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Junior Leopard had also heard rumors about battlefields. Such as hearing that love was like a battlefield and that business was like a battlefield. But when he was really on a battlefield, he felt as though those metaphors were all nonsense. A battlefield was a battlefield. Except for a battlefield itself, nothing was comparable with it. Could so many people die except for in battlefields?

Let us just talk about the situation here. In a short time, his twin hammers had struck dead more than 20 people. Those that were injured by him were even more numerable. In fact, the number was so big that he didn't even want to count it.

Right now on Zhonghe City's city wall, all of the people were engaged in the battle. Except for the corner that Junior Leopard occupied, the other spots were somewhat at a disadvantage against the enemy.

There were also experts of Sect of Flame protecting the city wall besides the soldiers. Even though Great Jin's troop also had martial artists, they were surrounded by the enemies with two or three people together. Under their joint attack, Great Jin's people couldn't get away.

Then the Sect of Flame's disciples had found things were not right at Junior Leopard's side. A few Sect of Flame's disciples in white cloth directly came towards Junior Leopard. The leader's cultivation was Level Two, while others had Level One's cultivation.

In fact, Level One looked weak, but people with this level were already called experts.

Even if it was in the army, only the best soldiers in a troop could reach Level One, just like Junior Leopard's brother-in-law.

Level One, was the highest level that 99 percent of soldiers and even junior officers could reach.

When one's cultivation reached Level Two, he would no longer be a soldier. At least he would be a Lieutenant-Colonel. When one's cultivation reached Level Three, he could be called an elite Lieutenant-Colonel. In fact, there were a majority of Generals whose cultivation were still in Level Three.

Those in the Military Camp with the highest cultivation were only in Level Three. Bone-Forging Realm experts wouldn't proactively join Military Camp unless the situation was special.

An official army was like this, let alone the ragtag group of the Sect of Flame. That was why they appeared so vulnerable to Junior Leopard's attack. Obviously, these five white clothed sect followers were the elites in this group.

They dashed toward Junior Leopard. The leader at his front with a thick backed long saber, while the others flanked him, forming a matrix to surround Junior Leopard in a circle.

As the matrix formed, Junior Leopard once again found himself under an enormous amount of pressure.

Then he realized why Great Jin's army couldn't take up the city wall after besieging it for such long time.

Once the five white clothed sect followers had formed an alliance and circled their enemy using their weapons, their power would be equivalent to more than five people. Chilling light radiated from their weapons. Some were defending while some were attacking and Junior Leopard was surrounded by all sorts of weapons in an instant. Endless attacks assaulted him. What was even more important was that their Internal Qi was like it connected. Junior Leopard intended to break through their siege in a hard way by using his strength. Unfortunately, when he did that, their Internal Qi would quickly gather into the leader's body. This would temporarily improve the leader's cultivation to Level Three, and with Level Three's cultivation, the leader could just withstand Junior Leopard's attacks.

A few round of attacks had passed by and Junior Leopard's mind gradually calmed down. He was on a higher level of cultivation compared to the sect followers after all. Now with his twin hammers moving and stopping regularly, he was able to cruise through the battle freely.

"This situation is not good. I have defeated several groups of enemies. But if the situation continues and other Sect of Flame's disciples will have time to fight against me. I can deal with one or two people or even around eight people. But when their number is more than eight, I might not be able to deal with them anymore!" Seeing the situation around him, which was developing against him, Junior Leopard gradually became worried.

He turned around to see Jin Nanqing and his fellows. The situation for them was also not good. They had all been held by the Sect of Flame's disciples and appeared not able to deal with their enemies for much longer either.

"I don't believe it!" Junior Leopard looked around reckoning the situation silently in mind. Then he flashed his twin hammers suddenly with two silver lights beaming out. The five Sect of Flame's disciples were soon shocked backward. He turned around and flew to the inner city quickly.

"What is he doing?!" Neither the sect followers nor Jin Nanqing and his fellows who were still in battle had realized what happened.

Only when they realized, Junior Leopard had already made his body movement. Now he was flying like an eagle towards the inner city.

"Watch out, junior brother!" Jin Nanqing shouted hastily. Just as he finished shouting, a burst of arrows flying sound followed, "Shua shua shua!"

Arrows continuously rained aiming at Junior Leopard in the air.

Junior Leopard rotated his twin hammers around his body and the arrows were all hit in other directions. He leaned forward while flying in the air. With the twin hammers raised transversely, his body was rotating like a spinning top.

There were also Sect of Flame's disciples inside the city. Compared to the soldiers on top of the city wall, their capacity was not so good. Moreover, they didn't expect that there would be an enemy dashing down the wall when they still had an advantage. Wasn't he playing with fire?

Of course, some people had fallen down to the inner city before Junior Leopard while they were still in the battle. Some of them had fallen down because they were in a hurry when fighting and couldn't find a way to retreat, some were kicked off the city wall and some were just corpses.

Hence for a long, the sect followers in the inner city hadn't paid much attention to enemies coming from the city wall.

At this time, however, things were obviously different. Junior Leopard rotated his body at a high speed in the air and was soon landing in the inner city. Noticing that things weren't right, the sect followers couldn't get themselves ready. They had to take up their weapons to face Junior Leopard with one dash.


