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Chapter 126: The Killing Intent in West Mountain Pass

Although Junior Leopard was the disciple of Xu Yong, if the Chief of Tian Long Taoism wanted to have him as a disciple, it should take no more than a word.

She tried every efforts to make her son a disciple of Wang She. Why? Because she wanted her son to practice under the instruction of Wang She, the world recognized martial arts skill genius, and follow in his footsteps. There was no need to become a Chief like Wang She, but at least let him become outstanding enough to be more qualified to succeed the family head of the Wu's.

Once a guy like Junior Leopard became Wang She's disciple, then with his talent, Junior Leopard could quickly defeat her son and take what should have belonged to her son, just like the 19 fire attribute spiritual stone that Junior Leopard got from Wang She. If there was no Junior Leopard, her son, as the only disciple of Wang She, should at least have half of the profit. But now, what happened?

According to her son, he got nothing. Wang She became more and more aloof to him as if he was useless. This brought a great sense of danger to her heart. She wanted to get rid of Junior Leopard--this unknown problem, which suddenly popped up from nowhere, as soon as possible. That was why she came here today.

To visit Mother Wu who she never wanted to see!

Mother Wu had left, after she was sure about her decision, she secluded herself behind that Buddha statue and remained silent. However, Second Madam, kneeling quietly in front of the Buddha statue, looked at the statue with dull eyes and a pale face. Her mind went back to the rainy night 30 years ago.

"Buddha, please forgive me. I did this for unavoidable reasons. If Buddha won't forgive me, I would like to go down to the 18 floors of hell and never go back."

Finally, on her hands and knees, she sighed heavily and then became silent for a long time.


West Mountain Entrance, Misty Mountain.

Coming to this familiar place again made Junior Leopard a little bit sentimental. He stood at the mountain pass feeling the wind passing through, as if all the troubles were blown away by the wind.

If anyone else knew his feelings now, they would say that Junior Leopard was a drama queen. His martial arts had been increasing steadily, and in front of him, there was a broad road to the bright future. Why on earth should he have troubles?

Yeah, a broad bright road. But how could he walk on that broad bright road?

The Fiery Eyes were a heavy stone in his heart, what would happen in Qinlingjun City a year later? Would it be troublesome to him?

Let alone the target that Wang She gave him.

To achieve Level Six cultivation!

He sighed, raised his hand and touched the External Elixir dangling from his left ear. He did not know whether to cry or laugh.

That skull, in other words, the external Elixir was hanging on his left ear as an earring after he woke up in the General Mansion of Li Yuan. Although Li Yuan felt odd about this behavior, he said nothing.

There were so many people wearing strange things, and adding Junior Leopard made no difference, much less only an earring on his left ear. Although Wang She knew it was the External Elixir of Junior Leopard, he still thought it was odd. But he just made some jokes to him instead of asking more.

He thought Junior Leopard was only strengthening the connection between the External Elixir and himself.

Unlike his Dantian, as part of body, he needed to have the External Elixir close to his body like Inner Elixir to better master it. This could not be achieved in one night. The External Elixir and the body needed a long time to familiarize themselves with each other. Therefore, every person who practiced the External Elixir would try different ways to strengthen the connection. People like Junior Leopard, who hung External Elixir on their body were not that weird. So he just made fun of him and did not take it seriously.

"Haha, is it true that a strong person like Wang She doesn't see anything unusual with my External Elixir? Anyway, it's not bad to try and change a look in order to make this thing not that obvious."

Junior Leopard said to himself secretly, fumbling his External Elixir.

Through days of practice, his assumption was completely proved right. After feeling his breath, he started to practice with the External Elixir every minute and never stopped. His cultivation of Green Jade Qian Yuan Skill was rising as well. The result of the practice, in a couple of days almost equaled to practicing half a year on his own. This made him so excited.

Indeed, practicing External Elixir 24 hours a day for 10 days was a thing worth being excited about. He, Zhou Bao, spent 10 years to practice and went through times of difficulties and adventures to gradually accumulate his Internal Qi step by step, in which way he achieved his Level Two cultivation. But now, the speed of his External Elixir practice within a month might catch up with his 10 years of cultivation. The great pleasure brought by his cultivation rocketing could only be felt by himself, not others.

Suddenly, an extremely cold wind blew in, causing him to feel a chill. His excitement went away, "Well, stop being narcissistic here. Here comes the Evil Qi!"

