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Gao Yulou had been totally provoked by Junior Leopard. He had just cleared his sword Gang the other day and had long been planning to find someone to try its power. But it wasn't easy as he couldn't choose his acquaintances. Anyway, it was inappropriate to beat them severely just to try out his sword Gang. Intentionally or not, he would try to control himself, so that was pointless. But what about a stranger?

It was also difficult. As an expert at Level Seven, he was only a newcomer, let alone the fact that his Gang Qi had just come into being. If he battled with someone stronger, he might lose. Therefore, the best option was to find an expert at Level Six and try his Gang Qi on him.

However, experts at Level Six weren't that many, even compared with those at Level Seven. Most of them had powerful backgrounds and high status. It would be OK if he competed with them to learn from each other, but he definitely couldn't kill them of his own will.

Now this Junior Leopard, an expert at Level Six, suddenly came out as his enemy. Of course, he would not throw away this chance.

So when Junior Leopard proposed to leave here and find another place, he readily agreed. Following Junior Leopard, he disappeared in a few blinks.

The crowd gasped!

The matchmaker Wu Shangying exchanged a worried glance with Lu Shaoyou.

"Sir, the auspicious timing has come. Let's get inside!"

Though worried, they still need to get down to business. Junior Leopard's appearance had wasted a lot of time and the auspicious timing had come. Wu Shangying hurried to ask people inside to open the door and welcome the bride and groom.

The festive atmosphere gradually calmed down a lot. After a routine, the bride and groom entered the house and were going to bow to Heaven and Earth.

In the hall, "Moral Fighter" Ji Zhongtang was sitting in the center, beaming with delight. However, if you looked closely, you could see the slight worry in the delight.

What Junior Leopard had done outside could not escape his eyes. He knew clearly that Junior Leopard's appearance was just a start. Something was going to happen next.

However, at this point, all he could do was roll with the punches. He had full confidence in the strength of the Lu Mansion. Experts from the Mingyi School were all over the place, let alone those imperial court martial experts. Besides, Lu Shaoyou was an expert at Level Eight and was about to break into Level Nine. With Lu here, he believed there wouldn't be any big problems.

The only person he worried about was Wang She from the Tian Long Mystic Mountain.

This morning, he received a message saying that Wang She had shown up in Qinlingjun City.

Last time when Lu Shaoyou proposed, Wang She came and created a disturbance, so he was quite worried about that. But when he thought again, he knew the Mingyi School had done a lot of work for this marriage. Suzerain of the Tian Long Taoism had also made it clear that he agreed with it. As a chief of the Tian Long Taoism, no matter how powerful and arrogant Wang She was, he should not defy the order of the suzerain. Besides, this marriage was not only supported by the suzerain, but also other elders of the Tian Long Taoism. Bold as he was, he dare not set himself against his own sect, unless he was a fool.

"Besides, what does it matter if he really jumps out?"

"He alone is not a big threat. Didn't he take any advantages last time?"

Thinking of this, Ji Zhongtang was slightly relieved.

He raised his head and stared at the new couple dressed in red. At that time, he was filled with various emotions.

He finally finished what his friends entrusted to him and raised Lu Shaoyou up.

When he saw this, he felt that all the pain and suffering was worthwhile.

"Bow to the Heaven and Earth—!"

The master of ceremony let out a long shout when the auspicious timing had come and the bride and groom were ready.

The voice meant that the new couple should begin the ritual.

"Wait! You can't bow. There will be trouble—!"

Before the couple bent down, they heard a lazy voice and then yell and scold. A dozen figures appeared from the crowd and surrounded the owner of the voice.

"You, want to stop me? Are you seeking death?"

Wang She was still dressed in a green robe with a small fan. His eyes gleamed with coldness. The sneer on his face became more intense when he saw those experts gather around him.

"Chief Wang, please don't put us on the spot like this!" The leader among them had a white face with no beard. He had reached the peak of Level Six and was one step closer to Level Seven. He stepped up, bowed to Wang She and said, "This is very important. I hope you can understand us!"

"I didn't expect you, Seneschal Wan, would be here. It's really a surprise for me. But you think you can stop me?!"

"Of course we can't. But it'll be OK if we can stall you here!" Seneschal Wan said in a deadpan voice.

In the hall, Lu Shaoyou had almost foamed at the mouth, but he finally controlled himself at the hint of Ji Zhongtang.

"Bow to the Heaven and Earth first!"

Ji Zhongtang shouted coldly. He had made up his mind. No matter what happened, he would finish this ritual after which Ma Linglong would nominally become Lu Shaoyou's wife. It would make all of the other problems much easier to solve.

"Eh. I've told you that you can't bow. Why don't you listen to me?" Wang She sighed lightly and walked ahead waving his fan.

