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A+ A- Chapter 110

The city was conquered! They conquered the city!

Looking at the soldiers with high morale, Li Yuan just helplessly shook his head. Then he rode his horse without hesitation, drawing his sword and raising it high. He shouted loudly,

"We've broken the city gate. Come on! Follow me and kill the enemy!"

Then he slapped his horse's abdomen with his legs and pushed forward. The guards beside him also pushed forward without hesitation.

However, Wang She still leaned against a tree and watched Junior Leopard wielding his twin hammers at the city gate with an even bigger smile. "Good boy! He does have something on the ball. Unexpectedly, He is able to break through the city gate!"

In fact, Li Yuan had given up any hope of conquering the city due to the fact that the Sect of Flame's disciples in the city were so strong and they had made careful preparations for defending the city. Unexpectedly, the city gate of Zhonghe City was inexplicably broken through when he was about to order his soldiers to retreat.

This had a major influence on the soldiers' morale.

The city gate was broken through. Even if a lot of obstacles were stacked in the city gate hole and the Sect of Flame's disciples had gained an upper hand on the top of the city wall. The trend was now reversed.

As was known to all, the Jin army had more soldiers, so they held all the trumps. They just couldn't find a breaking point before, but now the city gate was broken through, and the Jin army flooded into the city. Although there were obstacles in the city gate hole, they couldn't hold back the strong Jin army which had a huge advantage in quantity. So the winner had been settled when the obstacles were cleared.

"Good boy! Good job!" Junior Leopard raised his twin hammers and watched the soldiers passing him by. He suddenly relaxed. At this moment, a green figure flashed by like a breeze

and he faintly heard some praises.

"Is it Wang She?" Junior Leopard only saw a green figure flashing in front of the city wall and then the figure jumped into the city from the city wall.

"It was really good this time. I can release 17 Critical Hits now. Yeah, I'm a little tired, but it was really worth it!"

Wang She disappeared. Junior Leopard didn't care about him at all, rather he recalled how the city gate was broken through.

He named the last punches as the Critical Hits. That was because he used the skills of Extraordinary Strength Fist at last.

The Extraordinary Strength Fist was mysterious which could multiply the attack force, but the attack force was limited to his fists and body. Just like the Snake-like Breath Holding Skill, the Extraordinary Strength Fist could be only utilized in his own body.

He could utilize the mental cultivation methods of the Extraordinary Strength Fist when utilizing the punching skill, and then the fist's destructive power could multiply. Moreover, the Internal Qi wouldn't be consumed much. It did not even burden the body too much.

Since it had so many advantages, Junior Leopard had always wanted to incorporate the force methods into his hammering skill to boost his hammering skill. The hammers were his weapon, but they didn't belong to his body. It was difficult to utilize the Extraordinary Strength Fist. Most of the time the force could just be transmitted to the hands with hammers but not the actual hammers. He was even controlled by the force several times. But he never gave up, because he would benefit a lot. So after he devoted himself to the study for a period of time, he eventually found some knacks to apply the ways of the Extraordinary Strength Fist to his twin hammers. The pity was that his hammers couldn't be used as freely as his fists. There was a limit to the times and weight of the hammers. The heavier the hammers were, the fewer times the hammers would be used. When Junior Leopard's cultivation was at Level Two, the power of his hammers would be nine times stronger and he could just use the hammers for 15 times at most. He was almost worn out when using it. Thus he named the hammering skill as Critical Hit.

When his cultivation was at Level Three, he didn't try the Critical Hit. Today he used the Critical Hit for the first time. Unexpectedly, he unleashed 19 hammers and the power of every hammer was 20 or 30 times stronger than that of the bare fists. So he could smash the iron gate that was

was more than 5,000 kg and he still had some power left after he broke through the gate.

Junior Leopard stood there for a while and took a breath. When seeing the Jin army flooding into the city, he thought to himself, "Well, this was an accident. I'd never thought of breaking through the city gate by myself."

"Junior brother, you'll be famous!" He heard an excited and surprised voice. After turning around, he saw Jin Nanqing and several junior brothers. They watched him in surprise. What was uncomfortable for Junior Leopard was that they didn't see him like before. Particularly, Zhou Zhengming who was not only jealous and surprised but was stuttering a little and upset.

"Senior brother, what's wrong?" Although Junior Leopard understood what Jin Nanqing said, he pretended to be puzzled.

"What? Don't you know? Junior Leopard, you'll be famous. It is you that conquered Zhonghe City. You have rendered meritorious service this time!" Jin Nanqing slapped Junior Leopard on the shoulder and found Junior Leopard stumped. Then he glanced at his twin silver hammers in his hands. Jin Nanqing thought to himself that he was too stupid to not choose the iron hammers as his weapon in the early years. If he made that choice, it was he that would have rendered meritorious service today.

