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A green sharkskin sheath, sharp tip, and an extremely comfortable sword handle. All these made Junior Leopard extremely satisfied.

The sword was 1.3 feet. The sword body was glistening, and the grain of the forging process could be vaguely seen. In the eye of an expert like Junior Leopard, he could tell the quality of the forging grain with one glance.

"Hundred Forged Genuine Weapon. This is a good dagger that was smelted at least 150 times. The Internal Qi can pass through without obstruction. I just have to summon up a little bit of Qi, and it goes out through the dagger tip. The dagger body is not thick, nor is it heavy, but it is condensed. The level of forging of this dagger is perhaps a level higher than my Teacher. There are even words on it!" Junior Leopard carefully flipped over the dagger in his hands. The smile on his face became even broader, "Green Pearl?! Interesting. This is obviously a lethal weapon, yet such a docile name is given to it. I cannot see how this dagger has any relation to Green Pearl?!"

When the treasured dagger reached his hands, Junior Leopard was excited, as if he got a new toy. The name of the dagger was Green Pearl. It was the spoils of a bet that Li Xiu had lost to him. On the second day, Li Xiu as per the arrangement sent the treasure dagger over. He handed it to Junior Leopard on the spot. Seeing that he was so generous, Junior Leopard was somewhat regretful in his heart. Had he known that this kid was so easy to cheat, he would have bargained for more things. It was known that his twin hammers had been forcefully blown apart. Now he had nothing that he was accustomed to using as weapons.

However, Li Xiu hadn't left for long before Li Yuan sent someone over to ask him to go to the Admiral Manor.

At that moment Junior Leopard thought, "This Li Xiu and Li Yuan seemed to have some connections. Could it be that he is backstabbing me?!"

He held a trace of fear as he entered the Admiral Manor until he received a piece of surprising news and a mission.

"Accompany Li Xiu to walk around Zhonghe City for a few days!"

It was only until then that he knew Li Xiu's real identity. He was actually the successor to the Pingzhou Li Clan. He was also Pingzhou Li Clan's martial arts genius that only appeared once every hundred years. This time around he came to Zhonghe City to accompany his mother to visit her family. In the end, he came into conflict with his few cousins in his grandfather's house, beating all of them into a pulp. He then ran out of his grandfather's house and came to Li Yuan to relax.

Li Yuan was born in Pingzhou Li Clan. Even though he was from the branch family of the Li Clan, his capabilities were awesome, and he held the military power in Zhonghe City. In the Li Clan, he was considered a renowned figure. He had an extremely close relationship with the current family head, Li Cong, who was Li Xiu's father. He was extremely familiar with Li Xiu as well. Hence, when Li Xiu came over to relax, this was an extremely normal thing.

It was just a few days ago when Li Xiu heard Li Yuan praising Junior Leopard in front of him. It stirred up the passion of the youth within his heart. Without telling Li Yuan, he came over to look for Junior Leopard and fought with him. He was beaten up miserably. A loss was a loss. He who was willing to bet had to be satisfied with losing. He then recognized the debt and sent the dagger over to Junior Leopard.

However, he dared not mention to Li Yuan about such an embarrassing matter. He only told Li Yuan that he was very interested in this young man who was always praised by Li Yuan. He wanted to know him. Li Yuan naturally didn't have any opinions on it, hence he got Junior Leopard over and introduced them to each other. He then announced that over these few days, Junior Leopard need not come on duty at the Manor. He was then to walk around with Li Xiu.

Regarding this, Junior Leopard felt that it was somewhat troublesome. However, Li Xiu seemed to be very happy.

"Hey, Little Li, this stuff is used for eating, not for seeing!"

"I know, I know...!" His left hand was holding sugarcoated haws, right hand holding another sugar man. He watched around curiously. From time to time he would attract the attention of passersby which made Junior Leopard extremely embarrassed. However, Li Xiu seemed to be enjoying himself.

"Hey, you didn't eat sugercoated haws and walked the streets before?"

"Nope!" Li Xiu shook his head, "In the past, I just practiced my sword at home. Sometimes I would come out to relax, but I never hung out!"

"What a boring life!" Junior Leopard shook his head. He pitifully glanced at Li Xiu. No wonder he had such an astonishing accomplishment in swordsmanship at such a young age. He had been practicing for a dozen years!

However, thinking about it, isn't it the same for him?

After seeing the existence of martial arts from Wang Tianlei, since then, he had stepped into the endless sea of martial arts. Speaking of hanging out, apart from those few years at Qingyang Market where he would go to the market twice every month, there wasn't much experience of that.

"Aye! We are people in the same boat. How could I laugh at others!" Thinking through this point, Junior Leopard weirdly shook his head. He saw Li Xiu in a different light now.

They were similar in age and similar in strength. Between the two of them, this was considered a sort of connection.

"Oh right, don't call me Little Li from now on. It sounds weird!"

