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Chapter 125: Two Madams

In the Wu Residence of Qinlingjun City in Yunzhou.

Deep in the residence, the disciples and servants shuttled back and forth across the courtyard. For them, this was the daily routine which had lasted for hundreds of years. It seemed that everything was in order.

However, deep in the old residence laid a deep and quiet courtyard, the atmosphere was not the same as usual.

"Where did Zhou Bao come from? I've never heard of him before. How could he do such big things when he just went out once?" A gorgeous 30-year-old lady dressed up said in a tender but majestical tone.

The lady was mature and beautiful. What were noticeable were her arched eyebrows, but there was a little faint evil spirit in them.

"First Madam, Zhou Bao came from Qingyang Market. Right now he is just 13 years old..."

A 60-year-old servant stood beside her. He looked obedient, but there was a hint of sagacity in his eyes. He just kept his head down and slowly described Junior Leopard's experiences in Qingyang Market, Qinlingjun City and even in Zhonghe City. His description was detailed without any omission.

"Qingyang Market?" The First Madam seemed to think of something unpleasant, frowning slightly. "You mean, at the beginning, he was introduced into the Wu Family by Old Xing?"

"Yes, in other words, Old Xing was his first teacher. Zhou Bao was a brilliant talent. I heard that when he worked as an apprenticeapprentice in Qingyang Market, he had an insight and gained an ingenious insight on hammering skills!"

"What about the relationship between him and Old Xing?"

"Sorry, madam. I have no information about that!" The old servant bowed his head and continued, "But I think he was a little kid at that time, he didn't stay with Old Xing for long, so maybe they weren't very close!"

"Yeah, you said it!" The Madam heard what he said and revealed a relaxed expression on her face. "I heard that Zhou Bao and Chief Wang were close?"

"I'm afraid nobody knows

the relationship between him and Chief Wang except General Li!"

The old servant thought it over for a while and said scrupulously.

"In the underground fire vein, Chief Wang gave him 19 Fire Way Spiritual Stones. Judged from this point, their relationship was really close. You know, the stupid Second Young Master is the disciple of Chief Wang and has been in the Tian Long Mystic Mountain for many years, but I never heard that Chief Wang has given him something valuable!"

The old servant said nothing.

"Forget it. I won't make things difficult for you. Go!" The First Madam shook her hand. Then the old servant bent to salute and went out of the courtyard.

Watching the old servant disappearing, the First Madam smiled complacently. "19 Fire Attribute Spiritual Stones! He he, Wang She was really generous. However, normally speaking, these Spiritual Stones should belong to Second Young Master. If that woman hears this information, who know whether she'll die with anger!"

"Bang, bang, ping, ping!"

The crackling sound continued to come out of the room. Five maidservants dressed in pink stood at the door with a pale face and as mute as a mouse. They were afraid to disturb the Madam which had flown off the handle; otherwise, they would be killed.

"Zhou Bao, Zhou Bao, where did Zhou Bao come from?"

Some sounds indistinctly came out of the room. What she said was completely the same as the First Madam said in the courtyard.

Then some noises and chaos came out. The five maidservants just stood still at the door, with their hands hanging down. However, they were more fearful than just now.

Sound after sound of chaos came out. Then the sounds died away. It was totally silent. After

After the time of an Incense Stick to burn, the door was opened. A gorgeous lady dressed in jade green attire stood at the door with a sullen expression. She glanced at the five maidservants standing beside the door and coldly said, "Go to clean up!"

"Yes!" The five maidservants said in chorus and went into the room in a hurry, just like busy butterflies, and then carefully cleaned up the room.

The Second Madam left the room with anger, across the parlor, into a twisting corridor, through an archway, and then went into a tiny courtyard.

The courtyard was very small, but it was very clean. In fact, there was nothing to clean up, because except for the lawn, there was only one small temple that gave out a light sandalwood smell. The smell was hanging over the whole courtyard, which made the courtyard particularly quiet and peaceful.

The Second Madam went into the courtyard still with a sullen expression. Then she went into the temple, taking a deep breath, kneeling to the Buddha statue with her hands in a zen gesture and her eyes closed. She seemed in a peaceful mind and started to sincerely pray.

"Madam, you haven't been here for a long time!"

After a while, a hoarse voice came out from behind the Buddha statue.

"Mother Wu, how are you? How about your health?"

"I feel much better!"

