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A+ A- Chapter 118: One Man Holding the Pass

What was Earth Fire Yuan Essence? Junior Leopard didn't know. Junior Leopard knew, however, that he had made trouble again!

Within the underground fire vein, the rock flows had already stopped churning. It became calm. It didn't mean, however, that everything was ok. Within the rock flows, there were more and more golden red palm-sized bubbles. Some of them had burst. After they burst, however, there would rapidly be many more bubbles surfacing. Not long after, the underground rock flows were just like the back of a huge toad. They were filled with golden red bubbles.

The bubbles continuously burst apart. The golden red airflow kept increasing. Very quickly it permeated the whole underground cave. In this cave, the temperature had already risen many times before. Even Wang She involuntarily frowned. He created a thick green Qi cover around himself for protection. Prince Xiaoming seemed to have thought of something and stopped shouting. She immediately sat down and circulated the Ignis Mysterious Gang. The whole area was permeating with Earth Fire Yuan Essence. Junior Leopard was eating meat, it was fine for her to follow behind and drink the soup. The soup was enough to fill her until death.

"This monster's Fist Intent is actually able to attract the Earth Fire Yuan Essence!" Wang She's face was filled with helplessness. He lightly sighed, slowly walked to the cave entrance, and sat down. Whatever happened in this cave couldn't be seen by other people.

Junior Leopard was now put in a difficult situation. Compared to before, however, when his Fist Intent undergoing a change in the passageway, the situation now was much better. That was because he didn't feel any suffering. He only felt conflicted about whether he should keep his Fist Intent or not. Furthermore, after a period of change, he already knew what was happening.

Quite obviously, his Fist Intent was in the midst of being perfected.

Speaking of substance, his Fist Intent was the first star that was birthed forth in the simulation of the universe. It was the sun!

All along, however, this sun couldn't be called the true sun because it was still not perfect.

It was exceptionally imperfect because it was the product of a Mysterious Fire strand merging with the divine thoughts within Junior Leopard's body. That Mysterious Fire was able to increase the damaging power of his Fist Intent, but it could never reach the perverse state of the sun.



What kind of a concept was that?! No matter how self-confident Junior Leopard was, how haughty he was, he couldn't really think that his own Fist Intent would turn into a universe, that the small

fireball behind him could become a real sun. He couldn't deny, however, that his Fist Intent possessed the characteristic of a sun. It just didn't have enough energy to fill it up. Now, in this underground fire vein, it was filled with fire attribute pneuma. Although it couldn't strengthen his Fist Intent to be strong as a sun, at least it could increase its power to a large extent.

The Fist Intent, to a large degree, was controlled by his consciousness. It was, to say, that he could let his own Fist Intent disappear at any time, stopping this kind of behavior of sucking in the surrounding Earth Fire Yuan Essence.

He, however, didn't dare!

Because he knew that, once he kept his Fist Intent, the Earth Fire Yuan Essence that he sucked over might disappear. Or in another instance, it could explode. No matter which situation occurred, Prince Xiaoming, who was practicing nearby, would not let him go.

No matter how much he disliked Prince Xiaoming, the situation did not call for that. He had to lower his head. Apart from offending Wang She, he wouldn't kill him so easily. If he really did, however, offend Prince Xiaoming and spoil her plans, at that time when she really wanted to kill him, Wang She might not stand up for him.

Forget it, Junior Leopard helplessly sighed upon thinking about the adulterous look on that pair. He should just hang on, and wait for her to absorb her fill!

Prince Xiaoming was cultivating a fire attribute method. It was also the Sect of Flame's foundational skill, the Ignis Mysterious Skill!

Furthermore, she had already entered into the Level Nine realm. The Distant Fire Mysterious Gang was already successfully formed. Her cultivation could be said to shock the heavens and earth. In this world, only treasures like the Earth Fire Yuan Essence could have benefits to her cultivation. Hence when she saw the Earth Fire Yuan Essence appear, she didn't give a second thought and began to cultivate. It is worth noting that the chances were few!

