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The Sect of Flame attacked Zhonghe City and there were smokes rising all around at this moment. Most of the Sect of Flame's followers were just a bunch of nobodies. After entering the city, they were just like hungry wolves chasing sheep herds. They burnt, killed, stole and rob everywhere, which could not be controlled. Apart from the areas that the Sect of Flame had ordered not to recklessly charge in, the other half has been in a complete mess, and especially those wealthy big families which were the first places to be ransacked.

Junior Leopard left the Wu Residence and went south. He evaded most of the followers of Sect of Flame and smashed follower who acted individually to death with one hammer. He had now reached Level Three cultivation. In this city, he could be considered number one or two. Except for several Bone-Forging Realm experts of Sect of Flame in the city, nobody else could be his opponent.

"Alas, it was really troublesome. It was just a batch of goods, how could it lead to such a troublesome matter?!" Junior Leopard kicked away the corpse which was filled with blood with bad expression. Even though he had already expected that there could be a big trouble, he was not acclimatized to the massacre.

He had killed some people before. However, who he had killed before were all his enemies. Now, though Sect of Flame's behavior was not destroying the city, they burnt, killed, robbed and stole everywhere with no military discipline. As a big city, Zhonghe City had densely-population and people there lived plentifully. The city was just like a hell with corpses everywhere and someone who was hacked beyond recognition when it fell into enemy hands. Junior Leopard had never seen this kind of scene before. He wanted to escape from the city at first, but he could not look on with folded arms when seeing the cruel scene. He had already killed dozens of Sect of Flame followers imperceptibly. He wanted to rescue people but didn't know how to do it. There were followers everywhere in the city, how could he save so many?

"Hong—!" He kicked away the corpses and ran for a few more steps. He saw a few thieves surrounding a young girl, and they were about to rape her. The young woman kept crying and shouting, but how could she resist the thieves who were like wolves and tigers?

Junior Leopard couldn't turn a blind eye to it, so he smashed all these fellas to death. When the young girl could react, he already left and disappeared without a trace.

"Shit. I would not enter the city if I knew this." Junior Leopard killed for another round in the city. He felt so bad with Yin Qi covering the tip, which could not be expressed. He left the city and felt a wave of helplessness with the bloody silver hammer in his hand when looking at the rolling smoke and hearing the crying in the city.

Apart from him, there were some people rushing into the city. Some of them were smart and ran out of the city at the beginning and some were people with some martial arts. The thieves couldn't resist them; hence they also came out of the city.

For those who ran out of the city, the rebels in the city didn't pursue them. In fact, Zhonghe City had a total of 4 big doors and 12 small doors. The sect of Flame rebels didn't completely control them, and there had some resisting soldiers. Hence, they couldn't care about those that escaped the city.

There were several seniors and people of Flying Tiger Escort Agency who escaped the city. They went out together with the womenfolk of a family. Amongst them, the Wu's family members were also included. It seemed that they had engaged in a bout of killing, and drenched in blood. They somehow managed to rush out.

Then he realized that not everyone was there. Amongst his few seniors, there was only Jin Nanqing, Zhou Zhengming and other one here. The other three were nowhere to be seen. They must have been separated when rushing out of the city. Amongst Wu Yuntian's family members, there was only Wu Yuzhu and her mother who were escorted out. As for Wu Yuntian's other concubines, there was none to be seen.

Junior Leopard thought for a while and didn't meet up with them. He wanted to take this opportunity to go to Tian Long Mystic Mountain and finish the matter that Miss Ma had handed over to him, which was also Xu Yong's idea. Now, since everyone was separated by the rebels, and it just took several days to go from here to Tian Long Mystic Mountain. He was not afraid that anyone would suspect for now that there were soldiers and danger everywhere.

Thinking clearly about this point, he didn't delay any longer. He snatched a horse and galloped towards the south.

Qianzhou, Tian Long Mystic Mountain

Tian Long Taoism

The rain was very heavy as the entire mountain was enshrouded in a cloud of fog.

As for the atmosphere in Tian Long Mystic Mountain, it was similar to the weather, which was unclear, and carried a dense feeling.

Tian Long Mystic Mountain was very big, with a circumference of over tens of thousands of miles. Tian Long Taoism's entrances were only occupying a few mountains. In this continuous group of mountains, there were vaguely present many courtyards, temples, caves, and wonderlands.

There were many infrastructures that didn't belong to Tian Long Taoism. It belonged to some experts in hiding. No matter how strong the power of Tian Long Taoism was, it was impossible for them to completely dominate the whole of Tian Long Mystic Mountain.

Of course, Tian Long Taoism was quite sly. They were unable to completely dominate it. However, since the beginning of the sect, it had been thousands of years. They were always encouraging the disciples in the sect to establish their roots within Tian Long Mystic Mountain. Today one would occupy a slope, tomorrow the other one would occupy a swamp, and then they would occupy another area of the mountain together.

Now, even though Tian Long Mystic Mountain did not entirely belong to Tian Long Taoism, however, the experts hiding within this area would have some form of connections with Tian Long Taoism. Hence, even though Tian Long Taoism didn't occupy the whole Tiang Long Mystic Mountain in name, in actuality, the entire mountain range was within their control.

