The Yin Evil Qi at the West Mountain Pass was of good quality and could be barely used, but the amount was far too insufficient.

  Compared with the Blood Essence Evil Yuan which had been uprooted by Junior Leopard, they were not at the same level. If he managed to succeed in smelting the Extreme Yin Heavenly Sword, then there was no more possibility for the progress of his Yin and Yang Heavenly Sword.

  Therefore, Junior Leopard had to give up.

  Nevertheless, even if the Evil Qi could not be used for practicing the Extreme Yin Heavenly Sword, it should not be wasted.

  The Evil Qi here was insufficient in the aspect of the quantity but was of good quality. Therefore, it was exactly the best thing for practicing the Poison Cold Shield.

  His Poison-absorbing Green Bead absorbed a countless amount of poison from the Invisible Bug poison and also from the Seven Heart Golden Scorpion in Maojiang Prefecture. The strong poison was beyond people's imagination. Now, after being refined by the Evil Qi here for three months, a complete success could be achieved because he could have it at his disposal for attack and defense.

  Three Months!

  He had already practiced for three whole months in the West Mountain Pass.

  Three months ago, after he had encountered that weird person, he went back to Maojiang. Together with Lu Laihong and several other guys, during the last several days, they caught up with the food carriage and arrived at Danyang County, successfully finishing the delivery without getting into any trouble.

  In fact, with his current fierce fame, nobody dared to cause him trouble.

  After the delivery, he wrote a letter and asked Lu Laihong to go back to Qing Province and to give it to Li Yuan. In the letter, he mentioned that he had got a little bit of inspiration from his fight with Buyan Gerel. He needed to enter into a closed-door training for a period so he could comprehend calmly. He also said that after the closed-door training, he would directly go to Northern Yuan to hone his cultivation in fighting. He would not go back to serve Li Yuan before he made an achievement.

  All those were just polite platitudes.

  Both Li Yuan and he knew that he would not likely serve Li Yuan as a personal guard since Buyan Gerel had been killed by Zhou Bao.

  The reason was very simple. Li Yuan's small pond was too small to harbor Junior Leopard, such a big dragon!

  The reason was attributed neither to the pond nor to Junior Leopard. That was caused by the entire way of the world.

  Junior Leopard did not mind going back to Li Yuan because he could get payment without doing so many things as a Vice Camp Supervisor. However, Li Yuan would not dare to accept him!

  For an unspectacular General in Qing Province, if he employed a powerful person who could kill a Level Eight expert, it would be a burden to people.

  Hence, Junior Leopard, with this excuse, did not follow Lu Laihong to return to Qing Province once again.

  Lu Laihong did not understand why Junior Leopard made such a decision. However, since that Junior Leopard was not willing to go back with him, he could not do anything with him. Could he bring Junior Leopard back by binding his hands and feet with an accusation of breaching the military order? Even if he had the guts, he did not have the ability!

  Thus, he just deferred to Junior Leopard. Luckily, Junior Leopard let him pass on a letter. After he was back, he could explain to Li Yuan.

  Junior Leopard, of course, did not lie. Indeed, he needed a closed-door training to digest what the weird person had left in his mind.

  Although it was just for a short moment, lots of information, for example, the crucial points of the Yin and Yang Heavenly Sword, came into his mind. Without the information from that man, he would not have known that this cultivation method was so fastidious.

  He did not think about scores of punching skills for strengthening the body anymore. Regarding how to proceed after his cultivation to the Mysterious Realm, it was not clearly mentioned in the information. The information just said he could reach the small three realms after his cultivation broke through Level Nine, and then to the big three realms. As for what phase he would meet after he jumped out of the three realms, the information did not say a word.

  However, there was a cultivation method which made him walk in the air—the Nine Changes of Heavenly Birds. It was a peerless martial art, evolving based on nine kinds of birds in the antiquity times, namely: phoenix, roc, peafowl, three-feet crow, immortal crane, eagle, green bird with poisonous feathers, blue bird, and partridge. It had invincible power with the supplement of the Dragon Flying Technique.

  Of course, in addition to it, there was also the other cultivation method for cultivating Spirit—the Carefree Skill!

