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A+ A- Chapter 116: Nancy Boy Standing behind You

"With the nourishment of the geocentric fire vein, if I still could not practice my Distant Fire Mysterious Gang to Level Nine, I would crash myself to death with a piece of bean curd!"

Speaking of his cultivation, Prince Xiaoming was full of pride, "Well Wang She, stop wasting my time. Anyway, you cannot run away now, even if you want to!" Meanwhile, Prince Xiaoming opened his arms, stretching the long sleeves of his robe. The rock flows around started to seethe following his moves.

With huge crashing sounds, surging rock flows were pushed as though by an invisible force. 10 streaks of magma burst out, which turned into snakes, roaring and rushing towards Wang She.

"Interesting." Wang She sneered at him and sped up fanning. Every move of his fan would cause a strong airflow. After a few moves, whirlwinds were formed around him, in which the magma snakes and airflows were tangling but could not defeat each other.

"Combine!" As Prince Xiaoming clasped his hands together, the flying magma snakes combined together suddenly forming a huge 10-foot wide Flame Dragon that got rid of Wang She's airflow after only a few twists and then rushed towards Wang She.

Wang She raised his hands and then a plain cyan transparent light cover appeared before his hands.

"Boom!" The Flame Dragon flashed on the light cover and the magma scattered everywhere. Wang She's face turned white and he took a step back. The plain cyan light cover flashed a little as well, but it successfully defended against the attack from the Flame Dragon in the end.

"You can succeed the first time, but can you succeed the second time?"

Prince Xiaoming flashed his eyes and the Flame Dragon flew up again. Meanwhile, more magma surged from the rock flows and merged with the Flame Dragon. Within the time of a few breaths, the size of the Flame Dragon doubled.

"POWER! This is absolute power!"

Prince Xiaoming manipulated the rock flows so easily. After witnessing this, Junior

Leopard was surprised. Under such attacks, Wang She could defend, but Junior Leopard could not.

Black Sun Fist Intent, Black Hole Fist Intent, External Elixir, Inner Elixir and any other skills were all useless facing such overwhelming power.

Even if you wanted to flee, there would be nowhere to flee to.

"Level Nine expert, haha, this isn't the full power of a Level Nine expert!" At this time, Junior Leopard inexplicably thought about Xue Wuya who was killed by himself, gloating and feeling scared in mind. Wang She defended against the last attack due to his Level Eight cultivation. Xue Wuya was also Level Eight that he could defend against that attack too. But this powerful man was killed by him, Junior Leopard! How could he not be scared now?

Seeing the Flame Dragon rushing towards him again, Wang She didn't prepare to defend directly. Instead, he closed his folding fan and turned into a black shadow rushing towards Prince Xiaoming. For strong people like them, the rock flows in between them posed no real threat.

"Good!" When Prince Xiaoming saw Wang She's move, he turned his hands to show a pair of daggers, using them to defend himself.

"Dang!" They crashed into each other in no time. Prince Xiaoming stood still yet Wang She retreated three steps, during which Wang She used Asura Destroyer Pole. Suddenly, Prince Xiaoming was covered in fan shadows all over the sky.

"Asura Destroyer Pole, what a big name! But it is just so so!" From under the shadows came the ironic shouts of Prince Xiaoming. With the flashes of two Sinssy, he broke out of the shadow instantly. "Wang She! Here comes my Twin Dragon Kill!"

Twin Dragon Kill!

Two shadows of chilling light suddenly broke Wang She's defense. Meanwhile, the Flame Dragon also started to move, following Twin Dragon Kill and rushing towards Wang She.

"Now, Wang She is in big trouble."

Junior Leopard looked at the raging Flame Dragon with his face turning white. Wang She's last defense towards that small Flame Dragon had cost so much power. Now coupled with Prince Xiaoming's attack, could he survive it?

But things were always out of expectations. Prince Xiaoming's daggers were quick and sharp, like two shadows of lightning. However, Wang She was faster, bending and twisting his body, narrowly escaping the Twin Dragon Kill and Flame Dragon. As Prince Xiaoming was no weak person, when Wang She escaped, he continued attacking, bumping into Wang She like a ghost with two shadows of chilling light.

They were so close and Prince Xiaoming was so quick. Only when Prince Xiaoming was in front of him did Wang She realize the situation. He narrowed his eyes, feeling a strange change in his body.

Standing at the entrance to the cave, Junior Leopard saw that the slim body of Wang She twisted like noodles, making Prince Xiaoming's determined attack fail.