"Stop him!" Seneschal Wan's face fell and he shouted coldly. At the same time, he flashed forward to stop Wang She. But then three figures jumped out from amongst the guests and rushed toward him. One of them moved at a speed of light and was ready to pounce on Seneschal Wan.

"Who? How dare you!" Seneschal Wan bellowed angrily seeing people rushing from amongst the guests. He had no time to stop Wang She and turned around to try to stop the attacking fists with his hands.

"Hong!" When their fists met, Seneschal Wan could not resist and he finally found his footing after drawing back three steps.

At this moment, the master's voice came from the hall, "Bow to the Heaven and— Pu—!"

Before uttering the "Earth", the master had turned into a pool of blood splashing all around. Though Ji Zhongtang and Lu Shaoyou were both experts and they could keep the splashing flesh and blood from them with their strength, it was too cruel to tolerate.

This was going too far, too far!

"Wang She, you—!" Bristling with anger, Ji Zhongtang pointed at Wang She and shouted, "How dare you!"

"I've always had a lot of guts. It's just you don't know!" Still waving his fan, Wang She slowly stepped up from the guests. Behind him, Peng Gongliang and the other two were fighting with experts from the Mingyi School and the imperial court. Though there were only three of them, they fought shoulder by shoulder and integrated both attack and defense. In this way, they stalled all those experts who were in large number amongst the guests.

The guests were all shocked. They had never expected this to happen at such an event, basically the grandest in Yunzhou.

As the grandest event in Yunzhou, naturally, all those invited were important people in Yunzhou and even the whole Great Jin. There were over 30 tables set in total to treat all those martial arts experts and important guests with high status, good reputation and strong power. For example, Wu Yansheng, the Head of the Wu Family and Lyu Yiyue, the First Elder, were both invited. An elder from the Tian Long Taoism also sat at the seat of honor on behalf of the Tian Long Taoism. Beside them, heads of different families in Yuzhou, suzerains or elders from different great powers of the Great Jin all came and sent their gifts to express congratulations.

The Mingyi School and the Golden Lights Cave also sent important representatives. The Mingyi School sent a deputy dean while the Golden Lights Cave's delegation was led by Gao Yulou.

Now all those people were staring at Wang She and some also cast a strange look at the elder from the Tian Long Taoism sitting in the seat of honor.

"What happened? Brother Yan?"

Deputy dean of the Mingyi School asked gently.

"I... I..." Elder Yan turned red. He also had no idea about what was going on. He knew that Lei Xu was in a relationship with Ma Linglong, but what did it matter to Wang She?

The Tian Long Taoism had already pressured the Lei Family and asked them to ground Lei Xu in case he should come and make troubles. No one expected that Wang She would come. What was this all about?

As it had happened and Ji Zhongtang was shouting angrily, he had no choice but to say something.

"Chief Wang, what are you doing?"

Wang She glanced at him and answered, "Yo, it's Elder Yan. Why are you here?"

"You know why. Stop messing up and leave right away. Are you going to set the Mingyi School against the Tian Long Taoism?!"

"What if I really want to?!" Wang She's face fell and said, "I'm setting the Mingyi School against the Tian Long Taoism. What can you do?"

"You!" Elder Yan pounded the table angrily, making the soup splash. He pointed at Wang She and bellowed, "How dare you!"

"I've no time to waffle with you. If you're smart enough, you should stand aside and watch. This is none of your business. If you want to flaunt your superiority, I don't mind vanquishing you. But do you really want others to see that there's internal conflict in our Tian Long Taoism?"

"You!" Elder Yan groaned angrily. He almost fell down on the table. "Very well, very well, Chief Wang. You— Very well!" The old man pointed at Wang She and his fingers were trembling with anger. But he was helpless before Wang She even if he was an elder.

"Well... Alas..." He heaved a deep sigh and put his arms down dejected. He bowed to Ji Zhongtang and the deputy dean of the Mingyi School with shame on his face and said, "Master Ji, Deputy Dean Li, I'm sorry. I'm so sorry!"

After that, he left, with shame and bitterness on his face, leaving no chance for others to speak.

"This crafty old fox!"

The others scolded secretly.

As Elder Yan had left, everyone's attention was naturally drawn back to the hall.

Wang She seemed calm, still waving his fan. He paid no attention to Ji Zhongtang's scolding but said, "Brother Shaoyou, there are plenty of fish in the sea. Why are you so stubborn about Miss Ma?"

"Let's battle!" Surrounded by piercing sword intent, Lu Shaoyou looked sullen. He said calmly, "This time, we shall fight until someone dies!"

Lu Shaoyou was outraged now. No one could tolerate this if it happened at their wedding.

Fight until someone dies!

He had fully expressed his confidence and his killing intent.

