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A+ A- Chapter 117: Earth Fire Yuan Essence, Filling My Fist Intent

"The nancy boy behind you?!" Wang She hadn't been finished, Junior Leopard felt a chill from his Dantian into his brain. His body violently shot forward as he held the two silver hammers in his hands.

"You want to go?" As soon as Junior Leopard's body rose up, he felt a hot feeling on the top of his head. No matter how he tried, he was unable to evade the pressuring palm on his head.

"He is that kid that you talked about?"

Junior Leopard squirmed his body and moved forward for tens of feet. However, Prince Xiaoming who was behind him only lightly extended his hand which immediately pressed Junior Leopard's head, as if his hand broke through space. He then receded and forcefully pressed Junior Leopard's body on the floor. He then kicked his buttocks before standing up and this time, the strike was much more solid than Wang She's kick.

"Right, that is him. He is not bad right?" Wang She squinted his eyes and smiled. Junior Leopard struggled to climb up from the ground and then he saw clearly Prince Xiaoming who was behind him.

She was still in the same clothing. What was different was that her hair was much looser than before which seemed to cover her beautiful face. Because of that, Junior Leopard was able to see a really pretty lady. However truth to be told, this Prince Xiaoming could be considered handsome. There was a kind of charisma revealed between her brows. Yet, if she was a man, the charisma would be weak. Hence when she dressed like a man, she looked somewhat weak. On the contrary, now that her hairstyle has changed into a woman's, this charisma of hers became much denser. It revealed a kind of unisex appeal.

Unisex appeal!


Junior Leopard laughed in his heart and his facial expression appeared somewhat wretched which was a typical lustful man's expression.

"Kid, what are you thinking about?"

Even though Prince Xiaoming was an expert who just entered Level Nine, when she saw that wretched lustful expression on Junior Leopard's face, her heart involuntarily had the shivers.

"Stop laughing!" She raised her leg to kick poor Junior Leopard and sent him flying.

"Where did you find such a kid? One look and I know he's not good!"

Prince Xiaoming's face revealed a blameful expression as she asked Wang She.

"Don't belittle him. If not for him, I would need at least 3 days to find this place. He used that pair of small hammers to smash open the big gate of Zhonghe City!" Wang She laughed and replied.

"Really?!" Prince Xiaoming's eyes became more unkind when she looked at Junior Leopard, "You have to understand, I have the confidence to condense the Spirit here in three days. Now that you have come to interrupt, and I have lost this chance. Tell me, how are you going to compensate me?"

Junior Leopard was speechless. Even though he was extremely dissatisfied with this person who only started to condense Spirit when her cultivation had entered Level Nine, he couldn't speak out and express his feelings in the heart.

"He is looking down on you. Despite this kid's cultivation of only Level Three, he had already condensed his own fist intent. When compared to him, you are very late!" Wang She seemed to have seen through Junior Leopard's thoughts and added the trimmings.

"Really? I didn't know he is a little genius!" Prince Xiaoming seemed to be agitated by Wang She's words. She swayed to Junior Leopard's side and said, "Little friend. Tell me, how should I punish you?"

"Adultery, pure adultery!" Looking at these two people, in between words, they seemed to be against each other. However, upon careful listening, there seemed to be a dense ambiguous feeling. The tone and words used were completely like when he was a secretary in the previous life, flirting with a naked customer service officer on the bed.

Hence, Junior Leopard blinked his eyes. The corner of his mouth revealed a strange smile, "Please, when the two of you are flirting, please don't drag me into it!"


Prince Xiaoming's expression solidified as well as Wang She was also stunned, with his smiling expression frozen on his face.

"Kid, what are you blabbering about. Are you sick of living?"

Within a breath's time, Prince Xiaoming couldn't help being embarrassed and her face flushed red. It was because they were in the underground fire vein that her face didn't appear overtly strange. She extended her hand and lifted Junior Leopard up, her eyes revealing a ferocious glare.

"This time, you are more heroic!" Junior Leopard's mouth curled and laughed, "Back then when my sister and brother-in-law were not married and squabbling, they were just like the both of you. Later, my brother told me that was lovers quarreling in love. Isn't that the case?"

Prince Xiaoming's face became even redder. She lifted Junior Leopard, neither scolding nor hitting him. She didn't throw him either. She was frozen on the spot, extremely embarrassed.

"What a troublesome fella!" Wang She finally couldn't bear seeing it any longer. He used the folding fan to lightly knock on his own forehead and helplessly exhaled. He raised his hand and a wave of invisible force was produced, grabbing Junior Leopard through the space.

"Kid, you don't know how to write the word 'death'? I gave you face and you want to push it further. You dare to say and joke about anything. You really are sick of living!"

A wave of dense killing intent spread out from his body, as if it had come from the mysterious ice from the depths of the nine hells, it instantly invaded Junior Leopard's body. Junior Leopard only felt that his body instantly froze. He couldn't even muster an ounce of resistance.

Subconsciously, he even thought of using the Three Realm Division to evade. Now that his Three Realm Division was already cultivated perfectly, he only needed a thought and a shift of an eye and then he could squirm away. However now that Wang She had revealed such a cool substance-like killing intent, he couldn't even muster that small little thought.

"Okay, don't scare this kid!"

