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A+ A- Chapter 115: Newly Entering into Level Nine: Prince Xiaoming

In life, there would inevitably be ups and downs. Junior Leopard felt that he was in a high-tide period now.

In the deep passage of the underground fire vein, Junior Leopard's toes only needed to tap lightly, and he would fly dozens of feet in front, like a rotten leaf without carrying a strand of smoke. The Internal Qi in his body was flowing smoothly, and there was no longer a sense of obstruction. His skeleton was just like jade. His body from head to toe seemed to carry boundless energy. After experiencing a bout of pain in hell, he finally reached heaven.

He managed to successfully control the Mysterious Fire within his Dantian. After completely controlling the Internal Qi within his body, even though his strength had soared, he had become extremely weary. He had nothing to complain of, in particular, hence he immediately regulated his breathing within the passageway. He then forcefully slept, until he was woken up by a sudden violent tremble.

"Earthquake?!" This was Junior Leopard's first thought. However, very quickly, this kind of possibility was erased. If it was really an earthquake, he would not be able to live anymore. Here was the underground fire vein. Just a small earthquake would be able to cause the lava to flow from underground. If that was the case, neither the Blaze Technique of the Heavenly Nine Dragon nor the Green Jade Qian Yuan Skill would help him, nor there was only death waiting for him.

Furthermore, this trembling came in waves. First, it was a wave of the earth shaking, dust scattering all over. Following that was a piece of quiet as if nothing had happened just now.

Being woken up, he also didn't know how long he had slept. After thinking for a while, he followed the original path to return to the main passageway. He displayed his Lightness Skill, moving forward.

This was because his cultivation just rose, and his mental and spiritual energy was at its peak., so his confidence abounded. Naturally, his speed was much faster than before. After sprinting for 4-6 hours, he only felt that the color of the wall on the passageway became darker and darker as well as the temperature was getting higher and higher. Very soon, he met a person who fell.

This over-confident idiot!

Seeing that person lying there, Junior Leopard hurriedly moved forward and checked his breathing. But he immediately found it had already disappeared and the corpse had been solidified.

Looking at his posture, it should be because he couldn't withstand the temperature in front, then he retreated from his team. He originally wanted to return to the original route, however,

when he reached here, he couldn't withstand it anymore.

"There is fire toxin here!" Feeling the Evil Qi flowing in the atmosphere, Junior Leopard lightly frowned.

The so-called fire toxin was the Evil Qi of a fire attribute. However the amount of this Evil Qi was too little. It was scattered in the air and unable to be used. But it was extremely harmful to human body, hence it was termed fire toxin.

There was the first person who fell down. Naturally, there would be the second one. Seeing that people had died, Junior Leopard didn't bother much. He thought that he would bring the bodies out on the way out. At least there would be a proper burial for them. He then continued going forward. After moving for dozens of feet, he then discovered a second batch of corpses. Yes, the second batch, and it was not just one person, but five or more. Just like before, they couldn't withstand the high temperature and was struck by the fire toxin.

After meeting a few more batches of corpses, afterward, he finally met alive people. And they were familiar people.

"Seniors, what's the matter?"

He saw Jin Nanqing sitting down with his whole body sweating profusely. He was trying hard to circulate his Qi to expel the fire toxin. As for the other Wu Family's disciples, they were lying on the floor in a near death state; they seemed to have little breath left.

Seeing Junior Leopard, Jin Nanqing who was circulating his Qi finally revealed a strand of happiness.

"Junior Leopard, come to get us out of here. The fire toxin here is too powerful---!"

Junior Leopard didn't dare to delay for long. He stacked up the unlucky few seniors on top of himself like Luohans. He summoned the strength in his legs and rushed outwards.

He ran all the way.

These few people's weight was about 500 kg. If Junior Leopard had not achieved a breakthrough just now, after carrying them on his back and running swiftly, he would definitely fall down. Even though he didn't collapse, it was still very difficult for him.

"Okay, here, put us down!" After running for 5-6 miles, Jin Nanqing on his back suddenly spoke, "There is no longer any fire toxin. Put us down!"

Junior Leopard was still somewhat worried so he carried them more 1-2 miles before putting everybody down.

"Senior, what happened exactly?!"

"Aye, what else can it be? It is us having too much confidence in our strength!" Jin Nanqing sighed, "This underground fire vein, the further you go, the higher the temperature is. There is also fire attribute Evil Qi accompanying it. The deeper one goes, the denser the fire toxin. The people within the military camp didn't detect it in time. Only when we were poisoned then we realized. When we wanted to go back, we didn't have enough time. Fortunately, the few of us had practiced the Blaze Technique of the Heavenly Nine Dragon. Our resistance is thus stronger than others. If not, we would have become corpses just like the rest of them."

When Junior Leopard heard it, he also sighed. It was not a surprising thing for this underground fire vein to be dangerous. Although the high temperature, fire poison etc were within expectations, people thought they were lucky enough to follow all the way through.

"That is to say, if we don't go down, there won't be anything?!" Junior Leopard asked suddenly.

"Those who could go down to fish the benefits all went down!" Jin Nanqing smiled bitterly, "Those who cannot follow, almost all died on the way. However, from my point of view, within the Military Camp, those who could reach the fire vein will not amount to more than 5!"

