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Chapter 129: The Phantom Silver Wolf

Junior Leopard felt extremely bad after he realized that the destructive vibration was the legendary Infinite Trembling Contemplation.

The Infinite Trembling Contemplation was a well-known secret skill. It was even considered the most powerful secret skill, but it was also considered a boondoggle.

Because this secret skill almost had enlarged the disadvantages of secret skills boundlessly.

It especially required such strong control over Internal Strength, that it was nearly impossible. Just like what Junior Leopard felt from the Odd-shaped Long Sword just now, the Internal Qi flowed at a high speed. Not only did it require strong control, but also consumed tendons and vessels so severely that even a master of Level Nine couldn't unleash it safely and soundly.

Thus, although the Jian Family in Luling had a history of 1,500 years and the secret skill was their house treasure, nobody was known to practice the secret skill successfully.

But it didn't mean that this secret skill didn't exist, it was very famous for the Jian Family owned exclusive craftsmanship which could engrave it into Genuine Weapons.

Though the success rate wasn't high and it was much more difficult to engrave more advanced secret skills into the Genuine Weapons, there were successful examples.

In the Jian Family's history, there were three times that they had successfully engraved the Infinite Trembling Contemplation into Genuine Weapons. Three world-renowned weapons came out, the Shaking the Heavens, the Earth Shaking, the Breaking Through Space.

The value of the weapons was not under the ordinary Secondary Heavenly Weapon, it was even higher than it.

Except the Shaking the Heavens that was still left in the Jian Family's arsenal, the other two weapons (the Earth Shaking and the Breaking Through Space) had been missing for a long time.

Junior Leopard had never thought that he would get one.

"Is it the Earth Shaking? Or the Breaking Through Space?"

Thinking of its origin, Junior Leopard began to have an interest in it. He took up the Odd-shaped Long Sword again and

carefully observed it. Finally, after a series of groping, he couldn't take his eyes off an eccentric graph on the sword blade. He thought it was a decoration at first, but after taking a close look at it, he found that it was some ancient characters that read Breaking Through Space!

"It's really the Sky Splitting Sword!" Junior Leopard smiled weirdly, while his heart grew heavy for no reason.

Who would feel relaxed when he suddenly found out that there was a powerful and well-known family which wanted to fight against him?

Maybe it's not the Jian Family, but somebody else wants to kill me with the Sky Splitting Sword, which could be possible too. I heard that the Jian Family only keeps the Shaking the Heavens among the three weapons, while the other two were missing. Nevertheless, whoever he is, he's not ordinary, for he can kill me with the Sky Splitting Sword.

Squinting his eyes into a line, Junior Leopard gave a second look at the Sky Splitting Sword. "No matter who is the one behind this, he would know that his man was killed by me if he finds out that I'm still alive while his man didn't come back. Then, the Sky Splitting Sword is in my hands naturally and I have no reason to hide it too. Humm, I get the sword from the killer, of course, it belongs to me. I'll sell it. No, I'll give it to my teacher as a birthday gift after I figure out the Infinite Trembling Contemplation in it. Well, my teacher is about to celebrate his birthday, though it's not a big one, I should show some filial piety to him. I didn't do well as a disciple these years. I might as well give him the sword as a gift. It doesn't seem to be any worse than the Fiery Eye that Shi Jing gave to Lyu Yiyue last time. Perhaps I can do the Wu Family a special favor!"

After thinking it clearly, Junior Leopard took the Sky Splitting Sword and leisurely strolled home.

No words overnight, but early the next day, he made his farewells to his family and headed for the Misty Mountain.

He was very special at home now. Though he was the youngest, all of the family members followed his lead. Old Zhou was no exception. He smiled from ear to ear after knowing that his son had become a personal guard of the general. In addition, his son brought him a handsome sum of money, which was almost astronomical wealth in their eyes. This made him wake up from his sleep and laugh at the same time. He definitely would not intervene too much in his son's actions.

Everything was the same after he left the Misty Mountain last time. Deep and remote, the mountain was unpredictably high. Looking up, there were remote hills, steep valleys, battered stones and old trees, all of

of these hid tons of secrets and dangers. Junior Leopard went into the mountain and without going into the deep mountains directly, he came to an old forest. In a sense, it was the margin of the mountain in which the hunters in the surrounding villages could go to but were unable to move past. Nobody would move past this point except for some genuine martial artists and those that strayed.

It was also the place where Wang Tianlei and the other hunters met that puppy. Since then, they never went into this forest after they found out that the puppy haunted there.

Stepping on the thick dead leaves gently, Junior Leopard felt it was fairly soft under his feet. No one knew how many decayed leaves had piled up, but once he stood on it, his whole foot would be immerged in it, giving out a misty and damp smell.