Prince Xiaoming lightly sighed and said to Wang She, "Let's talk about the important matters. I need three days to condense my Spirit, hence..."

"I understand!" Wang She nodded.

Wang She raised his hand and then threw Junior Leopard to the cave entrance of the underground fire vein, "Junior Leopard, I am giving you a chance to redeem yourself. Stay at the cave entrance for three days. Even if the king of hell comes, don't let them come in. After three days, there will naturally be your benefits!"

"Hiss!" Junior Leopard breathed a cool air as he finally shrugged off Wang She's murderous intent. He flipped halfway in the

in the air and firmly stood at the cave entrance. Originally he wanted to sit down there according to Wang She's intentions. However upon thinking, he was somewhat unconvinced. Under Wang She's pressure, he didn't have the slightest form of resistance. If he really followed Wang She's instructions and ran to the cave entrance to sit, then in the future when he met Wang She, he would have a felt that he slighted himself psychologically. This was not good. Even though Wang She was a Level Eight expert, he was a little cockroach that exploded a Level Eight expert before!

Thinking of this, Junior Leopard twisted his neck. Internal Qi circulated once round around his body and he felt more assured in his heart. He slowly turned around, walked into the underground fire vein and sheepishly said, "First Seat Wang, you cannot blame this matter on me. Back then you were the one who ordered us to attack the city!"

"Hmm?!" Wang She slowly turned his head around. For some reason, when Junior Leopard saw the action of Wang She turning his head, it looked extremely like a cobra turning its head, revealing an extremely strange spirit. Following that, the cold killing intent once again descended.

"Steady, steady!" Junior Leopard violently sucked in a breath. This time around, he was mentally prepared. When his Internal Qi circulated, his body similarly exuded a wave of extremely hot spirit, forcefully resisting Snake King's killing intent.

Wang She's killing intent was cold beyond comparison. However Junior Leopard's fist intent was a black fireball. Even though now he was only releasing Qi force and not condensing it into a fist intent, however under these conditions, with Junior Leopard being prepared, when Wang She's killing intent touched Junior Leopard, it would be like the snow melting in the sun and evaporating.

"Hmph, interesting fella!"

Prince Xiaoming similarly felt the endlessly vast power coming out of Junior Leopard's body. Her gaze slightly flickered, revealing a curious expression, "This is your fist intent? Not right, this is your Qi Power. Keke, just your Qi Power alone and it is so strong. Then what exactly is your fist intent about?"

Junior Leopard didn't say anything, but his forehead started to perspire. Even though his Qi Power was strong, as compared to Wang She, it was still lacking in power by tens of times. This cold killing intent was rushing forward fiercely. After the first setback, it was like an endless wave. Very quickly, the second and third waves came and violently collided with Junior Leopard's Qi Power.

Hence, Junior Leopard's forehead perspired and he silently scolded in his heart, "I could understand you wanting to show off in front of a woman, however , is there a need to exterminate me? Is it a glorious thing for a Level Eight expert to bully a Level Three?" Three?"

Junior Leopard violently heaved a few breaths. He felt the killing intent like endless waves that were going to break through his Qi Power, but he couldn't care any less, he clenched his teeth and the Qi Power in his body rose up. At the same time, a black sun suddenly appeared.

Once the fist intent was formed, his Qi Power solidified. Wang She's killing intent took the opportunity to come rushing in endless angry waves as Junior Leopard's Qi Power was receding.

The corner of Junior Leopard's mouth curled. His Internal Qi began to circulate and the Mysterious Fire within his Dantian violently jumped. The originally calm black fireball behind his back was stimulated. "Hong!" A sound occurred. It began burning fiercely. It was just like a black sun, emitting endless fire waves. The cold killing intent that was like angry waves was instantly evaporated by this endless heat energy.

Almost at the same time Junior Leopard's fist intent began burning, there seemed to be some mysterious power that was activated by Junior Leopard in this underground fire vein. The originally peaceful rock flows suddenly started moving.

"En?!" Wang She that was originally standing in the rock flows, suddenly felt that the temperature of the surrounding rock flows increased by tens of times. That layer of green light covering his body seemed to show signs of not being able to resist. He hurriedly jumped out of the rock flows and the surrounding killing intent instantly vanished.

Losing the pressure of the killing intent, Junior Leopard's fist intent was released and couldn't be controlled. It surprisingly swelled and scared Junior Leopard.

"Again?!" Junior Leopard exclaimed. He wanted to control his own fist intent, but how could he do it in a moment's time? This is the central quarters of the underground fire vein. There was not only the pneuma but also Evil Qi. Junior Leopard's fist intent was also of the extreme Yang property. This time around it latched on to the underground fire vein, which was not a good thing.

The description of dry wood and fierce fire couldn't be more apt to describe the current situation.

The surrounding fire Qi violently pounced towards Junior Leopard. The lava flow underground also began to churn out pieces of golden red bubbles. After that, the bubbles burst, revealing strands of golden red Qi rushing out of the bubbles. It rushed towards Junior Leopard's surroundings, and it all went into Junior Leopard's fist intent.

"Earth Fire Yuan Essence?!" Seeing more and more of this golden red airflow, Prince Xiaoming suddenly exclaimed, "This is Earth Fire Yuan Essence. Dammit. This fella, leave some for me!"

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