Speaking, he then looked at Junior Leopard, "Junior Leopard, according to your strength, the fire toxin shouldn't have much of an effect on you. Are you really not going down?!"

His words haven't been finished when the earth trembled again. Vaguely, the bottom of the cave emitted countless cries and shouts.

"This is...!" Junior Leopard's expression changed. He seemed to have understood something. This was not some kind of earthquake. This was obviously the sound produced from the fight between two high level experts in the fire vein!

"Senior Jin, please look after these seniors and I will go down to check out!"

"En, Junior Leopard, be careful. It is obviously good if there are benefits. However, if the situation is

situation is not right, don't force it!" Jin Nanqing reminded him.

"I understand!" Junior Leopard nodded and replied.

In fact, at this time, they were not far away from the geocentric fire vein. Displaying his Lightness Skill, he went forward for a good one hour hurriedly. He finally reached the end of the passageway, where there was a piece of shining red light. Seeing from faraway, it was like an entrance. With every step forward, the temperature would soar manifestly. After walking to a place 100 feet away from the entrance, he found the surrounding air had long evaporated. It formed pieces of bends; the whole body seemed to be placed in boiling hot water.

This temperature was extremely harmful to others. However, it affected Junior Leopard less. When nearing the entrance of the cave, Junior Leopard activated the Snake-like Breath Holding Skill. His whole body was scratched against the walls of the passageway. He bent his waist and speedily moved towards the bottom of the cave.

"Hahahaha —! Wang She, Chief Wang, you shouldn't resist anymore. I admit that your strength is above mine. However, in this fire vein, you don't have any chances of winning?" Without moving for a few steps, he then heard the ferocious shouting from the bottom of the cave.

Moving to the cave entrance, he prone on a stone. Junior Leopard looked inside and his heart involuntarily tightened. Outside the cave entrance was a big empty space. The cave bottom was dozens of feet high. A river of lava that was tens of feet wide was flowing in the middle of the cave. It was flashing golden red light, emitting a hot flow. The whole space was as if it was a lake formed from the flow of the lava. Within that lake, there were dozens of pieces of land that had not been devoured by the rock flows. Wang She and the rest were standing on the red mud that hadn't been flowed over by the magma.

With only one look, Junior Leopard understood, those from the military camp who followed Wang She, including Camp Supervisor Zhao Ting, were completely annihilated.

These people were able to reach this spot depending on their extraordinary cultivation and strong body. Now, apart from Wang She, all were unconscious on the floor who were extremely close to the rock flows. There was even one half of whose body was in the rock flows, being consumed by the rock flows till he was unrecognizable.

Those few who didn't get embroiled in the rock flows didn't do well. The skins on their bodies already had blisters resulted from the high temperature of the air. The expressions on their faces were painful. Even if they were unconscious, they still were in extreme pain.

Wang She's situation was not optimistic as well. His cyan clothes were already torn in half without the left sleeve and his hair was also messy. His left arm was revealing an extremely deep gash. His flesh was turned out and his out and his blood long evaporated by the surrounding hot air. He looked extremely ferocious.

However, even if the situation seemed to be extremely disadvantageous for him, his expression was still as calm as before. The fan in his right hand was already opened. He was lightly shaking his head and his gaze locked on the person in front, revealing a cold glint.

"This fella is Prince Xiaoming? The youngest Venerable in Sect of Flame!"

Junior Leopard also saw clearly the man opposing Wang She who was wearing a long red robe. Under the reflection of the lava, it was looking alive. He was roughly 20 years old, with fine features, just like a beautiful lady. His whole body exuded a charm that belonged to women. However, Junior Leopard didn't think that this fella would be weak. Looking at Wang She's haggard look, and looking at his calm demeanor, he could tell who gained the advantage here easily.

"Are you sure that you could beat me today?" Wang She's gaze locked onto Prince Xiaoming and his lips curled, revealing a strand of an ugly smile.

"In other time and other places, I definitely can't beat you. However at this time, on this day, you no longer have the capital to resist me. Wang She, don't play with your fan anymore. Your Jade Original Power Gang Spirit has already been broken by my Distant Fire Mysterious Gang. Even if you continue to fan, you wouldn't be able to conjure some treasure!"

When Junior Leopard heard it, he became depressed. The Jade Original Power Gang Spirit was broken again. This was the second time he saw the Jade Original Power Gang being broken. Jade Original Power Gang Spirit was considered a rare find in this world, but how would it keep being broken? Was there any flaw, if he had known it, Junior Leopard wouldn't learn the Jade Original Power Gang.

"Jade Original Power Gang Spirit is indeed broken by you, however, you used your Level Nine cultivation to break my Level Eight Gang Qi, this was nothing to be praiseworthy of!" Wang She folded his fan and lightly said, "I really didn't expect, in just a few short days, you have actually raised your cultivation to Level Nine!"

Level Nine?!!

Junior Leopard who was hiding at the cave entrance trembled in his heart. Level Nine!

Even if in the whole world, this Level Nine expert could be counted on one hand. It was unexpected that he could see one here!

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