He smiled more radiantly. He patted Junior Leopard on the shoulder and stammered. "Sorry, I was wrong. It's the first-class merit, the first-class merit! He, he, he, he!"

Junior Leopard just smiled. It seemed that what Jin Nanqing said had nothing to do with him.

"Senior brother Jin, should we go into the city?"

"Yes, of course!" Jin Nanqing waved his hand and said, "Some defeated disciples of the Sect of Flame must be in the city. Junior Leopard, you have gotten the first-class merit. All of us want to make some contributions. Junior Leopard, will you compete with us?"

Junior Leopard just giggled and nodded. "Senior brother, I'll follow what you said!"

Hearing this, Jin Nanqing was so satisfied. Then he waved his hand and high-spiritedly led the disciples of the Wu's to Zhonghe City.

Zhonghe City was more dilapidated than before.

It wasn't prosperous anymore. The mansions were burned to ruins except for several big ones. The ground was covered with many corpses. Some corpses had lain on the ground for a long time. The city was full of the smell of carrion, blood and singe. When Junior Leopard, Jin Nanqing and the others went into the city, they couldn't help but covering their noses.

"Damn it! What f*cking smell! How many people were killed?"

"Since the Sect of Flame was cruel and bloodthirsty, the people in the city couldn't survive once the city was conquered!" said one of the disciples of the Wu's named Wang Shouyi while standing beside Jin Nanqing. His cultivation was at Level Two. He accompanied Junior Leopard to investigate the case of robbed goods. Since he often kept a low profile and followed Jin Nanqing's order, he didn't catch others' attention.

However, Wang Shouyi was the angriest when the Sect of Flame attacked the city suddenly. He killed the Sect of Flame's disciples so cruelly and mercilessly. Obviously, he had some disputes with the Sect of Flame.

"Yeah, it was so immoderate for the Sect of Flame to attack Zhonghe City all of a sudden. What on earth were they thinking about?" Zhou Zhengming was touched and said.

"I guess we'll know what they thought about soon!" said Jin Nanqing. At this moment, the Sect of Flame's disciples in the city were being eliminated. In the city, there were several experts of the Sect of Flame, but surprisingly they didn't appear anymore. The cultivation of the others was about Level Three, so once they were surrounded by the Military Camp, they wouldn't escape, let alone the Jin army. They had no room for rebellion.

Although Jin Nanqing and others wanted to render meritorious service, they watched the Jin army surround them all and had no chances to render meritorious service. They had to give up.

Li Yuan led his personal guards into the Guard County Manor in Zhonghe prefecture.

The mayor of Zhonghe prefecture was killed by the Sect of Flame's disciples when the city was conquered, so there was nobody in the Guard County Manor though the city was recaptured. Then Li Yuan lived in the Guard County Manor.

Though Li Yuan won the battle and conquered the city, he wasn't delighted. This was because Prince Xiaoming of the Sect of Flame and the masters who should have been in the city disappeared. What did this suggest?

This suggested that their purpose to attack Zhonghe City had been achieved. Since the purpose was achieved, it was unnecessary for them to occupy such an inland city with no strategic significance. If this was the case, even if they had recaptured Zhonghe City, they had made mistakes rather than contributions. 100,000 soldiers just conquered such a regional city with less than 10,000 defenders after the city was surrounded for almost 20 days. In addition, the chief culprit escaped. This was so ridiculous and couldn't be explained reasonably.

However, he couldn't say that frankly. After all, the city was recaptured through several bloody battles. The soldiers who fought enemies bravely would deserve a reward, while someone would deserve punishment. Unfortunately, General Li wasn't very happy and so the ones who deserved punishment would hit a bad patch.

"Are you Junior Leopard?"

At this moment, Junior Leopard and Jin Nanqing were already led into the Guard County Manor. Today hundreds of thousands of soldiers saw Junior Leopard mounted the city gate and broak through it. If they were awarded according to their contributions, Junior Leopard should be the first to get the reward. While Jin Nanqing and others didn't make such significant contributions, they also fought the enemies on the city wall. All of the soldiers also saw that. Moreover, they and Junior Leopard were brothers, so they would also get some rewards.

"Are you Zhou Bao? The disciple of the Wu Family?"

Sitting on the mayor's big chair, Li Yuan asked him in a deep voice.

"Yes!" Junior Leopard dared not to speak much in such a situation.

"Good! Good! Good!" Li Yuan said with appreciation. "It turns out that heroes come from youngsters. Today you render meritorious service. What reward would you like?"

Junior Leopard didn't know how to answer his question. "Just give me the reward directly. Why did you ask me? I don't know what reward I'd like!" He muttered in his mind.

At this moment, a sound came into the room. "General, you should put off the thing about how to reward them. I have investigated where Prince Xiaoming went and what their purpose for attacking Zhonghe City was. I'm afraid this may be a little troublesome!"

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