After two failures, Prince Xiaoming seemed to be a little angry and his body burst out a red light. At this time, Wang She had nowhere to hide. No matter how soft his body was, he could not escape the sudden Gang Qi burst from Prince Xiaoming's body. After a low groan, Wang She was like a broken rag-bag which flew away and fell down along with the flushing rock flows. Of course, Prince Xiaoming was not satisfied with this. After bumping away Wang She, he moved his right hand, calling the Flame Dragon to surge again and rush towards Wang She.

"This time he should end it, right?" Junior Leopard asked himself secretly.

Like it could hear Junior Leopard, the Flame Dragon crashed into Wang She's body as he fell, pushing him fiercely into the rock flows below.


The Flame Dragon's body pushed large waves in the rock flows. Surging billows formed by magma flew into the sky of dozen feet high.

"A complete fiasco!"

Seeing Wang She was pushed into the rock flows, Junior Leopard felt desperate and didn't dare to breathe. He could only use Snake-like Breath Holding Skill while retreating.

"Your martial arts are almighty and this time you not only achieved Level Nine but killed Wang She from Tian Long Taoism. What a big contribution!"

Two silhouettes came out through the passageway of the cave walls. Both of them, who were experts in Bone-Forging Realm, were great people outside. But as they appeared in front of Prince Xiaoming, a Level Nine expert, Junior Leopard only felt more insignificant.

"Humph!" Prince Xiaoming sniffed, with a gloating face, which soon turned into pity. "Although Wang She has confronted me for many years, it is so unexpected that he would fall like this today. What a pity!"

"He did not know what he was doing and overestimated his own power. His delusion of confronting your Venerable doesn't deserve our pity!" one of the two men went near to Prince Xiaoming, fawningly, "your venerable excellency, you are now a Level Nine expert. There is no doubt that we will be able to call you Hierarch soon!"

"I have just achieved Level Nine and I need time to consolidate the state. I was thinking about spending a few more days here, but this seems impossible now. Once the underground fire vein is exposed, there will be countless people coming here for benefits . I won't be able to stay here as well. Those useless people, after planning for so long, can't just keep the secret for such a short time." Mentioning this, Prince Xiaoming could not help getting angry. But what's done is done, there was no use to stay angry. Looking back at the surging rock flows, he said, "Do you actually think that Wang She is dead?"

"Wang She has been beaten like that and fell down into the magma. Even if he has 10 lives, he should be dead now."

"Really? I don't think so." Prince Xiaoming looked at the flowing rock flows as if he was searching for something. After a while, finding nothing, he then gave up and said, "Forget it. Let's go."


They nodded again and again, probably because although their cultivation enabled them to get into the Bone-Forging Realm, they still found it hard to bear the pressure in this geocentric fire vein.

Junior Leopard was tightly shrunk in the shadow of a huge stone of 10 feet high next to the cave entrance. Snake-like Breath Holding Skill was crazily operating in his body which made body which made it seem as if he had become part of the stone. Prince Xiaoming and his two followers were moving so fast and in just a few seconds, they were dozens of feet away, without noticing a man hiding behind the huge rock at all.

Although they didn't notice him, Junior Leopard could not relax even a little. He waited behind the stone for over one hour. While he was struggling inside, a voice sounded, "Who are you hiding from? They have long gone! Come out now!"

"Chief Wang!" Hearing the familiar sound, Junior Leopard was so happy, peaking his head from behind the stone. He saw Wang She's body was floating from the bottom of the underground rock flows, still with his messy hair and embarrassed look. He was covered in cyan light. Except for the mess, there were no other injuries.

After making sure that Wang She was not dead and had been found out by Chief Wang, Junior Leopard stopped hiding and came out, "Disciple Zhou Bao here to meet Chief Wang!"

"You boy did nothing to save me. Now you dare to come out?" Looking at Junior Leopard, Wang She was full of irony.

"It was just Prince Xiaoming, a Nancy Boy. How could he get you?!" Junior Leopard said obsequiously, "Besides, under such circumstances, even if I helped, there should be only one result for me... Death. It is better to know that where there is life, there is hope. If something happened to you, at least there is a person to help avenge you."

"You little boy!" Wang She kicked Junior Leopard from dozens of feet away, making Junior Leopard fly, "What happened to you. You seem like you're benefiting from it again! Isn't it a Full Closure for the Skin-Toughening Realm?"

"You have such a pair of sharp eyes! Disciple admires you so much!" Falling on the ground, Junior Leopard sat on the ground with a silly smile.

"Stop flattering me. I am not the little girl Concubine Ming. I don't buy this!"

"Concubine Ming?"

"It's Prince Xiaoming, the Nancy Boy standing right behind you!" Wang She said with a gloating smile.

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