"Where? Your surname is Li, and you are younger than me. You can't defeat me. If I don't call you Little Li, do I have to call you Big Brother?!" Junior Leopard said. These two days, they could be considered to be familiar with each other. He was also able to see that this Li Xiu was an extremely pure person. Even though he was born in the Li Clan, a renowned family, his interactions with the world were not much. His whole heart was in pursuing the cultivation of the sword. He neither knew too much about the interactions in society hence, it was not weird that he beat up his cousins when he was in his grandfather's house.

It was precisely because of his purity and innocence, when he met with an old fox like Junior Leopard, he was surely to be taken advantage of.

"No, I only felt that Little Li is an awful name!"

"There's no such thing. Don't people often call me Junior Leopard? We are all little fellas, the difference is not big!" Junior Leopard said, "However, I am really curious why such an honest guy like you will become the successor to the family head?!"

"I am not the Family Head's successor, I am the Clan Official's successor!" Li Xiu shook his head, "The Family head and the Clan Official are different. The next Family Head should be my brother. He isn't so strong but he is very cunning!"

Thinking of his brother, Li Xiu seemed to have thought of something nasty. His face sunk, looking at Junior Leopard, "He is similar to you, just that his strength is far beneath yours!"

"Your meaning is that I am very cunning?!" Junior Leopard said.

"It can't be put that way?!" Li Xiu's face was unkind as he looked at Junior Leopard, and his tone somewhat unstable, "But I always feel that the two of you are very similar. Especially when you were making a bet with me, that tone was extremely similar to when he tried to cheat me of my lucky money!"

Junior Leopard was stumped by Li Xiu's words and couldn't speak a word for a while.

"Look, what's that? It seemed to be very lively!" Li Xiu suddenly paused and asked.

"What?!" Junior Leopard was stunned. He looked towards the direction that Li Xiu was pointing, and his face instantly became weird, "That is a brothel. What, are you interested?!"

"Brothel?!" Li Xiu's face became red from embarrassment. Even though he had never gone to a brothel, he had heard what kind of a place a brothel is. Originally his skin was thin. Adding on to the ridicule of Junior Leopard, he didn't have the intention to continue walking around. He went back to the Admiral Manor with a red face.

"He really is a curious baby who doesn't know anything and wishes to know about everything. I nearly became an auntie of a nursery these days!" Junior Leopard brought Li Xiu to walk around the whole Zhonghejun City for a whole day. He felt that it was more tiring than fighting a battle. When he reached home, he didn't even practice his fist. Ordering servants to fetch a tub of hot water, he bathed and then lay down on the bed.

"Even though Little Li comes from a renowned family, his personality is pure. He is worth befriending, but he is just too irritating!" Junior Leopard thought. He suddenly sat up from the bed, "Peh peh peh! What am I doing? Thinking about a man lying on the bed. Could it be that I became perverse after a long time. There is no reason, because that kid is not the legendary transgender type. He is just a man! I have no interest towards men!"

"Junior Leopard?!"

A voice came from outside the window.

"F**k, could it be that I am hallucinating? Or that I really became a pervert?" Hearing this voice, Junior Leopard nearly fell off from his bed.

"Junior Leopard, it's me!"

This time around, Junior Leopard finally confirmed that it was not because he was perverse and hallucinating. It was Li Xiu standing outside his window and waving at him.

"What are you doing? It is late. What are you doing here?"

"I have one matter that I need your help with!"

"If there is something, talk about it tomorrow. What time is it now!" Junior Leopard was irritated.

"No, this matter is very urgent. I only just heard of it!"

"What is it? What did you hear?!" Junior Leopard asked.

"Have you heard of the White Blademaster Lu Shaoyou?!"

"Lu Shaoyou?" Junior Leopard's eyes flashed. He knew Lu Shaoyou, and he was very familar with him. Of course, it was only him who was familiar with him. Lu Shaoyou didn't know him at all.

"What's up with Lu Shaoyou?!"

"Lu Shaoyou is going to marry Yunzhou Governor Ma's daughter. You know about that?!"

"Everybody knows about this matter. Say important things! Don't speak about useless things!" Junior Leopard said. After these few days of hanging out together, he didn't have much restrictions with Li Xiu. He spoke carefreely in front of him.

"There is someone who wants to spoil this marriage!"

"Ah?!" Junior Leopard's gaze flashed. Looking at Li Xiu, he found that his expression did not change, as if he really was sharing a piece of news with a friend.

No, he was not sharing news with a friend. He was here to ask for help.

"It couldn't be. Who has the courage to do such a thing!" Junior Leopard looked shocked and astonished.

"It couldn't be wrong. I accidentally heard Uncle Yuan talking to someone in the study room. I even know who it is!" Li Xiu spoke mysteriously. He didn't know that Junior Leopard's heart was already in a mess.

"Dammit, this Wang She is too careless. Could such a thing spread out by itself?!" Junior Leopard scolded in his heart.

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