However, Wang She didn't think so.

"Brother Lu, you mistook me again. Why would I kill you? I'm just coming to rob the bride. You don't need to get so serious. But..."

Before his voice died away, there came the Sword Qi. Quick as a flash, the cyan sword light pierced through Wang She's body.

"Wow! This one is much better than the last one!"

The body hit by the sword light was split into two halves instantly and fell on the ground gently. Only then did everyone see that it wasn't a body but a green robe.

"An eye trick. Well done!" Lu Shaoyou commented and the sword light in his hand continued to stab toward the crossbeam.

"You're not bad yourself, knowing that you can create a diversion!"

"Qiang Qiang!" They separated and in a moment they battled again. Others could see the sword light and fan shadow mingled together.

As experts at Level Eight, it seemed that they both didn't mean to influence others, so they controlled their power to a limited area while battling. Still, the audience were all shivering to see such a violent battle.

Though it seemed that they didn't stir up a spanking wind when fighting, one might die immediately if touched by one of them accidentally, without a complete body.

But in fact, they battled temperately. It seemed that Lu Shaoyou had gained the upper hand as Wang She's fan shadow was totally covered by his sword light. At this moment, a white figure flashed out and the crowd let out a gasp.

"Who? How dare you!"

A cold shout came from the hall. Ji Zhongtang who sat at the host seat pounced at the white figure, but it was too late.

Like a burst of wild wind, that white figure suddenly appeared, whirled away from the bride in red and then disappeared without a trace. All this happened in the blink of an eye. Though Ji Zhongtang had noticed that something happened, he didn't expect there was another expert at Level Eight waiting in the dark beside Wang She. Though he himself could be counted as an expert, when facing the sudden action of a Level Eight expert like Nian Wushuang, he could only stand there and watch Nian Wushuang taking away Miss Ma with eyes wide open.

Outside the hall, Lu Shaoyou was yelling and cursing. It seemed that he was trying to get rid of Wang She, but Wang She's fan shadow was too closely woven to be shaken off, even his sword technique was miraculous.

"OK. We made it. You may leave first!" While battling, Wang She didn't forget his partners who were fighting against experts from the Mingyi School and the imperial court. Seeing that Nian Wushuang had taken the bride, he asked his partners to leave in case that they might be stuck here. After all, unlike him and Nian Wushuang, they hadn't reached the peak of Level Seven yet.

The other three were not fools. Hearing his words, they all showed their best skills and stuck together to force back the enemies. Then they slunk away so fast that those experts couldn't chase after them. In fact, no one wanted to chase them as they were all highly skilled in martial arts and hard to deal with. As a result of the joint efforts of everyone, they were merely trapped just now. So it might not be worth chasing them.

Besides, for those experts, though their task was to escort the bride, this was ultimately none of their business. Therefore, they didn't really need to risk their lives.

Outside the hall, Lu Shaoyou saw that Ma Linglong had been robbed and he himself was still trapped by Wang She. He couldn't keep calm anymore. He let out a bellow and then a violent Sword Qi burst out from him.

"Wang She, you asked for it!"

The Sword Qi cut through the air and thrust at Wang She at a breathtaking speed.

"Oops!" Wang She let out a strange sound. He waved his fan suddenly and then he was surrounded by a blast of cyan airflow.

"Fallen Heaven Ultimate Sword. Immeasurable Sword Qi!"

The miraculous Sword Qi bursting out from Lu Shaoyou's body was condensed into a gust and broke up the cyan airflow. Wang She backed off again and again. His fan was smashed into pieces and fell down.

"That's the marvelous Fallen Heaven Ultimate Sword! He is definitely the Blade Master!"

Wang She's figure danced in the air like a dead leaf.

"Wang She, you can't escape this time!" Lu Shaoyou bellowed. He jumped off and swung his sword. At that moment, the Sword qi was condensed and Wang She's escape routes were all blocked.

"Pu Pu Pu!"

The cyan Sword Qi beat on Wang She. But unexpectedly, Wang She was not beaten into a sieve.

The muffled sound frightened everyone. The piercing Sword Qi stabbed at the green robe and caused ripples, as a stone hit the water. But besides ripples, there was no other change.

"This is—!" Seeing that his Sword Qi can't hurt Wang She and the change of the green robe, Lu Shaoyou seemed to realize something, and then his face turned terrible.

"This is, Level Nine!" Wang She smiled and finished Lu Shaoyou's words. His green robe lifted again and a light layer of green veil floated on it. It was this green veil that blocked Lu Shaoyou's Sword Qi just now.

"Sorry, Blade Master Lu. I forgot to tell you!" Wang She smiled. His figure floating in the air released great pressure that hung over the whole Lu Mansion. "In fact, I'm Level Nine!"

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