This was a courtyard that was situated in the deep recesses of Tian Long Mystic Mountain which was very big, occupying a whole mountain head. The entire courtyard was rising up and falling down according to the mountain's direction and to be a part of the mountain. The pavilions within the courtyard had flying horns on it. When one looked from far away in the midst of the rain, with the fog shrouding, it was as if there was an immortal palace there.

In the deep of the courtyard, there was a villa. Within the villa, there was a small pavilion. There was a 28, 29 years old young man sitting quietly without looking sideways, facing the small pond in the villa.

On his side, there were two old people and a middle-aged man shouting at him ferociously.

"You are a bastard! You are imbecile! Unfilial thing!"

The middle-aged man was well dressed. However, at this time, he was extremely without manners. He was shouting at the man sitting in the middle of the pavilion, "A woman, just because of a woman, you can not care about everything? For a woman, you have forsaken the benefits of the clan at one side, for a woman...!"

"Enough...!" An old man with white beard and hair broke the middle-aged man's saliva filled shouting. His expression was extremely ugly, "Lei Xu, I will ask you one more time, are you going or not?!"

"I will not!"

Lei Xu, who was sitting in the pavilion, didn't open his eyes and he spat out those words.

"You...!" The middle-aged man was about to unleash his anger, yet his brain was slapped by the white beard old man. "It was all because you have given birth to such a good son, to throw away all the face of the Lei Family!"The old man said.

The middle-aged man climbed up from the floor. He didn't dare say much and his face was full of fury. He was about to punch Lei Xu who was sitting and not moving. Just at this moment, the old man with white hair and black beard softly coughed.

"Ke, ugh, both of you, Chief Lei had matters to do, hence he can't go for it. There is no way to do it. As for us, we shouldn't force it upon him. We have to get going!" When speaking, he cupped his fists towards the two people and was about to leave.

"Wait, wait, Elder Yu, we should give the matter further thought!"

"Stop planning, I will definitely not go!" Lei Xu opened his eyes and swept his gaze over them. At last, he said to Elder Yu, "Elder Yu, let Chief Wang or Chief Nian go. Prince Xiaoming of the Sect of Flame had personally gone there. I'm afraid he lusts for much. Only the two of them could hold the line!"

"It can only be so!" Elder Yu sighed softly. He looked at Lei Xu, with a weird expression flashing in his eyes, "Chief Lei, you are the most suitable candidate for this matter!"

Lei Xu smiled instead of an answer. That middle-aged man and the white-haired white-beard old man were waiting for Elder Yu to say something, yet that he had already smiled bitterly and left. The two of them hurriedly gave chase, and before leaving they gave Lei Xu a cold hard stare. They helplessly stomped their feet, and waved their sleeves and left.

"You are not afraid of driving your father dead?!"

After the three of them leaving far, a figure appeared from the rain. He had cyan clothes, and no rain fell on him. He slowly traveled towards the pavilion. "It is a good time to gain credits!"

"You don't wish to go?!" Lei Xu smiled and asked.

"Even if I want to go, it will not be my time. They may look for Wushuang!" Wang She said helplessly.

"Wushuang will also not go!" Lei Xu said.

Wang She furrowed his eyebrows, and was somewhat apprehensive, "She is also not going, why?!"

"It seems that she has some private matters, and she didn't talk about it clearly with me!" Lei Xu shook his head and said, "Oh right, have you had any news on that matter?"

"This time, Mingyi School is set on obtaining it. You have trouble!"

"Oh, is it?!"

"I know you are very confident, and also strong. However from the news that I have obtained, on the day of marriage, not only the experts of Mingyi School will go, people from the Golden Light Cave will appear as well!"

"Golden Light Cave, who?!" Hearing Golden Light Cave these three words, Lei Xu's eyes flashed. His voice also became much denser.

"Gao Yulou!"

"Why he come?!"

"Lu Shaoyou is the favorite disciple of the old monster in Golden Light Cave. The old monster would not let him meet with any accidents at his wedding party. Hey, do you want me to go and kill Gao Yulou first?!"

"If you really want to help me, please find a way to get Linglong out that is the correct way!"

"Are you crazy? Go to Duke Ma's house to look for trouble. Do you think that I have a third-eye?" Wang She said, and opened the fan in his hand, "I'd rather wait for Lu Shaoyou to carry the person out of Ma Manor before causing mayhem. This is better than going to rush to the Ma Manor! However, those few old things in your family are watching you strictly, are you sure you are able to extricate yourself?"

"I will find my way!" Lei Xu shut his eyes once again, "I really don't understand, why you are unwilling to kill Lu Shaoyou. If you kill him, things would be resolved. You are not killing him, and you don't let me kill him. Now that things have developed to this stage, it will only alert the nest by killing Gao Yulou, and make things much more complicated!"

"I owe you in this matter. Even if you cannot extricate yourself at that moment, I promise to save your girl!" Wang She folded his fan, and violently slapped it onto his palm, "However, unless the situation really calls for it, we still cannot quarrel openly. I will borrow the chance to go out, and find a few good hands!"

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