  According to the information that the man left in Junior Leopard's mind, he realized that, for a real practitioner, once his cultivation broke through Level Seven, he would practice a cultivation method of cultivating Spirit to foster his spiritual mind and temper divine thoughts. So to speak, in the information left by the man, only when one perceived his divine thoughts and also nourished them carefully could he be a real practitioner. The Carefree Skill was an excellent way of cultivating Spirit. Meanwhile, Junior Leopard also knew that he was at the basic realm of Spirit cultivation now—defend Heaven and Earth with the mind!

  The Heaven and Earth here referred to his own body instead of the world. A human's body was a small Heaven and Earth.

  The more Junior Leopard knew about the way of practice, the more superficial he thought he was; the harder he felt the road ahead of him was, the more endless that he felt the road was. Nevertheless, he was more interested in it.

  Curiosity kills the cat. Junior Leopard had an increasing curiosity about the practice.

  Great curiosity only made his purpose resolute, it was of no help to his strength. However, the three month closed-door training advanced his strength by leaps and bounds.

  His body's cultivation had already reached the state of Level Five!

  The Extreme Yang Through Sky Sword and the Dragon Flying Technique had already matched with each other very well. He could play the Through Sky Sword Technique with free will.

  The Heavenly Sword Technique could not be used before it was smelted into the Heavenly Sword Qi by integrating the Extreme Yin and the Extreme Yang into a whole. The was a reason: No matter if it was the Extreme Yang Through Sky Sword or the Extreme Yin Heavenly Sword, either of its Sword Qi would cause severe harm to the body. Even a Level Nine expert could not display it totally. However, with the coordination of the Dragon Flying Technique, even if Junior Leopard just practiced the Sword Qi of the Extreme Yang Through Sky Sword, he could already practice the Heavenly Sword Technique.

  The refinement of the Poison Cold Shield had ended!

  The refinement of this celestial device just finished, but it did not reach an Advanced Level.

  The Poison Cold Shield, besides counteracting poisons, could also absorb poisons to intensify strength. Nourishing the Poison Cold Shield with poison could sharply increase power. That was what Junior Leopard had done.

  Over the past three months, he went to the valley where he had been trapped before by Xue Wuya and absorbed all the miasma from the swamp outside the valley. After the miasma had been absorbed, a fantastic change happened to the Poison Cold Shield. The original light green turned into pink mist with even an exotic fragrance. It seemed that there was totally no danger. However, after the Poison Cold Shield had been displayed, an area of the surrounding 300 feet was covered by it. And in this very area of the surrounding 300 feet, no grass grew. It was incomparably poisonous.

  With such a thing, Junior Leopard dared not use it freely. To keep it with him was just for the purpose of protecting himself. That was also a trump card.

  Of course, that was also his necessary skill for escape—the Three Realms Division.

  He was now very good at displaying the Three Realms Division. He perhaps would keep pace with the little monster in Misty Mountain.

  In those three months, he had been practising hard during the closed-door training. The only thing that he did not practice was his Fiery Eyes!

  With the passage of time and the rise of his cultivation, he increasingly found the wonderful feature of his Fiery Eyes. While realizing its power, he also had some astonishing discoveries. When he opened the Fiery Eyes, a slight change also occurred in his mind. However, the slight change was not what he wanted, just like the feeling when he ate ecstasy to attain a high in his previous life.

  He did not want to practice his Fiery Eyes until he had complete confidence. At least before he totally figured out the function of his Fiery Eyes, he was determined to conceal it.

  "Three months. Three months of closed-door training. I've already got a little bit of success. It's time to go to Northern Yuan. According to my current combat capability, as long as I don't meet the three legendary Grandmasters, I won't be in danger. Even if I encounter them, I could escape with the help of the Three Realms Division. It's just unknown if Northern Yuan has a person like that guy."

  The scene with the guy playing around with the thunderbolt in the cloud crossed his mind. Junior Leopard was diffident suddenly in the heart, "It seems that the guy is one of our Central Plains people. However, Northern Yuan has so many heroes in its large land. Maybe he's not a Northern Yuan person. If he is, how could he indifferently ignore that Northern Yuan is being destroyed by Great Jin?!"