A burst of metal was striking together with long spears, sabers, blades and swords all around. Junior Leopard was surrounded by a huge bluff of silver light; he turned his body lightly then dashed down at the crowd. All people were dispersed in a second. As his silver light disappeared, not a single Sect of Flame's disciple could still stand within 50 feet of him. All those guys were unlucky disciples lying on the ground whose their tendons and bones deeply injured.

But the scenery did not last long. More people emerged from in a glimpse. While at the same time, the five white clothed sect followers who had fought against Junior Leopard on the wall had also jumped down the city wall.

Only now the situation had dramatically changed as Junior Leopard was already in the middle of the Sect of Flame's disciples. With his twin hammers flying much quicker in the air and his body moving much more freely, he took only a few jumps to reach the city gate.

Zhonghe City was the hinterland of Great Jin, so it wasn't a city hard to besiege. Nor was the city gate high and huge. Right now, both parties were at an important stage of fighting for the siege and there was also a chaos under the city gate. Outside the gate, Great Jin's troop was striking at the gate with a cartridge trying to break through the door. Inside the gate, different stuff had been piled up in front of the gate and had entirely blocked it. Judging from this situation, even if Great Jin could destroy the gate, the army wouldn't get inside in a short time.

The sect of Flame's disciples guarding the gate didn't panic at all seeing an enemy coming forth.

Over these days, there were a few Military Camp's disciples that had reached here, but unfortunately, none of them had survived.

"Young lad, how brave you are?!"

The gate guarder shouted surprisedly at Junior Leopard when he saw who he was. Junior Leopard also observed his enemy carefully and was also surprised. The guy was Black Three Lady.

Junior Leopard had fought with him before, at the gate of the Wu Residence. He knew the Black Three Lady's capabilities. So he immediately held up his hammers to face the Black Three Lady. Black Three Lady also knew what Junior Leopard was capable of, seeing that Junior Leopard running towards him, he shouted loudly, "He is hard to defeat. Come on guys, let's fight together!"

The sect of Flame's disciples didn't dare to neglect he and all ran towards Junior Leopard with their weapons in hands.

Junior Leopard wasn't afraid at all. He fully deployed his Wild Hammering Skill and soon was fighting with them.

Right now, Black Three Lady had the advantage. Junior Leopard was by himself while a dozen enemies were surrounded him. More Sect of Flame's disciples were also charging nearer to this place to fight. Black Three Lady was quite satisfied with this situation, "You bastard, do you really want to die here? Look at what place it is, how can you come here straightforwardly? Do you really believe that you can destroy this city gate all alone?!"

"I know I can open this gate!" Junior Leopard laughed coldly. The silver light on his twin hammers darkened, then a dry heat spread out from his hammers.

Black Three Lady trembled. A dangerous feeling quickly filled his body and he felt as though his fine hair had erected because of the fear. He glanced at Junior Leopard and was shocked by the sight of a dark red streamer flashing across his twin hammers.

"This is..."

Black Three Lady formed a compact web in front of with himself with his long whip without thinking. At the same time, he retreated at the best speed he could.

"Black Three Lady, look at my Critical Hit!"

Junior Leopard laughed loudly as he saw Black Three Lady retreating. He suddenly jumped up from the crowd. Almost at the Almost at the same time, the five white clothed sect followers who were standing behind him also went forth trying to encircle him.

Junior Leopard surely wouldn't give them any chance to besiege him, so he swiftly lifted his hammer in his left hand. When he did that, the leader of those sect followers tried to protect people behind him, but his face soon wore an expression that looked as if he was being tortured. A heavy hit came right at him from Junior Leopard's hammer, he could tell the strike this time was definitely much heavier than the one he withstood when they were on top of the city wall.

"Boom!" His weapon was knocked out of his hand at once with an ear-deafening sound; the leader spit out a mouthful blood and then fell down into the crowd. His body moved like a sack, nobody knew whether he was still alive.

The rest of the people were also hit down by Junior Leopard. Although their injuries were not as severe as the leader, their cultivation was far lower than his. So these people also went unconscious after a hit by his hammer and were thrown away from the scene.

On the other hand, Junior Leopard had thrown his right hammer directly at Black Three Lady.

Now the hammer was covered in a mass of silver light. It broke through Black Three Lady's protection web in a glimpse, but it didn't stop there. Instead, the hammer kept flying forth and at last hit Black Three Lady's head fiercely.

Black Three Lady knew the situation was not good for him as he had seen his protection web was devastated. He squatted down using all his strength and escaped from the deadly hammer just before the hammer could hit his head.

While he could escape, the city gate couldn't. Junior Leopard's silver hammer hit right on the gate after he squatted down.

An ear deafening sound followed, then a hollow made by his hammer soon appeared on the iron gate. Outside, Great Jin's army was still striking the gate with the trolley and was astonished by such a hollow in the gate. When they realized what happened, the city gate was giving out a continuous ear deafening sound. The sound was so frequent that in a while the gate was hit more than 10 times. Everybody was dizzied by the crazy noise. "Hong!" The last sound broke out as if there was thunder. To their surprise, the gate was entirely damaged now.

A figure showed up promptly out of the city gate, "Watch out, lower your heads, they are shooting arrows!" Then a lump of silver light appeared, blocking out most of the arrows.

"The city is conquered!!!"

After a weird short period of silence, Great Jin's army outside the gate began to shout merrily. Morale became high.

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