Mother Wu was an old woman. She slowly walked out from behind the Buddha statue and into the temple with a walking stick. The shadow in the room shaded most of her face. Judging from the face we could see, Mother Wu was at least 70 years old. Her coarse skin was like the 1,000 years old tree in the Misty Mountain, revealing what she experienced in the past years.

"Little Ying, you didn't visit me for a long time. What happened to you?"

"Yes, Mother Wu. For this time, I'm asking you to help me!"

"OK, tell me. See if I can help you with such and old age!"

"Yes!" The bullying Second Madam

Second Madam of the Wu Family was so obedient. She was just like the five maidservants standing at the door when she was faced with this old woman that was in her declining years, as if a wind would blow her to the ground.

"I visit you this time mainly for Xuan'er!"

"Xuan'er? Didn't he come into the Tian Long Taoism? Does he have some trouble?"

"No, he didn't get into trouble. Recently a person that would threaten Xuan'er's position appeared!" The Second Madam said in a low voice and told the old woman about Junior Leopard's appearance and experiences in detail, just like what the previous old servant said to the First Madam in another courtyard. The Second Madam also investigated clearly the ins and outs of Junior Leopard.

"He is so young, but his cultivation has reached Level Three and he has condensed the Qi Power like substance. This is extraordinary!" After Mother Wu heard what she said, Mother Wu's expression changed and became eccentric. "We don't mention his cultivation. But when it comes to the Qi Power like substance, I've just groped for some arcana these years. Is he able to do that as a teenager?"

"The information has been confirmed. It's absolutely true. It's said that the Elders of the Jian's and the Luo's failed because of his strange Qi Power!" The Second Madam said with a bad complexion.

"It looks that this kid can't be looked down upon. But why do you visit me? He is a disciple of the Wu Family. He made such great achievements. As the Second Madam of the Wu Family, you should be happy. It seems that you aren't happy. Otherwise, you won't turn to me!" Mother Wu grinned. "Just now you said he was a threat to Xuan'er. Then you visit me to let me help you eliminate this threat, right?"

"Yes!" The Second Madam said in a low voice. She did not seem very confident, and even was a little shamed.

"He he!" Mother Wu gave a hollow laugh. "For the sake of your son's position and honor, you would eliminate all the potential threats? It sounds really familiar. Little Zhu, am I right?"

The Second Madam bowed her head to her chest with her face flushing.

Mother Wu still stared at her in mockery and softly said, "Are you sure that you want do that? Little Zhu?"

"I... I... I'm sure!" The Second Madam suddenly raised her head and the muscles on her flushed face twitched with excitement. "I'm sure I want to do this. I must do this for Xuan'er!"

"Well, I'll go!" Staring at the Second Madam, Mother Wu showed nothing different from just now on her face. She just slightly sighed. "I have no ways if you said so."

In any corner of the world, the profit was relatively steady, whether the amount of profit or the benefited groups. Due to the steady, if a benefited group added one member, everyone's profit in the group would change. In theory, the more people there were, the fewer profits each one would get. This was the simplest principle.

The Wu Family was a big profit group. Since the profit was big, it was not strange if one more people came to share it. Normally speaking, nobody would pay attention to that. Ever since Junior Leopard became Xu Yong's disciple, he was doomed to share a part of the big profit. Nobody would think it inappropriate, because he deserved the profit.

However, what happened in Zhonghe City changed everything. Everything that he did, the attitude Wang She showed towards him and the information that he would serve as Li Yuan's personal guard, these made things complicated. This meant that Junior Leopard not only had a bright future, but also shared the profits of the Wu Family, which were bigger than what all the people expected.

Originally, he was just an ordinary Inner Core Disciple and his cultivation might reach Level Four at most one day or he just inherited Xu Yong's lineage. But now it changed. Obviously, the profit he would share was not Xu Yong's fraction. His cultivation had reached Level Three at 13 years old, so he was doomed to become an Elder of the Wu Family. Besides, he was going to be a personal guard of Li Yuan in Zhonghe City which had a newly found underground fire vein.

Just depending on this point, Junior Leopard's power would surpass the other Elders of the Wu Family after Junior Leopard became an Elder. At that time, only the Family Head and the First Elder could rival him.

If things went just like this, the Second Madam didn't care about anything, because this was the thing that the Elders of the Wu Family should concern about. This had nothing to do with her. What made her worry was the 19 Fire Attribute Spiritual Stones. Why did Wang She give all of the 19 Fire Attribute Spiritual Stones to him?

Did Wang She want to take him on as his disciple because of his aptitude?

This was the thing that the Second Madam was most worried about.

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