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"Block any attack? You think it's that easy, boy?"

Despite being astonished at Junior Leopard's amazing fist intent, Wang She couldn't help sneering when he heard Junior Leopard's last words. "You must avoid this first!" As he said this, his fingers moved slightly and a black and white streamer shot out from his fingertips, flying straight at Junior Leopard's face.

"It's... the Yin and Yang Heavenly Sword!" Junior Leopard blinked and the surrounding gravity suddenly rose. Immediately, all the objects within 100 feet floated as if they had no weight, slowly drifting towards Junior Leopard.

But the speed of black and white streamer surprised Junior Leopard. Under the shadow of fist intent, it did not slow down but broke the fist intent. Moreover, it made a passageway in the black hole and suddenly shot to Junior Leopard's face.

The horrible and sharp sword qi stung the face of Junior Leopard. A threat of death ran through his head and he launched the Three Realms Division almost without thinking.

"Swish", he disappeared on the spot.

And at the same time that he appeared opposite to Wang She, the bizarre fist intent had gone.

"Gee? It's..." This time Wang She was shocked, astoundment showed in his eyes, "body movement? No, it's not. Body movement can't be so fast! It's... It's hollow travel... The special technique of hollow travel!"

"It's Three Realms Division. A special technique I acquired by accident!" Junior Leopard said with a little frustration. Actually, he regretted it the moment he launched the Three Realms Division. He knew that Wang She would not kill him and that the murderous intent and despair came from the Yin and Yang Heavenly Sword, but he subconsciously used the unique skill of survival, which he kept as a secret, because he was scared by the destructive sword qi.

All of this was seen by Wang She.

"Three Realms Division? A special technique of hollow travel? There's such a special technique in the world?" Wang She was amazed, which could be found from his voice. He looked at Junior Leopard with burning eyes.

"There's such a special technique in the world!" Taking a deep breath, Junior Leopard disappeared again and then appeared.

This time he appeared behind Wang She, "Chief Wang, isn't this special technique good?"

"Good, really good!" Wang She turned his head to look at Junior Leopard. The fever in his eyes had disappeared and he had regained his incomparable composure, "no wonder you're so confident! With this special technique, you can be invincible. Even in the face of a real Level Nine expert, you'll have the chance to escape, let alone in the face of Gao Yulou!"

"Exactly! Otherwise, do you think I'm a fool to face a Level Seven expert?" Junior Leopard said with a smile and then he began to relax. Now that it had happened, it could not be changed. His fist intent would slow the time around him, but could not turn back the clock. Since the things that shouldn't be seen have been seen by others, then what remains was the question of bargaining.

"You're ready to bargain with me now, and you're thinking about how you can use this to benefit from me, right?"

Reading Junior Leopard's mind immediately, Wang She laughed and looked at Junior Leopard with a hint of amusement. "Alas, if you were to show me this a year ago, you might benefit a lot from me. But now, the Three Realms Division is amazing, but it's useless to me!"

"It's useless to you?" There was a strange look on Junior Leopard's face. The Three Realms Division was marvelous. Even a Level Eight expert could at least double his strength if he got this Special Technique, let alone Wang She, a Level Nine expert. How could it be useless to him?

"Indeed, it's a wonderful special technique. However, all special techniques need to clear Evil Qi, but now my body can't do any more of it!" Wang She said with a bitter smile.

"Oh, you're dying?" Junior Leopard blurted out. It sounded like Wang She's body was in poor health and it just looked good on the surface.

"Of course not! I'm great. I can live to be a hundred. No, I'll be immortal. I mean I've practiced nine different special techniques, which have reached the limit. Unless I'm able to break through to the Mysterious Realm, I'm not going to be able to practice even the most unremarkable special technique!"

"There's a limit to practice special techniques?" Junior Leopard was hearing this for the first time and had a strange expression on his face.

"Of course there's a limit. Even a Level Nine expert of the Mysterious Realm, his body is just flesh. The Evil Qi is very damaging to the body. It's impossible to practice special techniques endlessly despite the Evil Qi being refined. Even if you have reached the Mysterious Realm, you can't practice more than nine special techniques. Otherwise, you'll explode to death. I've practiced nine special techniques, so I can't practice any more although I really want to practice the Three Realms Division."

"That will be the best!" Junior Leopard heaved a sigh of relief, "I also think it's better for me to master it alone!"

"I think so. Then your chances of survival are greater. But in the future, you'd better think clearly when you're going to practice a special technique. You won't always have such good luck to get a such great special technique at the beginning!"

"I've always had good luck!" Junior Leopard smiled, and his eyes flashed, "what about it? Isn't it a special technique you just used to deal with me?"

"Yes, it's the Yin and Yang Heavenly Sword, one of the most powerful special techniques in the world. Do you know that it requires the infusion of two kinds of very opposite Evil Qi? It's really hard to practice!"

"Two kinds of very opposite Evil Qi? Is it the equivalent of two special techniques?"

"No, no, no. The special technique and Evil Qi are two completely different concepts. They're not equal in number. You know, there are odd special techniques that require the infusion of three or four different kinds of Evil Qi. The guy who created that kind of special techniques must be a fool!" Wang She continued, "what? Interested in the Yin and Yang Heavenly Sword? Alas, you know, the value of Yin and Yang Heavenly Sword is not lower than your Three Realms Division. If it was a year ago, you would still have the chance to get it, but now. Hehe, I think you understand that I need something as the unique skill of survival!"

"I understand it!" Junior Leopard smiled, "it's just a wish. Such a special technique is hard to practice, right?"

"Hard, of course, it's hard. It's hard just to find two kinds of top Earth Vein Evil Qi that are opposite in nature. But I'm a lucky dog!"

"Well, congratulations on your good luck!" Junior Leopard said, "if there's nothing else, I'm off."

"Okay, you may go. Just don't forget about it!"

"Of course not!" Junior Leopard answered with a smile.

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