Junior Leopard slightly frowned and held his breath. He looked around to better understand the surroundings here. The trees were so tall, and with the cover of their branches and leaves, sunlight found it hard to reach into the deep part of the forest. Thus, darkness was the dominant hue here. It was very quiet, sometimes you could hear a rustling when several hares rushed out from the bushes, or the sound of a pheasant fluttering its wings. All these brought some vitality to this peaceful and quiet forest.

"This forest seemed quite big, hence, it's not easy for me to find the puppy." Junior Leopard thought in his heart. Walking towards the forest, his spiritual mind diffused like a radar.

This was what he got after he successfully practiced the divine thoughts. He could detect the surroundings by diffusing his spiritual mind towards all directions.

After walking for some time, Junior Leopard was a little upset. Except for some ordinary wild beasts, he didn't find a wolf, let alone the puppy.

Should I still go deeper into the forest? There is a deep valley outside the forest. Could it be possible that the puppy is there?

While he was thinking, suddenly, a warning signal flashed through his mind. His spiritual mind could feel that there was something strange in the air behind him.

This was a very strange feeling. It seemed to exist but you couldn't catch it.

Tiptoe, his

Tiptoe, his body suddenly flashed to one side. A silver shadow came up empty, and then disappeared.

"Is... Is this the puppy?" Although the silver shadow's speed was quite fast, it still moved no faster than the spiritual mind of Junior Leopard. He opened his Fiery Eyes when he noticed something was wrong. He saw it clearly with his eyesight, which could see 360 degrees without any blind spots.

A Silver Wolf the size of a calf suddenly appeared behind him and then it jumped at him. When he was dodging it, it came up empty and disappeared, as if it never existed.

"It's a phantom!" Junior Leopard thought in his mind. He thought of Li Haoran's memory. In order to get the one-eyed wolf's Inner Elixir, Li Haoran had a fight with it in the West Mountain Pass. If it were not for Wang She, the one-eyed wolf would have been killed by them. At the most critical moment, the one-eyed wolf seemed to flash three phantoms too, just like the puppy. But it seemed that this puppy was more familiar with this move than his father. It didn't even need to show its body.

"Interesting, but you have exposed your hiding place as well!" A strange scarlet light flashed through Junior Leopard's eyes. Rushing backward, with silver light flashed on the twin hammers continuously, he violently smashed towards a huge tree that could be hugged by two people.


With dust swirling in the air as well as branches and leaves flying about, the tree was knocked down by the hammer. A silver light immediately came out from the trunk and barely evaded the hammer of Junior Leopard with great effort. It stopped for a while, and then jumped at him directly.

"What a high speed this is!" Junior Leopard quickly moved his body, wielding a light curtain in front of him with the twin hammers in his hands.

"Thunk, thunk, thunk!"

As the silver hammer collided with the dewclaw of the wolf, sparks radiated towards different directions, towards different directions, giving out a sound of a metal collision. The great impact force made Junior Leopard repeatedly retreat. Of course, the puppy was no better than him. After colliding for several times, it seemed to realize the strength of Junior Leopard and retreated 10 more feet before it began to confront him.

The two acted in opposition. Suddenly, the wolf looked up.

The wolf gave out a mournful howling which was sharp enough to slice the forest, as if shooting a stone into the water. One could see that the air rippled and diffused towards four directions from its head.

The whole forest vibrated and churned with the sound, it lasted for a long time.

Junior Leopard rolled and pitched with each wave like a tiny boat on the stormy sea.


The sound of trees colliding and breaking was heard everywhere. Furled by the wind like a leaf, the huge tree was quickly swept away by the hurricane behind it.

The Silver Wolf jumped up as he was crying. It actually turned out six phantoms, and jumped at Junior Leopard again.

He gently stretched his body in the air and took away the great impact force around him. Looking at the six phantoms rushing towards him, he wore a sly smile and a light flashed through his eyes. He pricked his index finger with his thumb and then looked at the wolf without evading.

"Puff!" At the same time, the six wolf shadows opened their bloody mouths and circled him.

"Swish!" They nearly jumped at Junior Leopard all at once, but they all came up empty. Among them, five wolf shadows disappeared. At this moment, Junior Leopard appeared in front of the only wolf, pushing his bloody finger on the forehead of it and drew a complicated talisman in between his eyebrows at a lightning speed.


The Silver Wolf gave out a short cry and stopped. A glimmer of loss flashed through its eyes. It was not fierce any more. Meanwhile, Junior Leopard could feel that an abstruse feeling rose from his heart and contacted the wolf with him as he drew the talisman.

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