Earth Fire Yuan Essence only existed within the underground fire vein. Even in the most outstanding underground fire veins, however, it was extremely difficult to find Earth Fire Yuan Essence. It was because the Earth Fire Yuan Essence existed in the depths of the underground fire. Even if your Gang Qi cultivation was extremely strong and able to protect the whole body, it was useless upon entering the lava. Firstly, you didn't know how deep the magma ran. Secondly, the further one went down the rock flows, the temperature would increase. Even if she was a Level Nine expert, with an invincible Gang Qi, she wouldn't be able to endure for long. Besides, even if you really could retrieve the Earth Fire Yuan Essence from the bottom of the rock flows, once it reached the surface, if it was not absorbed in time, it would gradually disappear into nothing. It would transform into the fire attribute pneuma. You couldn't possibly absorb the Earth Fire Yuan Essence at the bottom of the magma. You could only come out. Which was to say, everytime you retrieve a strand of Earth Fire Yuan Essence, you would have to come out of the magma. If you want a second strand, you would have to go down again. Even if you were immortal you wouldn't be able to withstand such torture!


Suddenly, Prince Xiaoming thought of something!

Who said that it couldn't be more!

How did this Earth Fire Yuan Essence come out? It was due to the attraction of Junior Leopard's Fist Intent. Wouldn't it mean then, if this fella was put in the middle of the underground fire vein, he would be able to attract more Earth Fire Yuan Essence?

Suddenly, Prince Xiaoming violently opened both of her eyes. Two pillars of golden red light shot out from both of her eyes for half a foot before disappearing.

"Your name is Zhou Bao, right?!" Prince Xiaoming stopped cultivating. She let the surroundings permeate. The Earth Fire Yuan Essence that was deemed precious by others floated away and slowly became common original energy. She didn't have the look of heartache.

After she looked at Junior Leopard, he involuntarily shivered. He kept his own Fist Intent and laughed. He seemed somewhat restricted and politely said, "This disciple Zhou Bao, pays his respect to Prince Xiaoming!"

"You're Wu's disciple. Wu's is just a small ironware shop. What good is it to stay there? To stay in that kind of place is to bury your talent. Why not come back to the Sect of Flame with me? Not speaking about the rest, after a few years, making you a Venerable would be no problem!"

Junior Leopard only lightly smiled.

Venerable?! In the Sect of Flame, that was a position second to only the Sect Master and Hierarch. This Sect of Flame's Sect Masters and Hierarchs could be counted with five fingers. The position was extremely high.

Junior Leopard, however, didn't have any good vibes about this kind of evil sect. In addition to the fact that the Sect of Flame conquered Zhonghe City and began a big massacre. It was only to hide the underground fire vein found here and make Prince Xiaoming's training convenient. Junior Leopard's opinion only paled.

In front of such an expert like Prince Xiaoming, he naturally didn't dare reveal his own thoughts. This didn't mean that he rejected it in his heart. It could be said that he extremely detested it. Hence, he could only respond in silence.

"Hey, are you going to agree or not?!"

Seeing that Junior Leopard did not answer for long, Prince Xiaoming asked again. This time around her tone was much gentler. Junior Leopard could even hear a tinge of playfulness in it.

Hearing it in his ears, he heaved a breath of cool air. He nearly heaved himself to death. Just when he didn't know how to reply, Wang She couldn't continue looking on.

"It's better for this kid to stay in the Wu's!" Wang She's sentence broke Prince Xiaoming's thoughts, "There is so much Earth Fire Yuan Essence here for you to absorb. If there isn't enough, you can always invite him to go over next time. There isn't a need to get him into the Sect of Flame!"

"When is there a need to ask me to go over?!"

Junior Leopard didn't hear the other words clearly, yet he heard this sentence in extreme detail. His brain involuntarily shrunk. What kind of words was Wang She saying?