The Evil Qi of the earth vein from West Mountain Pass had been discovered by him for a long time. He also knew it was a good thing. But all this time, he didn't have the ability to use it. Therefore he waited till now, as he started to have a bit of confidence.

Going forward, he reached the Evil place of the earth vein, where Li Haoran collapsed after being killed by Wang She.

After so many years, the scattered skeletons of the Black Dragon Triad were carried away by the wild beasts from the mountain a long time ago. The West Mountain Pass now

Pass now was like anywhere else. Thanks to some memories Junior Leopard got from Li Haoran, he found this place.

As Junior Leopard started getting close to that place, he started to feel the coldness getting deeper and heavier.

The coldness was not only cold, but soft and mysterious, like a large piece of smooth silk whose texture became thicker over time, and in the end, it was like a real existence. The bitter cold made Junior Leopard feel like he was covered in deep snow, naked. The smooth and thick Evil Qi was everywhere, infiltrating into his body through every pore.

Junior Leopard sat cross-legged on the ground, used Nine Dragons Heavenly Fire Technique to let his Internal Qi circulate between his skin and flesh and tried to keep the Evil Qi out of his body. This made him be covered with a layer of soft red light.

In the meantime, during the circulation of the Internal Qi, Junior Leopard started the way of Yin and Yang Heavenly Sword to feel the cold Evil Qi spreading around, familiarizing its characteristics to get prepared for the upcoming practice.

Gradually, the red light disappeared, which gave the Evil Qi the chance to get in.


A slight of coldness broke the defense of the Nine Dragons Heavenly Fire Technique and reached Junior Leopard's body which made him gasp. Although it was only a slight bit of coldness, his body was almost frozen.

"There was something wrong. What kind of Evil Qi can be so cold? Not to mention that I haven't entered the bone-forging realm, even if I do, I am afraid that my body cannot weather the coldness!" Junior Leopard was surprised at the cold degree of the earth vein Evil Qi, which was far beyond his imagination.

"Oh, no!" With the infiltration of the Evil Qi, Junior Leopard was distracted for a second. As a result, he could not control Internal Qi as freely as before. This enabled more Evil Qi to infiltrate his body, which was too much for him to bear. Without thinking, he moved his body out with Three Realm Division.

"That was incredible. How fierce the Evil Qi is!" After getting away from the Evil Qi, he spent one full hour to warm himself through Nine Dragons Heavenly Fire Technique. Finally the numbness disappeared and his body could move freely.

"I was almost frozen! The power of the Evil Qi is so amazing!" Junior Leopard stood up, stretched himself, and thought with the fear that remained in his mind, "It seems that the time for practicing Extreme Yin Heavenly Sword has not come yet. What a pity. I will try again after entering the bone-forging realm."

Thinking about the bone-forging realm, Junior Leopard could not help narrowing his eyes. He remembered of the 10 carriages of medicinal herbs which were robbed by him, Jin Nanqing and other people. According to what they agreed on, he should have two carriages, with which he could produce a lot of Bone-forging Pills, allowing him to enter the bone-forging realm without a doubt.

Even without Bone-forging Pills, it was an easy job to enter the bone-forging realm with Blood Evil Harden Bone Fist and a body strong enough to achieve Full Closure of the Skin-Toughening Realm. But Bone-forging Pills would help save much time and energy. Adding that the materials were off-the-peg, he would definitely use those.

However, for him, two carriages of medicinal herbs were too many. Who knew how many Bone-forging Pills could be made from those. Besides his own use, he could probably use these Bone-forging Pills to mess up the world!

"Hehe, when I can produce the Bone-forging Pill, I will swallow a bottle and then dump the other one." He thought arrogantly, wandering out of the West Mountain Pass.

"Em, if I could not master the Extreme Yin Heavenly Sword, why not go to Misty Mountain someday to retrieve what I buried there? There are so many good things that I was afraid of accidents. But not anymore, there is no need to retrieve them all, maybe those spiritual stones, I don't mind carrying more. And the Inner Elixir of the Evil Beast, which is good for me to improve my strength. I didn't know how to use and when to use them before, but now they are useful as well as a good choice for my improvement. Don't leave the Silver Moon Sword Technique behind, which needs to practice too. Afterall I put myself in this situation, which makes me unable to run away from what will happen a year later. When that time comes, I cannot use those broken hammers to help Wang She do bride kidnapping. Am I going to find trouble for myself?"

Junior Leopard thought about his half-year plan while walking. Suddenly he felt a mysterious murderous intent from an ancient tree not far away.

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