  Who cares? I'm not going to cause them trouble. Northern Yuan has such a person, so does our Central Plains. I think that those distinguished personages maybe don't want to waste time on such a worldly expert like me. They may also disdain fighting with me!

  He comforted himself in his heart. When the fingertip of his right hand was raised, two strips of red Sword Qi, which looked like a genius snake, emitted toward an ancient tree in front of him. There was no blockage and no voice. They just went through the third tree, the fourth, the fifth, the sixth... the last one, and finally the depths of the palisades.

  Those ancient trees immediately withered after the Sword Qi had gone through them. The great Evil Qi of the Extreme Yang property contained in the Sword Qi destroyed the lives of those trees in an instant.

  "I cannot make it yet! Whatever I try, I fail to transform the Evil Qi contained in the Sword Qi into a sword by condensing the Qi without emitting it out!" Looking at the withered trees, Junior Leopard sighed in his mind. His tiptoe scratched the ground and then flew towards the distant wilderness in the due north.

  Northern Yuan, locating in the northmost area, had a vast snowfield which was expansive and boundless. It was snowy and windy all year round. Sunny days were rarely seen in the entire year.

  The surface of the ground was frozen soil which had been frozen for many years. It was thus very hard, like iron stone. The hardest position could not be cut even one or two inches deep by a Level Seven expert with wizardly and sharp weapons.

  Creatures were minimal in the snowfield. Only very few of the living creatures that possessed strong cold resistance could survive and multiply here. Without exception, those living creatures had long hair. Hence, those living creatures were also called hairy beasts!

  There were only a dozen species of the living creatures here, such as hairy bear, hairy cattle, hairy rabbit, and so on, but they still formed a complete food chain. The vegetarians represented by the hairy rabbit were at the lowest level. Of course, they did not eat grass here, as there was no grass for them. They fed on a kind of cold fungus growing in this snowfield. This cold fungus was very precious to the human world because it was a rare holy medicinal herb used for prolonging life. Unfortunately, although it was not difficult to find them in the recess of this snowfield, very few people went deep into the snowfield.

  Even a Level Seven expert could only go to a distance of about a hundred miles at most in the snowfield. That was the maximum distance. How could an ordinary person come upon cold fungus growing at a distance of over thousand miles?

  In the depths of the snowfield, there was an icy river that was more than one thousand miles remote. The river was icy throughout the year. The ice was no less than hundreds of feet deep, sending forth a nipping chill day and night. Even several of the most cold-resistant living creatures would not be close to the icy river. However, one day, a person was walking toward the icy river from afar.

  Yes. A person. A half-naked person!

  A monk.

  The monk was dressed in a light golden cape with his right shoulder and both of his elbows exposed. Even if the cold wind was whistling, he still put his palms together devoutly, keeping his body unmoved. It seemed that the chill which could freeze the surroundings could not hurt him at all.

  Then, looking at his face—It was a face of sadness and bitterness, as if all the people in this world owed him a large sum of money.

  He walked step by step, panting slowly. As he walked, he was also reciting Buddhist scriptures. There was no idea how long he had recited.

  Gradually, as he approached the icy river step by step, a light cold breath of evil blew toward him. The old monk sighed slightly, emitting a faint golden light. Then he set his foot on the particularly frigid icy surface and firmly walked on.

  Living Buddha Ba Siba!

  If Wang She or the top officers in Northern Yuan saw the monk at this moment, they would be surprised that he was just one of the three Grandmasters who were deified by the tribes in the prairie—Living Buddha Ba Siba!

  Wasn't he cooperating with Dark Lord Mie Chen to chase Wang She?

  Why did he show up in this snowfield in the middle of nowhere? Could it be that the three Grandmasters had already given up their chase of Wang She?

  "Our Buddha is compassionate!"

  It was his last step. He strode over the margin of the icy river, the golden light fading. His face paled, but a bright light flashed in his eyes. He raised his eyes and saw a magnificent palace, like a giant dragon, lying on the remote snowfield and bathed in the wild wind and snow!


  "Immortal Palace?!" 

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