He was, however, able to hear through it. Prince Xiaoming had fancied the special usage of his Fist Intent. This fella practices a fire attribute cultivation method. His Fist Intent was able to attract the Earth Fire Yuan Essence, which was what she needed. To her, even though the underground fire veins were few in numbers, it could still be found. The Sect of Flame wasn't like the Wu's, they were one of the Great Jin's three great sects. They also emphasized on the Fire Way Method. Junior Leopard definitely didn't believe their hands didn't have any underground fire veins.

Prince Xiaoming's cultivation just entered into Level Nine, her position in Sect of Flame swelled as a result. To think about it, soon she would be promoted from Venerable into Hierarch. Entering the underground fire vein to cultivate was something that was taken for granted!

"Very well, next time when I have a need, I will send someone over to him. You, however, have to promise me that he will not be rejected!"

"I cannot guarantee this!" Wang She shook his head, "This kid has an ambitious heart like a wolf. I can guarantee you that he will still listen to you when his strength is beneath yours. When his strength surpasses you, he won't heed your call anymore. Junior Leopard, what do you say?!"

"Till his strength is above mine, I will not be so foolish as to look for him!" not waiting for Junior Leopard to reply, Prince Xiaoming began to laugh coldly, "You are right. This world depends on strength to speak. Junior Leopard, I think that you won't be clear on this point?!"

"Once His Excellency Prince Xiaoming has ordered, this disciple naturally doesn't dare disobey!" Junior Leopard said, "However, my cultivation recently had reached a certain level. When I go back I will have to undertake a closed-door training. I am afraid I'm unable to assist you then!"

"You are really an uppity kid. You still don't have the strength to talk terms with me. Relax, I have already absorbed enough Earth Fire Yuan Essence. At least in the next five years, I wouldn't need your help. Oh right, you won't take five years to train, right?!"

"Of course not!" upon hearing the five-year duration, Junior Leopard silently heaved a sigh of relief. He saw the both of them and said, "Two seniors, if there isn't anything else, this junior will take his leave!"

"Don't run! What are you running for, are we too scary?!" Wang She frowned. He turned his head and said to Prince Xiaoming, "Ming, little girl, you have absorbed so much Earth Fire Yuan Essence. You won't be able to digest it in time. I think, however, it will be extremely beneficial to your Spirit condensing. You might as well strike the iron while it's hot, and condense your Spirit here. This Earth Fire Yuan Essence also has benefits for me as well. I too need some time to digest it. I need roughly three days. Junior Leopard, you go to the cave entrance to guard it for three days. Within tĥose three days, don't allow anyone to come in. Those who disobey, kill them without exception!"


Junior Leopard's face revealed a difficult expression.

"What, you are not willing?!"

"That is not necessarily the case. It is an honor for me to work for you. Those who could reach here, however, have a cultivation, above me. I'm afraid I cannot block them!"

"You don't need to belittle yourself. Your current cultivation has reached the Full Closure of the Skin-Toughening Realm. In this hundred mile radius, you could be considered a number one figure. Adding to the fact that your Fist Intent is extremely compatible with the surroundings, to execute it under this environment will increase its power by manifolds. You already won't lose to a normal Bone-Forging Realm expert. Today the city was just broken. No matter how fast the news spread, the people who could come in won't be many. Within a hundred mile radius, it is not bad to have a few Bone-Forging Realm experts. Even if they have come, there isn't a need for you to clash with them. Just tell them that I am cultivating here, and I need three days to cultivate. Within this three days, I cannot have anybody disturbing me. In this case, there may not be people wanting to fight!"

"What if they don't believe me?!"

"Then there is a reason for them to die. If I'm practicing and they dare to interrupt, no one cares if I kill them. You shouldn't reserve your strength!" Wang She said plainly, "Don't worry, I won't let you labor for nothing. Three days will benefit you!"

"How can I ask for benefits when working for you?!" Junior Leopard hurriedly said, "Since you have asked for this, I won't dare to shirk away!"

After speaking, not waiting for the two of them to waste any breath, he exited the cave. He then walked a hundred feet outwards and sat down in a somewhat narrow area. Looking at the passageway spiraling upward, his heart birthed forth some pride, "The so-called one man holding the pass should be like me now?!"

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